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I’m kidding. There are nine battalions, Taishi Ci, Zhang Liao, Seibel, Chuyan, Yang Feng and Gan Ning. If you two brothers run first, I’ll be the only one left when I personally expedition!

What is this called a personal expedition? !
Wang Lie asked with a little concern whether this meant canceling the upcoming scientific research conference on the first day of September. I hesitated for a moment and said that it could not be cancelled, but it should be carried out more and more vigorously, and they should launch the first scientific research conference of great scholars and poor scholars as much as possible.
Yes, I also reapproved their plan.
The scientific research is divided into two subjects: the civil and military examination schedule is three days, and the first day of the liberal arts (including the written examination of martial arts) lasts for two hours; On the second day, the martial arts test project lasted six hours; On the third day, I interviewed the project for two hours.
Because this is the first preparation, although there are two months, there is no provision in advance to set up registration procedures in various counties to determine the reference number … I personally guess that it will be successful to have 100 people … I don’t expect tens of thousands of schools to crowd out the business dormitory.
After the written test, it will be sealed and sent to the jury.
The jury is set up as follows
Chairman Wang Lie
Vicechairmen Cheng Yu, Jia Xu and Qiao HuanXun You were temporarily deleted because they wanted to go out with me.
Members Wei Ji, Su Li, Yang Xiu, Shi Sunfan, Chun Yuzhuang and Han Sheng.
Considering the actual situation, I especially included my daughterinlaw, literary young women Cai Yan and Jia Yu.
Each answer sheet should be graded by three people respectively, and then ranked. If you have any special ideas, leave the last question to me alone.
However, the martial arts examination can only be carried out after the written test results come out. Relatively speaking, it is much simpler. Now I suggest that it be carried out in three projects.
The first weightbearing obstacle crosscountry running
Each person carries 50 kilograms of heavy objects and walks five miles in half an hour. According to the ranking points.
The second javelin throw
After recording the competition in Taishi Ci in Liaodong, we summed up our experience and formally listed javelin throwing as a competition subject, and also scored points according to ranking.
The third unarmed combat
As the name implies, it is a twoperson contest to decide the outcome.
Wu Ke’s jury is still Chairman Wang Lie’s vice chairman, and Lu Bu, who is recovering from his illness, will bear the burdenI believe that Lu Bu’s eyes should not be able to choose a few crooked melons and cracked dates for me.
Members include Han Ji, Su Li, Huang Fugu and Cheng Wu.
After the results of the civil and military subjects come out, the interview will be conducted in a unified waythat is, the socalled palace examination will not be ranked last unless the examiners randomly ask some questions about current politics or history to see the candidates’ onthespot reaction and tolerance.
In this session, I added a special judge, white hair.
With such a golden finger, I have more confidence in the gold content of this exam.

Dian Wei returned to Luoyang on time during my preparation.
He claimed that his parents died and his brother wandered alone in the rivers and lakes since childhood, killing and setting fires were commonplace, and he had done many things to eliminate disasters by taking money and people.
This time he brought forty strong young men, all of whom are said to be his younger brothers.
Xun You and others are not frowningexcept for Cheng Yu, who had a strong criminal record.
I saw the white hair and my brow wrinkled. Maybe he had a bad evaluation, so he decided not to take Dian Wei with him in the battle against Yuan Shaojian. After all, it takes a while for his forty people to organize discipline and integrate into the military camp. I can’t let them wave my energy at this time.
So Dian Wei also became a member of the judges in the martial arts test.

How time flies! Ying Shao and others supported Lu in Zhang Liao and successfully repelled the enemy. Huang Dong led the troops to follow up. By the way, he took possession of Shanyang, Dongping and Lu in one fell swoop and stole chickens and costly. Zheng Sui, the country of Mi Cheng, was able to disband his troops on the spot and disappeared.
At this time, I was ready to leave for the north and call them again. These thousands of people seemed to be unable to catch up, so I sent fast horses to give them the latest instructions.
Zhang Liao Yanzhou secretariat Gao Shun, Huang Dong assisted the military collection of the prefectures and counties, so the city of Yanzhou county has temporarily set up the chief county officials and waited for the opportunity to cooperate with my main force to attack Yuan Shao in North Jizhou.
Just before I was about to leave, a message came from the south.
Han Si Xun Shuang and Situ Huang Wan died almost at the same time.
I sat silently for a moment and then turned over and rode across the river.
Rolling the Yangtze River to the east, the water and waves wash away heroes.
3 Make a comeback Yuan Chu
桑拿论坛On March 23, I crossed the river and entered the river boundary.
Together with our troops, there are a total of 17,000 cavalry, a battalion of 6,000 people, Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye, each with 4,000 people. Lu Lingqi went to 3,000 people on behalf of his father. Lu Bu, these 3,000 cavalry have been recruited by our tenth battalion, and the recruitment has ended. I was about to select several brigade commanders when I was in martial arts.
Twentyfive armies arrived in Huai County, Hejun Zhisuo.
Mancheng is not here again? I came forward to meet Jun Cheng Sima Lang’s inquiry.
General Li Shougan has already invaded the Party and County five days ago.
I smiled slightly and immediately laughed. Moving should soon be Ganxing’s hegemony. I’m afraid Li Dian’s character will choose to hold the city first.
This is not Sima Lang shook his head. Hedong River was originally interested in the generals of the party soldiers, and it has been planned for a long time. After Liang Gong ordered it, several generals did not hesitate to send troops …
oh? Xu Huang and Yan Yan also participated?
How many soldiers and horses have been dispatched?
Nine thousand cavalry and four thousand foot soldiers
I was relieved that the entire Bing army was only 40,000 to 50,000 troops. Although the party is a big county, it can’t exceed 10,000. And … The party’s satrap, Xia Houdun … To be honest, I think Xu Huang’s military capability is absolutely overwhelming …
Two days later, when the army came to the border of Wei Jun, the news of the party and county victory came from the south trotters.
Chu Yan, Gan Ning, Xu Huang, and Li Dian broke the party county, and the Great Wall Party’s satrap Xia Houdun retreated to the pot.
Gan Ning Qingqi pursued Xia Houdun’s broken army and fled north for nearly five miles overnight.
In another day, the army will be Yecheng.
Dongjun also came to receive the report that Taishi Ci successively recovered five counties in the north of Dongjun.

But I used to think that he was behind the scenes and should be opposed to Ye Jia.

But it happened that Ye Xiangyuan asked him to protect me …
This is too strange.
Did I guess all wrong before? Is Han Qingshan really from Ye Xiangyuan?
I made a wild guess, but I was very calm and said hello to Han Qingshan.
Han Qingshan smiled and ignored me and talked to Li Mulin instead.
Li Mulin is also polite.
They chatted after a few words.
Li Mulin is sitting in front of me, Xiao Jin is sitting beside me, and my parents are sitting on the other side of the aisle with their babies in their arms.
I listened silently to their chat, that is, the business of the imperial city did not involve Ye Jiahe’s struggle with the Li family, and even Han Qingshan, a noble family of the imperial city, rarely started.
Maybe I’m being paranoid.
Gradually I fell asleep.
I woke up halfway, and my sister brought me lunch.
I glanced at the front, and Han Qingshan was still sitting beside Li Mulin. The two seemed to be chatting happily.
I don’t know what, but I still don’t feel at ease, thinking that I will ask Ye Xiangyuan about the situation as soon as the plane lands.
Although I have long decided not to contact Ye Xiangyuan, it seems that I have to keep in touch with him for a long time.
At least I can’t avoid Xiao Jin until he returns to the imperial city.
After more than ten hours of flight, I finally arrived in France.
Han Qingshan took the initiative to say goodbye to us when he got off the plane.
I was relieved, but my doubts didn’t go away.
Two hours later, the bus finally arrived in the town.
I have lived in my parents’ name for the second time. Naturally, we live here.
It’s three o’clock in the local afternoon, and it’s already late in the country. Xiaojin yawns, and my parents look tired and have to get jet lag.
Li Mulin said to me, "Sister-in-law, go to rest. I’ll take care of things here."
I thought about it and didn’t refuse to thank him.
After that, I took Xiaojinlou to rest or his house.
He lay quietly pulling my sleeve and said, "Aunt, I want to call my uncle."
I naturally have no opinion.
Although I guess Li Mulin must have contacted Ye Xiangyuan early, I have no reason to stop Xiao Jin from reporting peace in person.
I don’t know why the mobile phone has no signal.
Xiaojin showed disappointment.
I am busy appeasing, "Go to sleep first, and when you wake up, I promise you will talk to your uncle."
Xiaojin blinks and obediently closes her eyes.
I put him to sleep and went downstairs to find someone to see if there was no signal on their cell phone.
In the hall, Li Mulin is letting his hand place his luggage.
He also took the plane for more than ten hours to arrange these things without even taking a sip of water.
My heart is more grateful. Thank you again.
Then I told him about the cell phone signal.
He said, "Just now a bodyguard accidentally broke the line and has sent someone to repair it. It will be fine early in the morning."
I see
I didn’t think much, and after a few words with him, I planned to go back upstairs to see the baby.
Li Mulin stopped me and said, "I will go back to China in the next day. There are still things I need to do over there, but Sister-in-law can rest assured that Second Brother has already arranged manpower to ensure your safety."
Now, the imperial city family is full of smoke, and Ye Xiangyuan is surrounded by people. I’m not surprised that Li Mulin must have come to see me off this time because he is in a hurry to go back.
So I nodded and didn’t ask much.
The next morning, when I was holding the baby and holding Xiaojinlou, Li Mulin was ready to leave.
I didn’t expect that he didn’t even plan to eat breakfast, which was quite unexpected.
But he said, "I have to go to Vancouver to do something for Chu Wai."
I see
Section 23
Presumably this is also arranged by Ye Xiangyuan, and I didn’t ask for more information.
Although I’m a little curious if something happened to the Chu family.
夜网论坛I didn’t get along with grandpa Chu for long, but grandpa Chu was not bad to me, and I was worried about him.
But I also know that there are some things that I can’t ask
After that, Li Mulin left, followed by his hands, and the bodyguards in the college changed a group of people who were unfamiliar faces.
These people should also acquiesce in Ye Xiangyuan, which is boring for me.
After all, Xiao Jin, it is impossible for Ye Xiangyuan here not to pay attention to his safety.
After breakfast, Xiao Jin asked me, "Is my aunt’s words ready?"
I am busy trying to dial Ye Xiangyuan’s mobile phone.
The video is connected this time.

I shook my head and threw away the memory of twenty years ago.

