TCM teaches you acupuncture for constipation

TCM teaches you acupuncture for constipation

Guide: Constipation is a life problem that many women will encounter. I don’t want to let this annoying problem bother you. Try acupuncture treatment to let you say goodbye to constipation and be a small waist beauty.

Acupuncture: Acupoints: Zhigou, Yanglingquan, Zusanli, Daheng acupoint, Dachangshu, Tianshu and other points.

Method: Once a day, leaving the needle for 15 minutes, pulling the needle with radian, medium stimulating technique.

Laxative method for real secrets; tonic method for deficiency secrets; moxibustion for cold secrets; acupuncture for Hegu and Quchi for hot secrets;Weishu; cold secrets can be added to moxibustion gods, Qihai.

Acupuncture point selection: large intestine, lower rectum, liver, heart points.

Method: Wang does not stay under the seed pressure, and it is changed once a week.