"Go, go, go, put the baby here, and you can rest assured that I will lose no one."

It’s good to have a mother. It’s good to have a mother in the world
She didn’t have to cross the bus to go to class, so there were so many people on the bus that the crowd was sweating, but she was happy and looking forward to thinking that she would soon arrive at Chiang’s.
I don’t know how the man will react when he sees himself again. She doesn’t believe that he will coax her out of the door when she is in front of him.
On the day when the building security guard knew her, Jiang Junyue brought her to class, and the company knew that she had been unimpeded all the way to the top floor.
When Jiang Junliang saw her, he smiled, "Sister-in-law, you can come to work. If you don’t come again, no one dares to go to my brother’s office."
Lan Jingyi crossed him and still didn’t like Jiang Junliang. He hurried to the office to see Jiang Junyue. His heart became stronger and stronger and he pushed open the secret office door. Then she tapped and heard Jiang Junyue say "come in"
Pushing through the door and pushing in the ivory dress, she was particularly tall and natural and graceful. She was a little embarrassed. After all, she misunderstood him this time. Although he didn’t explain it, he was wrong, but the most wrong thing was that she bit her teeth. She whispered, "Tilt …"
The big chair is dressed in a black suit, cool and borderless. The man’s figure is slightly sluggish but he doesn’t even lift his head. "This is the company’s president and Lan Jingyi. You have been fired by the company. You can go."
"Jiang Junyue what?" Lan Jingyi is angry. She has a low profile, okay? What else does he want from her? He didn’t pick her up, she came back by herself.
"The company stipulates that if you are absent from work for more than a week, you will be automatically dismissed. Besides, you are not a formal employee of Jiang’s." Jiang Junyue explained to her slowly.
He said that both of them were right. In a flash, Lan Jingyi said it, but she really couldn’t give up. "Jiang Junyue can’t blame me for everything. You told me that your red mark was punched, didn’t you? I wouldn’t be angry if you said it, would I?"
Jiang Junyue’s cold eyes slightly raised his eyes and pointed directly at Lan Jingyi. At that moment, Lan Jingyi felt that the whole body seemed to be frozen. He had never seen her "leaning …" with such cold eyes.
Jiang Junyue picked up the words and dialed them directly to Jiang Han. "Send what I want to the office immediately." He hung up with his hands crossed. "You sit down for a while and wait for Jiang Han to come, and we’ll end it. Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang do you want it?"
"Want" is not only to have children, but also to be adults.
"The children in that line belong to you, and I will subsidize you one million yuan, and then each child will spend 10 thousand yuan on the place to live. Just a few days ago, a villa was newly renovated. You take the children and your mother to live in it. I have already returned to your name." Without emotion, I said that Jiang Junyue’s eyes still fell straight into Lan Jingyi’s face and she refused to look.
"No, I don’t want to be separated. Are you angry to be separated from me on such a trivial matter? I don’t believe it’s something else? " Moment sixth sense told LanJingYi directly, and she rushed to him to hold her chest and trembled with anger.
Jiang Junyue can feel the towering snow peaks in her place through the clothes. He feels angry for a few days without her, and he misses her, too.
夜生活But Jiang Han’s call made him really not sure that he and she could continue walking.
If she knew, it would be her, not him, who really wanted to part.
Chapter 163 Leave back
Sooner or later, we have to part, so it’s better to have a long pain than a short pain. The word "I don’t love you" is light, but only he knows that there is a surge in his heart. Doesn’t he love her?
If you don’t love her, how can you suffer without her every day?
If you don’t love her, how can you keep thinking about her every day
Or is he and she have no fate?
"You lied to me." Lan Jingyi was furious. "If you didn’t love me, why did you bother me at the beginning? If you didn’t force me, I wouldn’t have given birth to your child Jiang Junyue. You can’t be irresponsible to me."
"I have not responsible for? Children and you are more than your mother’s life and residence. I have arranged it. If you think that giving children 10,000 a month is less, then I can add up. I don’t want you to appear in front of me again. We will have our own happiness. "
A lump in my throat made me feel uncomfortable. Lan Jingyi couldn’t breathe well. She blushed for a long time before she gasped. "Do you think I’m an eyesore?"
Take a deep breath and then take a deep breath.
Lan Jingyi keeps angry with herself. She doesn’t argue with him. She must not argue with him. At least the happiness of the two children can’t be destroyed. A single-parent family with a mother, a father, a father and a mother is not suitable for children to grow up. "I was wrong. I shouldn’t suspect that you have a woman outside." She gently apologized to him. "I don’t want to leave you. I want to give the children a complete home. Is it because your parents object to your marrying me that you want to leave me? If that’s what I don’t care about, I want my children to be happy every day. "My heart has said every word, which is really the limit of a woman. If he still wants her to break up, she really doesn’t know what to do. Her heart has been broken into pieces at this moment, and she doesn’t know how to piece it together and know that it hurts.
Jiang Junyue’s fingers moved slightly and his eyes were stained with gloom. At this moment, his heart was also painful, but he didn’t choose "Lan Jingyi, do I have a woman? You don’t. We’re not married yet, are we? Do you care about me? Children to you, I will go to see them regularly. Go out and wait for Jiang Han to give you the check and the property certificate I promised you. "
Lan Jingyi felt weak in her legs. Even when France was threatened by Lomevi, she had never been so afraid. At this moment, the man was as deep as the sea. That was the bottom. She didn’t know what he was thinking, and what he wanted to give up. He said it must be wrong, but what was the hidden feeling?
She didn’t know, and she never knew.
"Lan Jingyi, don’t let me look down on you to go out." Seeing that she has been motionless, Jiang Jun became colder and colder, and decided to never change things again.
For a moment, Lan Jingyi really wanted to turn around and leave, but soon her mind came up with all kinds of experiences he had met. She also thought that somehow he lost to Cheng Qingyang last night and deliberately reached out and took out the bank card from his bag. "Jiang Junyue, I bet Cheng Ge to win last night and made more than three million dollars in this card. You can’t afford it, but I don’t want you to give me any compensation, and I don’t want any villa. Even if the property certificate is my name, I won’t live in a small apartment every month. She fought tooth and nail, and she wanted to earn it. From then on, she supported herself, her mother and the children, and she couldn’t bear to part with the small apartment, which was the place where she witnessed their love from the beginning when she first met him.