Maybe … this is the real original cantaloupe!
The entrance is extremely sweet! Liaoyuan praised
Sweet! Qin array chewed up one piece by dividing by three and five and reached for the second piece.
Zhongyuan melons and fruits can be compared! ChuYan also licked his lips shout
I nodded and threw the melon peel aside in the tray. There are indeed many organic conversations about exotic fruits and vegetables in the western regions. We will take them back to the Central Plains to promote them.
Most of them are thoughtful, Liu Zheng said, wiping his mouth.
All right, let’s get down to business. I came back to the topic. Although this place is suitable for growing agricultural products, it’s obviously gone this year. Now it’s midJune. Can you plant a fart? It’s even more difficult to estimate whether it will be harvested in 2008 … I’m not going to send people here to reclaim land. Do you have any objections?
Since Duhu doesn’t intend to stay in the Western Regions, he doesn’t need to cultivate troops. Li Yuan bowed his hand and took the lead in expressing his opinion. Our army is only 12 thousand. If we want to cultivate fields, we must divide thousands of troops. So it is better to let the countries in the Western Regions forage.
I like that! Qin array finished eating the second cantaloupe, ha ha a smile.
Honestly, I like it, too.
So I went on to ask the question, So what if countries are willing to feed?
Qin array scrambled to answer, Master, more than ten thousand fine riders are in their city, and they naturally send out food.
Qin battalion commander’s words are not rough. Taishi Ci nodded slightly. All countries should witness the power of our army and everything will be solved.
I called the guide sent by Pang Rou, Is Qiuci’s national strength good among the western countries?
The guide nodded honestly. Qiuci is one of the best powers.
Do you know how many troops he has? I yi tooth.
品茶He thought for a moment and bowed his head and replied, I heard that there were more than 20,000 troops at the peak of Qiuci’s national population of nearly 100,000, but now the situation is like … I don’t know.
Twenty thousand people? !” I was shocked and suddenly smiled. Then I’m relieved!
Hall a few people are laughing.
With a smile, I gave the order, The army will leave early in the morning and we will put the camp in its dry city!

Gallop a hundred miles in six days.
In the eyes of ordinary people, this is already a very fast marching speedespecially carrying a lot of trenchbut in my eyes, this is simply a turtle speed.
The main reason for the slow progress of large troops is … this damn weather.
In June, the western regions have entered the midsummer season, and the temperature continues to be high during the day, forcing me to make the troops rush in Lebanon until the hottest afternoon when they look for shade to rest.
When the sun went down, the surrounding temperature dropped rapidly, and the soldiers had to be wrapped in thick quilts to fall asleep …
At the same time, I heard a saying from the local population, Wear fur coats in the morning and gauze in the afternoon, and eat watermelons around the stove at night …
I can shake my head and continue on my way.
On June 27th, large troops arrived in Liuzhongcheng, the seat of the former Western Region Changshifu.
This place is 40 or 50 miles away from Gaochangbi, where Wuji captain city is located, and less than 200 miles away from Jiaohe City, the capital in front of the car driver. I decided to take a day off here.
Liuzhongcheng is a typical military city. Although everything is only two or three miles, the building is very neat and deserted for many years, which is just suitable for our army to rest.
The only problem is … there are not enough barracks.
Obviously, it was impossible for Shi Gen, a long history in the Western Regions, to have 10,000 cavalry brigades.
In this case, I can encourage the soldiers … to overcome difficulties for a few days.
In fact, compared with this March, there are few rooms to keep out the wind now, and there are not too many complaints.
Crossing gaochangbi on the 29th.
The main function of this city is to open up wasteland, but now it has not been abandoned, and it has been revived by the car drivers.
On the first day of July, Jiaohe City
There seems to be someone in front of the master Pang Gan is very alert.
I waved Zulie and immediately took people to find out.
Zulie came back quickly. In front of the master, the king of the front of the car driver personally led the civil and military officials and the people to meet on both sides of the road.
I slightly one leng immediately nodded and shouted Brothers, cheer up! Don’t let foreigners look down on me!
promise! Shout loudly behind him
Is Taishi Ci there? I will order it.
Not far away, Taishi Ci Gao Ying said, It belongs!
Let your troops lead the camp first!
It’s a royal order!
The fourth battalion cavalry slowly overtook the big troops from the side and headed west.
Is Tuoba Ye there? I named another person.
Make your rear army March cautiously.

"Why? Don’t you like it? I think this name sounds good. "

"Well, that’s a good name. If your name is anything."
"Silly boy!" I grabbed Chris’s little hand and kissed her. When I came to a table, fewer people said to the Taiwan bearer, "Come to one million RO chips!"
I said to Chris, who was sitting next to me, "Can Silk gamble on dice?"
"You know perfectly well past ask me how I know your human gadgets ~" After all, Chris looked at the table dice with full interest.
I taught her step by step to play with this thing, but I also taught her to buy big or small and to distinguish between big and small. I never thought that we beginners could make money by gambling.
After the host of Taiwan shook the colored cup, "buy big and buy small bets"
Next to the players, they all bet that Chris also took out a few 10,000 chips, but I didn’t bet, because I was still surprised at what I knew about the dice in the cup, and the four, three and fifty-two points in the cup were very clearly reflected in my mind. Chris pushed me when I saw that I didn’t respond, and squeezed my thigh severely. The pain in my thigh woke me up from my fright, shook my head and made it clear. I threw 10,000 chips at random.
When the cup was opened, it was really four, three or fifty-two o’clock. I opened my mouth and couldn’t speak. When did I have a talent for gambling? Maybe it’s occasional luck, but I know that after ten sets, I’m sure I’m really a god of wealth, but I don’t want to bring this talent out because I probably know what I can do.
Let Chris play for a while, and then we left the casino. Just when we arrived at the door, we suddenly met a person, a player Qin Yong, who I should say just played the game a long time ago. But by this time, she was obviously a three-turn LV99-level god official. Her arrogant look and arrogance were simply the attention points of male and female players in the whole casino department. With her appearance, everyone stopped what they were doing.
After Qin Yong came in, he looked around and seemed to be looking for something, but the two bodyguards behind her were really responsible, but they were all three-turn figures. The sharpshooter and the knight Lord sharpshooter were wearing a brown leather suit and behind it was a huge Belda crossbow. This bow had a strong attack power, which could be said to be extremely strong in the crossbow, with a range of ultra-long-range shooting. It could be said that the sharpshooter was the strongest suit, and the other knight Lord was more exaggerated in appearance, with armor, helmet and boots. These armguards are twice as big and twice as strong as knight’s armor, and their figure is also staggering. There is absolutely no one behind the two people who will fantasize about the appearance, appearance and strength of the piano. The roots can’t be directly proportional. Others are ashamed to commit suicide. Who dares to think?
I’m not included among those who dare not think. Although I don’t have that kind of feeling of liking this Qin Yong God Officer, who doesn’t like to watch beautiful women? Besides, it’s only in these two months that I’ve really seen many people. I can’t help but look twice, but these two eyes made Qin Yong find me and walked straight towards me. At last, Qin Yong stood back in front of me, and her height made me feel ashamed. According to my estimation, there were at least about 1.7 meters.
Qin Yong glanced at Chris beside me and said, "Are you elegant?"
"hmm? Hello, Qin Yong beauty. What can I do for you? It seems that we don’t know each other. "When I spoke, I obviously felt that Chris was holding my hand tighter. I said that and patted her hand to signal her not to think about it.
"It seems that we have met. Where? Let me think! " Then Qin Yonggen, regardless of all of us looking at her, thought hard.
I can’t help but have a good heart, special person. "It’s okay for Qin Yong beauty. I’ll go first."
Just as I arrived at the door, I heard Qin Yong shouting "Don’t go, let me think".
Looking at her coming, I didn’t say a word [send an array] to payon. As soon as I arrived in payon, I immediately sent another [send an array] to the capital and then quickly ran into a nearby alley. Another [send an array] returned to payon and dragged Chris, who was already dizzy, to payon cave.
Qin Yong stamped her feet with anger at the entrance of the capital’ Kecha’ Hotel. She was still followed by the two super bodyguards, but obviously they were all trained and their faces really didn’t change.
"Miss, go home. The president may be back soon," said the marksman.
"Damn and elegant, I finally got a message from my eldest brother, so I ran to him and sent a message to the member in charge of intelligence. I can’t believe that we can’t find him with the strength of our first guild!"
"The information has gone, Miss. Let’s go back to our main city. Recently, after the game upgrade, * * * things have become a lot more. Although there are those super NPC soldiers to solve the problem, there are still a few players who have been hurt. We must ensure Miss Ann."
"I know so much nonsense!"
Qin Yong was unwilling to return to his main city.
Chapter VI The Real Lord of payon
"Remember when we came here? Although it took a few days, it felt like a long time. "I dragged Chris slowly into this cave in payon, and now the first four floors of payon Cave are full of leveling players, which is no longer like when I came here.
Like me, there are so many men and women in a group that we don’t attract others’ attention when we come in. Of course, it was Chris before or at the beginning, and it won’t do if the water looks like it or it’s not amazing
品茶  title="Remember what I want to do now is to go anywhere with you without asking you to like it."
Alas, having a lover in this life reminds me of Zhang Xian, whose thin face knows that I am in a coma. She hasn’t slept well these days.
Slowly and leisurely, I came to the fourth floor of payon. Now, the root of the zombie demon road is not enough to be seen, and there are still many players who kill monsters and upgrade the roots. It is impossible to have a scene in which a dozen zombie demon roads hit me, but now Chris’s ability is no longer as enemy as it was at the beginning, and her identity is no longer a manager, so I am still afraid that someone will hurt her. Therefore, there is a demon near me anyway, and I will destroy it without saying anything.
When I came to the fifth floor of payon Cave, I hesitated to go in. After all, the moonlit cats in it are all top-class BOSS. If it’s just in case, but on second thought, if it doesn’t work, why not just put Chris in the pet? After I figured it out, I was curious to see the music, but I didn’t see anyone. This time it’s rare, so I wanted to see it and get rid of that piano recital that I don’t know why.
As soon as you enter the fifth floor, the player will immediately reduce several levels because there are too many monsters in the fifth floor, such as mirror demon, zombie, demon road, advanced evil skeleton warrior, jack-o’-lantern, Fox and General’s Magic Monument (a kind of magic object with strong physical attack power and long-range attack effect like a stone pillar) These kinds of magic objects are just like war. Players can come to the entrance in groups. The five-story player base is relatively advanced, but the attacks are so endless. Players are constantly killed. Although the magic object does not have a wide range of attack skills, many attacks of the mirror demon skill [reflex] players are bounced back to the players themselves, and there are even zombies with strong attack power, such as advanced evil skeleton soldiers [ghost shock] and demon road [carrion blow].
After I went in, I immediately [hid], but I found that there was no ghost fire with skills [ghost hunting] (the function is the same as [fire hunting] [light hunting]), and there were more than N ghost fires together, and the skills could not even be hidden in a dead corner, so it was easy to fight. However, as I said before, I asked Chris to go back to the pet and finally coaxed her back.
For so long, I haven’t tried to kill monsters to upgrade. This time, I’m going to try how strong I am now. The The Hunger ring is assembled into a The Hunger halberd to bless me and rush into the monster group as soon as I drink. No matter what the enemy is, it cuts, sweeps and stabs directly. Split a few tricks. Demons and zombies can’t stop me from sweeping almost one stroke, which surprised me, because my base point is 99 o’clock except for luck, and almost all of them have reached the highest level. With my intelligence and dexterity, I can sing almost all single magic for more than a second. Therefore, the magic of [Flame Wall] doesn’t need to sing, which makes me almost instantly enchanted when I come out.
Next to the player, when he saw that a monster was suddenly knocked down, he was curious to see it, and then he was speechless. A player rushed into the monster group and cut it down. If it was a wizard, it was like a swordsman. When he saw him, the player killed the zombies, demons, ghosts and demons, and swept down the mirror demon and senior evil skeleton soldiers. Many people wondered if he was too weak. The five-story victory depended on quantity, but if a senior knight was surrounded, it would not be possible for him to survive. How could such a swordsman be so powerful?
With the suspicion of many people, the fact is that my life value is decreasing all the way, but compared with my life value of almost 30 thousand, it is impossible to kill me with one blow, even if it is a monk [Asura Ba Huang Boxing], and my [cure] and drug support just kill a way out.
The surrounding monsters seem to be ordered not to be rushed into the courtyard by players, and the players around them are suddenly relaxed, but they don’t know that if they deal with it now, those monsters are all defensive redundant forces to surround me.
But obviously, my potential ring has a special ability that can’t be compared with ordinary monsters. When I was killed, almost all the players and monsters were a little unstable. After the roar, the monsters retreated to the courtyard like the tide ebbed, and then a few monsters came out of the courtyard, but as long as their eyes were fine, everyone knew that these monsters were not ordinary monsters. These monsters were just guarding payon’s big BOSS, the demon king, the Feiyang, the zombie king, the nine-tailed fox, the concubine, the evil skeleton warrior and the drum. The ghosts changed into shadow doctors, and the night cats (wild night cats) came out, which immediately caused a sensation among the players here. Players almost didn’t want to rush at these seven monsters when they saw the BOSS to kill.
I can’t make up my mind to be a spectator at the moment. There are about fifty players divided into several groups. More than fifty people believe that the seven monster players can win completely, but the result surprised me.
At first, several players were attacked by the demon king Fei Yang. Almost half of them were killed by two assassins. Sure enough, the effect of the same skill was remarkable, and the zombie king’s weeping was even more outrageous. The iron pot attack was no longer a small pot, but a cauldron with a diameter of 20 meters. At least 20 players were smashed into dizziness, and then the ghosts of the devils made a move.
If you don’t watch it, you’ll know that the cat "Night" rushed into the player group with the purple bell in its hand. First of all, the wizard and priest were killed as soon as they were killed, while the evil warrior "War Drum" behind him stretched out with a sharp point and ten fingers were dark. After a few times, his fingers screamed, and his nails suddenly followed "Night" and rushed into the player group. Those knights, Toucan knights and crusaders didn’t think that this monster was terrible. The first thing that the war drum did when facing the crusaders in front was to cross their hands and ten sharp nails. The toucan was cut into pieces. The player obviously didn’t expect this monster to be so horrible. He almost forgot to fight back and waited for him. He could dye the player and the war drum with bright red blood with his five fingers. The player twisted his face and disappeared into white light because of fear.
When players around me saw the horror of these monsters, they all retreated, but the priest’s department was killed by’ night’ and the players on the field had butterfly wings (back to the recording point), which almost at the same time made those players who left without butterfly wings desperately retreat to the entrance to the fifth floor. Of course, these players can’t run away from the zombie king [iron pot attack], and they will be dizzy, and they will definitely die and even have no chance to escape.
I looked blindsided next to me. The strength of these seven magic things is simply unexpected, and these magic things are the kind of magic things with IQ. They cooperate like a team that has been trained for a long time. There are laws to follow when attacking and defending.
I also made a decision in my heart whether to retreat or not. It is obvious that these people can’t overcome it together. Although I am very confident in myself, I haven’t reached the level of arrogance. Just when I was about to leave, I came out of the hospital and saw her. I immediately gave up my plan to leave.
"jathyapple, how did you do this?" I don’t know how to express my feelings. How can a player be surrounded by five-story monsters in payon?
"Ah ~" jathyapple obviously didn’t expect to see me in this place and couldn’t speak at the moment, while the seven people obediently followed her.
At this moment, it seems that Chris’s pet saw all this and knew that she would never come out again, but it would be in trouble and would not show up through me.
"Silk?" I wonder how Chris suddenly ran out.
"Don’t be surprised that jathyapple is a moonlit cat, which is your lovely little sister."
"No …"
"I really knew it at the beginning, but seeing that she didn’t hurt you means it’s delayed. The moonlit cat hasn’t come yet."
Jathyapple (or so he is called for the time being) came up to me with a pity face and looked at me. My face looked like a child who had done something wrong, and the seven leading BOSS behind her were all like wood. What’s going on?

