Lu Haocheng looked at her gentle smile,Relieve the water stains in her mouth,“Blue,Don’t worry,The scenery has sent people to handle it.,The police are also fully looking for,For a while,Those people who steal clothes can’t run,Fashion show will be held as scheduled。

There is still an hour of time now。”
Lan Xin looked at him,I saw him a high-hearted moon. ,It seems that it is not anxious at all。
NS662chapter:There is no relationship with her.
Blue Xin smiled low:“Look at you, don’t worry,It seems that you don’t take this matter seriously.。”
Harming her is anxious to have a life.。
Lu Hao Chengdao also smiled:“fool,This is not a big thing,Soon there will be results,Hello, sitting here, etc.,I don’t want to go。”
“it is good!Have you,I really don’t have to worry about anything.。”
Blue Xin slightly swallowed,I just ran up.,I feel that my throat is very powerful.。
“Give me a glass of water,Hot。”
Lu Haozheng is not polite。
At home,Lu Haocheng is also unfortunate to let her do it.,Pouring this little thing,He has always been very happy。
“it is good!”
Lu Haocheng took the cup to the drinking water machine.。
The appearance of the obedience is not bad。
ttStanding one side,Watching the interaction between the two people。
Ou Jing, slightly lower,Looked a blush,Turning out,When he came in, he had already called Su Sei Ming.,Let him go to the scene to check。
The relationship between their family is very good,He checked,I have to check more than they.。
Luhaocheng is back,Give the water to Lan Xin,“Blue and blue。”
Lan Xin agreed on his mouth,But still I will drink water in a breath.。
Lu Hao Cheng:“”This gimmick,Tiger eye。
“Blue Xin,Why do you lie to me?,You don’t say you have not ticked Lu??
What’s the situation now?
You have given me a good explanation.。”
ttWatching Blue Xin angry。
Blue Xin foundttstand right here,Blue Xin smiles,Looking at the same Lu Hao Cheng,Laugh:“tt,Why do I explain with you?,I did not seduce Lu Hao Cheng.!He is my boyfriend,Do I use it to seduce him??”
Boyfriend three words,For Lu Haozheng,It’s just happiness.,He instantly ecstatic,Mood,Tears,The bottom of the heart is more intensive,Waited for so long,I finally waited for her a word that made him feel angry.。
“what”ttI don’t believe in what I have heard and see.,“How can this??
How can I look at you??”
She looked at Lu Haozheng,Tone excitement:“Continental,How can you look at her woman?”“You gave me out!”