Air Force’s training base: education is not "a few lessons", but "ecotropic circle"

The centralized school air force, a training base, through expanding the ideological and political education class – education is not "a few lessons", but "ecotry circle" ■ Qiu Zijian Jianjun reporter Zhang Lifeng special reporter Zhang Lei these days, the central air force of the central and central Training base schools Jiu Lian recruit Zhang Zhe is busy.

He has worked in the post-training work before entering the army, participated in the design of the education class, according to the requirements of the guidelines, Wang Shuifeng, is the most simple way to tell the most simple way.

The theme of this class is "inheriting the spirit of long march." After the acceptance task, Zhang Zhe’s "brain opening" has made an electronic map with the multimedia equipment of the Base Ideological and Political Education Training Center, allowing instructor to lead everyone to retain the "Line Long Zun Road" in class. On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army, this class has been launched, and the recruits are praised. After the class, Wang Shuifeng took the iron and let the cooking class put the red rice, pumpkin soup, and guide everyone to further comprehend the Red Army’s talents in the spiritual core of the Red Army.

In addition, Wang Shuifeng also organized officers and men to discuss the tactical war laws of Siuru Chinewater; let the recruitful recruits lead you to learn the red song "Flying over Dadu River" "Snow Mountain Grass", the education effect extends from the classroom to the extracurricular. "A dinner, in addition to the theory to instill this’ hard vegetables’, you also need to prepare some ‘snack’ snacks’, adopting the seam pin, flexible mobile method, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the officers and soldiers to participate in education.

"The base of the main political work Renzhang Lei introduced, to expand the depth and coverage of education, they explore the construction of ideological and political education" ecosystem "to create always able to learn, the classroom is everywhere, everyone involved in the educational environment. Education" eco circle "idea come from? Zhang Lei admitted," it is forced out. "

Two years ago, students and soldiers consecutive instructor Yang Haihan took office. According to the plan, he wants to teach a regular ideological and political education course on "how to ease homesickness" for the newly enlisted recruits. To this end, he collected a lot of material, produced a beautiful courseware, from the "comrades and harmony" to "actively adapt to military life," he was a go-between in plain language and lively stories, plus creative courseware, wonderful auxiliary, the audience applauded all recruits video. However, such a seemingly "Vivid" a good lesson but only lasted "three minutes" heat – after school, Yang Haihan discussion with recruits, find a focus of attention is still locked in "How long can talk with their parents again." on "can write to their families" and other practical problems. And hear no different answers before class, Yang Haihan like a deflated ball in.

"Ideological and political education is engaged in the construction of the human mind, its difficult to imagine. To get everyone recognized your point of view, relying on only one or two classes is not enough." Zhang Lei think, must establish a "big education view "to solve ideological problems with solving practical problems, classroom tutoring and after-school expansion linked, so that education leading to the heart.

At a forum, Lei throw this view, lead to heated debate participants – "let the officers and men involved in education as ownership to work to create a good atmosphere conscious education" "To build the educational facilities to enhance education sense of ritual "…… we express their views, but eventually all point to the same goal: to build everyone involved," never closed "education classroom. After the meeting, authorities carry out research on the basis of the full adoption of the rank and file comments on the proposed construction of specific measures "ecosystem" of ideological and political education – to create a new educational venue.

Their full involvement of local professional education team of successful experience, along the lines of the system design, the creation of ideological and political education and training center, under the "red Training Institute", "strengthening the military academy," "early heart cloud classroom" and "good lesson workplace" 4 a prominent theme, versatile education venues for the majority of officers and soldiers to provide "learning, thinking, practice, Wu," the new platform.

Provide professional guidance commented. Standing tutor training center, take one to one counseling, focused review, grouping lecture, etc., on the teaching lesson plans carefully polished to provide a practical way of thinking for educators on how to select examples of material, improve the theoretical logic.

Adhere to the principle of "open schools" is.

Historical exhibition organized officers and men went to the Communist Party of China, Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum and other places now be teaching; invite "Wolf 2" cast members talked about the bloody military personnel, special organization to watch the movie "win", and the Chinese women’s volleyball coach, players distance communication; invite parents into the barracks excellent recruits, recruits to witness the investiture of the glorious moment …… Reporters found that in the interview, "we walked the streets," "my side of the Party," "this is the maintenance soldiers" and other fine good lesson here weight pound launch, the base of the ideological and political education and training centers have become sought after soldiers "to punch." Not long ago, the Air Force base responsible for the theater two primary instructors teaching ability training, different units of educators who come with problems, and go full harvest, promote ideological and political education "ecosystem" of radiation extends to all grassroots units.

Educators say that inspire self-education fresh momentum tube ■ Central theater director Li Hai Air Force training bases loaded as a base for the leadership, I am a building facilitator "ecosystem" of ideological and political education, but also the participants, beneficiaries. This year, I combine individual learning experience and work experience, it teaches a big lesson theme-based soldiers.

In order to prepare this lesson, I’m a good way to fully absorb the base of educational innovation, well-polished courses, both officers and soldiers to win praise, but also deepened the understanding and awareness of the relevant issues. In order for soldiers in active participation in active learning self-education, our long-term planning for education, research common draw "Education tree map", aimed at the development of personality "growth plan", so that officers and men each can in Education pinpoint their location; designed to carry out various educational and cultural activities, education extends beyond the classroom, so that exposure to a strong atmosphere among the officers and men always; focus on the educational content and reality combine, close contact with the preparation for war, by creating competing educational, and consciously accept the new ecological education, and promote the formation of a new situation for all striving to advanced, all of them seeking preparing for war.

The learned say, students and soldiers moved to quench their thirst · Nine recruits Chang: entering the barracks, ideological and political education gave me the first impression is the word: to quench their thirst.

There is a wealth of multimedia educational resources, sophisticated educational products, there are various forms of cultural activities, a full list of tasks not only did not make people feel struggling to cope, but to actively participate in the process, and continue to benefit.

For me, education is both firmly cast the ideals and beliefs of the main front, but also to achieve self-worth on the big stage.

Xu Hao four with recruits, students and soldiers: the first day of camp, I received a precious gift – "boot Day lesson." This thick blue notebook to our new life training to break down every day, "strengthening the military thought" "military common sense," "spiritual Heights" and other sections let us anytime, anywhere access to education, but also to write in the "battle Diary" under their own growth sentiment. When he learned that the gift is the backbone of their troops a little collection, over and over again was able to update bound, I cherish and moved. Although the textbook learning every day on the daily requirements of the content is not much, but I believe that bit by bit harvest can infiltrate the mind of the soldiers.