White collar workers are extremely inefficient on Friday

White collar workers are extremely inefficient on Friday

“Boss, can today’s meeting start early?

“Leader, can you get off work early?

The child will leave school early and I will pick it up.

“Every Friday, many people in the workplace complain, especially women. After a week of intense work, the mood has relaxed, but the work is still waiting for you to complete. Therefore, women in the workplace often feel tired, lazy, and difficult to work onConcentration, work efficiency decreases, and some people even experience dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distension, sore body, and psychological stress will increase invisibly.

  Following Monday’s syndrome, Friday’s work stress was re-implanted into working women.

Although there is no data to prove its harm and impact, its psychological and physical harm to women in the workplace has reached a more serious level.


1Troubles after the breaking of the rules of life Liu Xu: Liu Xu, a 30-year-old deputy general manager of the consulting company, told reporters that every Friday, she will feel particularly tired, not focused, and low in efficiency.Although the surface is working, but the mood has been lost.

Ms. Liu is the backbone of the consulting company, and her daily work is full.

Various meetings, activities, plans, often make her “sleep and forget”.

Miss Liu teased that she should lose weight.

  Miss Liu is a person who understands life and knows how to work and rest. From Monday to Thursday, she puts all the advantages on work and enjoys the satisfaction and fulfillment brought by work.

She graduated with a master’s degree in management and has been in this company for three years. From the department manager to the recently promoted to the deputy general manager, she got it with her own efforts and hard work.

For three years, she worked very hard during her work, but on holidays and weekends, she played just as hard and costly.

In her words: this is a standard modern life.

  But recently she has lost the ease and chicness of the past.

The reason is that due to the rise in posts, higher workloads, higher work difficulties, and more intense work rhythms have followed.

Gradually, her break time was “shrinking” and her working hours were increasing.

She felt that her life was out of balance, and her temperament and physical condition were harmed to varying degrees.

  Especially on Friday afternoon, after four intense days of work, thinking about the holidays that followed, there was really not too much passion and mood to trouble the work, but as a manager, Miss Liu often had to force herself, notLet this mood spread, let alone show it.

Over time, she felt that she had “work stress Friday.”

  Every Friday, she shows inexplicable irritability, tiredness, irritability, and poor work efficiency. Occasionally, she even wonders if she is able to continue working.


On Friday 2nd supplementary overtime sequelae Zhang Jing: 26-year-old general manager secretary Zhang Jing graduated from junior college and came to the current company and was placed in the position of general manager secretary.

Zhang Jing is very intelligent and has a very good job. He has won the trust and respect of leaders.

But she is a cheerful and lively girl. Every weekend, she always invites a few friends to go out to play or party. This has reached a tacit understanding between them and turned into a fixed entertainment program.

Zhang Jing always joked that her life was full of sunshine, but the only overtime work on Fridays made her feel confused and troubled.

  Zhang Jing’s ability to plan is very strong, so every weekend’s activities are planned and arranged by her.

Such planning is often done on Friday afternoons and purchases necessities in the evenings.

Now, overtime makes their plans fail, which makes Zhang Jing very upset.

Especially on Friday, she will have inexplicable resistance to work.

At first, this resistance was only for overtime, and gradually this emotion was amplified, which directly affected her normal work for the day.

Recently, on Fridays, she feels unwell, dizzy, chest tight, nervous, unable to lift her spirits, just like being sick.

Zhang Jing also went to the hospital to see it, but couldn’t find out why.

Strangely, this symptom does not usually exist. Even if you are very busy at work, you just feel tired. It is okay to sleep overnight. The symptoms on Friday cannot be eliminated.

Over time, she began to fear Friday, calling it “Black Friday.”

Last month, Zhang Jing saw a psychiatrist accompanied by a friend.

  Her symptoms had slowed down during previous psychotherapy, but she has not recovered.The doctor cautioned Zhang Jing that this is a typical mental illness. Effective treatment is necessary, but it must also cooperate with the external environment. Otherwise, recovery is difficult.

