I nodded slightly. Even so, I’m afraid I haven’t made any effort and energy from Sanfu to Yizhou in the short term.

No, he shook his head. Sanfu is an important place for military strategists. Even if there is no war disaster, we should consider strengthening combat readiness.
I frowned and thought for a moment. Then … let Yang Feng leave the post of battalion commander and go to Sanfu to take charge of the military. Hmm? Li Yuan, who is in charge of politics in Jingzhao, should be absolutely trustworthy, while Yang Feng keeps military forces, and I can just take over for Pound.
Yang Feng’s military talent … Cheng Yu seemed to want to object, but then nodded. It’s more than enough to defend Chang ‘an against Yizhou.
Speaking of which … I tilted my head toward Jia Xu. Does Yizhou have our eyes?
To tell the truth, I haven’t paid enough attention to it. Jia Xu shook his head. I was just a Luoyang commander with too little manpower in my hands. Although I have been supplementing this year, I mainly have few people in Qingzhou in both directions.
I understand that qualified spies can’t be trained in March or February.
Let’s divide the Council into ministries in the past few days, and each department will also adjust personnel and hand over things as soon as possible to sort things out properly. I nodded at several core civil servants in the hall. It’s not time for a leisurely tea.
promise! Everyone agreed with one voice.
You should also work with Mr. Wen He to sort out the basic institutions of various ministries, pay attention to balance each other and prepare personnel for exhibition as soon as possible.
22 Ninerank public servants
After the meeting, they immediately hired an adjustor.
And I immediately threw myself into another reform of the official system that was difficult to complete without my own hands.
Now that the central government has adjusted, I have decided to set up corresponding institutions for local institutions according to the central government.
The six central departments are called six halls in the state, six departments in the county, six departments in the county, and six departments in the county, while the four departments are called literary halls/departments/departments, while the names remain unchanged.
At the same time, one or two deputies can be set up at all levels to assist the chief exhibitor.
Here I have to consider all kinds of official positions.
spa会所It wasn’t difficult. I didn’t have the heart to dictate my meaning to Wei Ji. He soon churned out a ninerank scheme.
After my preliminary revision, it is roughly as follows
A (national) monarch;
II. (Academy and ministerial level)
2. Presidents of courts and DuchaYuan;
Minister of the Sixth Department of the Second Middle School and President of the Military Academy;
2. Dean of Shangling Hospital;
Three (state level)
The third division is a captain, and the state animal husbandry;
Nanyin of Sanzhong River;
(3) deputy governors of each state;
Four (county level)
4. Directors of the departments of the Central Court and DuchaYuan.
Director of the Sixth Department of the Fourth Central Committee and the Department of Military Academy, Chief of Dajun County;
Fourth, the directors of the various departments of Shangtai and the Academy, the deputy heads of the States, the presidents of the courts and Douchayuan, and the county chiefs;
V (departmental level)
5. Directors of state departments;
5. Directors of the departments of culture and education in the middle schools; The deputy court of Dajun County and the president of Douchayuan;
Deputy of five small counties, president of courts and Douchayuan.
Six (county level)
Luoyang Order and Chang ‘an Order, directors of six counties;