Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda’s eyes and saw that his eyebrows were cold and his mouth was tight. She snuggled into his arms and judo "I’m afraid of the cold now. I dare not let you near me if you go so cold again."

Huangfuda instantly receded and was cold and cold. She stretched out her arm and brought Shuiyunjin up. "Let’s go."
Zi Xia nodded and took his belongings and was ready to leave with Huangfuda.
But then a yellow robe LingXiaoYao slowly came in from the outside, and his face was still white and clear, so he came in and looked at Huangfuda and didn’t feel surprised. "Rong Wang came to Lingguo and planned to leave without saying a word."
"If you want to take your woman away, you should know that you will be an outsider." Huangfuda cold way.
"You woman" LingXiaoYao looked at her eyes leaning on his arms. "She is my toffee. There is no Rong Wang here."
"Ling is so self-deceiving, don’t you feel ashamed?" Huangfuda sneered coldly.
"Yunjin has promised to marry Rong Wang between the two countries, and it’s not self-deception, and this is Ling Guorong Wang who won’t be confused about his situation, right?" Ling Xiao’s voice rose slightly.
"It’s still too early to say whether the two countries are married or meet at war, but the king knows that you can’t stop the king now. If it weren’t for watching you lose your power to take away your wife and revenge, the king vowed to get it back." Huangfuda glanced at LingXiaoyao coolly.
"Rong Wang is sure that he can’t keep you today." Ling Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows.
"If you don’t want to be painstakingly trained by the dark guards, Wang Leyi will accompany you." Huangfuda’s remarks are already very arrogant. After all, this is Ling Guo.
ShuiYunJin listen to the two men you come to me back to attack eyebrows setting for a moment, she looked LingXiaoYao "how are you?"
"Don’t worry, I’m fine, but I can’t solve your body poison." LingXiaoYao Wen said.
Shuiyunjin smiled. "I know this may be providence. Come on, I don’t want to see anything happen to you. It’s good. It’s really good."
Ling Xiaoyao just pulled out a smile at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t want to owe him a little bit. Even if she died, she would want to be with Huangfuda without any impurities. The thought of these made his heart ache. "Do you really want to go with him?"
Huangfuda glanced at him. He Huangfuda woman naturally wants to go with him. What is it to stay in Lingguotai Palace?
Shuiyunjin nodded. "I have no strength to toss about again. I want to accompany him in the last day. Xiaoyao, take care of yourself."
"Yunxi, I know your heart is full of him, but my heart is full of you, too. Have you really never cared a little?" Lingxiaoyaoyao set Shuiyunxi’s face with black eyes.
spa会所"I keep in mind that you are good to me, but I can’t give you anything. Even if I have a little tempted, I will feel sorry for him and you. I am doomed to let you go. Besides, I am like this now. Don’t be bitter with yourself."
Shuiyunjin speaks slowly, no matter what, she is doomed to bear Ling Xiaoyao’s share of kindness and obsession, so it is not a bad thing to let it go.
"I have long said that I am willing to do everything you do, and I will give up on you as much as he does." Ling Xiaoyao was afraid that he would never see you again this time.
"That’s enough. Have you said enough? You should have known this would happen since you calculated all this, and you will be forced to do it."
Huangfuda can’t listen to it anymore. Ling Xiaoyao’s heart for Shuiyunjin made him afraid. Ling Xiaoyao can save her life. If he hadn’t met Shuiyunjin first, I’m afraid he would have been injured alone today.
LingXiaoYao was slightly coagulation and didn’t say anything.
Huangfuda didn’t want to delay to hold ShuiYunXi out of the bedroom, followed by Zi Xia and Lin Han.
Outside the hall, Taigong Dark Health Department appeared and looked at Huangfuda angrily.
Any suspection.i da cold hum a careless embrace ShuiYunXi just slowly walked forward those dark guards but didn’t get LingXiaoYao commanded all dare not kinetic energy to watch any suspection.i da leave.
"The temple really let Rong Wang go?" Taifu steward looked respectfully at LingXiaoyao coming out of the temple.
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t say anything. His eyes were deep and bottomless, and he looked at the two intertwined figures closely. His face turned white inch by inch. Suddenly, his brow wrinkled and his mouth overflowed with a wisp of blood.
The steward of the "Diandian" was shocked that their temple strength was excessively depleted. They have been holding on for several days and have not rested. Today they finally can’t hold on.
There is a carriage parked outside Lingguo City, and Yesen is sitting on the surface.
When he saw Huangfuda coming with Shuiyunjin, his face was finally loose.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and smiled.
Stay a few people in a carriage by YiSen and Lin Han driver quickly left the place.
Because of the concern for Shuiyunjin’s body, the carriage walks very slowly, and it is bound to stop at night.
It’s that Shuiyunjin is getting worse and worse and can’t eat at all. "
How long will it take us to get to Changyong? "Shuiyunjin leaned against Huangfudi in the carriage and asked lazily.
"In two days, we can return to Lanwangfu." Huangfuda Judo
"I now let grandpa and them see this." Shuiyun Park opened her eyes and there was something in her moist eyes.
"Don’t entertain foolish ideas. You are the woman I hold in my heart. I love you and I love you. No matter who you are, you can’t say that you are half wrong." Huangfuda firmly tunnel.
Shuiyunjin smiled. She suddenly left now and went back to others’ eyes like this. But she has nothing to worry about. "Now you treat me as a treasure."
"It’s not a treasure, it’s my life." Huangfuda Judo