Zhang Jing is really distressed now and is at a loss.


3 children reading problems Yu Lei: 35-year-old trading company finance Yu Lei is a typical kind wife and mother.

Mr. is a leading cadre of a state-owned enterprise. It is common for him to work overtime. It is mainly her who takes care of children and the family.

Every morning, he sends his son to school and hurries back to pick him up at night.

The problem is that from Monday to Thursday, the school has late daycare classes, which is just right to pick up after work, so she is not burdened, but on Fridays the school ends early and the teacher has to hold a regular meeting, and there is no late daycare class. This is hard to deny Yu Leilei.

As the company’s finances, it was very busy on Friday and it couldn’t get away.

The old people live far away and are old. It is impossible to help her at all.

Occasionally leave is OK, but not every week.

  Yu Lei said that she was a thin-skinned person, and she had always been serious and responsible in her work. It was impossible for her to find a leader for this matter.

Besides, there are many people with children in the company. After taking care of her, it will be difficult to manage other people in the future. Isn’t this embarrassing to lead?

But what if the child is not picked up?

Now Yu Yulei is relying on her colleagues in the office to help her. She tries to complete the work that she can do before, and asks them to help if it is too late, but this is not a long-term solution.

What’s more, in the case of such a state of work, what should we do in the event of an error?

  Now every Thursday night, Yu Lei has to work the next day’s work in her head and think about one thing that can be done first.

Whenever she thinks about it, she becomes extremely worried and irritable, unable to fall asleep.

Looking at his husband’s tired figure, he could not bear to increase his burden.

She was generally fine, and by Thursday night, her sleep quality had dropped significantly.

On Friday, her mental state was always extremely poor, her mood was depressed, and her mood was down, which has become her heart disease.

I also thought about changing jobs, but my major in college is finance, and I have years of work experience, and I really don’t want to give up.

It has been six months since her son was studying last year, and she is being dealt with by this matter and cannot be relieved.

“Overworked death” means death caused by exceeding labor intensity.

Today, overwork death is threatening the health of women in the workplace. How can you relax yourself and stay away from overwork death?

  Adhering to physical exercise can increase myocardial contractility, increase the body’s immunity, enhance the body’s ability to resist disease, and can also speed up the body’s metabolism and delay aging.

  Keeping your mood comfortable To prevent fatigue and maintain ample energy, you must always keep a happy mood and be an “optimist”.

  Reasonably adjust your diet to eat less greasy and non-digestible foods. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as mung bean sprouts, spinach, rapeseed, oranges, apples, etc., and timely supplement vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements.

  Moderate rest fatigue is a signal to remind you that the body has exceeded its normal load.

When you feel tired, you should adjust and rest, so that work and rest are combined and relaxation is moderate.

  Regular physical examination Whether physical or mental workers, it is best to do a physical examination once a year to prevent problems before they occur.

  Actively treat the primary disease. Some people with primary disease, especially those with arteriosclerosis, should pay more attention to their physical conditions. It is best to cultivate healthy living habits and quit smoking and alcohol.

  Today’s attitude to life is crucial. With the continuous change of women’s social status, the social roles they have to assume are increasing, and the pressure they are bearing is also increasing.

In order to gain social recognition and reflect their own value, professional women use various opportunities and means to enrich themselves and improve themselves.

They overcame their gender weaknesses and struggled and struggled in a man’s dominant and highly competitive workplace.

  Whether it is “Monday Syndrome” or “Friday Work Compression”, the names are different, but it also reflects the serious psychological problems that exist in women at work.

And this problem has directly affected their lives and work at different scales.

The key to this situation is their lack of understanding and handling of some things.

One cannot change many limitations in life, but one can break through the limitations by changing the attitude of life.

Therefore, as long as you can face the difficulties and frustrations in life and work, and take appropriate measures in a timely manner to adjust your emotions and tolerance, then the unbearable weight in these lives will gradually disappear due to changes in your attitude.