I am slightly stunned. Is it necessary?

He nodded slightly and stepped back.
Wait … I stretched out my hand and stopped him. I … let’s take a look …
He couldn’t help smiling and pulled out a piece of narrow silk from his sleeve. The paper was full of vows in small letters.
The cover room is full of piano music and intimate friends; Huang Lian wind and rain often put their arms around each other …
I frowned at once. We are sworn brothers and sisters. How can the words * * and arm appear? Lao Lu came to guard against me. Isn’t this without being pressed?
But I finished reading it in order to show my respect for Xun You.
Then I thrust the cheat sheet into my beltwhat if I really get it then?
Wait until nearly twenty thousand troops are here, and Lyu3 bu4 has just arrived in a carriage.
I’m really sorry to keep you waiting. Lu Lingqi jumped out of the carriage and handed it to Shili, then helped Lu Bu to slowly get on the bus.
I can’t help but shine before my eyes.
Don’t get me wrong, not because you saw Lu Lingqi, but because you saw Lu Bu.
Although his mouth is very reluctant, I can see the importance he attaches to this matter as soon as he comes out.
Wearing a threepronged hair, purple and gold crown, hanging a Xichuan red brocade and hundred flowers robe, wearing an animal face, swallowing a head, chain armor, waist and exquisite lion belt, which matches his deliberate grooming today. His temples are sharp and angular, and his body is powerful and powerful. There is indeed a strong spirit that threatens heroes and bullies.
Although the girl Lyu3 bu4 is seventeen, Lyu3 bu4 is only thirtyfive years old, which is the golden age for a man!
Today, it’s really heroic to see General Lu. It’s really like two people meeting each other in the second room. Xi Jun laughed.
Ashamed Lyu3 bu4 squeezed out these two words through his teeth.
Lu satrap is injured, please sit down. Xun You motioned for Lu Bu to sit on the only Hu stool.
Thank you is still two words.
Xun You looked at me and Lu Lingqi respectively. There are still important things to do today. Let’s be simple!
After the host guided me, Lu Lingqi walked through the simple procedure of swearing.
Brother Yi is asking his little sister to worship him! Lu Lingqi finally gave me a deep bow.
I reached out and lifted her up. Lingqi, my sister will be in the future, but with her brother in this world, no one can bully you, including your father … I glanced at Lao Lu. He can’t force you to marry someone you don’t like!
LaoLv language crooked a little, but seems to have moved the shoulder wound knifeshaped eyebrows with a twist a light breath.
I smiled and walked towards him. Uncle Lu … Lu will take care of my nephew more in the future.
Lyu3 bu4 a pair of knifeshaped eyebrows suddenly twisted into a twist.
46 bet on Lubbers
Can Lu Mode dare to call himself uncle Liang! Lao Lu’s mood is still awkward.
Ling Qi has sworn with me that her father … is naturally my uncle. I want to say that her father is my father, but when I think about it … it seems to be scolding Lu Bu and Marten …
Lao Lu stared at a pair of tiger eyes and didn’t say anything this time
I turned to face nearly 20,000 soldiers and said, From today on, Lu Lingqi is my adopted sister, but my Ma Chao probably sees her as if she sees me!
promise! 20,000 tigers and leopards flew into the army and drank together.
I pointed to Lu Bu again. General Lu, my elders and brothers in our army respect him more than they respect me!
The army also shouted promise!
Lyu3 bu4 ass seems to be itchy and twisted around for two.
I smiled at him. I’m in a military emergency. I’ll lead the army to Yecheng and worry about the logistics.
After that, I took the lead in jumping off the Tutai without waiting for his answer, jumped on the steed and roared away with twenty thousand cavalry.
Master Lyu3 bu4, this man is often repeated, so we trust him? Pang Gan was very worried that Lyu3 bu4′ s credibility was ranked last in the country.
Actually, I’m just gambling. How can I be sure that Lu Bu will obey me with such a swearingin ceremony like playing house?
He was worried. We didn’t ask Lu Bu to send troops this time. If he broke the back road of our army, wouldn’t we be caught between Scylla and Charybdis?
It’s not that I haven’t thought about this assumption for him, but … Lyu3 bu4, he has to get some face, right? I always beat off Yuan Shao’s attack for him without pay!
品茶论坛But I also know that the cruel interests in reality are enough to make him disown people.
If he can completely wipe me out in Wei County and then take advantage of the situation to cross Henan and capture the area I have not yet firmly controlled, it may not be impossible to fight a wider world.
Of course, he will face fierce attacks from Li Dian, Xu Huang, Taishi Ci and others.
I seem to be a little too fond of gambling
Six years ago, I made a bet in a shabby house in Chang ‘an, and then I won.
Five years ago, I bet that we could attack Luoyang and recover the old Han, and then I won.
Three months ago, I bet that Li Dian was loyal to me, and then I won.
Now, I bet that Lu Bu still has faith, and I may lose.
Brother! The trotters galloped after themselves, but the sound was crisp but tender.
I can’t help but clench my fist. It seems that I can win!
Big Brother! Lu Lingqi changed the title and drove me side by side with the horse.