Of course, I can recognize Han Ji and Han Sheng as undercover in the Han Dynasty and execute them on the spot, but this kind of violent and arbitrary law enforcement is by no means what I hope.

So this emergency meeting ended anticlimactic.
桑拿会所But this matter is not over.
After the meeting, Han Ji submitted a request for transferring from his current position to me as soon as possible.
This surprised me.
He knelt in front of me and explained, Korea and the defense hospital, the heavy hospital, made the master suffer an accident in the suburbs of Beijing. Although the master did not bear heavy responsibility for the vassal, it was difficult to secure himself …
Gong I interrupted him. Do you think … I don’t believe you at the meeting today?
He Zheng looked up to see me dare not
I have to admit that I did doubt you for a moment. I didn’t deny it. Because you were the only one who knew I was going out, and of course your hand. Think about it from my point of view … I don’t doubt who you doubted. Do you doubt my own wife?
He opened his mouth.
But I have no evidence to doubt you. I shrugged my shoulders and said seriously. I don’t want to think about it … is your Korean guild a nail in the coffin buried by the imperial court?
It’s white! He nodded vigorously. I will never live up to your master’s letter!
Although you didn’t follow for too long, you also know my personality. I am a very emotional person.
Genus knows
You know how much I value you in the dynasty I want to build.
Genus knows
If you don’t want me to work one day, I can let you leave safely, but …
I was just about to let out a murderous remark to give him a wakeup call, but he threw it to the ground and blocked it directly. You don’t abandon me, I dare not abandon you!
Han Ji’s serious and earnest expression with his head held high made me have no doubt.

After this incident, Han Ji, the director of the National Defense Institute and the director of the Institute, further strengthened the defense forces around Luoyang City, while Xi Jun, the director of the Intelligence Department of the Military Academy, also arranged the intelligence forces in Luoyang City to monitor the dynamics of Luoyang officials and key targets.
I sometimes think that this is actually the prototype of Royal Guards or East Factory, right?
However, no matter whether it is ancient or modern, the heads of government at home and abroad will never lack this kind of people who walk in the dark, and I don’t have much resistance to this work
However, according to the strength in the hands of the drama king, it is still far from penetrating …

On the last day of November, Zou took his daughter Ma Yi to Luoyang.
As early as June and July, Zou entrusted Pang Rou to send me a request, and I agreed at that time, but it was not until five months later that they arrived late.
Aunt Zou must be exhausted from running all the way. Why don’t you stay in Luoyang for a few days and I’ll send someone to take you into Yuzhou? I politely asked them to stay in Luoyang for a few days.
But her answer surprised me. Is it appropriate if I want to live in Luoyang for a while?
I didn’t think much about it. If Aunt Zou really thinks so, naturally there is no problem. You see … are you living in Ma’s old house? Or shall I requisition another house for you?
She seems to have planned to answer very simply, If you don’t think my body is in the way … my mother and daughter want to live in the palace …
I frowned. Although Marten and I broke up, Zou is my stepmother anyway. This woman is not shy … Is there any ulterior plot?
Super brother … can’t you? Ma Yi winked at me with big eyes.
I touched her head and suddenly said, Did you cross over too?
She opened her mouth but didn’t speak.
I was wondering … what expression should I have if she really answered yes?
290,000 people stay well.
Zou really chose a small courtyard in the Nangong backyard and took Ma Yiyi to live quietly.
I didn’t give them much care except a small amount of money and two quick attendants.
I knew that Zou never took the initiative to appear in my sight after thanking me.
And busy with politics, I don’t have time to pay my respects to this cheap stepmother every day, and I ordered the Korean Institute to send her some clothes, utensils and money regularly.
Now it’s the end of the year, and the two most important issues unanimously recommended by the ministers are … the year number of concubines.
Since Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the orthodox monarch must have a title, which has long been the consensus of all.
But … I don’t think so.
Before the Qing dynasty, emperors were full and supported, and they liked to change their titles. It was windy, rainy, pregnant, and changing titles in a year often made people feel at a loss.
I don’t like it anyway.
I had to drool a lot.
Wang Lie took Qiao Huan, two old men full of poems, in an attempt to say that I am a mighty king who is not doing my job, but I defeated their allusions in one sentence.
I said, Can you tell me how many years it has been since Dayu’s flood control? Oh, Xia Yu doesn’t have a year number, so tell me … how many years have passed since Qin unified the six countries?
Seeing that they were speechless for a long time, I shook my head with satisfaction. In fact, these messy titles have nothing to do with the national movement, but they will cause confusion. Once they are old, it is difficult for future generations to remember them clearly.
Wang Lie also tried to struggle with a these things … can be calculated by comparing the history …
Needless to say, I waved my hand, the postchronological method is still a little simpler. For example, this year can be called … the first year of China or the first year of the Republic of China … If this country can last for thousands of years, wouldn’t it be nice for our future generations to clearly calculate how many years it appeared in China in 2345?