I’m sure I won’t object if they look at each other. I involuntarily thought of the big boy who had been away for a long time.

At the beginning, if Lie didn’t leave because he saved Xiao Ran, he would have grown up with Xiao Ran and brought more joy to Xiao Ran.
If only Liede had been with their baby.
Although Jane doesn’t know how fierce she was born, she just feels so calm and responsible and will love Xiao Ran. However, the boy is the most popular candidate for her soninlaw in her mind.
When her family grows up, she must be a super beauty. How many boys will be around her then?
But what’s the big number? She needs a man who is really considerate of Xiao Ran and loves Xiao Ran and can make Xiao Ran happy.
But what are you thinking? Chatting, Jane thought of going somewhere else, and Lingfei glared at her discontentedly.
I want children to grow up, she added with a simple smile. But children naturally have their own ideas when they grow up. People we like are not necessarily people they like.
As long as you like to throw cold water on me, I have worked hard to give birth to a child. Can’t I even think about it for him? Lingfei language to Jane ran a supercilious look.
Lingfeiyu thought that she would die of pain in the process of giving birth last night, but she didn’t die in the end. She really thought she had saved her life.
I’m throwing cold water on you, and I’m throwing cold water on myself. Besides, children are not the two of us, and their fathers will have their own ideas. Jane smiled and said that she never took Lingfei’s dissatisfaction seriously
Ling Fei that girl has always been so outspoken.
Children’s father? They are the men who work for a few seconds but want our generation to pay their debts. What qualifications do they have to have their own ideas? Ling Feiyu, the father of the child, is complaining again.
Last night, she worked so hard to give birth to him. After giving birth, Cheng Xuyang not only didn’t comfort her for the first time, but she was as stupid as a fool and later cried.
I have heard that many people cry with excitement when they see their first child born, but they have never seen it with their own eyes.
This time she cried bitterly, and Cheng Xuyang cried happily.
She almost lost her life in pain, and Cheng Xuyang cried happily. How could she not complain when she thought of these Lingfei words?
However, she is just saying that she doesn’t really dislike her family Cheng Xuyang. On the contrary, she is also distressed, and he is unwilling to admit it.
Ok, Cheng Xuyang has known her for too many years and knows her sex too well, so he lets her scold her when she nags and curses.
A wife doesn’t let herself hurt. Do you have to wait for another man to help him love his wife?
Cheng Xuyang has always been holding this mentality to get along with Lingfei language, no matter how big the fire in Ling Fei language is, it won’t be long before Mars slag can be seen.
桑拿会所Jane smiled and answered the words, Remember, when you are a mother, you should leave more noodles for your father.
Ling Fei speaks nunu’s mouth. He doesn’t want his face. What face does he want?
Nurse, take the baby back to rest first. Cheng Xuyang suddenly cut in, which sounded a little angry.
Lingfei looked back at him and immediately changed a smiling face. I was just joking with Jane, my father. Don’t be angry.
Cheng Xuyang didn’t say anything
Ling Feiyu stretched out his hand and pulled his skirt. Cheng Xuyang, let the child stay with me for a while. I want you to let your son stay with me for a while. I promise I will get rid of bad habits.
Cheng Xuyang took off the Ling Fei language hand. You promised the nurse how to talk and break your word.
After all, the baby has just been born, and its resistance is still weak. The hospital will put the newborn baby in the bacteria room to check the situation for two days, and then leave the hospital with the mother when the baby has stronger resistance.
Lingfei language but …
There is nothing but the nurse carrying the child away. It is rare for Cheng Xuyang to have such a strong side before Lingfei.
Being fierce by Cheng Xuyang, Ling Feiyu was so angry that he grabbed the pillow next to him and smashed it at Cheng Xuyang. Cheng Xuyang, get out of here!
Stop flying! Jane caught Ling Fei language hand Cheng Xuyang to do so is also hello. What if he doesn’t insist that the child is sick today? When the time comes, you will really cry and feel sad.
He just won’t feel bad for me. Look at your home, Mr. Qin. Wherever you go, he chases you and silently guards you. But look at Cheng Xuyang. I didn’t follow him that time. He didn’t cooperate with me once. When I was discharged from the hospital, I will run away from home once and let him come to me. Lingfei deliberately said it to Cheng Xuyang.
Do you really think so in Ling Fei? Cheng Xuyang sounded really angry.
Husband, I’ll just talk nonsense. Don’t take it seriously! Ling Feiyu knew that he had gone too far and hurriedly took Cheng Xuyang to apologize in pettish.
No matter how many years Cheng Xuyang has been eating Ling Fei language, his face has instantly improved, and many of them will gently hold Lingfei language in their arms. You are a mother and still so sexual.
Because I have you, I have sex. Lingfei said with great pride.
Chapter 624 Emergency
I have sex because of you?
Coming out of the hospital, Jane’s ear is still ringing Lingfei’s language. She just said that sentence to Cheng Xuyang.
Because you have you in your world, you let me pamper me, and I can bloom freely and be my truest self.
This may be the most true portrayal of Ling Fei language and Cheng Xuyang’s state.
Before Jane, I often heard people say that it took 500 years to practice in the past to get this life passed by.
Two people can meet each other in a vast sea of people and become husband and wife. So how many years did it take in previous lives to share the same bed and grow old hand in hand?
Jane guessed that her generation must have saved the Milky Way before she met Qin Yue and became his wife.
Because of Cheng Xuyang in Ling Fei, Cheng Xuyang can tolerate all her shortcomings. She will say that she can only be sexual because of Cheng Xuyang.
Look at yourself again. Qin Yue’s compensation is not the bottom line. She pampers her and gives her everything. Even when she divorced sexually, he followed her.
Every time I think about divorce, I regret it. After the damage to Qin Yue has been done, she will try her best to make up for him, and she must not let him get hurt again.
Just thinking of Qin Yue looked up and saw Qin Yue staring at her in the snow.
His eyes are so focused and full of tenderness as if everything can’t enter his eyes, and he can see her in his eyes.
Ling Fei language born child Jane is definitely coming to the hospital to visit Qin Yue and then drove her over without saying anything.
He didn’t go to the hospital with her, but took Xiao Ran to the coffee shop next to the hospital and sat waiting for her.
Leaving Lingfei language gave Qin more information. She just walked to the hospital door and Qin Yue was waiting for her outside.
But what about the baby? Qin Yue was the only one who didn’t see Xiao Ran in the snow, but she didn’t dare to look him in the eye and immediately changed the subject.
She’s asleep. Qin Yue pointed to the car behind her, but it was safe and comfortable to lie in the back seat.
Dad and mom made up, but Xiao Ran was in a good mood, eating, jumping and sleeping, and clamoring to grow up quickly and find her fierce brother.
There is a kind of stubbornness about my brother’s small age. It’s really not like her that a child may insist on things.
Finished? Qin yue said again
Far see Jane ran out of the hospital Qin Yue will Xiao Ran ran lying good car for Jane ran to open the door to let her car.
Jane looked up at him quietly without moving.
What’s the matter? Qin Yue’s face was worried
Because of his little abnormal behavior, Qin Yue was so worried about thinking about Jane’s heart suddenly uncomfortable
Qin Yue saw her heart clearly to everyone, including their enemy Ye Yichen, but she didn’t understand.
Ye Yichen threatened her to leave Qin Yue to help her attack Qin Yue, but she was also tricked by Ye Yichen and divorced Qin Yue, which hurt Qin Yue so deeply.

