Hehe, Qiaogong thinks too much. I casually pulled him to sit with two big trees in the courtyard.

Dian Wei was right behind me.
One of these two big trees is a plum tree, and the other seems to be a plum tree.
It’s the end of the month. Although the heavy snow has just stopped, the weather is getting warmer quickly, and the temperature has risen a lot. Two or three branches have sprouted petals.
I have a person who chooses Qiaogong to consider one or two? I patted the clothes and asked
How can he have a second choice to nod? I wonder which young talent?
Of course you know this man, I looked at him and said, It’s Cheng Zhongde’s longrange military.
The muscles of the bridge’s cheeks tightened slightly and then slowly put This … is Wang Murphy here to marry?
Ha ha I smiled. If you two have this meaning, it would be great to form a pair of inlaws naturally; But if Qiaogong or your daughter has another choice, I can’t just refer to marriage, can I?
He hesitated for a moment and didn’t refuse. Cheng Gongchang … is really a beautiful woman. If he can form an old man, he will be very happy.
I nodded with satisfaction. Qiaogong can ask your daughter’s mind. If there is no resentment, I can arrange for two people to meet first …
Meet? What else do you want to ask when the old man has agreed to the marriage?
I can’t help but be dumb and careless … I think too much again?
Although parents and daughters have always been the masters, there is nothing wrong with asking the children what they mean. I put it mildly. If young people can fall in love with each other after marriage, it will also reduce a lot of inconvenience, don’t you think?
Seeing that I’m so considerate of him, I can nod my head, old man, I’ll call my daughter over and ask.
Although I think this kind of thing should be discussed privately between father and daughter, it makes no difference now.
The bridge came so quickly that I have to know whether she has been waiting nearby since I came in, ready to come in and wait on me at any time …
Linger … Qiao Huan spit out a very common name I met Wang first
The bridge gathered a gift to me, Qiaoling has met Wang Wang Wanfu.
Don’t stand on ceremony. I motioned for her to sit aside. Qiaoling … which word is Ling?
Rain order she replied in a low voice.
I hit the bridge at the corner of my mouth … This name … is really unusual.
It rained heavily the day before my son was born, but when she was born, the rain suddenly stopped for a moment. The bridge seems to be explaining that she was named after the old woman.
I thought about it, but I found that I didn’t have this meaning in my font to get rid of the name problem. Miss Daqiao was just talking with your father … Well, I want to introduce you to a husband. The other person is Mr. Cheng Yu, Mr. Chang Wu, and he is a very honest gentleman. I don’t know what the meaning is?
The bridge looks as usual. Obviously, she has just been informed that my father naturally dares not object since he agrees with my daughter.
No, no, no I waved my hand and became a feminist temporarily. I asked you to come over and ask you what you meant. Although your father is an elder, marriage is a major event in your life.
Although she was a little surprised, she quickly gathered up the expression Even if Wang said so … but … I have never had any contact with the ministers in the DPRK … even if I choose, I don’t know if it is so good …
I just realized that this is still the difference between men and women at the end of the Han Dynasty, and it will never disappear immediately because of my equality between men and women
At the thought of this, my shoulders seem to be a little heavier.
But I haven’t solved this problem for too long. If you don’t object, you can get to know Cheng Wu first, even if you make an ordinary friend, it’s not my business.
The bridge didn’t promise at once, but went to see the bridge.
Bridge Huan le le Hu since the king said so, you can do it yourself. This time, the old man won’t intervene.
Thank you very much, Wang. The bridge started to worship me again.
By the way, your little daughter’s marriage … do you want me to introduce her? Yes man, why don’t I just marry off the big and small bridges so that others will miss me? After all, my generals, such as Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci and Tuoba Ye, have no daughterinlaw yet …
Qiao Huan’s face seems a little embarrassed. He’s loose. He’s stroking Hu’s right hand and waving it at me hurriedly. My little girl is not old enough to bother Wang Xin any more!
I smiled. Mr. Qiaogong … probably said in his heart … I care about it again, right?
