I shook my head and threw away the memory of twenty years ago.

Maybe … this is the real original cantaloupe!
The entrance is extremely sweet! Liaoyuan praised
Sweet! Qin array chewed up one piece by dividing by three and five and reached for the second piece.
Zhongyuan melons and fruits can be compared! ChuYan also licked his lips shout
I nodded and threw the melon peel aside in the tray. There are indeed many organic conversations about exotic fruits and vegetables in the western regions. We will take them back to the Central Plains to promote them.
Most of them are thoughtful, Liu Zheng said, wiping his mouth.
All right, let’s get down to business. I came back to the topic. Although this place is suitable for growing agricultural products, it’s obviously gone this year. Now it’s midJune. Can you plant a fart? It’s even more difficult to estimate whether it will be harvested in 2008 … I’m not going to send people here to reclaim land. Do you have any objections?
Since Duhu doesn’t intend to stay in the Western Regions, he doesn’t need to cultivate troops. Li Yuan bowed his hand and took the lead in expressing his opinion. Our army is only 12 thousand. If we want to cultivate fields, we must divide thousands of troops. So it is better to let the countries in the Western Regions forage.
I like that! Qin array finished eating the second cantaloupe, ha ha a smile.
Honestly, I like it, too.
So I went on to ask the question, So what if countries are willing to feed?
Qin array scrambled to answer, Master, more than ten thousand fine riders are in their city, and they naturally send out food.
Qin battalion commander’s words are not rough. Taishi Ci nodded slightly. All countries should witness the power of our army and everything will be solved.
I called the guide sent by Pang Rou, Is Qiuci’s national strength good among the western countries?
The guide nodded honestly. Qiuci is one of the best powers.
Do you know how many troops he has? I yi tooth.
品茶He thought for a moment and bowed his head and replied, I heard that there were more than 20,000 troops at the peak of Qiuci’s national population of nearly 100,000, but now the situation is like … I don’t know.
Twenty thousand people? !” I was shocked and suddenly smiled. Then I’m relieved!
Hall a few people are laughing.
With a smile, I gave the order, The army will leave early in the morning and we will put the camp in its dry city!

Gallop a hundred miles in six days.
In the eyes of ordinary people, this is already a very fast marching speedespecially carrying a lot of trenchbut in my eyes, this is simply a turtle speed.
The main reason for the slow progress of large troops is … this damn weather.
In June, the western regions have entered the midsummer season, and the temperature continues to be high during the day, forcing me to make the troops rush in Lebanon until the hottest afternoon when they look for shade to rest.
When the sun went down, the surrounding temperature dropped rapidly, and the soldiers had to be wrapped in thick quilts to fall asleep …
At the same time, I heard a saying from the local population, Wear fur coats in the morning and gauze in the afternoon, and eat watermelons around the stove at night …
I can shake my head and continue on my way.
On June 27th, large troops arrived in Liuzhongcheng, the seat of the former Western Region Changshifu.
This place is 40 or 50 miles away from Gaochangbi, where Wuji captain city is located, and less than 200 miles away from Jiaohe City, the capital in front of the car driver. I decided to take a day off here.
Liuzhongcheng is a typical military city. Although everything is only two or three miles, the building is very neat and deserted for many years, which is just suitable for our army to rest.
The only problem is … there are not enough barracks.
Obviously, it was impossible for Shi Gen, a long history in the Western Regions, to have 10,000 cavalry brigades.
In this case, I can encourage the soldiers … to overcome difficulties for a few days.
In fact, compared with this March, there are few rooms to keep out the wind now, and there are not too many complaints.
Crossing gaochangbi on the 29th.
The main function of this city is to open up wasteland, but now it has not been abandoned, and it has been revived by the car drivers.
On the first day of July, Jiaohe City
There seems to be someone in front of the master Pang Gan is very alert.
I waved Zulie and immediately took people to find out.
Zulie came back quickly. In front of the master, the king of the front of the car driver personally led the civil and military officials and the people to meet on both sides of the road.
I slightly one leng immediately nodded and shouted Brothers, cheer up! Don’t let foreigners look down on me!
promise! Shout loudly behind him
Is Taishi Ci there? I will order it.
Not far away, Taishi Ci Gao Ying said, It belongs!
Let your troops lead the camp first!
It’s a royal order!
The fourth battalion cavalry slowly overtook the big troops from the side and headed west.
Is Tuoba Ye there? I named another person.
Make your rear army March cautiously.