“Hey-hey,The family address of the five workers,I have to go to visit.。”

No need.?
They should go to work.?”
Seeing Zhang Duo’s a little panic,Li Hui Hui understood。
“Hey-hey,Row,Since this,After Zhang Ge, I will not have to work here.,I have seen the conditions for Liu Sihai, you should be very satisfied.,You go there is also good。”
If you finish Li speak, you will not say anything.,Pick up the mobile phone directly to Yang Tie a call.。
At the same time, I express my own situation.。
Yang Tie also didn’t think that Zhang did actually did not do it.。
I heard Li Hui Feng let Zhang have to work in the hostile camp.,Yang Tie bites his teeth:“Xiao Li,Do not worry,This kid will be named from me,Will not add a chaos。”
Li Hui’s way is Yang Tie’s words.,Immediately laugh:“Row,I have given him 100,000 yuan.,I think this 100,000 yuan is enough to make up for him.,At that time, if he is looking for you to trouble.,This 100,000 pieces are enough to block his mouth。”
Yang I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually would be so generous.。
“Row,I see,This kid is actually similar to me.,Not suitable for leaders,But since you said this,I am relieved here.。”
Chapter 619 Hood
Li Hui said that Yang Tie said.,I didn’t say much more now.。
He selects to find Jin Xijie。
Back to the headquarters of the decoration company,Then let Jiang Shuyan first with Zhao Xiaoling to go shopping first.,He rides directly on the motorcycle and rushed to Jin Xijie’s residence.。
Zhang Duo looked at the back of Li Hui Feng,There is no slight feeling in my heart.,Instead, there is a feeling。
After all, he originally wanted to follow Liu Sihai.,Now that Li speaks like this, he said that he is also a sense of sin.。
Li Hui is coming to Jin Xijie’s residence,I saw Jin Xijie to organize the small stall there.。
I heard the roar of motorcycles,He is also a wondering turn to see an eye.。
Seeing Li Hui’s moment,His face reveals a little warm smile。
“Golden boss,Get on the bus,I am going to tell you about work.,At the same time, I will talk to you.,How about it?”
“Hey-hey,Row,But I am worth a lot of money.,Wait me a moment。”
Talking about Jin Xijie, it is taught.,Then I directly got a motorcycle of Li Hui.。
Li Hui is directly with Jin Xijie to the office of the decoration company.。
Seeing Jiang Shuyan with Zhao Xiaoling’s movie with computer,Jin Xijie is somewhat not very embarrassed。
Li Hui Feng saw Jin Xijie’s appearance,It is also a bit surprised.,Why didn’t he think of a person can change so big?。
But this is a good thing for him.。
“Golden Laojiao first,How much is your little stall in a month??”
“Forehead,I didn’t have long time.,How can I get five or six thousand in pure income for a month?,Of course, the premise is that no one is looking for me.,If someone is looking for me, maybe I have to pay money.。”
Jin Xijie is sorry to look at Li Hui Feng,This state,In the past, it was impossible.,The previous Jin Xijie arrogant Zhang did not say,There should be no one in that eye.。
At least Li Hui Feng is thinking so。
“Golden boss,Then I will give you a monthly six thousand wages.,You help me manage the team,At the same time, I will help me expand my business.,The illegal thing is not dry,But what we can’t bear to be bullied,Three months,If you feel better than three months,Then the decoration company in this county is boss,I will give you a shares.,The bigger contributing, the greater the shares,How about it?”