"Why? Don’t you like it? I think this name sounds good. "

"Well, that’s a good name. If your name is anything."
"Silly boy!" I grabbed Chris’s little hand and kissed her. When I came to a table, fewer people said to the Taiwan bearer, "Come to one million RO chips!"
I said to Chris, who was sitting next to me, "Can Silk gamble on dice?"
"You know perfectly well past ask me how I know your human gadgets ~" After all, Chris looked at the table dice with full interest.
I taught her step by step to play with this thing, but I also taught her to buy big or small and to distinguish between big and small. I never thought that we beginners could make money by gambling.
After the host of Taiwan shook the colored cup, "buy big and buy small bets"
Next to the players, they all bet that Chris also took out a few 10,000 chips, but I didn’t bet, because I was still surprised at what I knew about the dice in the cup, and the four, three and fifty-two points in the cup were very clearly reflected in my mind. Chris pushed me when I saw that I didn’t respond, and squeezed my thigh severely. The pain in my thigh woke me up from my fright, shook my head and made it clear. I threw 10,000 chips at random.
When the cup was opened, it was really four, three or fifty-two o’clock. I opened my mouth and couldn’t speak. When did I have a talent for gambling? Maybe it’s occasional luck, but I know that after ten sets, I’m sure I’m really a god of wealth, but I don’t want to bring this talent out because I probably know what I can do.
Let Chris play for a while, and then we left the casino. Just when we arrived at the door, we suddenly met a person, a player Qin Yong, who I should say just played the game a long time ago. But by this time, she was obviously a three-turn LV99-level god official. Her arrogant look and arrogance were simply the attention points of male and female players in the whole casino department. With her appearance, everyone stopped what they were doing.
After Qin Yong came in, he looked around and seemed to be looking for something, but the two bodyguards behind her were really responsible, but they were all three-turn figures. The sharpshooter and the knight Lord sharpshooter were wearing a brown leather suit and behind it was a huge Belda crossbow. This bow had a strong attack power, which could be said to be extremely strong in the crossbow, with a range of ultra-long-range shooting. It could be said that the sharpshooter was the strongest suit, and the other knight Lord was more exaggerated in appearance, with armor, helmet and boots. These armguards are twice as big and twice as strong as knight’s armor, and their figure is also staggering. There is absolutely no one behind the two people who will fantasize about the appearance, appearance and strength of the piano. The roots can’t be directly proportional. Others are ashamed to commit suicide. Who dares to think?
I’m not included among those who dare not think. Although I don’t have that kind of feeling of liking this Qin Yong God Officer, who doesn’t like to watch beautiful women? Besides, it’s only in these two months that I’ve really seen many people. I can’t help but look twice, but these two eyes made Qin Yong find me and walked straight towards me. At last, Qin Yong stood back in front of me, and her height made me feel ashamed. According to my estimation, there were at least about 1.7 meters.
Qin Yong glanced at Chris beside me and said, "Are you elegant?"
"hmm? Hello, Qin Yong beauty. What can I do for you? It seems that we don’t know each other. "When I spoke, I obviously felt that Chris was holding my hand tighter. I said that and patted her hand to signal her not to think about it.
"It seems that we have met. Where? Let me think! " Then Qin Yonggen, regardless of all of us looking at her, thought hard.
I can’t help but have a good heart, special person. "It’s okay for Qin Yong beauty. I’ll go first."
Just as I arrived at the door, I heard Qin Yong shouting "Don’t go, let me think".
Looking at her coming, I didn’t say a word [send an array] to payon. As soon as I arrived in payon, I immediately sent another [send an array] to the capital and then quickly ran into a nearby alley. Another [send an array] returned to payon and dragged Chris, who was already dizzy, to payon cave.
Qin Yong stamped her feet with anger at the entrance of the capital’ Kecha’ Hotel. She was still followed by the two super bodyguards, but obviously they were all trained and their faces really didn’t change.
"Miss, go home. The president may be back soon," said the marksman.
