But after she heard Liu Wentao’s words, she wanted to be a naughty boy.

Chapter 16 Stupid woman
Lan Jingyi got it.
Men like to hold on to the left and hold on to the right more than women who are happy, but those prominent men who only want to express their feelings will never feel honored to have such a woman as a wife.
She wants a divorce. Very, very much.
Apart from the lawyer, she has almost no one to discuss such an important life event as divorce. It will take a while for her only good friend to come back when she goes abroad. At this time, it is daytime here, but it is night there.
The time difference makes it rare for two people to have a chance to communicate
Besides, she doesn’t want to tell others that she is miserable.
Divorce. Divorce
These two words are called in my head.
But how can she become such a woman?
Want her to fail to apply?
No, she doesn’t want to commit herself to any man.
Lan Jingyi’s brain turns again, and the whole person relies on the living room sofa to plan how to become such a woman and let Liu Wentao give up her.
For a long time, a flash of light came to her mind.
桑拿论坛Yes, she needs a man to cooperate.
That man had better be a very erosive man, and everything can meet the occasion.
The first person who jumped out of Lan Jingyi’s mind was Xiao Tiao.
Yeah, that’s him
It’s a little troublesome to find him. If I give him Guodaomo again, he won’t hook it.
Lan Jingyi jumped off the sofa and opened her brain. If she has any problems, she can find anything to solve. She must be able to think of a best way for her to succeed.
Jiang Junyue, dressed in a black suit, sat in the president’s office with a Parker brush, and the door rang at this moment, which made him frown. The secret girl let him in directly without notification. One of them was his male assistant Wu Caishan, who "came in".
"The less," Wu Caishan respectfully pushed the Chinese materials to Jiang Junyue. "Is there anything else?"
"No, you go to rest."
WuCaiShan just turned Jiang Junyue picked up the document.
Father unknown
There has been no news from Mother City for five years since she went abroad as a social butterfly.
What’s left is a description of Lan Jingyi’s life track.
It’s very simple. I once had a boyfriend in college, and then I broke up and married Lu Wentao after graduation. Lu Wentao was unhappy in marriage and raised a mistress named Mo Xiaoxue. At present, she is in the hospital to protect her baby.
Two pieces of paper are gone.
Jiang Junyue stared at the word "cheating". It turned out that the woman went to the bar to get back at her husband for cheating.
It’s her own stupidity not to get a man’s heart.
Is meditation rang is mother He Ling "mom better?"
"Smelly little did you find out about the medicine woman? Tell me that she killed me, and her appearance is still soft. After LaCrosse, don’t associate with those no three no four women again. Once again, directly kill your mother." He Ling was angry and growled and wanted to strangle the fruit island woman, who almost lost water in her toilet.
Chapter 17 Chewed the root of the tongue
Section 5
Jiang Junyue’s dark eyes swept across the table while listening. Lan Jingyi’s little face felt so pure. If he didn’t know how he connected her with the girl who was a bad girl, he believed that his hands were not useless.
The little face and lips seemed to feel the softness of her lips. He kissed her that night. Well, her lips didn’t seem annoying. "Mom hasn’t found out yet. I’ll tell you for sure."
"LaCrosse, are your hands all useless? But it’s just a woman who has been checking for so long. "He Ling is annoyed. When was she so stupid? She was angry. If she had eaten such a big boring loss, it would be known that her wife Jiang was not mixed up.
"Well, mom, can’t I check it myself? Why don’t you calm down and have a nice evening, call your friends home and I’ll go back to play mahjong with you early? "
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
Jiang Junyue just hung up, and his eyes wandered on. Lan Jingyi remembered that when she was swinging on the dance floor with a slender waist, she smelled like a natural woman, and there was absolutely no smell of perfume the day after tomorrow.
At the same time, I had finished taking a bath and was taking a bath for my little girl. Lan Jingyi hit a sneeze. "Who chewed my tongue behind my back in broad daylight?" When I was a child, my mother said that someone had spoken ill of me behind my back. At this time, Lan Jingyi was also conscious of this.
