Chapter 742 Match point

In 12 minutes, Lu seized the opportunity and made a mistake, but in 13 minutes, the Three Kingdoms defeated Xiaolong LK to stop it.
On the return trip, the leopard girl went to the road again. Xiaolong failed to control the situation or was in the hands of the Three Kingdoms.
In 14 minutes, Rexay and Verus crouched outside F4, and Lexay listened smoothly. Verus guided the direction. Q skill+big move tied the leopard girl in Rexay and killed the leopard girl instantly through the wall.
a little interesting
Looking at the wounds of the Three Kingdoms, Chen Yi, such a combination of skills, also has no temper to fight. It is really quite good. There is nothing to spit out. It is strength.
Now that the Three Kingdoms Wounds have been fought, LK can follow the rhythm of the Three Kingdoms Wounds, and it is difficult to be suppressed.
It’s a painful situation, but it’s not a victory for the Three Kingdoms. LK has not yet carried out a wave of team battles, and Victor’s ability has not been brought into play.
Besides, the wounds of the Three Kingdoms will also face the situation that Bud has no fighting capacity, so it’s really hard to say if you play in a group later.
But let’s see how the two teams consider it.
Xiaodou and Hei are paying more and more attention to the development of the situation.
In 15 minutes, the Three Kingdoms wound again invaded the LK wild area, and the blue buff was reversed. The invasion of the wild area is to speed up the pace.
Victor is sad without the blue buff. The only good news is that the buff was taken by Rexay and not given to Verus.
Otherwise, it will really be snow and frost.
Come to the road, the ADC opposite is exchanged for dismantling the tower.
Chen Yi is moving towards the road. The meaning of the Three Kingdoms Wounds has been very obvious. Staring at the road, LK naturally won’t take the lead in dismantling Tabulong by the Three Kingdoms Wounds, while ADC and Ritz are still killing the blood of the road tower.
You can beat me around the river.
Wang Dongdong also rushed to watch the road. It is possible to make a wave after the situation is over
Erhong marked the Lunma plane and also prepared a wave of gank from the river channel.
There are quite a few LK people now. Let’s see if there is any chance.
The plane also came, and the Three Kingdoms retreated.
Bud stunned, and the secondstage Q skill department of Lunma hit it.
It’s also terrible to watch the wheel mother output the explanation because the plane was halfblooded and Q didn’t have it.
Now the Three Kingdoms are seducing LK in the tower. I don’t know if it will be strong.
约茶Sure enough, Bloom made a big move to hammer the wheel mother to fly in the tower, while the plane and Naer were output at the back. The blood volume of the wheel mother dropped quickly without a shield.
The output of the plane is very powerful. When the wheel mother is big, the output of Wang Dongdong’s facetoface wheel mother is quickly killed
And bud followed closely with round mom back to the base.
At the moment, LK’s fourperson department is still in Lu Victor’s way. Lu Ruiz and Rexay arrived late and forcibly replaced Ruiz, and then they were brought to Victor to harvest.
LK hit a wave of 1 for 4 to equalize the situation instantly: the two sides returned to the original starting point.
When Verus arrived, he had no advantage. He had to retreat to guard the second tower of Lu.
After LK equalized the situation, the economy was still ahead by 200 yuan, which was completely reversed.
The defeat of the Three Kingdoms directly led to the inability of the second little dragon to compete.
Now the wounds of the Three Kingdoms can continue to develop to make up for the mistakes they just made on impulse.
LK has suppressed the wave of the Three Kingdoms and reversed the situation.
At 22: 00, the two sides broke out again in the middle of the road, trying to push off the LK middle tower, but they were seized by the opportunity to fight back.
The situation became 1: The Three Kingdoms lost two teammates, but then in the endgame, the plane rushed in and tried to kill the mother alone, but Bud was controlled by the wall and paid her own life.
And the river wanted to support Victor, and Rexay found a set of skills and took them away directly. The two sides fought each other very aggressively, but the situation was not biased to that side. The economic contrast was 30 thousand to 30 thousand
When the two teams are completely balanced, it depends on their respective abilities to play later.
In 26 minutes, Lunal was killed by Ritz, and he was ready to support Victor in the river. Bud was once again seen with a big move to stop Victor and rush to the scene of the Three Kingdoms and take Victor conveniently.
In this case, Dalong is the Three Kingdoms, and the two waves have dealt with some defects and returned the advantages.