"Damn and elegant, I finally got a message from my eldest brother, so I ran to him and sent a message to the member in charge of intelligence. I can’t believe that we can’t find him with the strength of our first guild!"
"The information has gone, Miss. Let’s go back to our main city. Recently, after the game upgrade, * * * things have become a lot more. Although there are those super NPC soldiers to solve the problem, there are still a few players who have been hurt. We must ensure Miss Ann."
"I know so much nonsense!"
Qin Yong was unwilling to return to his main city.
Chapter VI The Real Lord of payon
"Remember when we came here? Although it took a few days, it felt like a long time. "I dragged Chris slowly into this cave in payon, and now the first four floors of payon Cave are full of leveling players, which is no longer like when I came here.
Like me, there are so many men and women in a group that we don’t attract others’ attention when we come in. Of course, it was Chris before or at the beginning, and it won’t do if the water looks like it or it’s not amazing
品茶  title="Remember what I want to do now is to go anywhere with you without asking you to like it."
Alas, having a lover in this life reminds me of Zhang Xian, whose thin face knows that I am in a coma. She hasn’t slept well these days.
Slowly and leisurely, I came to the fourth floor of payon. Now, the root of the zombie demon road is not enough to be seen, and there are still many players who kill monsters and upgrade the roots. It is impossible to have a scene in which a dozen zombie demon roads hit me, but now Chris’s ability is no longer as enemy as it was at the beginning, and her identity is no longer a manager, so I am still afraid that someone will hurt her. Therefore, there is a demon near me anyway, and I will destroy it without saying anything.
When I came to the fifth floor of payon Cave, I hesitated to go in. After all, the moonlit cats in it are all top-class BOSS. If it’s just in case, but on second thought, if it doesn’t work, why not just put Chris in the pet? After I figured it out, I was curious to see the music, but I didn’t see anyone. This time it’s rare, so I wanted to see it and get rid of that piano recital that I don’t know why.
As soon as you enter the fifth floor, the player will immediately reduce several levels because there are too many monsters in the fifth floor, such as mirror demon, zombie, demon road, advanced evil skeleton warrior, jack-o’-lantern, Fox and General’s Magic Monument (a kind of magic object with strong physical attack power and long-range attack effect like a stone pillar) These kinds of magic objects are just like war. Players can come to the entrance in groups. The five-story player base is relatively advanced, but the attacks are so endless. Players are constantly killed. Although the magic object does not have a wide range of attack skills, many attacks of the mirror demon skill [reflex] players are bounced back to the players themselves, and there are even zombies with strong attack power, such as advanced evil skeleton soldiers [ghost shock] and demon road [carrion blow].
After I went in, I immediately [hid], but I found that there was no ghost fire with skills [ghost hunting] (the function is the same as [fire hunting] [light hunting]), and there were more than N ghost fires together, and the skills could not even be hidden in a dead corner, so it was easy to fight. However, as I said before, I asked Chris to go back to the pet and finally coaxed her back.
For so long, I haven’t tried to kill monsters to upgrade. This time, I’m going to try how strong I am now. The The Hunger ring is assembled into a The Hunger halberd to bless me and rush into the monster group as soon as I drink. No matter what the enemy is, it cuts, sweeps and stabs directly. Split a few tricks. Demons and zombies can’t stop me from sweeping almost one stroke, which surprised me, because my base point is 99 o’clock except for luck, and almost all of them have reached the highest level. With my intelligence and dexterity, I can sing almost all single magic for more than a second. Therefore, the magic of [Flame Wall] doesn’t need to sing, which makes me almost instantly enchanted when I come out.
Next to the player, when he saw that a monster was suddenly knocked down, he was curious to see it, and then he was speechless. A player rushed into the monster group and cut it down. If it was a wizard, it was like a swordsman. When he saw him, the player killed the zombies, demons, ghosts and demons, and swept down the mirror demon and senior evil skeleton soldiers. Many people wondered if he was too weak. The five-story victory depended on quantity, but if a senior knight was surrounded, it would not be possible for him to survive. How could such a swordsman be so powerful?