Who knows if the follow-up will be happier than now?

"I came here to let you get to know me slowly, and then everything will come naturally."
When boys express their feelings, it seems a little more interesting to speak now.
She didn’t dare to take the initiative, and he didn’t dare to look for her in confusion and regret.
If you don’t know what will happen in the future, you will be afraid of many things. No matter how free and easy people are, no matter how many high-sounding words they have, they will gradually become dumb and lose their ability to speak.
So people will become stubborn and remote when they are silent.
That’s how she came over.
But she didn’t expect Ye Qingting to come over like this.
Even secretly inquired about her news.
I still find it incredible what I think.
I really want to call him now and listen to his voice without asking anything.
Think like this and just start to stay.
Her eyes are erratic and obviously distracted. Xie Xiaoyue can’t help but raise her eyebrows. "What do you think?"
"I miss you," said Ling Xiquan, transfixed. "xiao yue, I believe what you’re going to say should not be about Ye Qingting and me. So put this aside first. What exactly did you call Ying Zhuo Dan to school that day?"
Xie Xiaoyue Gherardini lift lift lip "I said it was an accident to hurt you"
She pursed her lips and asked, "What else?"
"Oh, I didn’t know that Ying Yong Dan liked Ye Qingting." Xie Xiaoyue looked at her and smiled gently. "I heard that her brother’s engagement party had a fight with someone, and she liked my brother."
"So?" She was silent for a few seconds. "So what if she likes being your brother?"
"I know that Qin Zuo often goes to NUS, and my brother often picks her up." Xie Xiaoyue didn’t answer her, but said it in an airy way. "I sent a message to Ying Dan when I followed Qin Zuo to NUS that day."
A few short sentences are still very informative.
"Are you telling me that you mistakenly called Dan to thank you for going to school?" Lingxiquan was not stupid, but she opened her eyes in disbelief. "Xie Xiaoyue is your brother. What do you think?"
"Because I hate my brother." xiao xie Moon blinked and blinked her mouth, and that kind of profound smile came out. "I just told you that you shouldn’t be kidding me."
Lingxiquan wanted to ask her a question.
But the girl’s eyes are bright and smiling at the moment, but the most real disgust is engraved in vain. "I really hate him. My brother has always been so tall since he was a child.":
Chapter 26 Chaper 93
She seems to know something terrible.
Lingxiquan stared at his strange friend and turned up an uproar in his heart, far from being so calm.
Sister hates brother.
They should not be half-brothers or half-brothers, right?
Ling Xiquan knows that it’s really inappropriate to think about this at this time, but she can’t help thinking about how much a person has to dislike another person in order to make great efforts to find trouble for him with great malice, and spare no effort to record such a video and then say "this is a memorable moment" in the sweetest tone.
She can’t figure it out.
Is able to sit up straight.
It’s kind of creepy to have a cool back
Even looking at Xie Xiaoyue’s eyes took a few minutes. I never looked at aphasia and didn’t know what to say
Should she be accused of saying that about her brother?
It seems that I don’t have the qualification to tell others what to do.
桑拿网Lingxiquan pushed the cup in his hand aside slightly and sipped his lips and asked, "Is that why you hate your brother?"
"It’s his fault that I will go abroad." Xie Xiaoyue suddenly clenched his hand and said, "Didn’t you always care about what happened when Shen Fangqiao and Ye Qingting were children? Speaking of it, I was the last victim at that time."
What happened to these people when they were children? Why did they go back to their childhood?
Ling Xiquan frowned slightly, but I never thought that at first I wanted to ask xiao yue what would lead Ying Dan to NUS, but finally I led the topic to another direction.
Or stop here.
Anyway, she wants to know. She seems to know everything.
It seems that I am not too big with myself.
But at this point, it is impossible to say that you are not curious about something with Ye Qingting.
So I struggled for a long time and always asked, "Did you say that Ye Qingting wanted to marry Shen Fangqiao when he was a child?" Even now Lingxiquan still doesn’t have some diaphragmatic feelings, but she hesitated for a while but thought of Xie Xiaoyue in hindsight. How could she know that she cared about Ye Qingting and Shen Fangqiao when she was a child?
Another terrible thought came to my mind, and my fingers crossed and my fingers were cold. "xiao yue, you followed me."
"I’m not stalking you"
Xie Xiaoyue didn’t deny it, but said, "I happened to see you running out of the store that day, and Ye Qingting followed you for fear."
just right
"What’s the difference?" Lingxiquan said seriously, "xiao yue, you are either following me or Xie You. Don’t you think this is a bit distorted?"
Even at this time, Xie Xiaoyue, who is completely unfamiliar, still dare not say anything too heavy for fear of hurting her and feeling more afraid of stimulating her to pose any threat to herself.
People always have the greatest doubts about unknown and unfamiliar things.
One second, I still don’t talk about it, and the next second, my close friend becomes a dangerous person who can’t see through and guess. Although she says in every way that her partner won’t hurt her, she still can’t help but feel uneasy and panic, and she is slowly vigilant and wary.
This is a way to protect one’s sense of security from grief.
"Are you trying to say that you are a pervert?" Xie Xiaoyue smiled at her thoughts and concerns at this time. "I also thought that I would stay in the United States in my life. I have lived there for more than ten years, and I feel that life is not bad."
"You have a good idea. Why don’t you do that?"
"Yes, that’s a good idea." Xie Xiaoyue echoed with a smile, but suddenly the conversation turned. "When I was a child, Shen Fangqiao and I were also very good, but Ke Yuechen never liked her because of her life."
Smell speech Lingxiquan eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Xie Xiaoyue, on the other hand, said, "Ke Yuechen always treats Shen Fangqiao very well in front of people, and gives her a little bit of everything delicious, but behind my back, he keeps complaining with me about this civilian outbreak, but he always suspects that people are interested in my brother and their boys."
After a pause, she went on to say, "Our parents always prepare surprises for us at our birthday party every year. At that time, Qing Ye Ting liked football very much. Almost every time I saw him, he always had a football in his arms, and my brother made fun of him for it."
"I remember very clearly that when I was seven years old, my dad’s friend sent me a red and white jersey with a lot of signatures on it. I heard that it was an English football club with a high position, but my brother liked football and sent it as a gift."
"Of course, my dad knew that my brother didn’t like football, and just a few days later it was Ye Qingting’s birthday, so he wanted to give it to him as a birthday present. It was a piece of cake, but my brother was stubborn and secretly hid the jersey. I didn’t expect him to tell Ye Qingting about it and ask him to do something that made him feel earth-shattering, before he would return it to him."
Lingxiquan listened with ecstasy and consciously asked, "Your brother said that the earth-shattering thing should not be to let him say that he wants to marry Shenfangqiao."
Then he shook his head. "No way, this is ridiculous."
Xie Xiaoyue smiled evenly. "I don’t like football clubs. At that time, I was puzzled by my brother’s practice. I felt that it was just an ordinary uniform with so many ghost symbols painted on it. Who would want it? I didn’t expect Ye Qingting to come to my house and rummage for you after knowing this. I also knew that children were much more stubborn than adults. I was one-track-minded when I saw him so eager to find that jersey. It was the first time that I felt that this usually cold and faint boy still had such a hot side."

But after she heard Liu Wentao’s words, she wanted to be a naughty boy.

