Wang You snorted coldly:“how?can not wait anymore?“

“Not can’t wait,I think you don’t want to give,How about this!I’ll call President Qin“Song Fang said,Take the phone out of the pocket,Started calling。
This glared Wang Youcai with anger,Roared:“All in the trunk,You can’t take it!“
Song Fang put away the phone,Opened the trunk of the taxi,Find a big bag that says Song Fang,Carried away。Wang Youfa shook his head helplessly,Curse softly:“Shameless“
When Wang Youfa returned home,Wang Youdao is already sitting in the hall。He just stepped in,Chen Yueqin hit him with the broom,Scolded:“You white-eyed wolf,Still the eldest son of the family,There is such a big incident at home now,Where did you go?“
Her voice just fell,I hit the broom in my hand。Wang Youfa hurried to the side,He shouted a little aggrieved:“Don’t hit people, okay?“
Wang Youdao stood up,Stopped Chen Yueqin,He said a little unhappy:“brother!This is yours anymore,Your factory is so close to home,You should visit home when you are free,After all, parents are at home“
“What do you mean?As if I’m not responsible for my family at all“Wang Youfa said,Unconvinced。
Wang Degui sitting on the kang suddenly yelled:“enough!You are responsible?You have been responsible for more than ten days and you can’t see your shadow“
“Oops dad!I wentsz,Just came back today,I call you when I leave and no one answers,Can you blame me for this?Moreover,Didn’t I just come back for more than ten days?,Not too bad!I seem to be superfluous in the whole family,what is it today?“Wang Youfa said,Sat on a chair in the hall。
Wang Youdao,It turns out that the big brother has a reason,After all, he is someone who has read,So he smiled and said:“Sorry brother,Something happened at home,I blamed you when I was in a hurry“
“What happened?Why didn’t you see this bastard’s wealth??”Wang Youfa said,Looked around。
Wang Youdao took a breath and said:“Something happened to him,But my parents are so anxious。Luckily you came back in time,Otherwise I don’t know what to do with this”