Did the little girl hear her talk or talk to it? She was lonely for a long time. The little thing immediately jumped up and down in the water and splashed a string of water droplets, spraying Lan Jingyi all over her face.
"Smelly guy, if you don’t be honest, I’ll send you to the door, and I don’t want you." Lan Jingyi gnashed her teeth. She was busy. She was going to go to that bar again tonight. I don’t know if I could meet that smelly man and collect some secret weapons online. It would take a genius to get there, even if I had to start work, it would take days, but she didn’t know if I could meet that man.
After cleaning up the little fur and water droplets, Lan Jingyi leaned against the sofa with the little thing in her arms and picked it up. It was agreed with the lawyer that he would arrange everything. When she thought of money, she thought that she had lost her face and bag. She had to look for her and make sure that her wallet was lost in the bar.
Chapter 1 Small Three Attacks
Although the rain is very light in rainy days, the cold breath is so strong. Lan Jingyi cooked the egg noodles, steaming and eating the little girl, lying on her slippers and looking up at her like that.
She put the noodles in the bowl and slipped into the kitchen. She took out only two hams from the refrigerator and threw them in the oven. When she finished eating the noodles, the hams were especially fragrant. When she threw them to Xiao Guai, she felt that she was really insane. She ate the egg noodles herself and gave them to Xiao Guai, but Xiao Guai was more pitiful than her. She could even eat Xiao Guai herself. She ate nothing without two hams. She ate them all in a few bites, and looked at her with big eyes and shook her tail as if she were going to be married.
It’s a good deal to buy this little thing by cutting two hams.
Squatting down and touching the little girl’s clean fur is very smooth, which makes Lan Jingyi feel particularly fulfilled. "Good girl, stay at home by herself first. Sister, I’m going out for a walk. I don’t know when I’ll be back. You should just go to bed early." She gently said that she went into the bedroom to change clothes, and the little thing would fart and fart behind her. She and it are all dependent on the forgotten creatures in this world at all times.
Changed clothes, picked up the little girl, put her face in her arms and put her face on it. "Good girl, I’m leaving." Then let it go.
But when Lan Jingyi opened the door and was about to take a step, two figures in front of the door blocked her. "Where is Lan Jingyi going?" When the cold man’s cold eyes swept her, she was shocked all over.
Landing outside the door, Wentao is holding his favorite in his arms. Unfortunately, his face is very pale. His favorite is to lean against his arms. "Wentao has something to say. Why is his tone so blunt?" Mo Xiaoxue gently advised Liu Wentao.
Lan Jingyi has a feeling of being struck by lightning. Xiaoxue came here by herself, but this time she was brought back by Lu Wentao. But if she hasn’t divorced him, she will have a share in this family. "What is she doing here?" She can’t learn to be devoted to Xiaoxue innocent girl. She doesn’t like her hypocrisy, and she doesn’t want to see it. But now Liu Wentao has brought it back.
"As you wish, Xiaoxue miscarried, and her body is very weak. She needs to nourish Lan Jingyi. Go in and put the bath water first, and then go to the soup pot." Liu Wentao raised his hand and bought back the big bone.
"I want to go out, I didn’t." Lan Jingyi said that she would go out over Liu Wentao and ask her to put bath water for Xiaosan and then make soup. She was not insane. She didn’t wait on Xiaosan. It was kind that she didn’t drive away Mo Xiaoxue.
But I never thought that Liu Wentao really had the brute force to hold the strange light snow, and the eyes in front of her were so cold that they seemed to freeze people instantly. "You can do whatever Lan Jingyi tells you to do. If you dare to leave this room tonight, I will make you regret it for a generation."
Chapter 19 Love is bullshit
In front of the two men confronted the stranger light snow and went to Liu Wentao’s arms to shrink. "Wentao, I said you wouldn’t look back at me …"
"Shut up" Leng Qing man yelled out, devoted to Xiaoxue, and immediately pear flower took rain and earned "You let me go, I have hands and feet, I want to go back"
It’s so noisy that Lan Jingyi’s head hurts as much as she wants. The man just stopped her from leaving.