Chapter 16 Stupid woman
Lan Jingyi got it.
Men like to hold on to the left and hold on to the right more than women who are happy, but those prominent men who only want to express their feelings will never feel honored to have such a woman as a wife.
She wants a divorce. Very, very much.
Apart from the lawyer, she has almost no one to discuss such an important life event as divorce. It will take a while for her only good friend to come back when she goes abroad. At this time, it is daytime here, but it is night there.
The time difference makes it rare for two people to have a chance to communicate
Besides, she doesn’t want to tell others that she is miserable.
Divorce. Divorce
These two words are called in my head.
But how can she become such a woman?
Want her to fail to apply?
No, she doesn’t want to commit herself to any man.
Lan Jingyi’s brain turns again, and the whole person relies on the living room sofa to plan how to become such a woman and let Liu Wentao give up her.
For a long time, a flash of light came to her mind.
桑拿论坛Yes, she needs a man to cooperate.
That man had better be a very erosive man, and everything can meet the occasion.
The first person who jumped out of Lan Jingyi’s mind was Xiao Tiao.
Yeah, that’s him
It’s a little troublesome to find him. If I give him Guodaomo again, he won’t hook it.
Lan Jingyi jumped off the sofa and opened her brain. If she has any problems, she can find anything to solve. She must be able to think of a best way for her to succeed.
Jiang Junyue, dressed in a black suit, sat in the president’s office with a Parker brush, and the door rang at this moment, which made him frown. The secret girl let him in directly without notification. One of them was his male assistant Wu Caishan, who "came in".
"The less," Wu Caishan respectfully pushed the Chinese materials to Jiang Junyue. "Is there anything else?"
"No, you go to rest."
WuCaiShan just turned Jiang Junyue picked up the document.
Father unknown
There has been no news from Mother City for five years since she went abroad as a social butterfly.
What’s left is a description of Lan Jingyi’s life track.
It’s very simple. I once had a boyfriend in college, and then I broke up and married Lu Wentao after graduation. Lu Wentao was unhappy in marriage and raised a mistress named Mo Xiaoxue. At present, she is in the hospital to protect her baby.
Two pieces of paper are gone.
Jiang Junyue stared at the word "cheating". It turned out that the woman went to the bar to get back at her husband for cheating.
It’s her own stupidity not to get a man’s heart.
Is meditation rang is mother He Ling "mom better?"
"Smelly little did you find out about the medicine woman? Tell me that she killed me, and her appearance is still soft. After LaCrosse, don’t associate with those no three no four women again. Once again, directly kill your mother." He Ling was angry and growled and wanted to strangle the fruit island woman, who almost lost water in her toilet.
Chapter 17 Chewed the root of the tongue
Section 5
Jiang Junyue’s dark eyes swept across the table while listening. Lan Jingyi’s little face felt so pure. If he didn’t know how he connected her with the girl who was a bad girl, he believed that his hands were not useless.
The little face and lips seemed to feel the softness of her lips. He kissed her that night. Well, her lips didn’t seem annoying. "Mom hasn’t found out yet. I’ll tell you for sure."
"LaCrosse, are your hands all useless? But it’s just a woman who has been checking for so long. "He Ling is annoyed. When was she so stupid? She was angry. If she had eaten such a big boring loss, it would be known that her wife Jiang was not mixed up.
"Well, mom, can’t I check it myself? Why don’t you calm down and have a nice evening, call your friends home and I’ll go back to play mahjong with you early? "
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
Jiang Junyue just hung up, and his eyes wandered on. Lan Jingyi remembered that when she was swinging on the dance floor with a slender waist, she smelled like a natural woman, and there was absolutely no smell of perfume the day after tomorrow.
At the same time, I had finished taking a bath and was taking a bath for my little girl. Lan Jingyi hit a sneeze. "Who chewed my tongue behind my back in broad daylight?" When I was a child, my mother said that someone had spoken ill of me behind my back. At this time, Lan Jingyi was also conscious of this.
Did the little girl hear her talk or talk to it? She was lonely for a long time. The little thing immediately jumped up and down in the water and splashed a string of water droplets, spraying Lan Jingyi all over her face.
"Smelly guy, if you don’t be honest, I’ll send you to the door, and I don’t want you." Lan Jingyi gnashed her teeth. She was busy. She was going to go to that bar again tonight. I don’t know if I could meet that smelly man and collect some secret weapons online. It would take a genius to get there, even if I had to start work, it would take days, but she didn’t know if I could meet that man.
After cleaning up the little fur and water droplets, Lan Jingyi leaned against the sofa with the little thing in her arms and picked it up. It was agreed with the lawyer that he would arrange everything. When she thought of money, she thought that she had lost her face and bag. She had to look for her and make sure that her wallet was lost in the bar.
Chapter 1 Small Three Attacks
Although the rain is very light in rainy days, the cold breath is so strong. Lan Jingyi cooked the egg noodles, steaming and eating the little girl, lying on her slippers and looking up at her like that.
She put the noodles in the bowl and slipped into the kitchen. She took out only two hams from the refrigerator and threw them in the oven. When she finished eating the noodles, the hams were especially fragrant. When she threw them to Xiao Guai, she felt that she was really insane. She ate the egg noodles herself and gave them to Xiao Guai, but Xiao Guai was more pitiful than her. She could even eat Xiao Guai herself. She ate nothing without two hams. She ate them all in a few bites, and looked at her with big eyes and shook her tail as if she were going to be married.
It’s a good deal to buy this little thing by cutting two hams.
Squatting down and touching the little girl’s clean fur is very smooth, which makes Lan Jingyi feel particularly fulfilled. "Good girl, stay at home by herself first. Sister, I’m going out for a walk. I don’t know when I’ll be back. You should just go to bed early." She gently said that she went into the bedroom to change clothes, and the little thing would fart and fart behind her. She and it are all dependent on the forgotten creatures in this world at all times.
Changed clothes, picked up the little girl, put her face in her arms and put her face on it. "Good girl, I’m leaving." Then let it go.
But when Lan Jingyi opened the door and was about to take a step, two figures in front of the door blocked her. "Where is Lan Jingyi going?" When the cold man’s cold eyes swept her, she was shocked all over.
Landing outside the door, Wentao is holding his favorite in his arms. Unfortunately, his face is very pale. His favorite is to lean against his arms. "Wentao has something to say. Why is his tone so blunt?" Mo Xiaoxue gently advised Liu Wentao.
Lan Jingyi has a feeling of being struck by lightning. Xiaoxue came here by herself, but this time she was brought back by Lu Wentao. But if she hasn’t divorced him, she will have a share in this family. "What is she doing here?" She can’t learn to be devoted to Xiaoxue innocent girl. She doesn’t like her hypocrisy, and she doesn’t want to see it. But now Liu Wentao has brought it back.
"As you wish, Xiaoxue miscarried, and her body is very weak. She needs to nourish Lan Jingyi. Go in and put the bath water first, and then go to the soup pot." Liu Wentao raised his hand and bought back the big bone.
"I want to go out, I didn’t." Lan Jingyi said that she would go out over Liu Wentao and ask her to put bath water for Xiaosan and then make soup. She was not insane. She didn’t wait on Xiaosan. It was kind that she didn’t drive away Mo Xiaoxue.
But I never thought that Liu Wentao really had the brute force to hold the strange light snow, and the eyes in front of her were so cold that they seemed to freeze people instantly. "You can do whatever Lan Jingyi tells you to do. If you dare to leave this room tonight, I will make you regret it for a generation."
Chapter 19 Love is bullshit
In front of the two men confronted the stranger light snow and went to Liu Wentao’s arms to shrink. "Wentao, I said you wouldn’t look back at me …"
"Shut up" Leng Qing man yelled out, devoted to Xiaoxue, and immediately pear flower took rain and earned "You let me go, I have hands and feet, I want to go back"
It’s so noisy that Lan Jingyi’s head hurts as much as she wants. The man just stopped her from leaving.

However, He Ling sent people to spread rumors that Mu Jinshan had been seen abroad, so Lan Qing has been living abroad to find Mu Jinshan for so many years. Now, if it weren’t for two little things that need her care, it is estimated that she would leave the market and go abroad to find Mu Jinshan.

I don’t know if there will be any hope. Lan Qing has been insisting.
Hands trembling slightly.
I read the information in my hand one by one, and finally I fell to my desk with a heavy weight. He rubbed his temples or he felt his temples chugging.
"Jiang always here, you see …"
Jiang Junyue waved "Go out". He wanted to be alone. If his mother really killed Lan Jingyi’s father, how could he marry her?
Xiao Wu left Jiang Junyue and sat in a daze on the big chair table. The information was still so dazzling that he didn’t want to see it, but he would rather he didn’t know it for a generation.
He and Lan Jingyi are no longer possible.
He is her father’s enemy. How could she marry him?
Suddenly I was a little annoyed. Why didn’t you take her to get the certificate yesterday?
If you get it, you will be cooked with uncooked rice, and it is impossible to go back on our word.
Even though Lan Jingyi hates him and complains about her, they are still husband and wife.
But now …
Holding my head in my hand, the sea is full of imagination. He Ling pushes Mu Jinshan into the sea. Mu Jinshan is dead and his mother is going to jail.
He finally knows why mom and dad are so bad, but dad has never divorced.
Hehe, maybe his birth was also an accident, an absolute accident.
He finally knew why mom and dad had to oppose his marriage to Lan Shiyi.
"Bang" with a wave of his hand, the pile of materials floated down in the office one after another, and each face was written with cruelty, which appeared when he decided to get Lan Jingyi’s license.
"What’s the matter with tilting? What’s that noise? Hey, why did you drop all your information? I’ll help you pick it up. "Xiao Wu didn’t close the door when he went out. He didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to come to the company class. He did Jiang Junyue’s secret Xiao Wu, who was not Jiang Han. He was in charge of investigating some special cases, and his knowledge was limited. So he left the door unlocked and sent the landing sound to Lan Jingyi’s ear, so Lan Jingyi walked in without trust.
There seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the president’s office. Jiang Junyue is sitting in a big chair, and information is scattered all over the place. Lan Jingyi said as he leaned over to pick it up one by one.
But she just bent over the chair, but the man shot up, and then the arrow came straight to her. "Don’t touch my things." He reached the big hand and pushed her body. Lan Jingyi stumbled and fell down. She hasn’t come to see what the papers around her were written. Jiang Junyue has quickly picked up one after another, which seems to be fast. After he finally picked it up, he panted straight, and Lan Jingyi just sat on the carpet and looked at him all the time. What was he hiding?
Intuition told Lan Jingyi that he didn’t want her to see what had just been scattered.
"What’s that?"
"Go out with you" Jiang Jun is never in a bad mood.
Lan Jingyi struggled to sit up. He just pushed her to hurt her ankle. At this time, the pain became more and more obvious. She really didn’t understand why he suddenly became so violent. Did the man who came in before say something to Jiang Junyue?
Chapter 199 Don’t want you to suffer
She wanted to get up, but it was so hard to try to move.
"Get out. I’ll let you out. Do you hear me?" Jiang Junyue roared like a mad beast, as if she didn’t go out, he would come and tear her up.
After gnashing his teeth, Lan Jingyi finally struggled. "What about after going out?" She smiled slightly. If she doesn’t feel anything for him to treat her like this, then she is not a person or a fairy, but she is an ordinary little woman.
"Go out" he still growled like that. At this time, he didn’t dare to see her at all. Seeing her would make his heart suddenly break into pieces. For the first time, he had broad daylight, but he felt in a dark world. For the first time, he didn’t know how to face her. For the first time, he didn’t know how to deal with him and her. The thought of Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang made him feel that he was going to die.
What should we do?
What should we do?
品茶论坛He is a man, and he is in such pain at the moment. If she knows, she will be more miserable.
But can he send his own mother to prison?
Section 115
But if He Ling doesn’t go to prison, who will pay for Mu Jinshan’s death?
A splitting headache Jiang LaCrosse discovered this day for the first time and he couldn’t solve the problem.
A fast knot is something he can’t untie.
Swing a knife and split it, and everything will be broken.
"Okay, I’ll go out, but Jiang Junyue, one day you have to explain to me what happened today." He is so abnormal, absolutely abnormal, but now she doesn’t want to argue with him.
My ankle hurt when I turned around and went out, but she gritted her teeth and went out without a snort.
Go out and sit in a chair and think about Jiang Junyue’s abnormal performance just now. That’s because she has never seen the other side of Jiang Junyue. He has never yelled at her like this. Even when he was strong, she was gentle with her after she obeyed. Has he ever yelled at her like this?
I really want to ask him something later, but his performance made her afraid.
Just wait until he calms down. If it weren’t for Yin Qing’s softness, she wouldn’t be afraid.
Lan Jingyi gradually calmed down. He let her out. He didn’t say he was going to dismiss her, did he?
Then say that she and he are not over yet, and they still have hope.
Look at her. What are you upset about here?
"Bell … Rinrin …" The desk words rang and Lan Jingyi reached for "Hello, Chiang".
"The president of Blue Secret can’t get through. Go and see if the line is dropped?"
"I …" Can she go into Jiang Junyue’s office?
"What’s the matter? Is it inconvenient? "
"Oh, I’ll try." With that, Lan Jingyi quickly hung up and never dared to say another word.
However, when he took the message to Jiang Junyue, he really couldn’t get through.
Looking back at his office door and thinking of him before yelling at her, she didn’t have the courage to go in and see him again.
I took it out and started to type a text message "Manager An of the dumping finance department said that you couldn’t get through, was it disconnected?"? You check a "
She breathed a sigh of relief after typing the transmission display. Will he check it?
After all, this is the company, he is in the office, no matter what happens, he will maintain the image of the president of his company.
She doesn’t mind if there is no text message coming back. Just think that he is a crazy person. Let’s all be crazy like him. He was a normal man with worldly desires.
Take it easy and pretend that nothing happened. She works hard and waits for him to return to normal.
A minute passed.
Two minutes passed.

Xiao Jin and I were pushed into a nearby path in the chaos.

