Oh, fortythree thousand I nodded and said.

The number given by Liyuan in Sanfu area is 12,000.
Well, this is fiftyfive thousand. I pinched my finger.
Hedong Liangshan, Xu Huang, a total of three thousand people
fifty thousand
Four thousand people in Li Dian River do not include Tuoba Ye.
Sixtytwo thousand
Hongnong Wangyi has two thousand people, excluding Chu Yan
Sixtyfour thousand
The original garrison in Henan is 2,000
Sixtysix thousand
fifteen thousand newly formed infantry
One thousand … I was pinching a finger and suddenly shivered.
Finally, he smiled and asked, How many people are there in your cavalry? Shall I tell you?
Full of thirtytwo thousand … I swallowed a mouthful of saliva a total of one hundred and thirteen thousand people …
Then you can calculate has let Du Ji to take over YingChuan and Taishi Ci is about to take over the east county, the two counties are not less have SanWuQian troops …
I took a deep breath. This is almost 120,000!
Yes, Jia Xu raised her eyebrows slightly. This is still because most of the troops in Liangzhou, Sanfu and Henan have been left by Marten, Huangfusong and Zhang Temperate. It is also reasonable that the population of Jizhou is far better than that of Sili and Liangzhou, with a total of 200,000 military forces.
The population of Jizhou is more than that of Sili and Liangzhou combined? I don’t believe that Sili is the capital circle!
Jizhou nearly six million sili more than three hundred Liangzhou … you and I are very clear, right? He smiled.
Six million … I lost my temper and asked, How many people are there in Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Liu Bei?
Bing’s population is only six or seven hundred thousand Cao Cao’s troops, but it is much less, about thirty thousand, and it won’t exceed fifty thousand at most. Jia Xu thought for a while and added, Sun Jian is also thirty or fifty thousand soldiers of Liu Bei, which is three thousand.
No, I frowned. When I repelled Lu Bu before, I remembered that Lu Bu’s army was huge and there were not less than 20 thousand horses!
It must be an army of miscellaneous brands. He shrugged. You won’t forget that Lu Bu had thousands of troops in Wuyuan, will you?
No wonder … fighting capacity and fighting spirit are not very strong … I suddenly realized that I was vaguely lost. I defeated Lu Bu’s troops … the original was not the most powerful.
By the way, Jia Xu said, I talked to Hua Xin about this man yesterday.
I smiled. I talked about it, too, and I’ve got him and Taishi Ci ready to leave.
I don’t know why you have such a big prejudice against him. He muttered two things.
Of course I can’t tell him because of those two little stories …
Speaking, I have come to the main hall. I waved my arm and adjusted my whole body. Then go in.
Are you sure you want to wear this to listen to the imperial edict? Jia Xu looked at me with a simple training.
As soon as it means one thing, I went up the steps. Hurry up and send them away. I will continue to do morning exercises.
Master? At the door, Pang Gan saw my short robe and quickly said, Shall I get a long dress?
No need I waved at him and walked towards the hall.
Zhi Yi pushed the door and pushed in.
There are already many people sitting around in the hall.
I looked at the guest table and saw some familiar faces.
I smiled and opened my arms as if to hold them in my arms. Welcome to Luoyang!
Two countries will make good ministers come out.
Xun You, Jaco, Zhang Ren, and Yang Xiu have one person who is Shi Sunrui …
There are also two strange but familiar faces.
General Ma Xun You took the lead and stood up and gave me a gift. Uncle Wen Ruofa kissed Luoyang and made an apology to the general.
Oh, no, I smiled and returned the gift. Of course, you won’t give me Xun’s Shuang Jie. I’m afraid of heaven!
General fallacy he slightly modest way
This sentence is not an idle nonsense. Although Xun Yu, Xun You and Jia Xu are listed in one article in the annals of the Three Kingdoms and they are all famous for their ingenuity, there are still considerable differences.
In my memory, Xun Yu’s longterm mastery in the center is the consideration and planning of the bureau; Xun You has been engaged in specific strategic analysis and suggestions for a long time with the army; However, in the early stage, Jia Xu hated the military and hated the less, and in the later stage, he saved himself.
To put it simply, Jia Xu and Cheng Yu are getting older and more energetic than Xun You, who is less than 40 years old, and the arrival of young Xun You will certainly give full play to a portable think tank.
Xun You I introduced Zhang Boye, Zhang Zhongye and General Yang Dezu all know this one. He pointed to Shi Sunrui and said Shi Sungong young scholar Sun Fan Zi Ji ‘an; This Wei Wei is a surname in public and a surname in Zhuang Zi Hao; You’ve all met General Ma, right?
Every time he said someone, I folded my hands slightly.
Although I asked Liu Xie for a few people during the recitation, I didn’t expect Zhang Wen, Shi Sunrui, Xun Shuang, Yang Biao, Chun Yujia and Han Rong to send their successors to me in unison.
What does this say?
These famous families have always liked to pay more attention to both sides so as to ensure that their families will not lose power and influence as much as possible, such as Xun Yu, Xun Yu Xunyi, Guo Jia, Guo Tu Zhu Gejin, Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Dan …
After his introduction, the six men bowed to me at the same time and said, Meet General Ma!
By the way, didn’t you say you wanted to declare a letter? I hung my hands and asked, Will Gong Da read it?
No is the messenger of Xuan Zhao Xun You motioned Jaco.
Jaco carefully pulled out a roll of glittering imperial edict from the sleeve and coughed gently.
桑拿会所I patted my belt in a pretentious way
He also ignored me and cleared his throat and recited.
The big fellow day positions imperial edict
Today, Yuan Cao’s disaster is combined with the suffering of Hebei and Hebei provinces, and the people are suffering!
The country will prosper and become a good minister, and most of the western regions will protect Ma Chao from heaven’s will. Fubo bravely drives the tiger and the enemy soldiers to protect the central plains, and Jiaqicheng specially seals the cool public to worship the general to cure the cool, and the officials of the second state have successively played a special role in hoping that the Qing body and I will work together with the Shandong county to fight against the two thieves in Beike, and they have actually achieved this imperial edict!
The big fellow ChuPing six years on May 10th
Emperor Xie Dahan’s pursuit is a gift for me to bow down slightly towards a letter. My hands took it from Jaco and gave it directly to Pang Gan behind me without looking at it.
I sat in the main seat and asked, How is everything in Wancheng? How is everything?
Zhang Bolai has also sat and heard my greetings from Liu Xie, and hastily bowed his hand toward the south. This just replied primly, Everything is fine and Beijing is fine.
I looked at him with a slight smile and then asked earnestly, I heard that a small group of mountain thieves overreached when they were on a southern tour. I don’t know if it was someone?
Ha ha he gave two quick smiles. I’m an envoy who can explain the imperial edict. If Liang Gong wants to ask me anything else, I don’t know anything.
Well, can’t you be honest after the announcement? I’m very unhappy with his attitude, but you dare to set me up after relying on me for food!