Old men dare not! He hurriedly lowered his gray head.
You don’t have to deny that I’m not stupid enough to think of it. I took two steps from my chair with my hands on my back and sighed leisurely. The world has long been used to this custom, and it’s really difficult for me to change it.
But … I smiled. What’s the point of being a unified ball emperor if you don’t change something?
Qiao Huan and Qiao gawk at me with eyes that seem to come from feet.
32 Snow Mystery in Yangcheng County
On the third day of February, 2002, there was a sudden snowstorm in Yangcheng County, Yingchuan County, and thousands of people died of freezing and frostbite.
As it was the first natural disaster since the founding of New China, I had to pay corresponding attention to it. Not only did I immediately assign officials from the Security Department of the Ministry of Rites to arrange disaster relief, but I also personally took people to Yangcheng.
Yangcheng is located at the junction of Yingchuan and Henan, and the linear distance from Luoyang is not more than 200 miles. I abandoned my car and drove my horse, but I can reach my destination in one day.
However … Because there is a Songshan Mountain (Songshan Mountain in previous life) in the middle, it took a considerable part of the big army to bypass this mountain.
Seeing the darkness getting deeper, I ordered to camp at the foot of the mountain.
On this trip, I brought out a total of 500 escort entourage, including Xi Jun, Chun Yuzhuang, Fa Zheng, Bai Fa, Dian Wei, Wu Shi and Liang Cong Jia Mu.
Hello Taoist I looked up at the height and asked, What is there to see when it is so dark?
It’s really more mysterious to look at this mountain and river at night. The white hair rises high in the half distance and looks at Song Gaoshan.
I shook my head. This Taoist priest has always been longing for the famous mountains and rivers in China. Last year, he took a special leave of absence and applied for public funds for travel for several months.
Brotherinlaw Jia Mu threw two branches into the bonfire. Why do you think it will snow?
桑拿会所I rolled my eyes. Do you really want to know? I can tell you the scientific principle.
When he saw me, he hurriedly waved his hand. I just said it casually. I don’t think I can understand what you said.
I spit in the bonfire and landed on the burning firewood, which evaporated into a white smoke and left a light water mark.
Master Cong heard that … natural disasters sometimes mean that God is extremely dissatisfied with the court before he blames the ground … I wonder if there is such a thing? Liang Cong looked at me carefully.
I smiled. If God is dissatisfied with me, why don’t you just drop a thunderbolt and nullify us?? But to take it out on the koo people? Can you beat your parents and beat your children?
He quickly explained that Cong also heard that …
You should know that I used to be Wei Wei in the Han Dynasty a few years ago, right? I asked him sideways.
Of course I know that the master is the youngest Jiuqing in the history of the Han Dynasty.
Do you know why I was dropped?
He thought for a moment. It seems that … a courtyard was burned down by skyfire?
Ha ha I nodded. If you have read the history, you will know that the socalled natural disasters and providence were just a reason for the emperor to change his ministers in the Han Dynasty. You are familiar with the classics and the official system of the Han Dynasty. Am I wrong? I asked Chun Yuzhuang, the classic department of the Ministry of Duty and Justice.
The master is right, replied Chunyu Zhuangkou. It’s not a miracle to change three positions a year because of inexplicable reasons. Sometimes it doesn’t rain for a month, but you can stop raining too much … but the three positions are also nominal. You have to give enough money to do it for half a year.
So disorderly … don’t affect the national politics? Wu Shi stared at him.
Chunyuzhuang shook his head and said, On the surface, Sangong did not participate in the specific management for a long time, and replacing them will not affect the political implementation; But … since the three public offices can pay for it, can’t the rest of the officials?
Aside from the drama, Jun also sighed, The line effect is more effective after Dong Zhuo’s chaotic government. The whole Han Dynasty officialdom has been decadent. If Liu Xie wants to turn this wind energy to cure it, but he is young and weak, it is difficult to get the support of all parties. In the end, he will let himself take the lead.