[Can pregnant women eat curry]_Curry_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat curry]_Curry_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Pregnant women’s diet and nutrition and health issues need to be particularly appropriate. Curry contains cellulose and protein, as well as various trace elements. Yes, warming the kidney, strengthening the spleen, and warming the stomach have certain effects. Pregnant women can eat curry becauseCan also help pregnant women increase appetite to a certain extent.

1. Can pregnant women eat curry?

Curry can increase the appetite of pregnant women, but control the amount, and do not eat too much spicy curry.

However, patients with gastritis and ulcer disease should eat less during the period of taking the medicine.

2. The nutritional value of curry Curry contains crude fiber and protein, a variety of vitamins, and contains various trace elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc., which has the functions of warming the body, strengthening the spleen, warming the stomach, and stimulating appetite.
3. Efficacy and effect of curry Research has found that curry can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase metabolic peristalsis, increase appetite, promote blood circulation and achieve sweating.

Curry also has the effect of assisting wound healing and preventing Alzheimer’s disease; Curry can also improve constipation and benefit internal health.

Recently, American researchers have discovered a new use of curry-it can prevent cancer.

4. Can a mother eat curry?

The mother should not eat too much spicy curry, but also control the amount, so as to avoid the rise of virtual fire, symptoms such as tongue sores, constipation, or hemorrhoids. It may also increase the baby’s internal heat through milk.