Xiao Jin and I were pushed into a nearby path in the chaos.

Some people walked with us, and each other carefully turned into the garden of the next residential building to hide.
Xiaojin held my neck tightly.
I touched his face and gently told him, "We have met bad people, but don’t be afraid that Uncle Xiaowen will beat them away."
Xiaojin nodded cleverly, not noisy or noisy.
The gun went on, and there were still people screaming in the Woods, and I don’t know if they were shot or kidnapped.
As one call after another went by, I became more and more worried and hoped that Ye Wen would find us soon.
Okay, there are two bodyguards around.
I made a decision after a little hesitation, and instead of jumping into the next garden with everyone, I kept running along the path.
When I was walking with Xiao Jin before, I took him around several times on a whim, and I knew that the four paths here would be able to get home.
The bodyguards dutifully protected us.
I secretly prayed that the shooting would pass quickly.
As long as we were a little far from the Woods, when I was temporarily settled, there was a sudden footsteps coming and getting closer and closer.
Two bodyguards stopped at the same time.
夜生活They quickly decided to keep one in place and the other to explore the situation. If the other party is a gangster, they can kill him, but if they can’t, they can try to distract him.
I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. If something happens to them because of Xiao Jin and me, I will be very sorry.
But ….. Thinking of Xiao Jin in my arms, I secretly persuaded myself that they are Ye Xiangyuan’s hands, and we must ensure that Xiao Jin’s safety is their duty …
I didn’t stop it after all.
The two bodyguards split up immediately.
I held Xiao Jin tightly.
The bodyguard left quietly and soon the gun rang out!
I’m so anxious that I don’t know what happened. Is the bodyguard shot?
What should we do if gangsters come and find us?
I’m more worried that the gangsters are coming for me and Xiaojin.
Xiao Jin is still so small, so small …
After the gunshot, the footsteps sounded again. I heard each other getting closer and I was about to turn into this path.
Leave a bodyguard squatting at my feet and repeatedly told me to hide in the same place with Xiaojin and get up.
I know he’s going to distract the gangsters, and his mood is getting worse.
As soon as he got up, another shot was fired.
The bodyguard quickly pushed Xiao Jin and me into the flowers and then quickly climbed over the fence and rushed at each other.
I held Xiaojin in my arms and kept telling myself to be calm.
If both bodyguards can’t come back, if Ye Wen finds the former gangster and appears first, I will have to find a way to protect Xiao Jin.
I kissed Xiao Jin’s forehead and whispered, "Aunt, I have to fight bad guys later. When you may need some, will you wait here alone for Uncle Xiaowen to pick you up?" If the bad guys come, hide yourself and don’t be caught by him … "
Xiaojin clutched my sleeve and whispered, "Aunt, don’t go."
I looked at him carefully by the lights in the courtyard.
He pursed her lips with tears flashing in her eyes. "I know something happened to my bodyguards and uncles … I don’t want anything to happen to my aunt …"
I hugged him lovingly.
Such a child knows everything …
As far as I’m concerned, there was another shot.
I felt the danger, and I quickly rolled with Xiao Jin in my arms.
Sure enough, this time the other party shot at me and Xiao Jin, and the wall behind me was hit and screamed.
A bullet bounced off the wall and brushed past my shoulder 2.
I bite my lip in pain and the smell of blood instantly diffuses in the air.
But where can I care about this injury?
I will press Xiao Jin’s head on my chest, and I will endure the pain in my arm and quickly roll to the other side fence.
This place is already uneasy. I have to leave quickly with Xiaojin.