Some people walked with us, and each other carefully turned into the garden of the next residential building to hide.
Xiaojin held my neck tightly.
I touched his face and gently told him, "We have met bad people, but don’t be afraid that Uncle Xiaowen will beat them away."
Xiaojin nodded cleverly, not noisy or noisy.
The gun went on, and there were still people screaming in the Woods, and I don’t know if they were shot or kidnapped.
As one call after another went by, I became more and more worried and hoped that Ye Wen would find us soon.
Okay, there are two bodyguards around.
I made a decision after a little hesitation, and instead of jumping into the next garden with everyone, I kept running along the path.
When I was walking with Xiao Jin before, I took him around several times on a whim, and I knew that the four paths here would be able to get home.
The bodyguards dutifully protected us.
I secretly prayed that the shooting would pass quickly.
As long as we were a little far from the Woods, when I was temporarily settled, there was a sudden footsteps coming and getting closer and closer.
Two bodyguards stopped at the same time.
夜生活They quickly decided to keep one in place and the other to explore the situation. If the other party is a gangster, they can kill him, but if they can’t, they can try to distract him.
I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. If something happens to them because of Xiao Jin and me, I will be very sorry.
But ….. Thinking of Xiao Jin in my arms, I secretly persuaded myself that they are Ye Xiangyuan’s hands, and we must ensure that Xiao Jin’s safety is their duty …
I didn’t stop it after all.
The two bodyguards split up immediately.
I held Xiao Jin tightly.
The bodyguard left quietly and soon the gun rang out!
I’m so anxious that I don’t know what happened. Is the bodyguard shot?
What should we do if gangsters come and find us?
I’m more worried that the gangsters are coming for me and Xiaojin.
Xiao Jin is still so small, so small …
After the gunshot, the footsteps sounded again. I heard each other getting closer and I was about to turn into this path.
Leave a bodyguard squatting at my feet and repeatedly told me to hide in the same place with Xiaojin and get up.
I know he’s going to distract the gangsters, and his mood is getting worse.
As soon as he got up, another shot was fired.
The bodyguard quickly pushed Xiao Jin and me into the flowers and then quickly climbed over the fence and rushed at each other.
I held Xiaojin in my arms and kept telling myself to be calm.
If both bodyguards can’t come back, if Ye Wen finds the former gangster and appears first, I will have to find a way to protect Xiao Jin.
I kissed Xiao Jin’s forehead and whispered, "Aunt, I have to fight bad guys later. When you may need some, will you wait here alone for Uncle Xiaowen to pick you up?" If the bad guys come, hide yourself and don’t be caught by him … "
Xiaojin clutched my sleeve and whispered, "Aunt, don’t go."
I looked at him carefully by the lights in the courtyard.
He pursed her lips with tears flashing in her eyes. "I know something happened to my bodyguards and uncles … I don’t want anything to happen to my aunt …"
I hugged him lovingly.
Such a child knows everything …
As far as I’m concerned, there was another shot.
I felt the danger, and I quickly rolled with Xiao Jin in my arms.
Sure enough, this time the other party shot at me and Xiao Jin, and the wall behind me was hit and screamed.
A bullet bounced off the wall and brushed past my shoulder 2.
I bite my lip in pain and the smell of blood instantly diffuses in the air.
But where can I care about this injury?
I will press Xiao Jin’s head on my chest, and I will endure the pain in my arm and quickly roll to the other side fence.
This place is already uneasy. I have to leave quickly with Xiaojin.

Lan Jingyi crustily skin of head to play with several Jiang Junyue buddies. Because it’s not the first time we met, she won’t be so embarrassed. It’s that she is slow to play cards, but the speed of those three men is too fast. When she was alone, she drew an equal sign with three people. It’s really embarrassing that the three of them didn’t say anything.

"Sister-in-law’s birthday is coming soon."
"Yeah, soon." Looking back, it’s really fast.
"Sister-in-law, regardless of the birthday, it’s almost the New Year, and I don’t know if we have a chance to get together with our little niece and nephew. I’ve told Vigo several times that he just doesn’t agree for fear that we will take two little things away."
"Ahem … Ahem …" Meng Junfeng coughed as soon as he spoke. Before that, Xiao Zhuang was stolen by Lome Wei. What pot does not open?
"Sister-in-law is going to celebrate the New Year, and my little niece and nephew didn’t give anything to the little thing at the full moon. I’ll send a pair of pendants to the little thing quietly, but don’t tell Vigo or he will say that we are stingy again." Liu An took out a pair of white jade pendants into his arms and left them in his hand. There was no packaging in his heart, but the natural white jade was flawless and it was valuable at first glance.
Lan Jingyi shook his head. "It’s too expensive."
Section 7
"Uh, sister-in-law, is this because it’s not good for me to send something?" Liu An tone sank to hand brand malicious gas down people also get up "sister-in-law, what do you want me to send my little niece? If it weren’t for the moon in the sun, the water and the sky, I would get it for you.
"Sloppy" Lan Jingyi was amused by Liu An’s expression. She stretched out her hand and took the "just these two pendants. Thanks a lot." Although she didn’t know the goods, she could really feel that this pair of pendants was not unusual.
Seeing that Lan Jingyi accepted Meng Junfeng’s lip curl, "The surname Lu seems to be just like you spoil those two baby bumps. Come on, which day will you bring the child out and let you guys have a good hug?"
"This ….." LanJingYi dim the strong master there she said doesn’t count.
"Sister-in-law, how about today?"
Lan Jingyi shook his head. They should ask Jiang Junyue this sentence.
"Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang …" Meng Junfeng hummed a symphony of destiny and then pointed to Lan Jingyi in front of the door with a wave of his hand. As he looked at the past, the fog suddenly floated in his eyes. "Zhuang Zhuang?" Is she right?
夜网论坛"What about my gift?" Meng Junfeng smiled more and more brilliantly.
"Zhuang Zhuang ….." Lan Jingyi rushed over and hugged Xiao Zhuang Zhuang’s soft body from the nanny’s arms and immediately stuck it to her. She hugged her tightly. This is not Jiang Gu. This is a commotion. This is not true, is it?
Lan Jingyi’s biting her lip hurts. She’s strong.
Turn head blunt Meng Junfeng way "thank you … thank you …" This gift she likes so much that she has received the best gift in my life.
"Ha ha, I picked up the cheap sister-in-law. This child is not my gift …"
"What … what?"
"This is Brother Yue. Call me. I didn’t call you, but it’s good to see Sister-in-law happy." He waved his hand and said "Dangdang Dangdang … open sesame"
The door opened again. Lan Jingyi looked at it curiously and she was shocked again. Didn’t she come to play mahjong?
Why is there a kindergarten in this box?
Qinqin is here. "Mom …" Lanjingyi rushed over to embrace her daughter with a small strong one.
The two little things immediately embraced and excited’ giggled’ and enjoyed themselves.
Meng Junfeng’s eyebrows blinked again and again. "Brother Yue is really amazing. He is the one who can really steal children. He actually stole the children from his master."
Lan Jingyi is stupid. Is it Meng Junfeng who sent someone to take it? It was Jiang Junyue.
"Dangdang Dangdang …" Meng Junfeng hummed his minor again and the door opened again.
A Santa Claus’ grandfather’ came in, and two bronzing booklets were given to Xiaoqin Qinyi and Xiaozhuang Zhuangzhuang. "Sister-in-law, I bought a premium insurance for each of the two babies, so you don’t have to worry about eating, dressing and learning to read in this generation."
"Meng Junfeng, my daughter eats and drinks Lazar. Why do you want to get involved?" Jiang Junyue pushed the door and glared at Meng Junfeng. Meng Junfeng drooped his head. "It’s no wonder I’m late."
Two white jade pendants sent by Liu An have been hung up separately. When they were hung up, they were a little cold. The little hands of the two little guys were curious to touch the past. At this time, where is the taste of the bar in the box? Because of the appearance of these two children, it seems that it has become another world.
"Bang" a dagger was slapped, and the sharp edge of the mahjong table flashed brightly. Luo Qijiang got up and neon flashed, and everyone’s eyes fell on the dagger. "Brother Luo, what are you doing?" Liu An panicked and stared at the dagger and rushed to Laluoqi River …
Chapter 153 Don’t go to death
In addition to the two little things in the box, Sahuan was playing with the neck pendant, and every adult could no longer take his eyes off the dagger.
Lan Jingyi nervously hugged her arms, and at the same time, she clung to signal Lan Qing that Lan Qing hurriedly hugged Xiao Qinqin. If not, she quickly left and hurt her adult. It’s okay, but she must not hurt her two children. Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang are her darling.
Luo Qijiang ignored Liu An and pulled out the dagger from the mahjong table. The sharp knife peak became more and more eye-catching. Lan Jingyi hurriedly pulled Lan Qing and retreated to the door. Jiang Junyue was able to move forward. At this moment, he wanted to protect his wife and children from any harm. "What do you want from Luo?"
"Hehe, what do I want?" Luo Qijiang smiled and took a dagger and threw it with a sudden force, but the direction was not the other person in the box, but his other finger. "I paid you back."
"Pa" A mahjong suddenly hit Luo Qijiang’s wrist. Maybe it was painful and the dagger was about to fall on Luo Qijiang’s finger. Suddenly, it turned around and then fell off a row of mahjong in a free fall to disrupt the row of mahjong. "What are you doing?" Jiang Junyue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. He has already found out that Luo Qijiang sent people to Lomevi when he was in France. What did he really do? And this time Lomevi tampered with his car. Luo Qijiang doesn’t know that he has always been a one-two-two, who did it? He never complained about Luo Qijiang’s letting him stir, but he wanted to tell Lomevi that he Jiang Junyue was not easy to provoke and let him educate his sister Lomevi.
As much as he wanted Lomevi dead, he spared Lomevi, didn’t he? He has always felt guilty about his baby.
Just holding the dagger, the hand trembled slightly, and then the original Luo Qijiang wanted to cut off one of his fingers to make amends to Jiang Junyue. After all, my sister really almost killed Jiang Junyue, but she never thought that Jiang Junyue would play mahjong to save her finger. Tears flowed out of her eyes in an instant. He really felt that his sister’s trip made him even embarrassed to see Jiang Junyue. "LaCrosse I …"
"Come on, my daughter is still there. Although the little ones are not afraid at all, I really don’t want the little ones to watch your flying blade performance. Hurry up and get something to eat in mahjong and then play hungry later." Jiang Junyue patted Luo Qijiang’s shoulder for more than 20 years. On weekdays, Xi Xi ha ha is really crazy, but he has never seen Luo Qijiang as serious as he is today.
"Elder brother, you are also a few elder brothers. What do you mean, the elder brother will fight with you seriously? Fool, sit at the table over there and have a meal for a while. "Liu An hurried over to clear Luo Qijiang and sat down at the other table, and the dagger disappeared in a short time and has been put away.
The food will come soon. Lan Jingyi is naturally holding a small strong one. She just doesn’t want to let it go when she is glued to this child. She always wants to return all the maternal love that the child owed for more than a month when he disappeared to him.
Xiao Qin Qin was full before she came, and now she is being played by several big men. The little thing is small, but she is not afraid of being born. Liu An threw her up and down again, and she was not afraid at all, and she was very happy with a Gaga smile.
"Gee, tiger, father, dog, daughter, brother, it seems that I have to work hard quickly and have a baby to marry you. This little girl is really a beautiful little beauty."
"giggle ….." Xiao Qin Qin smiled hard, but at this moment she smiled exceptionally brightly.
A second Liu An bitter face "smelly wenches, you actually … actually peed all over me"
Listening to his voice, all of them were neat and consistent, and their eyes fell on the land. "Gee, it’s really a beautiful map. It seems to be a map of China. Haha." After Meng Junfeng’s "appreciation", he teased and said that it was only toward Xiaoqin that he reached out to "come to Uncle Meng for a hug."
"Give it to me before changing the diaper. If you want to wear it for her again, she won’t wear it. Mr. Lu is really sorry." Lanqing is a little embarrassed, and it is not good-looking after all.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Aunt said that she likes me. It’s a mistake." Liu An shook his pants and calmly sat down in the dining chair so wet. It’s normal for a child to pee. It’s not normal if he doesn’t pee.
The atmosphere at the table is harmonious. Luo Qijiang has been silent all the time, and no matter how Liu An and Meng Junfeng stir up the atmosphere, it seems to be like him.
Lan Jingyi has been holding a little strong to eat, and it’s not honest and naughty at all. Her arms always touch here and there several times, and she almost took the bowl to the dining table. "How about I take him back to the small apartment when it’s late?" She asked Jiang Junyue lightly. This man surprised her again.
"Bad" but I don’t want Jiang Jun to get colder. A response directly gives her hope. It’s cold and cold. I can’t eat any more. I just put chopsticks. "I’m eating well." I’m holding Xiaozhuangzhuang and sitting on the sofa, thinking about how to leave the commotion. At the moment, she wants to stay with her daughter, even for one night. Tonight, she wants to sleep with two little things.
Jiang Junyue also ignored her holding the glass and drinking it with her brothers. Liu An and Meng Junfeng drew their fists. "Two little bees flew into the flowers. Hey, rock, paper, scissors …"
"surnamed Lu, you lost and drank."
Liu Anduan took the glass and drank it up in one breath. "Two more bees fly to the flowers. Hey, rock, paper, scissors …"

"Yes" but never thought Liu Wentao gave her a definite word.

