Lingju nodded repeatedly:

“of course,Palace Master Yu Xiu likes Lingjing,Taught Lingjing in advance《Da Yi Huang Dao》,If nothing unexpected,After this year’s Wanzong Festival,Lingjing will directly enter the Holy Sword Temple to practice……”
of course……That was before,Now words,I’m afraid Ling Jing won’t go to the Holy Sword Hall,At least,Before Senior Jingpu didn’t explicitly say not to teach Lingjing,Lingjing will never leave。
and,Before Lingju listened to Lingjing’s meaning,It seems that Lingjing is not going to repair the knife anymore。
And the battle of those three people is gorgeous,Flashing here for a while,Where will it flash?,Not for a while,These three people went directly to the small pavilion to fight。
Jingpu was able to observe this so-called《Da Yi Huang Dao》。
After watching carefully for a while,Jingpu frowned suddenly and muttered:
“This《Da Yi Huang Dao》……It seems to be just so……”
What Jingpu said,Suddenly,The yard is cleaned,The three people who were fighting like a raging fire suddenly stopped,Qi Qi looks towards Jingpu。
Lingju on the side also looked at Jingpu slightly unexpectedly。
Jingpu instantly felt the change of atmosphere in the courtyard,broken,Say something casually……Heard……
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Chapter Thirty senior……Really handsome!
but,One say one,Jingpu really thinks so。
This so-called《Da Yi Huang Dao》Jingpu really feels……not very good。
of course,I’m just talking about the knife!
perhaps《Da Yi Huang Dao》Is there anything in it that increases the true spirit of cultivation,Maybe there are other great things。
But if all those things about the world of cultivating immortals are picked out,Only discuss the knife,Jingpu really feels,This knife,not very good。
Jingpu doesn’t know this《Da Yi Huang Dao》How many layers,Just according to Lingju,Now Yu Shen’s sword technique is on the third level,Jingpu thinks it’s ridiculous。