“You love to eat barbecue?No way,I remember you only like western food?”Incomprehensible。

“I……Maybe you will fall in love with barbecue,Because someone likes to eat。”Cui Ronghao gently opened the car door for Yushi,No leadership。
Someone?Isn’t the someone he said is her??Company,Many people know that she likes barbecue。
He will change his preferences for her?This is incredible!He is Cui Ronghao,Yidong Media said the unique chairman。
Yu Shi quickly gave up the idea that he considered himself passionate,I think he just wants to change his taste。
Cui Ronghao started the car,More than twenty minutes later,In a company called“Baiweiju”Stop at the entrance of the rotisserie。
Many cars parked in front of the shop,Looks good business。
Got out of the car,French windows across the restaurant,Yu Shi sees two people sitting by the window,Can’t help being flustered。Didn’t he take the high-speed train and leave early in the morning?,Why are you still in Shenzhen?,And eat with a woman?
now,They talk and laugh,The look of affection made her eyes hurt。
First4chapter Large-scale rape scene
“Zhao Haiyi?I remember he said that the high-speed train went to Guangzhou this morning,What’s here?”Seeing the strangeness of poetry,Cui Ronghao followed her gaze,Immediately found the problem。
And the woman who ate with Zhao Haiyi turned her back to them,Zhao Haiyi leaned forward,Clasp her hand with one hand,A look of affectionate style。
They are not sure who it is,but,Will know soon。
The restaurant door was pushed open,But a few meters away,Yushi walked out of the feeling of a large football field。Her legs,No longer obeyed。
Maybe the chat is too focused,Zhao Haiyi didn’t notice the poetry,But gradually approach,Yu Shi has seen who is sitting across from him。
Zhang Xiaoxue,Zhao Haiyi’s female assistant。
Their fingers clasped,Staring affectionately at each other。