923 Colorful light curtain
“big guy,What is this place?”
Mammoth’s nose is abstract,Obviously it understood Chen Xiu’s question,Unfortunately, Chen Xiu couldn’t understand。
Chen Xiu jumped off its back,Stroking the broken dragon stone,Thought to myself:“Can this stop Liu Yuanming??”
“Promise cut!”
Palm as a knife,Cut the Broken Dragon Stone,There is no stone fragmentation as expected,Broken Dragon Stone has not fallen at all,Instead, Wu Ji Zhan’s sword qi was shaken away,It shocked Chen Xiu’s heart for a while,Almost out of breath。
“What stone is this?So hard!”
Chen Xiu carefully stroked the broken dragon stone,I just feel that the touch is very different from ordinary stones,I really want to have never seen this kind of material on earth。
The mammoth hummed at Chen Xiu,The elephant’s trunk can’t help but gestures forward。
“You asked me to go to the front with you?”
The trunk nods like a human。
“it is good,Here is your place,You lead the way!”
Chen Xiu is also curious about the situation ahead,Followed the mammoth for another twenty miles,Not end yet,Thought in mind:“It’s not as huge as there are a few big mountains outside,According to our schedule, we have already passed through the mountains outside.。Could it be that this is the underground world?”
Suddenly I saw that the front had come to an end,A giant screen of light and shadow hangs in front of you,Colorful light and shadow,Chen Xiu has never seen such a mysterious sight。
“big guy,What is this?”
This is undoubtedly asking the blind,What the mammoth said Chen Xiu couldn’t understand。