Chen Xiu said with a smile:“Do you think you can stop us for five minutes?”
815 Fly a plane
Chen Xiu,Stop talking nonsense with him,Thirty seconds to solve the battle!”
Zhu Huiwei cut out at the same time,Slash at the person。
“Special,Want to kill me in 30 seconds,You daydream!”
The man once again gathered his arms to protect his head and face,Want to be hard again,I don’t know when the sword energy is less than one meter away from his arms,I discovered that there was a faint blue light in the knife gas。
“Nine Grade Sword Qi!”
It’s too late when that person wants to dodge,Scared open mouth,Yelled for a while“what!”Drop your arms on the ground。
“you……You will be nine-pin innocent!”
“What do you think!”
That person didn’t care about picking up the straight severed limb,No hand to pick it up。
Turn around and run away,I turned around and saw that Chen Xiu was less than half a meter away from him.,A sweeping leg directly hits himself on the ground,Step on your chest at the same time。
Zhu Huiwei jumped over in one step,The palm of the hand is condensed with blue sword energy and is about to chop off that person’s head。