With the suspicion of many people, the fact is that my life value is decreasing all the way, but compared with my life value of almost 30 thousand, it is impossible to kill me with one blow, even if it is a monk [Asura Ba Huang Boxing], and my [cure] and drug support just kill a way out.
The surrounding monsters seem to be ordered not to be rushed into the courtyard by players, and the players around them are suddenly relaxed, but they don’t know that if they deal with it now, those monsters are all defensive redundant forces to surround me.
But obviously, my potential ring has a special ability that can’t be compared with ordinary monsters. When I was killed, almost all the players and monsters were a little unstable. After the roar, the monsters retreated to the courtyard like the tide ebbed, and then a few monsters came out of the courtyard, but as long as their eyes were fine, everyone knew that these monsters were not ordinary monsters. These monsters were just guarding payon’s big BOSS, the demon king, the Feiyang, the zombie king, the nine-tailed fox, the concubine, the evil skeleton warrior and the drum. The ghosts changed into shadow doctors, and the night cats (wild night cats) came out, which immediately caused a sensation among the players here. Players almost didn’t want to rush at these seven monsters when they saw the BOSS to kill.
I can’t make up my mind to be a spectator at the moment. There are about fifty players divided into several groups. More than fifty people believe that the seven monster players can win completely, but the result surprised me.
At first, several players were attacked by the demon king Fei Yang. Almost half of them were killed by two assassins. Sure enough, the effect of the same skill was remarkable, and the zombie king’s weeping was even more outrageous. The iron pot attack was no longer a small pot, but a cauldron with a diameter of 20 meters. At least 20 players were smashed into dizziness, and then the ghosts of the devils made a move.
If you don’t watch it, you’ll know that the cat "Night" rushed into the player group with the purple bell in its hand. First of all, the wizard and priest were killed as soon as they were killed, while the evil warrior "War Drum" behind him stretched out with a sharp point and ten fingers were dark. After a few times, his fingers screamed, and his nails suddenly followed "Night" and rushed into the player group. Those knights, Toucan knights and crusaders didn’t think that this monster was terrible. The first thing that the war drum did when facing the crusaders in front was to cross their hands and ten sharp nails. The toucan was cut into pieces. The player obviously didn’t expect this monster to be so horrible. He almost forgot to fight back and waited for him. He could dye the player and the war drum with bright red blood with his five fingers. The player twisted his face and disappeared into white light because of fear.
When players around me saw the horror of these monsters, they all retreated, but the priest’s department was killed by’ night’ and the players on the field had butterfly wings (back to the recording point), which almost at the same time made those players who left without butterfly wings desperately retreat to the entrance to the fifth floor. Of course, these players can’t run away from the zombie king [iron pot attack], and they will be dizzy, and they will definitely die and even have no chance to escape.
I looked blindsided next to me. The strength of these seven magic things is simply unexpected, and these magic things are the kind of magic things with IQ. They cooperate like a team that has been trained for a long time. There are laws to follow when attacking and defending.
I also made a decision in my heart whether to retreat or not. It is obvious that these people can’t overcome it together. Although I am very confident in myself, I haven’t reached the level of arrogance. Just when I was about to leave, I came out of the hospital and saw her. I immediately gave up my plan to leave.
"jathyapple, how did you do this?" I don’t know how to express my feelings. How can a player be surrounded by five-story monsters in payon?
"Ah ~" jathyapple obviously didn’t expect to see me in this place and couldn’t speak at the moment, while the seven people obediently followed her.
At this moment, it seems that Chris’s pet saw all this and knew that she would never come out again, but it would be in trouble and would not show up through me.
"Silk?" I wonder how Chris suddenly ran out.
"Don’t be surprised that jathyapple is a moonlit cat, which is your lovely little sister."
"No …"
"I really knew it at the beginning, but seeing that she didn’t hurt you means it’s delayed. The moonlit cat hasn’t come yet."
Jathyapple (or so he is called for the time being) came up to me with a pity face and looked at me. My face looked like a child who had done something wrong, and the seven leading BOSS behind her were all like wood. What’s going on?