The yellow turban insurrectionary thief party’s remnant of 130,000 captured Qingzhou township and county officials, and the secretariat of Tao Qian was old and old. Although he had sent troops to attack thieves and fight against the enemy, he dared not fight again. Please ask the court to send him to save him!

This Tao Qian is really polite. I didn’t see him pay taxes and tributes to the court at ordinary times. When the peasants besieged him, they sent letters of help one by one to the court, as if he was going to have his head on the ground if the court reinforcements arrived late.
I remember that Tao Qian had always been lucky, but Cao Cao was able to save his life after three transgressions and five attacks. Didn’t he pretend to play a threelet Xuzhou with Liu Bei in the end?
finally, Liu Bei also learned this trick, but Liu Bei succeeded in entrusting orphans and Tao Qian failed.
However, the imperial forces were really limited, and the elite 50,000 troops were gone by Zhang Temperate Zone. Although they have been recruiting, the recruits can’t die directly on the battlefield after all. Considering that Tao Qian is not in danger, it is necessary to let the surrounding counties and counties send troops to rescue Xuzhou.
Don’t say that this order is pretentious, but some enthusiastic people really went to the righteous support.
For example, Guangling Prefecture Juck Zhang, Pingyuan Prefecture Chen Ji, Beihai Prefecture Kong Rong, Taishan Prefecture Ying Shao, and Jibei Prefecture Baoxin each sent two or three thousand troops to the Tao Qian base area for public tourism. By the way, say hello to the peasant army who attacked the city. Everyone came out to mix up and don’t do it too well. Thank you.
The general court did not give substantial help to Xuzhou rescue.
Because the court has already taken care of itself.
Chapter 16 Two armies
The court meeting on June 26th.
I feel uneasy recently. Do you know? Liu Xie threw a question in the first sentence.
Are you anxious because there are thieves and soldiers raging in Xu and Yu? Xun Shuang first made a rare statement that thieves can be rampant for a while even if Qiu Zhang Gong has conquered them.
Liu Xie shook his head. This is one of them.
Xun Shuang Zheng hangs his eyes and sits
Liu Xie looked at the ministers in the temple. I walk in the palace hall and often feel Ma A around me, but my heart is even more fearful.
I slapped my thigh! This is going to play with me
Positions refers to the lack of guards in the palace? This is Wei Wei Guang Luxun’s two things, right? Yun3 sharp eyes shot at me.
A fiercely in my heart stood up quickly and answered, I am not well guarded, and I know my sin.
Guang Luxun and Yang Biao also stood shoulder to shoulder with me, Old ministers know their sins.
No, I’m not blaming the two Aiqing. This is not the same as the two. Liu Xie waved us to sit. The number of guards is not only sufficient, but Ma Aiqing specially sent more people to prepare for the extraordinary things, but this few dozens of people can’t eliminate my anxiety.
I stole a look at several old ministers in front of me. They seem to have understood the emperor’s intentions.
Wang Yun took the lead in asking, Do you want to add guards?
Wang Situ knows what I mean. Liu Xie nodded. I hope to choose a good brother with an innocent life to set up a guard to be in charge of my safety. If I travel, will this army be responsible for defending the public?
Baiguan suddenly lost in thought, and the temple was quiet.
Yang Biao’s eyes suddenly turned to me and I responded politely.
The old minister’s policy is very good and feasible. Yang Biao agreed with Liu Xie
Liu Xie smiled and nodded to him.
Although Yang Biao took the lead, Xun Shuang Wang Yun never agreed with the officials and still dared not express his position easily.
It is also feasible for me to have a man on standby day and night like today, and I can’t go around like other troops. Ma Ridi also expressed his position
After Xun Shuang led Shi Sunrui, Jennifer Tian, Xuanbo, Zhou Huan and Lu Zhi, a group of etiquette all agreed.
品茶论坛Yun3 still has no mouth.
Liu Xie could not help but take the initiative to ask Wang Stuart no longer speaks? Do you disagree?
I don’t disagree, but I’m thinking about the interests. Wang Yun bowed his hand. Today, although the imperial court is gradually revived, the Central Plains has not been pacified. Except for the cool, beneficial and sili, other ten States or thieves are traveling in the four fields or in remote areas. It’s even more difficult to raise a hundred thousand soldiers. If you increase the army easily, it’s hard to raise it.
This argument sounds objective and fair, purely from the perspective of court finance, and many ministers agree to nod.
Liu Xie sighed. What Wang Situ said is a righteous cause, but it’s not okay for me to have three or five thousand guards?