I’m sure I won’t object if they look at each other. I involuntarily thought of the big boy who had been away for a long time.

At the beginning, if Lie didn’t leave because he saved Xiao Ran, he would have grown up with Xiao Ran and brought more joy to Xiao Ran.
If only Liede had been with their baby.
Although Jane doesn’t know how fierce she was born, she just feels so calm and responsible and will love Xiao Ran. However, the boy is the most popular candidate for her soninlaw in her mind.
When her family grows up, she must be a super beauty. How many boys will be around her then?
But what’s the big number? She needs a man who is really considerate of Xiao Ran and loves Xiao Ran and can make Xiao Ran happy.
But what are you thinking? Chatting, Jane thought of going somewhere else, and Lingfei glared at her discontentedly.
I want children to grow up, she added with a simple smile. But children naturally have their own ideas when they grow up. People we like are not necessarily people they like.
As long as you like to throw cold water on me, I have worked hard to give birth to a child. Can’t I even think about it for him? Lingfei language to Jane ran a supercilious look.
Lingfeiyu thought that she would die of pain in the process of giving birth last night, but she didn’t die in the end. She really thought she had saved her life.
I’m throwing cold water on you, and I’m throwing cold water on myself. Besides, children are not the two of us, and their fathers will have their own ideas. Jane smiled and said that she never took Lingfei’s dissatisfaction seriously
Ling Fei that girl has always been so outspoken.
Children’s father? They are the men who work for a few seconds but want our generation to pay their debts. What qualifications do they have to have their own ideas? Ling Feiyu, the father of the child, is complaining again.
Last night, she worked so hard to give birth to him. After giving birth, Cheng Xuyang not only didn’t comfort her for the first time, but she was as stupid as a fool and later cried.
I have heard that many people cry with excitement when they see their first child born, but they have never seen it with their own eyes.
This time she cried bitterly, and Cheng Xuyang cried happily.
She almost lost her life in pain, and Cheng Xuyang cried happily. How could she not complain when she thought of these Lingfei words?
However, she is just saying that she doesn’t really dislike her family Cheng Xuyang. On the contrary, she is also distressed, and he is unwilling to admit it.
Ok, Cheng Xuyang has known her for too many years and knows her sex too well, so he lets her scold her when she nags and curses.
A wife doesn’t let herself hurt. Do you have to wait for another man to help him love his wife?
Cheng Xuyang has always been holding this mentality to get along with Lingfei language, no matter how big the fire in Ling Fei language is, it won’t be long before Mars slag can be seen.
桑拿会所Jane smiled and answered the words, Remember, when you are a mother, you should leave more noodles for your father.
Ling Fei speaks nunu’s mouth. He doesn’t want his face. What face does he want?
Nurse, take the baby back to rest first. Cheng Xuyang suddenly cut in, which sounded a little angry.
Lingfei looked back at him and immediately changed a smiling face. I was just joking with Jane, my father. Don’t be angry.
Cheng Xuyang didn’t say anything
Ling Feiyu stretched out his hand and pulled his skirt. Cheng Xuyang, let the child stay with me for a while. I want you to let your son stay with me for a while. I promise I will get rid of bad habits.
Cheng Xuyang took off the Ling Fei language hand. You promised the nurse how to talk and break your word.
After all, the baby has just been born, and its resistance is still weak. The hospital will put the newborn baby in the bacteria room to check the situation for two days, and then leave the hospital with the mother when the baby has stronger resistance.
Lingfei language but …
There is nothing but the nurse carrying the child away. It is rare for Cheng Xuyang to have such a strong side before Lingfei.
Being fierce by Cheng Xuyang, Ling Feiyu was so angry that he grabbed the pillow next to him and smashed it at Cheng Xuyang. Cheng Xuyang, get out of here!
Stop flying! Jane caught Ling Fei language hand Cheng Xuyang to do so is also hello. What if he doesn’t insist that the child is sick today? When the time comes, you will really cry and feel sad.
He just won’t feel bad for me. Look at your home, Mr. Qin. Wherever you go, he chases you and silently guards you. But look at Cheng Xuyang. I didn’t follow him that time. He didn’t cooperate with me once. When I was discharged from the hospital, I will run away from home once and let him come to me. Lingfei deliberately said it to Cheng Xuyang.
Do you really think so in Ling Fei? Cheng Xuyang sounded really angry.
Husband, I’ll just talk nonsense. Don’t take it seriously! Ling Feiyu knew that he had gone too far and hurriedly took Cheng Xuyang to apologize in pettish.
No matter how many years Cheng Xuyang has been eating Ling Fei language, his face has instantly improved, and many of them will gently hold Lingfei language in their arms. You are a mother and still so sexual.
Because I have you, I have sex. Lingfei said with great pride.
Chapter 624 Emergency
I have sex because of you?
Coming out of the hospital, Jane’s ear is still ringing Lingfei’s language. She just said that sentence to Cheng Xuyang.
Because you have you in your world, you let me pamper me, and I can bloom freely and be my truest self.
This may be the most true portrayal of Ling Fei language and Cheng Xuyang’s state.
Before Jane, I often heard people say that it took 500 years to practice in the past to get this life passed by.
Two people can meet each other in a vast sea of people and become husband and wife. So how many years did it take in previous lives to share the same bed and grow old hand in hand?
Jane guessed that her generation must have saved the Milky Way before she met Qin Yue and became his wife.
Because of Cheng Xuyang in Ling Fei, Cheng Xuyang can tolerate all her shortcomings. She will say that she can only be sexual because of Cheng Xuyang.
Look at yourself again. Qin Yue’s compensation is not the bottom line. She pampers her and gives her everything. Even when she divorced sexually, he followed her.
Every time I think about divorce, I regret it. After the damage to Qin Yue has been done, she will try her best to make up for him, and she must not let him get hurt again.
Just thinking of Qin Yue looked up and saw Qin Yue staring at her in the snow.
His eyes are so focused and full of tenderness as if everything can’t enter his eyes, and he can see her in his eyes.
Ling Fei language born child Jane is definitely coming to the hospital to visit Qin Yue and then drove her over without saying anything.
He didn’t go to the hospital with her, but took Xiao Ran to the coffee shop next to the hospital and sat waiting for her.
Leaving Lingfei language gave Qin more information. She just walked to the hospital door and Qin Yue was waiting for her outside.
But what about the baby? Qin Yue was the only one who didn’t see Xiao Ran in the snow, but she didn’t dare to look him in the eye and immediately changed the subject.
She’s asleep. Qin Yue pointed to the car behind her, but it was safe and comfortable to lie in the back seat.
Dad and mom made up, but Xiao Ran was in a good mood, eating, jumping and sleeping, and clamoring to grow up quickly and find her fierce brother.
There is a kind of stubbornness about my brother’s small age. It’s really not like her that a child may insist on things.
Finished? Qin yue said again
Far see Jane ran out of the hospital Qin Yue will Xiao Ran ran lying good car for Jane ran to open the door to let her car.
Jane looked up at him quietly without moving.
What’s the matter? Qin Yue’s face was worried
Because of his little abnormal behavior, Qin Yue was so worried about thinking about Jane’s heart suddenly uncomfortable
Qin Yue saw her heart clearly to everyone, including their enemy Ye Yichen, but she didn’t understand.
Ye Yichen threatened her to leave Qin Yue to help her attack Qin Yue, but she was also tricked by Ye Yichen and divorced Qin Yue, which hurt Qin Yue so deeply.