What’s going on when my baby sleeps and molars?

What’s going on when my baby sleeps and molars?

Some people think that it is normal for a baby to have molars while sleeping, but experts say that it will be very harmful for a long time, especially children’s sleeping molars are very serious, so what is going on with children’s sleeping molars?

  Many children’s molars may be hungry, or they may habitually open their mouths to talk, or some of them are beginning to practice chewing. These factors are not ruled out. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that children’s molars sleep for the following reasons: 1. In fact, the molars are stillIn most of the cases, only a few children do not have teeth, but many children experience teeth at night when they are scared or over-excited before going to bed.

Or is it because some children are under a lot of pressure in the kindergarten, or the relationship with the children is not handled well, or they are reprimanded by the parents, which will cause the children to bruise their teeth at night.

  2. Many children have malaligned teeth, or they have a large amount of natural masticatory muscles, or mandibular joint dysfunction caused by poor teeth occlusion. These are the reasons for children’s illness.

  3. If the child has molars, it is impossible to ignore whether there is a bug in the child’s stomach. The tapeworm is parasitic in the child’s small intestine, but instead plunders nutrients, which will stimulate the intestinal wall, secrete toxins, and cause indigestion.

Tapeworms can also cause pain in your child’s stomach, which can also cause illness.

  4, too full to eat dinner or add meals before bedtime, not only affect nutrient absorption, but also increase the burden of nitrate tract.

Because when sleeping, a large amount of undigested food still accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract, the entire digestive system has to “work the night shift”, work continuously, and even the chewing muscles are mobilized to involuntarily contract and cause bruising.

  I will introduce this about how children sleep and molars. I believe that many parents also have their own answers to this. They can take corresponding measures based on their problems and help their children to correct their molars in a timely manner. They usually pay more attention to their children’s diet and health issues.This will help your child grow up healthy.