Hunting Fox staged Fleeing Overseas, Wang Kai did not expect to speak English lines

“Hunting Fox” staged “Fleeing Overseas”, Wang Kai did not expect to speak English lines
Sauna Night News (Reporter Liu Wei) The TV series “Hunting Fox” starring Wang Kai is scheduled to take off and land on Beijing Satellite TV on April 14.The play is based on the national action of the Ministry of Public Security that began in 2014-“Operation Fox Hunting” as the real background, and found the economic investigation police represented by Xia Yuan (Wang Kai) and Wu Jiaqi (Wang Ou) to solve domestic economic major cases., A story of cross-border pursuit of economic suspects who are at large overseas.After investigating the police, “Wen Wu Shuang Quan”, “Have nowhere to escape, must be chased after escape”, Operation Fox Hunting is the highest-ranking and largest overseas chase and escape since the founding of New China.The publication of “Hunting Fox” focuses on the reconnaissance of performance in film and television works. Director Liu Xin introduced that this requires a full and strong professionalism. “The replacement of the reconnaissance is extremely difficult to write and very difficult to shoot. Its professional field is very strong.It’s not that how to solve a case by just writing a case, it is necessary to extend the story based on the development clues of the investigative police officers chasing overseas.”The script was personally written by the gold medallist Zhao Dongling, and went deep into Beijing, Tianjin, Xuzhou and other places, interviewing nearly one hundred investigating police officers involved in solving the case.In the process of experiencing the material accumulated in life, the “Wen Wu Shuang Quan” of the investigative police left a very deep impression on the crew of “Hunting Fox”.”The text is that they must be very familiar with the knowledge of the entire economy, stocks, finance and other professional fields, but the thing is that they still have to go overseas to arrest, and a team of two or three people will often be placed in a dilemma abroad.Situation.”The professional specialty of the investigative police has also brought no small challenges to the shooting of” Hunting Fox “. Director Liu Xin shared that like how to find criminal clues in the financial market, how to connect with foreign judicial institutions, how toCriminal suspects should be dismissed for extradition, etc., the crew and the crew need to understand and learn before they can do art processing on the basis of restoring the real context.Overseas pursuit is an important part of the fox hunting operation. According to director Liu Xin, the scenes with nearly copies of “Hunting Fox” were filmed abroad. The Czech Republic and Kenya are all shot on the spot. “When shooting, it is also difficult. LanguageIt doesn’t work, the way of doing things is different, and there is also a process of running in with the co-production team abroad.”Wang Kai shows a masculine side. The picture is from the network. Wang Kai challenges professional English lines. This time he appeared in” Hunting Fox “. This is Wang Kai’s first attempt to play the role of” economic investigation police “. Wang Kai said that investigating economic crimes is a new perspective.It is also a relatively new type of police in the police force.”We made this movie, we also want everyone to know more about the police officers who are not so easy to understand. They know that they are not so easy. When they know financial and taxation, they can pursue overseas criminals. How many difficulties and obstacles do they have to go through?In order to protect the safety of people’s property.In the play, Xia Yuan played by Wang Kai was born as a criminal investigator, and later became one of the first batch of economic investigative policemen due to work needs, and participated in “Hunting Fox” as a core member.The background of the story of “Hunting Fox” was set in 2007, and the financial market continued to fluctuate. Speculators crossed the legal red line and used stocks as a bureau for private gain, which caused great harm to the people and the social level.”Xia Yuan was actually matured. At first, although he was a ‘genius catcher’ of the Criminal Police Team, he was very unfamiliar with some of the fights with Wang Berlin (Liu Yijun) because he was very unfamiliar with the field of economic crime.”” Wang Kai explained that Xia Yuan, who was groped by the currents of the times, only really ushered in the watershed six years later. The subtle change of Master Yang Jianqun (Hu Jun) and the gradual change of his girlfriend Yu Xiaohui (Deng Jiajia)Far away, let Xia Yuan open the door to evil economic knowledge, “How to become a good investigative policeman must have a suitable reason, the girlfriend is getting deeper and deeper in the financial field, but she and she have no common language, in order to reflectFor his own problems, Xia Yuan went to study economics and English, which was a stimulus to Xiaohui’s transformation.”In the overseas filming of the play, Wang Kai prepared properly for his trip to Kenya, vaccinated and brought medicine, worried that he was not used to the local diet and even prepared pots and pans, but what he did not expect was another.A difficult one-English lines.”Not in the script at first!But later, in order to show better results, everyone also tried it when shooting. In the end, the feeling of the English line was the most suitable. I started to use English. At first, I was stunned, but then I was used to it.However, this is the case when the investigative police officers go abroad, without law enforcement powers, they must be accompanied by foreign policemen, and a lot of communication costs have increased sharply when handling cases, and they can understand their difficulty more easily when speaking English lines.”Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Jun