Points are beautiful and refined, gentle as water beauty.

Is this really the timid girl who turns red with nervousness when she speaks, and anyone can bully the big lady?
按摩  title=I always feel that something is wrong, and I am even more surprised to tunnel "big miss you"
Shui Yun-jin knew Miao Xiang was surprised, and she was also able to look down at Miao Xiang. She was young and pretty, with a panic on her face and a hint of doubt. The blood beads collided on her forehead and floor, and the sunlight dripping down her cheeks was very dazzling.
It’s snowing here today, and it’s been cold for two days. Sitting at noon, the code word will freeze without moving its feet.
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Chapter 1 panoramic view (a more)
Shuiyunjin stared at the gorgeous blood color for a moment, and the pupil shrank inch by inch for a moment. She raised her head and looked out of the window along the falling sunlight. At this moment, she suddenly felt that something was flowing away and something was hard to live in.
It took a long time for Shuiyunjin to look back. She slowly got up and pulled Miaoxiang up. She couldn’t recognize the emotional tunnel. "I’m not dead. My wife told you that you haven’t finished anything. No matter what their purpose is now, it’s impossible to get what you want. Hou Fu, you can’t go back to the field. You know better than me that you are not stupid and you should know what to do next."
"Handmaiden, handmaiden, listen to Miss Big" Miao Xiang is still in a white brain, but one thing is that she is white. Now she has no retreat and can choose to follow Miss Big.
"There must be a lot in your heart, but I don’t need to tell you that you are my servant girl from now on. If you dare to think about it at all, I will definitely send you to see the real ghost. If you stick to your point and wait for me to handle all these things, I will let you go so that you don’t have to be a servant girl again." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are beautiful and light, staring at Miaoxiang.
"Is a handmaiden will abide by the loyalty of the Lord, please rest assured," Miao Xiang panicked and plopped down on his knees and hung his head immediately.
"Come on, change my clothes. Don’t keep people waiting for a long time." Shuiyun Park lifted her feet and walked to the bronze mirror. She had never seen this face and such a small body.
I haven’t seen the door open for half an hour, and both of them are anxious to wait outside.
"Lady Ruqin Ershao is waiting for the princess after grooming." An old mammy who kept breathing came in hurriedly. It was the old mammy beside Princess Lan at that time.
"Mammy, it’s been half an hour, or the handmaiden will go in and have a look." pretty maid Ruqin is also anxious.
Just then, I heard the door creak, and when I saw the door coming out, everyone was amazed by a long rose-purple veil. How should a woman be shaped? Her beauty is even more dazzling than the sunshine at the moment. Her beauty is not only her perfect face, but also her perfect temperament, and her eyebrows are clear.
"Thank you for waiting for a long time. Let’s go." Shuiyun Park looked up and looked at everyone and walked straight ahead.
Mammy Rui, after all, has seen the scene, and should have turned back to the thoughts in God’s eyes and immediately chased Shuiyun Park behind him.
"Miss Miao Xiang, how did this happen to her?" Another servant girl, Miao Yu, stupefied at the distant figure. Her face was flickering and even more damn than Miao Xiang’s at that time.
"Don’t ask the big lady again. It’s okay. From now on, let’s do the handmaiden’s duty." Miao Xiang carefully and soberly stared at Miao Yu and saw that she was still there, pulling her to trot and chase.
In the front yard hall, Huangfuheng was calm and casually drinking tea, but Princess Lan looked absent-minded and kept looking out.
As Mrs. Yiershao noticed that all eyes turned to the gentle and graceful figure coming slowly.
A rose-purple long gauze skirt reveals a graceful neck and clearly shows that the clavicle gauze leans softly on the arm, and the waist is not full. Holding the skirt pleats like snow, flowing like clouds, and flowing lightly on the ground for more than three feet, makes the gait more harmonious and soft. Three thousand moss only inserted a begonia, a purple hairpin, a wisp of moss hanging down on her chest, and it was as bright as spring flowers, as bright as autumn moon ice muscles. jade bone’s thin makeup was more delicate and beautiful. She moved lightly with her lotus steps, and the whole person seemed to be dancing and flying fairy, and the jade girl was as clear and clear.