"What is it?" Lan Jingyi turned around angrily. It’s bad enough for her. Can you ask Liu Wentao not to harass her again? She is really tired.
"You owe me a husband and wife" softly but with no doubt.
"Ah …" Lan Jingyi smiled lightly and brushed her cheek to make that little face vivid. "Liu Wentao, please clarify the fact that you owed me before, not me. Now I don’t want it anymore. We have already finished." Then she turned and walked towards the wheelchair Lan Qing. Now she wants to live with her mother and her upcoming baby.
"But I want to" Liu Wentao grabbed her wrist again and lowered her ear with a magnetic voice. This is the man she once gave herself a happy life, but he didn’t.
"There are many women in Mr. Lu’s day, and I think Miss Mo will be unhappy. Goodbye." Li Yi strode to Lanqing’s side and Lanjingyi pushed Lanqing to the gate of the inpatient department.
约茶"Yi yi …" Low Liu Wentao call.
"Yi Yi is a mother sorry for you." Lan Qing said that tears were already in her eyes. Liu Wentao had to marry Lan Jingyi. She would have guessed it.
"Mom doesn’t blame you. You also opposed it. I went my own way, but I don’t regret it." She can face Ji Minru and Jane without remorse. I really don’t regret it. Even if Jiang Junyue happens, she doesn’t regret it.
"Yi Yi …" Hands in a wheelchair, hands in a wheelchair, hands in a blue heart, hands in a warm heart. It’s really a blessing for her to have such a daughter. In all these years, all her thoughts were gone, and where did she really care about her daughter? If it weren’t for this disease, she would have forgotten that it is good to have a daughter.
The daughter is really a mother’s intimate little cotton-padded jacket.
Look at that two drifting figure of mother and daughter, Liu Wentao pulled out a cigarette instead of chasing after her, and he didn’t even understand why he came here to see her again.
But now that I’ve seen it, he still doesn’t want to leave
There was always a chance to see her every once in a while, but now she wakes up and sleeps, and she will never appear in front of him again.
Lan Qing slept this night, but Lan Jingyi couldn’t sleep at all. Two little things in her stomach were a bit of a toss-up, which made her eat badly and sleep badly. Now she is hungry again. She wants to go out and find something to eat.
When she came out of the hospital, she walked slowly. At most, it was time to rest. She could stay in the hospital before her mother could take care of herself. When there were waves, there was a small restaurant opposite the hospital. When she walked there, she felt more and more hungry when she looked at the sign, so her footsteps became faster and faster. Suddenly, she felt that there were a series of footsteps behind her, which seemed to be fast and slow.
My heart can’t help but panic. It’s still twenty days before the loan-sharking day is calculated. It’s said that it’s long or short. When I think about her promise to pay back the money every month, her heart shakes. Can she earn it after twenty days?
I don’t know anything. Now she can take it one step at a time.
The wind is gentle, but it makes her feel confused. How long has it been since that man heard from you?
Chapter 75 I didn’t freeze the card
Jiang Junyue really didn’t even call her.
Lan Jingyi went into the restaurant and ordered a spaghetti. She couldn’t get used to all the western food here, but she could eat this side. Although it’s not as delicious as cooking Zhajiang Noodles herself, it would be nice to have a full stomach.
She is looking for a house, but she doesn’t know where to stay. This foreign country doesn’t feel like home anywhere, but her mother likes her and says she may meet her father here. She insists on staying here.
Forget it. She can’t leave if she wants to. She doesn’t have a passport. She’s with loan sharks. People are not afraid of her running. She can’t run out of their hands.
Eating that bowl of spaghetti slowly is a little hard to swallow but I have to eat it.
"Bang!" There was a low muffled sound, and then a plate of shredded potatoes was put in front of the spaghetti, and then a plate of sweet and sour cabbage was really attractive. She looked at the saliva consciousness and looked across the street before sitting down. Then she was a little confused. "Liu Wentao, why are you here?"
"Come to eat when you are hungry." He unexpectedly changed into a pair of chopsticks with a change, and then ate the popular food in front of him comfortably. Soon, a plate of salt and pepper spareribs and a steamed fish came.
Lan Jingyi looked down at the spaghetti in her bowl to speed up the meal, thinking about eating it quickly and leaving quickly, otherwise she was afraid that she couldn’t stand the temptation of those four dishes. She wanted to eat it so much that she wanted the taste of home cooking. How long has it been since she felt it?
The tableware in Tu’s hand was taken away, and soon a bowl of white rice was put in front of her. "Eat and pay half the money for me after eating." Liu Wentao said indifferently that it was still the same as before, but there was a little warmth in the words.
"I’ve had enough of these in our country. I don’t like them. Give me my noodles back." Lan Jingyi growled angrily.
Section 39
"You just like noodles?" Liu Wentao picked his eyebrows. "But every time you eat a bowl of noodles for twenty minutes, it’s like eating poison. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no poison in this dish. It’s made by the new China chef here."
"Are there China people here?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up. Once upon a time, I could see Chinese people every day, but now I feel very cordial before I met them.
"Well, if you don’t believe me, go and have a look in the back."
Lan Jingyi really curled her lips and went to the back kitchen and glanced over. There really was a China Han, "What’s your name, sir?" It’s very kind of her to warm up and gather together.
"Oh, is your name Miss Zhang here for dinner?"
"Well, my mother is in the hospital here, and I’m with her." She chuckled for the first time in many days.
"So you’re with the guy who just ordered some Chinese food, right? I hear your accents are similar."
"No, I’m me, he’s him." Lan Jingyi quickly clarified that he didn’t want to talk to Liu Wentao again.
"Oh, I’m so happy to see my fellow villagers. I’ll treat you today. Just say what you want, and I’ll cook it for you."
"No, I’m full. I’ll trouble you another day." Lan Jingyi patted her half-full stomach and really wanted to eat Chinese food, but for one thing, she didn’t want to eat Liu Wentao’s food, and for another, she was reluctant to give up money. She had to spend the blade on her cash.
"Ok, you can come to my side at any time." The feeling of seeing fellow villagers really didn’t say that Lan Jingyi was happy and retired. Liu Wentao in the restaurant outside had already disappeared before eating a little food, so he put it there. Lan Jingyi took a glance and was ready to leave and suddenly stopped her. "This lady, please settle the bill."
"What account?" She paid for the spaghetti first. She has nothing to settle, right?
But I never thought that the novice pointed to the leftovers that Liu Wentao had just eaten. "The gentleman said that he would pay half of the money and you would pay for the leftovers."
Depend on him. Liu Wentao is really annoying
Lan Jingyi stood on tiptoe and looked out of the restaurant, but where was the man?
Well, she paid for it. Lan Jingyi paid for it and didn’t want to go out until she felt right. Now that she paid for it, those dishes belong to her. She didn’t eat them for nothing. She paid for them and sat down to eat them. They were still warm and delicious. Lan Jingyi ate quickly or two little things in her stomach helped her eat.
It’s nice for her to order a Chinese meal for her mother, too.
It was Lan Jingyi’s most full meal. Although it was calculated, it was not unpleasant and forgiving. She and Liu Wentao could not be husband and wife and could not be friends. She hoped not to be enemies.
She doesn’t like to hate someone. No matter how unwilling she feels, she shouldn’t live in hatred. How tired it is.
I woke up early in the morning with a push of the door and a tall figure at the end of the corridor was quietly leaving. She felt a little familiar, but she didn’t think it would come back with hot water. Lan Qing also woke up.
"Yi Yi, why don’t you tell mom what happened to you and LaCrosse?" Lan Qing will come to torment her again early in the morning.
Lanjing Yi Zheng thought about how to prevaricate Lanqing suddenly. She rang at this moment. Lanjingyi touched out and took a look at it. She settled there and didn’t respond.
Still continue to shout
"Who is Yi Yi talking about?" Seeing that she didn’t move, Lan Qing grabbed a string of numbers on the screen and didn’t call her "Yi Yi, who is this?"
"Harassment, mom hung up." She reached for the phone number of Jiang Junyue and hung it up directly. She had deleted it, but subconsciously she remembered his phone number exactly.
At 7 o’clock in the morning in France, it’s just after noon in the city. What’s he calling at this time?
But she just hung up and rang again
Lan Jingyi doesn’t want to pick up a bite, and her hand is going to press the button, but it seems that there is a feeling that she wants a phone, and the bell is broken, followed by a short message.
She won’t answer his words, but there is a message from him, but her heart is itching to see what he wants.
No matter she is, he has a new love as soon as he gets back, and it’s him.
Sms open
"answer the phone"
Shit, three words are still so overbearing
She’ll answer it. No, she won’t. Absolutely not.
So when the words rang again, Lan Jingyi didn’t hear it ringing, so she had to grow up and have a little backbone, or even she would look down on herself.
Words automatically hang up and then a short message came up.
She wanted to watch it, but curiosity drove her to open it again involuntarily.
"I didn’t freeze the card until I got back from France. The first call I made was you. Do you dare to fly directly to France to kill you without picking me up?" Those last three words made Lan Jingyi blush, which means literally understanding the meaning. Every time he asked her, she always said in her ear, "I really want to kill you."

He also wants to test whether there is Chi Yiming in Lu’s worries! If there is, then it’s unforgettable for Lu You to keep such a distance from him.

