He won’t eat it again. You said, I drank one.

He said, Nanyang is such a big county, and the county chief is 2,000 tons of stone, with a monthly fee of 9,000 meters and 72 tons of food. You know, an ordinary hundred stone petty official can support his family and raise his wife and children even if he can’t reach one tenth of his monthly salary. Why can’t he afford to raise his wife and children if he is a prefect of two thousand stones?
I laughed. You and I think exactly the same! If MD 2,000 senior officials can’t afford a wife and children, how can the bureaucrats live? ! But at the end of the day, officials are living well. I haven’t heard of any official starving their children’s wives to death. That can be said … Either the sheep continues to brag shamelessly or the salary of officials is really too low. His sheep continues to eat and drink for 9 thousand a month, and other officials can support their wives and children by taking bribes and taking fish and people!
It’s like previous provincial and ministerial officials who claimed that they earned more than 200,000 yuan a year, but they didn’t have enough to eat …
Behind those … little people didn’t expect Liang Cong quickly told me that I was still more foresight than him or the master saw it thoroughly
You … Jia Xu words can be said to shake your head repeatedly. Yang Xu is also a rare honest official in the world. What you said really became a thief …
I shrugged. We’re just keeping the most skeptical attitude, that’s all.
Suddenly, the hooves outside seemed to come straight from the gate to the Chamber.
Come quickly! Wei Yan, who has just joined our army, is also somewhat arrogant.
The front line is urgent! The messenger outside the door cried in a panic, That …
品茶论坛Pang Gan immediately interrupted him, Let’s talk about it when we meet the master!
Yes, yes! The messenger rushed into the hall with a bow and handed the letter to Liang Cong, who handed it to me.
I shook the writing paper in the wind, but the font was hard and scrawled, which was obviously a hasty writing.
Cool male close rev.
Bao Xin from Jibei, Ying Shao from Taishan Prefecture, and Zheng Sui from Chengxiang attacked us with more than 20,000 troops. Lu was in urgent need of funds, and Bianxian County was already lost. Now we can only rely on the city guards to look forward to reinforcements! Wu Zi, the minister of Lu, made an urgent nod! The fifth day of the month
The last two words are almost twisted into a ball, but fortunately I can recognize them …
How many troops does Lu have? I handed the letter paper to Jia Xu, clutching the case and asking the messenger.
The messenger replied with fuels, There are 5,000 foot soldiers in Lucheng, and Bai Wuxiang urgently mobilized 10,000 young people to recruit nearly 1,000 horses.
My heart is a little safe. The troops are also strong in many cities?
There has always been little war in Lu … The messenger’s eyes drooped. Former Guo Xiang once repaired the wall a little and could probably resist a burst. What did he say?
I was uneasy again and turned to see Jia Xu. What should I do?
Jia Xu Su replied, Urgently order Seibel, Zhang Liao and Huang Dong to help Lu, and make the counties and countries along the way such as Jiyin, Dongping and Shanyang deploy troops to rescue Wu Zi … at the same time, let a battalion of cavalry prepare for the rescue.
That’s it! I patted the table a few times
There is another horseshoe outside the door.
Zhang Liao battalion commander belongs to! Urgent request to see your master! Listen to the shouting outside and drink Jiangshan Ren Li Xue! (Jiang Xue a hundred mountains and no bird … )
What a mess! Wei Yan, who hasn’t received the secret code education, angrily drank Speak human words!
Pang gan quickly ran out into the hall!
The messenger strode into the hall and handed Liang Cong the copper tube in his belt after a bow.
It’s really Zhang Liao, but it’s very ugly
Master such as hoo.
I heard that the situation around the three counties of Lu was critical, so I didn’t ask for instructions. Gao and Huang Er will all be guilty of sending troops to the east, but please discuss it after Lu Guowei’s liberation! Minister Zhang Liao rode at the beginning of the month.
What a Zhang Wenyuan! When I was angry, I laughed and said, It’s really a good soldier!
Note that the sheep continued to die in history in 19 years, and the satrap lived a few more years here.
Before the war in midFebruary
Chen stayed in Luoyang, 500 miles to Lu, and probably more than 500 miles to Zhang Liao, and made a decision, which could save three days at least.
And more than 500 miles away from the cavalry, that is, two days of kung fu.
Today is the tenth day of the month and Zhang Liao’s letter was written at the beginning, which means … Now Zhang Liao and Seibel may have entered the boundary of Lu.
My mood gradually calmed down and I turned to ask Jia Xu, Huangfusong won’t attack us for the time being, right?
Jia Xu shook his head and said, Liu Xie is halfway through with hundreds of officials and heavy casualties. He should not make a move.
That’s good. I nodded and turned to the map on the wall.
Yuan Shao’s army is ready to go. Although Cao Cao’s military forces are far inferior to him, they should not be underestimated …
Qingzhou Sun Jian Although I call each other friendly for the time being, Yuan Cao’s allies have obviously been eager to show their offensive in our marginal areas …
Write a letter to Sun Jian and ask him to stab Ying Shao in the back! I casually said, it can also relieve the pressure of a Wu capital.
Good Jia Xu’s arm in arm immediately splashed a short message overnight.
Give Liangzhou Pang Rou, Sanfu Liyuan, Hedong Liangshan Xu Huang Chu Yan, He Li Dian, and Dongjun Taishi Ci their respective organizations to harass Bing and Jizhou counties, and seek to kill Cao Cao and Yuan Shao’s troops to the greatest extent.
Jia Xu put pen to paper like flying. I just finished saying that he has written a copy and sent it directly to the beadle.
My eyes fell on Jizhou to prepare Yuan Shao for the final battle
If we can defeat Lombardi as soon as possible, it would be best … Jia Xu frowned slightly. Obviously, he didn’t recognize that Lombardi was so easy to perish
If I can’t destroy him … I gave a wry smile. Then I’m in trouble.
He nodded silently.
Now there are Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in the north, Sun Jian Liu Bei in the east and Huangfusong Liu Biao in the south. With the rapid expansion of power, the territory under my jurisdiction is the widest, and naturally it has become a target of public criticism. If I can’t defeat Yuan Shao, the most powerful enemy, in the first world war and eliminate the scourge in the north, I will fall into the quagmire of being enemies when other forces recover.
send more detail to Hebei, I exhorted, and carry out some destructive activities if possible.
Jia Xu corners of the mouth slightly wide already doing.
Then inform to prepare food and grass. I asked for it soon from the moment I sat down.
Do you want to personally sign? Jia Xu asked, but he was not surprised.
I moved my wrist and asked, I am much more valuable in the battlefield than sitting here, right?
He caressed his beard and smiled
After the meeting of the Military Commission, Xun You suggested that I send some soldiers to Hebei before.
After a brief discussion, I pushed out the 4,000 cavalry of Ganning and asked him to meet Li Dian at the river. If necessary, I could help Li Dian to take a military trip to Bing.
Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye both actively expressed their hope to support the front line, and I directly rejected it.