Huangfuheng didn’t care about everything here, but Mrs. Yiershao made his heart tense. He held the red gold bound-branch teacup tightly with his big hand, and he knew how hard he could not crush it. The original casual sitting posture was suddenly stiff
When I saw the little face that was bigger than the stranger’s slap, his self-conceited calm and calm moment collapsed into pieces, but his calm face and expression made people unable to see the mood. He looked at Shuiyun Park with dark eyes and didn’t know what to think.
Princess Lan looked at the water clouds and hibiscus coming gradually, and unconsciously evoked a smile at the corner of her mouth. The smile was like the sunlight breaking through the dark clouds. The clear light made people suddenly enlightened and became clear. Just now, I was still worried and worried. The thin but firm figure vanished. Look at her gait. It’s light, full of style and moist eyes. The lake has an extremely pure beauty. What’s wrong with it if Liao’s wife is her?
When heaven and earth are quiet, it seems that this moment is still, and no one knows everything. There is another person in the humble corner who has a panoramic view of everything. His eyebrows are picturesque and profound, and his white clothes are as snow as clouds, and his smile is gentle and indifferent. There is also a hint of innate pride. What a big miss Hou Fu has deceived everyone.
I can’t believe that there are people hidden deeper than him in Yangcheng next year. They are elegant and natural, and their eyes are bright and their lips are light and soft, and their smiles are filled with incomparable wisdom and self-confidence. The dimples on their cheeks make him feel dazed and amazed. This world really makes people intoxicated with her extreme smile at a glance.
He regretted leaving like that last night.
A glance at Shuiyunjin will capture the look of two people in the room, which is as general as she expected. Second, this is the effect she wants.
Princess Lan’s gentle smiling face comforted her, which also made her determined to be stronger. She raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled at those dull and sharp eyes like ice weapons. If she didn’t guess wrong, this person should be Huang Fuheng’s twenty-one and twenty-two years old, showing noble purple silk gown, wide shoulders and narrow waist, and jade belt. The five senses are clear and elegant. He is doomed to be disappointed today. He never thought that he could be in front of him well, right?
"Hou Fu’s eldest daughter, Shuiyun Park, has seen Princess Lan." Shuiyun Park slowly walked into the hall and leaned slightly to salute.
There’s a second watch at 5 o’clock. If you like friends, please put them in the rack.
Pay attention to keep warm and wear more clothes in cold weather:
Chapter 11 Contest (Second Watch)
Princess Lan heard her call her eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and her heart was full of doubts and thoughts. Looking at her, she should have been in a white situation.
Not to mention the difference between the princess of Hengwang Palace and the young lady of Lanwang Palace. It’s just that the sedan chair is lifted by the wrong husband, and people can still be so calm. I’m afraid that she can look at her with special respect from facing the light at such a young age. "You know that you are in Lanwang Palace."
"I learned from the girl’s mouth early this morning," replied Shuiyunjin.
"Hou Fu marries the servant girl, but what happened yesterday? I don’t even know the wrong sedan chair, and yesterday’s hi-media mammy and others are all confused." Princess Lan looked slightly embarrassed
It seems to her that the whole thing is incredible. How can so many mammy maids make such mistakes? Besides, who are those media lovers? They are not only exquisite in appearance, but also extremely cautious in dealing with royal decency. Is there something hidden in this?
"Princess forgive princess for mercy" Miao Xiang and Miao Yu immediately knelt down and kowtowed in fear when they heard Princess Lan’s tone.
But Miao Xiang knows that this matter is involved in a wide range. I really want to investigate the whole wedding procession yesterday. She is a dowry girl. I can’t blame her for it. She thought and said slowly, "The two young ladies don’t pay extra attention for fear that something will go wrong. Just when Mrs. Ji arrived, she ordered Ximei to help the big lady’s car first. There is nothing special about it." Miao Xiang looked up at the next words with great care.
"What is the truth?" Princess Lan immediately asked.
"Princess, you should remember yesterday’s sudden vision. When the wedding procession came to the end of the street, it was dark and dark clouds covered the sun, and the wind kept blowing the whole wedding procession. Even the bearers couldn’t keep their eyes open for a while, and the two ladies were thrown out of the sedan chair. At that time, everyone panicked and rushed forward for fear of hurting the two ladies. After a while, the sun was shining and the handmaiden was holding the sedan chair separately." Miaoxiang’s voice became louder and louder.
