The beast is 5 meters shorter than James, and the speed may not be much slower than James. At this time, Artest has no doubt that his physical fitness is the best candidate to defend James. The beast has slipped greatly during the Lakers period and cannot be used as a reference.

Charles barkley prevaricated before the game and said, lbj official data shows that his weight is still 24 pounds, just like Bryant will always be 25 pounds. Are we blind? These damn bureaucrats are not as efficient as Africans. Yes, I said black Africans.
Kenny Smith doesn’t think it’s right to pick a quarrel with this kind of words. Although he is also black and not afraid of being accused of racial discrimination, this kind of trouble can be avoided without changing the subject, saying, Today, two beasts are fighting. Artest said that being on the team can upgrade the team’s defense. This former best defensive player seems to be able to dye the whole team’s defense concept.
Buckley didn’t go on with the topic just now. His vitality and instability will affect the team, and the team needs him to be more energetic than his instability. Artest is a force to defend almost every position, and he can also score points in attack, get a foul free throw line or an online lowpost storm or a threepointer on the outside. This player is a rare animal and wants him to stay out of trouble.
Artest is still very stable this year. It is one reason that he is old, and even more so, he has to be stable when the contract year comes. Who knows how much he can get if he doesn’t perform a contract well this year?
In the race, the two teams of players are familiar with each other and say hello to each other. Ji Guoqiu has adapted to this link. He simply greets the Cavaliers’ players and makes a polite speech. His elegant accent can make people feel like a spring breeze. Even if Ji Guoqiu has been dying, their personal relationship is not too bad. This is earned by Ji Guoqiu.
Ji Guoqiu finally embraced a little emperor politely with lebron james, the absolute core of the Cavaliers, and praised him, I have seen your game videos and you have great potential.
The game looked friendly before it happened.
Field jump ball Ji Guo Qiu vs Serbia high center big Z.
Big Z has grown up with age after a big injury, and his body has slipped badly. He can’t run fast or jump high, except for his height and physical ability, which is far less than that of Ji Guoqiu.
It’s easy for Ji Guo to win the jump ball. Big Z Ji didn’t jump much. He gave up a fight for the ball. The Cavaliers defended before.
Castle’s old foot injury recurred during training yesterday. The 3yearold veteran’s right foot and wrist injuries have never been completely recovered. After careful consideration, the Clippers coaching team decided to let the veteran rest for a month. This was before the team’s record was good.
Today, the Clippers’ starting point guard is Brevin Knight. He is under a lot of pressure to match daniel gibson, who is 1m tall.
Brevin Knight didn’t worry about the first goal at the top of the arc, waiting for all the Clippers players to settle down completely, so he can play positional warfare safely and steadily.
Ji Guo’s shame suddenly started from the left wing position and went around to the other wing position along the bottom line. Ji Guo’s hatred helped him block Gooden and delayed the best line to play the piano in the league
Lebron james’s defensive attitude is very serious, which is similar to Kobe Bryant’s. They are willing to do dirty work when necessary and are very active on the defensive end.
The Cavaliers’ defense adopts highpressure defense, good at playing smallscale grabbing and forcing to form a number advantage in a certain area, and the defense of the other side is very mobile, and the oppression of players with the ball ranks in the forefront of the league.
Ji Guoshi has just received a basketball ready to shoot. James has made up the defense in place, and the big Z has also assisted him. Ji Guoshi found himself shooting from position to double attack. This has not been seen in previous games, including against the Pistons.
Old Deng Liwei nodded secretly at the scene. Although this Mike Brown is very offensive, he was attacked by the media in the finals last season, but his defense is really unique.
But can this prevent twins?
The coach showed a smile, but the humiliation of the country has not yet fallen. The wrist has been turned over. It is the insertion of the basketball into the line from the big Z hip to catch the ball.
Ji Guoqiu turned around and took off immediately after receiving the ball, and took the lead to two points with a dunk with both hands.
Clippers fans suddenly cheered on Brother Panda.
Gooden’s ball should turn to Ji Guoqiu, but the nba pianist was still two steps away from Ji Guoqiu’s dunk when he was absentminded at the offensive end and absentminded at the defensive end. It seems that he was defensive.
The Cavaliers attacked daniel gibson and pushed forward with the ball. The two brothers have no impression of this guy. Daniel did well in the playoffs last season. Later, due to injuries and his own reasons, the Cavaliers point guard did not play.
Clippers scouts report that he is the most reliable outside shooter for the Cavaliers. Although he plays point guard, the Cavaliers actually perform more scoring. The Cavaliers mainly rely on lebron james instead of point guard. They play ball control small forward tactics.
Daniel delivered the basketball to James without trying to break through.
Artest clung to the little emperor, and the strength of the two men was different this season. Although James had a stronger impact, it was not easy for the little emperor to eat Artest. The key point was that Artest did not intend to defend the gorilla line by himself, and both twins and Percy would help him. The Clippers defended James as a whole.
