In order to cope with me, she still leaned in to watch it and then slightly surprised. Hey? If there are some changes?

In order to cope with me, she still leaned in to watch it and then slightly surprised. Hey? If there are some changes?
I am more and more confident when I hear the expert’s affirmation. I hit the paper with a broken pen and slammed it.
Cai Yan keeps pointing at me, but I don’t care if the wind blows in my ear.
This article has been practiced for nearly a hundred times, and the method has also become a great success. I looked at the earliest dog climbing font, and now the bold font is very proud of the method. I am indeed a little talented, but in a month, I will have another honorary title of Legalist
Of course, I also thanked Comrade Yue Zhang Lao Cai a little.
Wenchi shook her head. Husband, are you too carried away? Why don’t you try writing a second poem?
As you wish I immediately dipped in thick ink and left.
Goose, goose, goose is a good poem, which is not only short in words but also simple in structure.
I am very satisfied to show Cai Yan my achievements.
Cai Yan frowned slightly. My husband really has some talent. How about two more songs?
I wrote Chunxiao and at heron lodge without saying anything.
Cai Yan nodded repeatedly.
My heart is full of joy. I have finally mastered a skill …
My body has always wanted to ask … She looked at the fourth poem and said, Where is the scenery written in this poem in Liangzhou?
I wonder where the stork building is again.
Oh, yes, it’s Yongji. I remember that I visited a bronze statue on the roof in my previous life. A scholar wrote this quatrain with a scroll in his hand, but the title was not Wang Huan. It seems to be one of Li Bai, Du Fu and Wang Wei … At that time, I doubted the IQ of the person in charge of the tourist area of Naquelou, but the receptionist said that we were responsible for collecting tickets and customizing a bronze statue, but it was very timeconsuming and expensive.
So this ridiculous statue with historical significance has been standing in the building, and then we can hear the tourists saying, Sure enough, a good poem was written!
Husband? Cai Yan drew a brush from my hand and said angrily, I want to ask you something!
I decided to answer honestly, It’s not Liangzhou, but a small building somewhere in Hedong. I don’t know what the hell Yongji’s name is now.
Hedong? She put the pen carefully. Have you been to Hedong?
品茶论坛In February and March, a flying stone fell to Anyi, and a blacksmith and I went to look for it. I saved the trip to visit Wangyinow that I think about it, there is no benefit in visiting Wangyi. Marten is bent on being a loyal martyr, and I am wooing local officials.
Flying stones from the sky? Cai Yan rolled her eyes. Is there such a thing? It should have been early March?
Not the kui is a seeks to daughter this disturbing things remember so clearly.
I laughed. Why do you ask that?
Cai Yan explained, I am surprised that there are some places you should not have been to, but how are these poems written?
She stretched out her hand and pulled out the fifth Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night from the manuscript, pointing to the last sentence, Spend more money on Jinguan City and asked, Jinguan City? Forgive me for being ignorant, but where is this city?
Jinguan City … refers to Chengdu … I sweat profusely. Although I haven’t been there, after Xiao Dai came back, I talked about the Yizhou scene in detail, so I have this sentence.
She didn’t ask this sentence again and pulled out a piece of paper from the surface. It was the ninth poem Two orioles singing Cui Liu and a line of egrets with green skylights containing Xiling Qianqiu Xuemen berthing Dongwu Wan Li ship
As far as I know, you haven’t been to Dongwu so far? She is aggressive.
My shoulders suddenly felt a little cold. I quickly said, Poetry is a need … Just because romantic imagination has never been there doesn’t mean that I can’t imagine it. If you still stick to the place where poetry appears, it’s not too interesting if you have been there.
She actually nodded in agreement. What my husband said is really a matter of teaching my body.
Educated? I took a short breath in my heart, hoping that you didn’t see the wonderful poems behind me, such as Early Sending Baidi City (paying homage to Baidi Caiyun), Drinking Lake Chu Qing and Rain (trying to compare the West Lake with the West), Eating Litchi (not afraid of Changling Nanren) and tianmu Mountain Ascended in a Dream …
However, this is exposing a big problem in my selection. Although poetry is exquisite and timeless, the serious reality does not match, which will probably greatly affect its effectiveness.
I am even more determined not to let others read first, and I am determined that I will be able to live in ordinary scenes when I sort it out in the future. I will copy the poems into block letters first and leave the rest for the time being.
You … I quickly hold the CAI wenji hand you want to peek again? !”
Cai Yan said angrily, People are married to you and don’t let me see a few broken words!
I just announced to her in words that the first rule of the Ma government is not to turn over Ma Chao’s poems without permission!
Angrily, she let go of her fingers on the page.
Sister Yan is not angry. I will sort out these poems these days, and then there will be at least half of them for you to read. I comforted her.
She really stopped being angry and asked, Really?
Do I have to lie to you? I waved my hand and then showed the finishing work.
Cai Yan got my affirmative reply, and she was looking forward to it, so she obediently continued to take up Chu Ci and read it.
Zhao Chengyin from outside the Young Master room Wei Ji asks for an audience
Wei Ji? Why did he come to my house when he couldn’t work in the middle class of the temple?
Are you here to urge me to work faster again?
I am wary and sink a way, Let him go to the main hall.
Zhao Cheng figure suddenly disappeared outside the door.
I locked the manuscript in the box before I got up and went to receive visitors.
Cai Yan looked at the locked iron box and sighed
I don’t understand why she has such a strong interest in those broken papers, just as she doesn’t understand why I have such a strong desire to protect them.
Wei Ji didn’t come alone. He was accompanied by six or seven young men.
My Lord, he led six people to salute me. These people are all talented people from nearby, hoping to make up for the vacancy. What do you think?
Introduce a name and place of origin? I waved my hand at random to signal him to go through the routine procedure.
It is best to attract two or three hidden heavyweight characters.