"Do you mean that the two young ladies were confused at that time? What was the weather like yesterday?" Princess Lan frowned.
"Aunt can’t pray for the Buddha all day long, so it’s not clear that Wang heard that all the people in Beijing talked about yesterday’s situation, and there were different opinions. However, it was a heated discussion. Since ancient times, natural visions have been regarded as good or bad omen, and the people are even more convinced that they will be afraid of the rise and fall of the national fortune, and there will be a saying that will reassure people." Huangfuheng light way
Shui Yun-jin’s eyes are heavy and not the kui is a manipulative, treacherous and cunning villain. A simple sentence will suppress all doubts of Princess Lan, who will dare to talk about it again?
Princess Lan naturally turned her eyes to look at the truth beside her. Mammy Rui knew that Miao Xiang was right when she nodded, so she would no longer hold her back. Although she didn’t believe in the weather, she believed that God’s will had its own master. Maybe this big lady Hou Fu is a predestined friend. She thought that her eyes had changed a few times, and she felt that she was not a big person and dignified, but she liked it a little bit and waved her hand and said, "Yunxi came here."
Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly became moist with a quiver, and the sour taste in her heart was out of control. So did her mother in her previous life. She was also soft and warm. She almost couldn’t control her excitement, but her feet were still calm and calm. She felt that after walking for a long time, she raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "The princess has orders."
"It’s not a loss that Miss Hou Fu is really dignified and beautiful. You already know the body of Lan Wangfu, but who was married with you yesterday?" Princess Lan smiled and pulled up Shuiyunjin’s hands.
Shuiyunjin didn’t expect Princess Lan to ask so bluntly.
She knows very little about the famous deeds of the second duke of Lan Wangfu in her memory. Before that, Shuiyun Park locked up the backyard. She knew only about outsiders or things. From Shuixinru’s reluctance to marry such a dude, it can be concluded that this man’s name is not so good. It may be that he is blessed by his family, not academic, unruly, superficial and vulgar, and his eyes are higher than those of the second sai-jo.
But last night, she remembered clearly that he left without saying a word, which means that the emperor gave him a marriage, and he didn’t agree with it and rejected it very much, and he wasn’t really Shuiyunjin himself. Naturally, she didn’t want to have a husband so inexplicably, and she didn’t conflict with him just because of this.
She can’t ignore the death of Shuiyun Park, and even if she wants to make peace, she won’t let herself go of these things. Since everything is aimed at herself and Lan Wangfu, she can make mistakes and become Mrs. Lan Wangfu Ershao. He and she have a common enemy who can help each other temporarily. She is alone and can use external forces to help.
And Hou Fu, she can’t go back. Lan Wangfu’s position on the potential is a good platform, which is why she was determined to hide her thoughts in her eyes and whispered, "I don’t know what princess means."
"It’s really a clever child princess. At the sight of you, I feel that I like Liao Er. Although Liao Er is naughty, Princess Fear knows that he is pure-hearted since childhood. If he has never changed his mind about people or things, he will wholeheartedly care for you so smart." Princess Lan smiled softly and with a hint of meaning.
Shuiyunjin hangs her head and frowns slightly. The princess’s sex is bright and frank. It’s easy to guess that she loves her son by playing around. She says that she loves her son very much, and she deliberately speaks wholeheartedly. She wants to tell herself that if she wants to get Huangfu’s meaning and note, she can get more love. In ancient times, men can get more love from their husbands and wives.
She actually used this to seduce herself.
Although I think she is very kind, but there is no emotional marriage, she really can’t accept it. She wants to be a young lady for a while. At the moment, I don’t know how to answer "Would you like to be a wife?" Princess Lan couldn’t wait to ask questions
Shui Yun-jin breathed a sigh of relief when she was about to say something when she heard a deep, cold, emotional injection sound.
"It’s strange to hear that Miss Hou Fu’s sexual cowardice is unfavorable to people and everything is blindly obedient except that people in Hou Fu have never come into contact with outsiders. It seems that this statement is not true."
The first round of the contest begins, hehe
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Chapter 12 threat (a more)