James played a pickandroll with big Z, but the effect was not good. Artest pushed through the big Z pickandroll with his strong body. Although James still dribbled into the line, Artest still defended him by his side. He didn’t get rid of the beast.
Ji Guoqiu followed him when he was picking and rolling. At this time, he didn’t choose to watch the defense. Z chose to doubleteam James with Artest. His position was at the free throw line and just blocked James’ breakthrough route.
James was close to Artest and didn’t have a chance to speed up the game. James knew that if he rushed in hard, he would never get the ball.
In the big Z, the national humiliation turns into place and the Serbs have no chance to catch the ball again.
桑拿论坛  title=Larry Hughes catches the ball and breaks through the defense. He is the best defensive array player of Posey Cavaliers who is good at breaking through. Posey didn’t get a good chance in the face of the same excellent defense. Age and injury made him break through the power and make him shoot forcibly …
The basketball was uncovered, but it was wide of the mark. The two brothers were in the main position of the basketball card to prepare for the rebound.
Lebron james stayed in the basket after the ball, and the little emperor was also holding the rebound and trying to squeeze the thin twins in front of him by relying on his strong body
Ji Guo was ashamed to feel the power behind him. First, he glanced at the referee and found that the other side didn’t pay attention. He quickly waved an elbow behind him and elbowed James’s handsome face …
Gorillas are smart enough to see that they are in danger of disfigurement, and they quickly dodge the shame of Ji Guo and the iron elbow of Los Angeles, but don’t think about rebounding. Basketball has been received by Ji Guo and Qiu.
Referee, he swung his elbow. James suffered a small loss and immediately complained to the referee.
The referee of the law enforcement competition is dick bavetta, who is almost seventy years old. The old guy said that he didn’t see anything. Let the little emperor stay where he is.
Lebron james just ate an elbow, turned his head and ate a teapot. His face was very ugly, and he remembered that today’s game was in Los Angeles instead of Cleveland.
Clippers fans in Staples Arena dared to complain to the referee when they saw James, and immediately hissed even harder at the gorilla …
Old Deng Liwei saw that his team’s defense was not scattered by James, and he was worried that the two little guys were not strong enough. Can he withstand the physical change, lebron james?
Now it seems that Shao Ji’s humiliation has his own way.
Chapter 59 Gorilla without rest
Four minutes into the game, Mike Brown took the lead in calling a timeout. The Cavaliers were 2 points behind at 6:4.
Bread is called this timeout, not because they are two points behind, lbj is dissatisfied with one point and has not got an assist. No, that’s the problem. Anyone in the Cavaliers can’t play well. If James doesn’t play well, the team will win by law. After all, the Cavaliers are James’ oneman team, and he is the barometer of the team’s victory.
Guys, their defense is very targeted. We need to cover to help LeBron create opportunities. If you receive the ball from the outside, you must throw it in. This is the key.
Although Mike Brown called a timeout and made arrangements, in fact, he didn’t have much defense for the Clippers today. If he had a way, he wouldn’t have been swept by the Spurs in the finals next season.
Lebron james’s four minutes of depressed Clippers defense made him feel like he was back in the finals of last season. It was a terrible memory. Although he trained hard in shooting this summer, the effect was not great, especially the middle and long distance shooting was higher than last season, and his limited back ability was even less. He didn’t want to practice his back, so he had to practice his shooting accuracy first. Now he hasn’t even finished the first stage to talk about his back ability?
Before last season, lebron james believed that he would be able to make the league vertically and horizontally by making his body absolutely strong and adding explosive power and speed, but it was not enough for his opponent Spurs in the finals to make him strong and fast in vain.
Old Deng Liwei in the Clippers’ rest area encouraged the players. The boys did a good job, but this is what I want you to do every game. Restrain the guy who can play football.
Kill the Scarlet King! Ji Guoshi took the lead in shouting, and even the clippers fans nearby shouted with him after hearing it.
After the timeout, the two teams reappeared.
Today, the two brothers are afraid to set a record for the game. Without their online support, the outside line alone can’t prevent James. The Spurs captured the King Kong by team strength. They didn’t have Duncan, but two twins barely managed.
James didn’t dribble directly after the game. He ran tactically and caught the basketball on the left flank with the help of teammates’ cover.
Artest worked his ass off today, never leaving him alone, followed by his strong body and top James.
Turn my back … Turn my back … Buckley saw James turn his back to catch the ball on the live broadcast, and it suddenly became high.
However, James didn’t give his big ass a strong body and arched inward, but transported the basketball outside the flank threepoint line and turned around to face the basket again
Charles barkley was excited to see this scene with his mouth open and immediately got petrified. His mouth was still open and he couldn’t respond.
F, forgive me for swearing. I have F to express my feelings.
Buckley saw that James made another positive breakthrough, but Artest’s strong body resisted him. Percy quickly rushed from one side to break the little emperor’s basketball and even said two F’s to express his dissatisfaction.