Chengdu CDC: Take a quick delivery to wear a mask glove

Original title: Take the express delivery to wear a mask gloves City CDC Emergency Office Director Fan Shuangfeng, according to the current cognition of new coronavirus pneumonia, its main spread path is the transmission and contact spread of respiratory foam, express delivery during transportation It does not rule out the possibility of viral pollution, and it is best not to protect the safety.

  Before you receive your delivery, you should do your personal protection, wear masks, disposable gloves, it is recommended to prepare toxic wipes.

When you receive a delivery, avoid the peak of the people, it is recommended to charge the express cabinet to avoid the face-to-face contact. Try to scan the code to pick up the number of people.

Don’t touch your eye nose when picking up.

After receiving express delivery, avoid direct contact with items, wear a disposable glove, try to remove the express delivery in place. Waste carton, waste should not let children and pets come into contact with the play, and the packaged courier is properly disposed of in accordance with the quality of domestic waste treatment, wash your hands or disinfection after completion.

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