Semiconductor company’s third quarter report is generally high

[] On October 26, the A-share market has a total of the semiconductor index slightly, and the national sects of the two rising limit boards have risen by the country.

The semiconductor sector of the Hong Kong stock market has increased by 2%, and Shanghai Fudan rose.

  Some semiconductor companies have achieved sources of performance in the first three quarters of the first three quarters: Tonghua Fun Semiconductor sector has been adjusted by more than two months after the end of July this year. The same flush data shows that as of 26 October, the semiconductor index has fallen over 17% since July 30, and more than a dozen stocks, which have more than a dozen stocks, and more than 30%.

But on October 22nd, the film has allocated the semiconductor index rose, and the sector has recently emerged.

  With the third quarter of the third quarter, the overall performance of the semiconductor industry is strong.

Hong Kong stocks Shanghai Fudan announced the three-quarter forecast on October 26, and the return of return to net profit in the first three quarters is expected to rise 266% year-on-year.

A-share market, on the evening of the 25th, the third quarter of Ziguang nationals, the first three quarters of the company’s revenue billion yuan, uploaded by the year; return to the net profit billion yuan, up with a year-on-year increase.

According to the same flush data, from the performance preview, the company has a three-quarter performance pre-joy in the semiconductor plate in the Shenwan second-level industry.

As of the 26th report, there were 22 new three-quarters of the three quarterly reports in the same flush semiconductor plate, and the net profit was doubled, accounting for more than 80%.

Among them, the company’s net profit of the company’s return to the country in the third quarter of the country has increased year-on-year, and the growth of Jingfeng Mingyuan has also over ten times.

  Since the third quarter, domestic and foreign funds accelerate into the semiconductor sector. Zheshang Securities Development shows that the Semiconductor (CITIC Industry Index) Ingredients is standard, as of October 15, ETF and foreign investment have accumulated a total of 100 million yuan.

  Many funds also add a semiconductor sector in the third quarter. For example, the Wanjia Industry Preferred Fund increases the simulated chip and niche logic chip companies in the semiconductor industry; the new and new vitalivities are flexible to configure the top ten heavy warehouse stocks, which is the first heavy warehouse stock, in addition It also entered the Well Shares. The semiconductor industry is still high. At 2021 Beijing Microelectronics International Seminar and IC World Conference, Beijing Zhaoyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Agency, Director He Wei said that 2021 global semiconductor output is 574 billion US dollars, to 2025 or Will break through 698 billion US dollars, strong in terms.

  In the view, domestic semiconductor sector investment opportunities have not ended. Guohai Securities said that the current performance fulfillment is the key to deciding the trend of subsequent sectors. The semiconductor sector will still be the main line of domestic scientific and technological investment in the next three to five years, growth and deterministic. Currently a semiconductor device and material, automotive semiconductor and other subdivision core standard.

Huachuang Securities believes that after a year of over-year price increases, many sub-industries in the subsequent semiconductors may have a certain degree of differentiation, overall look and the lower-relevance of the consumer. The downstream inventory adjustment results in a lower possible potential, optimistic about semiconductor equipment, automotive semiconductor, special semiconductors and other segmentation industries. BOC Securities said that semiconductor materials, equipment, and testing markets will maintain high boom and semiconductor full industry chain.