The British battlefield is still raging in the cold winter.

In the first round of Premier League, Arsenal beat Stoke City by one goal at home, and Manchester City lost to Everton by 1:2 at home. The focus battle was red and blue.
Blues Chelsea are at home against Red Devils Manchester United.
The recent situation is not good. Chelsea finally showed the blue army’s iron will to stand firm in adversity.
At the end of the 9minute war, a longlost victory cheer came to Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea won at home!
Manchester United’s defender Evans became the target of media criticism, but Ferguson tried his best to defend his brother after the game, saying that Evans was still growing and had the potential to reach worldclass standards.
Liverpool still have a huge advantage in the standings in the first round.
品茶论坛44 points left the doubledigit gap of other competitors.
Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all scored 34 points.
At 9: 00 pm local time on the 1 ST in UAE,
The World Club Cup final kicked off at Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi.
European champion Liverpool African champion Mazembe meets headon
On one side of the stands is the wave of Liverpool cheering.
Liverpool, which did its best, also failed to give face to the African champion
In fact, Liverpool played a normal level in training, controlled the game with great pressure, and then kept attacking the goal of African champion Mazembe!
Because of the fear of injury, few players break through Liverpool and show the world the advanced European team football through the whole team cooperation.
In the 16th minute of the game, after Qin Xiong Gerrard cooperated, he suddenly gave the ball to Alonso, who sent a deadly straight Cellauer offside to form a singlehanded ball, and then privately assisted the other side to keep an eye on Torres’ Red Army baby and hit the door easily!
Mazembe pays more attention to African teams in this game. It is rare to have a chance to play against European champions, and the World Club Cup is a godsend opportunity for them to make a name for themselves.
Mazembe made a big attack when the score was behind.
This gave Liverpool a chance to destroy them easily.
Liverpool scored one goal after another with half an hour left in the halftime.
Qin Xiong performed a hat trick in 3 minutes.
Counterattack, one dozen, one accurate
The game was completely out of suspense after halftime.
Liverpool locked in the World Club Cup.
Koman made a substitution at halftime, while Mazembe gave up completely.
Substitute youngster Ngog scored a goal at halftime.
Liverpool scored 50 to win the championship.
The World Club Cup is handy.
Qin Xiong won the best player award at the championship ceremony, which earned him a considerable extra income.
This short trip allowed Liverpool players to catch their breath during the hell race.
Coleman woke up on the way back to England by plane, and everyone should be mentally prepared. The battle of Christmas Express in Premier League is waiting for them ahead.
At the same time, eo Wilcott of Coman Club also wishes all players a happy New Year on behalf of the club.
Liverpool returned to the top of the world title and returned to England to win praise from all sides
Qin Xiong anxious to return saw the festive atmosphere of machines and tools arranged at home as soon as he entered the house on the 2nd.
Brotherinlaw! We are all waiting for you!
Georgia also came to England from Holland. He has a holiday. Today is a special day. It is Sylvia Qin Ye’s birthday.
Qin Xiong put the luggage and walked over to hold Sylvia in place and turned twice.
happy birthday, dear.
Sylvia smiled happily and held his face and said, I hope you don’t think I’m one year older.
Qin Xiong ha ha a smile said how? We will grow old together.
Freddie came to Qin Xiong with an ultrathin notebook. There was a video in it, and Qin Xiong and Sylvia watched it curiously together.
In the video, there are two horses, one black and one white. Freddy laughs. I’ll give you a gift. I’ll ask my friends to transport it to England when they choose a section in the Middle East. If you are in trouble, please give it to me for help.
Hehe, I accepted this gift. It’s exciting to go riding with her when I have the opportunity.
Qin Xiong does not refuse horses. Horse racing is very common in Britain, and regular activities are held here, especially with the support of the gambling industry. British horse racing is worldfamous