how to explain?

Can’t explain!
Let Li·No matter how clever the Alacocca and Chrysler Group are,But use the smallest font for that line、Printed on the lightest ink“The final interpretation right belongs to Chrysler”As the strongest evidence,Unpacking Lee Silently·Iacocca’s Desk:Things are not lee·As Iacocca said,Chrysler has long been prepared for things to shirk responsibility in the future!
Leave you lee·No matter how clever Iacocca is,In the eyes of ordinary people, this is an extremely poor performance,Let more people lose confidence in Chrysler,Although for those“Return the car”the sound of,Chrysler has yet to give a statement,But those potential consumers who were planning to buy a car made the choice with their feet and wallet:Next week,Chrysler’s major brands、Sales of various models plummeted again,And the opposite is,The supply of Chrysler cars in the used car market is soaring。
“boss,You say,Did GM and Ford contribute to the flames??”Mirren asked Chen Geng curiously:“I always feel that Li·Mr. Iacocca’s ability,If it weren’t for a force to push this thing in a bad direction,This shouldn’t be such a big trouble。”
“Unavoidable them,”Chen Geng nodded,Thought for a while,He said again:“Except General Motors and Ford Motors,There should be Dongying people in it。”
“Dongying people?”
“Of course,Where is the annual automobile consumption capacity of the United States?,Just430More than ten thousand,If Chrysler can buy less50Ten thousand,For other manufacturers, it means more out of thin air50Million vehicles,Even if it sells 50,000 more vehicles per year,That’s also a big profit, okay?,Not to mention the greater premium capacity brought about by the additional sales of 50,000 vehicles and the resulting aftermarket and financial profits of the car。”
Yes indeed!
Mirren just realized:According to the boss’s algorithm,Even if it can grab a market share of 50,000 from Chrysler,The resulting direct and indirect profits also exceed3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And like Ford、A behemoth of this level,Maybe you can snatch it from Chrysler more than1010,000 vehicles market share,This is the least newly added each year7000Ten thousand dollars in profit,It’s hell if they don’t work hard at the back。
Thinking of Chrysler’s business situation just beginning to improve,In a blink of an eye, I was slapped on the ground again,Mirren was also a little moved with Chrysler shareholders:What a sin you did in your last life。
But it has nothing to do with me,Mirren changed the topic,Said with joy to my boss:“boss,Speaking of which we have to thank Li·Mr. Iacocca,By this trend,Ours《Detroit Free Press》Daily circulation exceeds4.5Million copies,Just work hard,Let the daily circulation exceed5Million copies,You can achieve breakeven。”
《Detroit Free Press》Is the newspaper that Mirren bought,The reason for buying this newspaper,Is because although the name has“Detroit”Three words,But the scope of distribution covers the entire state of Michigan,Just before the acquisition,《Detroit Free Press》Situation is a bit miserable:The daily circulation is less than 30,000 copies,The one that pays for one installment。
When Mirren came to the door,Say oneself isAMCCar owner:Fernandez·Mr. Chen’s personal assistant,When Mr. Fernandez wanted to buy your newspaper,《Detroit Free Press》’S boss almost knelt down for Mirren:He wanted to give this money-losing goods a long time ago,It’s just that the U.S. media industry is extremely competitive,and《Detroit Free Press》Not a well-known newspaper,No buyer at all……Even if someone is right occasionally《Detroit Free Press》interesting,The price offered is also low《Detroit Free Press》Shareholders want to beat people。
it’s good now,Fernandez·Mr. Chen intends to buy his own newspaper,This is simply good news falling from the sky!
Although in the negotiation,《Detroit Free Press》It’s not that the shareholders have never thought of taking this opportunity to slaughter Chen Geng.,But Mirren clearly told them,The condition is like this,You love to agree or not,If you don’t agree,I’ll go to the one next to you《Detroit News》,Where to go,You figure it out,I don’t have much time。
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