Westone (002268) In-depth Report Series 5: Cryptography as the cornerstone for in-depth layout of civil forensics, IPV6 business in key industries

Westone (002268) In-depth Report Series 5: Cryptography as the cornerstone for in-depth layout of civil forensics, IPV6 business in key industries

Summary of the report: Electronic data forensics is developing rapidly, and Westone actively develops the civil forensics market.

The development of electronic data forensics 苏州桑拿网 through computers and the development of Internet technology has gradually emerged. The global market has ample space, and the domestic industry has started late. The demand mainly comes from judicial organs, public security, procuratorates, and administrative departments.

The market space for civil forensics is huge, nine times that of criminal forensics.

Based on the mobile platform of the judicial system and the centralized financial management information platform for the case, Westone actively deployed the judicial forensics market through the qualifications of the national team of network information security.

In the future, with the rise of court information services such as big data business, the company’s judicial application business will rapidly rise.

Cryptographic technology guarantees the security of electronic evidence, and the core advantage of court informatization is obvious.

Westone’s “Secure Cloud Storage System” realizes the management of massive data applications in cloud storage. The cryptographic technology is autonomous and controllable, and it also has a qualification advantage.

Due to the data security issues involved in the judicial forensics business, its core data storage helps to prevent leaks by using China’s cyber security technology; and transfers future court informatization.

Version 0 continues to advance, and Westone is expected to make efforts in the civil forensics business.

Create professional-grade solutions for IPv6 scale deployment in important industries, and have a solid client base for the government and the party.

Governments, central enterprises, and education industries in various countries are actively responding, and they have been promoting IPv6 transformation in key industries and fields.

The Guardian Cloud platform has taken the lead in completing the initial IPv6 transformation to meet the country’s compliance requirements in the IPv6 field.

Has been adopted by dozens of member units of China Electronics Technology Group.

Guardian was shortlisted by msci, adding the stocks to be pooled into the pool, becoming a high-quality target favored by foreign countries, bringing incremental funds to the company.

On February 28, Denke Investment completed an increase in holdings1.

08 billion.

The company’s major new businesses in 2019 have entered the harvest period, and it is recommended to actively participate.

We predict the company 2019?
The profit in 2020 is 5.

4.7 billion, 8.

07 billion, EPS is 0.

65 yuan, 0.

96 yuan, maintaining the “strongly recommended” level.

Risk warning: Judicial application promotion is not up to expectations, competition in the field of civil forensics is fierce, and the progress of informatization of the court procuratorate is expected gradually.