Du Sijin’s death,Brought great trouble to Wang Youcai,First, his family cried in the mine,The thing he can’t stand the most is,Du Sijin brought a yin and yang when he came to his house,Said to give Du Sijin overtake the dead。

The mountains are already quiet,Plus another person died,I was chanted by this yin and yang god and ghost for two more days,So no one dared to go out at night in the whole mine,Go to the toilet and go together。
Finally comforted Du Sijin’s family and transported his coffin home,Everyone said that the funeral expenses plus the compensation total 135,000,This is in the compensation for the accident that occurred at that time,It’s the highest payout。
I said it was OK. I signed the money at the office of Xishan Mining.,But Wang Youcai waited all morning,I didn’t wait for Du Sijin’s family,He faintly felt that things might be a bit bad。So he called Wu Wu,These days Du Sijin’s family is accompanied by Wu Wu。
Wu Wu on the phone is vague,There seems to be something unspeakable,He said to Wang Youcai in person for a while。Wang Youcai who hung up said to Tian Wa sitting next to him:”There is not enough heart to swallow an elephant!“
“Did you change your mind again??I lost a lot of money!Someone from our village went to work in the city two years ago,Accidentally electrocuted to death,They only gave me 30,000,No more money”Tian Wa said a little bit angry。
Ni Xiaoli glanced at the restless Wang Youcai and said:“Don’t get angry,It’s not your fault。Just do it,Pull it down,Big deal go legal,Judge as much,I won’t let you pay anyway”
Wang Youcai is about to go back to Ni Xiaoli,But at this moment,Wu Wu ran in panting。He glanced at Wang Youcai,A little embarrassed lowered his head and said:“boss!I can’t do anything about it。They listened to others’ bad words,I think I lost too little money,They don’t accept,I seem to have asked someone to help,Coming soon”
“Oh!Also called someone to help,It seems to be ruthless?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and asked。
Wu Wu nodded and said:“Seems to be a bunch of gangsters,They came to the door to help Du Sijin’s family。Because i am your person,So they won’t listen to me,You have to prepare。Brothers, I brought you all,Just downstairs,This will trouble Captain Tian,I have to avoid it”
“then you go!Call them all up”Wang Youcai said,Waved his hand。
Soon,Fifty or sixty young guys squeezed in the office。All with yellow hair,And the clothes are weird,A discerning person knows that they are social gangsters。
Wang Youcai glanced at these people,Then he arranged a few sentences for Tian Wa。
Tian Wa nodded and said:“Twenty people hiding in the office behind,Twenty people in the toilet,Then hide twenty people downstairs,The twenty people hiding downstairs,When they come in,You just touch it quietly from behind,Blocked the stairs for me”
“As the saying goes,Raise soldiers for a thousand days,Cheer me up today,When I heard the sound of falling glasses,Surround me。As long as it doesn’t kill,Something happened, my Wang Youcai was around,Will never affect anyone”Wang Youcai stood up only then,He said with a serious face。
Tian Wa waved,These people dispersed immediately,Each in their respective positions。Tian Wa took a look,Move all the desks to the wall,Only left a table in front of Wang Youcai,Then he and Ni Xiaoli stood behind Wang Youcai separately,Waiting for this group to come。
The atmosphere inside is a bit tense,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but looked back at Ni Xiaoli beside him and said:“You better go back!You’d better not be there for this kind of fighting”
“I’m afraid of a fart,I don’t believe,What can they give me。But boss, you’re so awesome,I didn’t expect so many brothers,Really admirable”When Ni Xiaoli said this,,To Wang Youcai cast an enviable look,This makes Wang Youcai a little proud。