"You didn’t tell him that we …" Lu You wanted to get a definite answer from him.
"Do you want him to know or don’t you want him to know?" He closed his eyes and slowly opened them. The light was sharp and stared at Lu’s sorrow.
"You know what you mean." She dipped the towel back into the basin and twisted it.
When she was going to continue to wipe his arm, he held her hand instead. "Is it so shameful to let others know about our marriage?" Or you don’t want Chi Yiming to know? "
"It’s not what you think. If others know that your marriage with me is bound to cause a storm, but I want to live a quiet life. Besides, we will end this marriage in one year. I think hidden marriage is the best choice for us, and I hope you can respect my decision." Lu You explained calmly.
Although her name is indeed written in his spouse column, she knows that such an excellent man can’t really belong to herself. After one year, the marriage will disintegrate and they will really become strangers, but this year she will keep her wife’s position.
"Mrs. Lin, you always know how to defeat a man’s confidence!" Lin Mochen complained.
Why do so many women want to surround him and her eyes never really fall on him?
The two of them just looked at each other as if they were still. In their eyes, the silence of each other for a long time was broken by the cell phone bell.
Lu sorrow like a touch quickly withdraw their eyes low eyebrows hanging eyes basin with a towel.
And Lin Mo Chen put the mobile phone around him and picked it up. Tone cool thin "Pool 2 arrived at the ink garden so soon? But I have to go to the company temporarily. If you don’t mind, just come to the company to find me or wait for me in your ink garden. "
"Lin always keeps his word" Chi Yiming gritted his teeth and swallowed his anger.
"External factors are beyond Lin’s control." Lin Mochen pushed the blame completely. "If you don’t want photos, it’s not as bad as I think. It’s ok if the pool is big or small or the pool is always handed over to you."
"…" Chi Yiming has been mad.
Chi love rat was fooled enough by Mr. Lin, right? God continues to abuse him and escalate.
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"How can I know that I like a woman?"
"Want to sleep with her"
Yan Shao wanted to sleep with Yang Xiaoning the first time he saw her. This is the only woman he wants to sleep with.
But the facts are unpredictable.
When Yan Shao saw Yang Xiaoning, she still smiled beautifully but lay in a cold coffin.
品茶论坛Until a woman named early summer and autumn appeared in his sight, he tore a hole in his heart and drilled into it, occupying it and sleeping for a generation.
Section 27
☆, 47 I think drunken promiscuity is better.
Lin Mochen looked at the still twisted towel and worried about her eyes. The soft light plated her face and skin was crystal clear and beautiful.
"Chi Er Shao, if you are willing to wait, just wait for Lin Mou to come back. If you don’t want to, I won’t be forced to decide on you." Lin Mo Chen can already imagine that at the moment, the face in front of Chi Yiming’s carved door in Mo Garden is angry, and his heart suddenly rises with joy.
"Manager Lin, this is not your usual style of doing things. Aren’t you afraid of being criticized for pressing people like this?" Chi Yiming took a deep breath and tried to suppress the rising chest flame.
Lin Mo-chen is a god-like figure in Baijing. He was calm and low-key, decisive and ruthless. He earned his first bucket of gold on Wall Street when he studied in the United States in his early years. When he graduated and returned to China, he was worth hundreds of millions. He founded the current giant ink group. Later, when Lin Mo-chen’s grandfather died, he gave him the White House industry to a higher level. In just a few years, it became extremely expensive.
However, judging from the way he fools people now, it is not a successful and mature man. It is like a child’s anger and evil drama. This has refreshed Chi Yiming’s three views. Is this person a Lin Mochen?
"I pressure is you? If you have something to do, you can do the same to me. Lin will never complain, "Lin Mo-chen doesn’t mean to pick a sarcastic chuckle." Besides, who do you think dares to say that in Baijing? "
It is true that no one in Beijing wants to offend Lin Mo-chen’s office, just as he said, who dares to gossip?
Chi Yiming’s anger in the night wind caused a cold sweat on his forehead because of his rampage in his chest. Compared with Lin Mo-chen, his current status and position are not to be taunted by Lin Mo-chen, and there are indecent photos in his hand. If he offends him, his father will not let him go. Lin Mo-chen can swallow this yabakui if he wants to play tricks on him.
"Then dare you ask Manager Lin when you will be back?" Chi Yiming thought of here, the more he gritted his teeth and forbeared.
"It’s hard to say, maybe half an hour, maybe an hour or two, maybe …" Lin Mo-chen paused just to make Chi Yiming worry. "Maybe it will be early pool two hours. Go home if you are in a hurry."
Chi Yiming, where is Lin Mo-chen’s opponent crushed in minutes, but he still has a correct attitude and does not dare to offend slightly.
Lin Mo-chen turned on his mobile phone and threw it away on the floating windowsill. Then he stretched out his hand to pull Lu You.
It’s not the first time that Lu You didn’t pay attention to being so unstable that he easily threw himself at him, and his wrist turned to hold her body and let her sit firmly on her thigh. But Lu You still didn’t adapt to their close contact.

He is pale and asleep, and he doesn’t know what’s going on.

I hesitated to look at Ye Xiangyuan and the baby in his arms and decided to go and see Jishu first.
Chapter 323 Did you forget?
When I passed Ye Xiangyuan, I found that his expression seemed a little dark.
Is it unhappy?
But he didn’t stop me
Section 297
I thought about it and stopped to say, "The baby may be hungry when he wakes up. Do you have any milk powder here?"
He doesn’t talk to me. I can use the baby as a breakthrough
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a casual look and said "Yes".
I saw that his tone was very cold and thought that maybe he was still angry and silent, so I didn’t say much and walked over him to the building.
Ji Shu is not injured. Of course, I think Ji Shu can rest assured first.
Go upstairs just in time for the doctor to examine Ji Shu.
I didn’t bother. I went to the window and looked around.
Outside, there is a dense forest in the backyard. The environment is very good and quiet, suitable for rehabilitation.
Farther away, the outer wall of the castle is like an iron wall
I noticed that the tall trees were monitored, and if anyone wanted to enter the backyard, they would be found at the first time.
This room is very safe.
It’s thoughtful to put Jishu here.
But I don’t think we can stay here for long, and maybe the day will leave. It’s a pity to think so.
The main reason is that Ji Shu’s injury can’t come with us. I wish he could stay.
But if we lose him, he may be upset …
It seems that I have to discuss it with Ye Xiangyuan later.
Take back my thoughts. I looked back at my eyes and gave Jishu a check. The medical staff looked straight at the door again. Pan Dong.
He rescued me and the baby before, and we also took a car, but we didn’t say much.
I hesitated and went over to thank him sincerely.
Thank you not only for his help today, but also for taking care of me in other countries.
按摩Especially video authentication. I never thought he would help me.
Pan Dong, as solemn as ever, said that those things were what he should do, and his attitude was quite alienated.
I will be silent.
But he suddenly said, "I didn’t get the appraisal until the chief agreed."
I was immediately stuck.
It took me a long time to understand what he meant.
Ye Xiangyuan actually knew that I was looking for Pan Dong to identify things. Does this mean that he told me that the video is true through Pan Dongkou?
What is the purpose of his doing this?
Yes, let me give up?
It was that video that made me premature, so I was completely disappointed with him and determined to leave.
But if so, why does he keep saying that he won’t let me go?

Like that little apartment next door.

It is said that a true lover has no secrets, but she has too many secrets with him. He said that he would never tell her unless he told her.
Before Lou Jiang LaCrosse came back, she tidied up his office, filed some documents, entered them and arranged them for him, so that he could save some time when he came back to review them.
He said that he would go back to the company soon, but Lan Jingyi waited and waited for more than an hour before Jiang Junyue walked into the office. "Are you anxious?"
Lan Jingyi pouted, "I’ll let you wait and try."
桑拿论坛  title="Don’t say goodbye, it’s my fault this time." He smiled and admitted his mistake. His attitude was so good that she couldn’t get angry if she wanted to, so she was bored, but she didn’t know when it would go away.
"Have you eaten?" Stuffy, but she still loves him.
"No, I’m starving."
"I’ll order you a meal. I’ll be there in a minute." She arrived before him. She secretly left her information. She had already read it. She even knew which restaurant he liked to order for lunch at noon. Just call and it will be delivered soon.
Chapter 13 Don’t leave me
"Okay, give me a cup of coffee."
"Good" doesn’t mean much to say. It’s also boring to say too much. When Lan Jingyi ordered a meal for Jiang Junyue, she actually remembered the untouched steak left on the table of that western restaurant. If she was in a good mood, she would have packed it for him, but she was really angry at that time. Can she not be angry that he stood her up?
He poured coffee and sent it in. He was already busy. "What happened?" Suddenly I felt that something he suddenly encountered was probably related to his own business. "Have you heard from those people?" She asked carefully what she didn’t want to do that night, even though the man didn’t really want her that night, but whether her body was touched by the man made her feel particularly uncomfortable.
Listening to Lan Jingyi’s bass, Jiang Junyue suddenly dropped his coffee and held her hand gently. "It’s all over, forget about that night."
"Pour …" She could never forget it, but she was still very happy to hear him say so. He didn’t think her coffee steam spread before two people looked at him through the breath as if it were unreal.
Looking at him like that, she didn’t want to look away. Suddenly, the words rang. Lan Jingyi was embarrassed and turned and fled as if she had left his office. He looked at her with burning eyes and her heart beat faster. "I’ll answer the words." She shouted this sentence when she reached the door.
Jiang Junyue looked at her back and frowned slightly. He chased her out of the restaurant because he saw the silhouette of the woman, which seemed to be sunny and soft, but he saw the woman get a car. But when he got the car, he couldn’t chase it, but he almost ran all the streets near the restaurant, and he couldn’t see sunny and soft.
Is that her?
He doesn’t know, but there is a feeling that Qingrou is not far from him. If Qingrou really comes back, what about Lanjingyi?
For a moment, he was confused first, and it was also the first time that he was confused by a woman.
Lan Jingyi got busy, recorded a document, got up and sent it to Jiang Junyue. Plus, when he said that there were no outsiders, she told him to dump it. She quietly pushed open the door carpet without knocking on the door, which made walking sad. In front of the desk, Jiang Junyue was sleeping with her eyes closed, only to find that she poured coffee before, but he didn’t drink it and then sent it in for lunch. But he didn’t eat it, but he looked at his hands on the table regularly and tapped with the rhythm. It turned out that he wasn’t asleep. This strengthened his biliary tract "What was thinking?"
"Ah?" Jiang Junyue was trying to figure out that God was suddenly startled by Lan Jingyi, and his deep black eyes opened slightly. "Why don’t you knock?"
At this moment, his words made her feel that her breathing was stagnant, and then she gently sipped her lips and put the information she had just entered on his desk. "Here you are, I’ll go out first." A sense of loss quickly swept over Lan Jingyi, who was extremely depressed.
"Yi Yi …" Looking at her lonely and thin back, Jiang Jun called in a low voice. Did he have a heavy breath just now? But she suddenly came in, which really startled him.
"Huh?" Lan Jingyi stopped. She didn’t turn her back on Jiang Junyue and gave him a single tone of doubt.
"Oh, there are no classes. Let’s go to dinner to make up for noon."
"Good" is still a word. It seems that one more word will confuse this moment. Generally, she flies and seems to escape. Suddenly, she thinks it’s best never to enter his office again, which now gives her a suffocating feeling.
"Bang" the door opened instantly but hit a person head-on. "Sister-in-law, why are you in such a hurry? My brother wants to eat you? " Jiang Junliang body back smiling there scanning her.
"Director Jiang has something to ask General Jiang for?" Lan Jingyi always doesn’t want to be seen in front of others because she doesn’t answer rhetorical questions.
"Well, I came to see my brother and dropped in to see you. Hehe, my brother held a family meeting last night to discuss your wedding date with everyone. Do you want to know when it is?" Jiang Junliang language not astonishing die endlessly said
He discussed their wedding date with the Jiang family?
Why doesn’t she know anything about it?
He’s going to marry her anyway, isn’t he?
My heart warms up, and I feel better. "LaCrosse will tell me naturally." Even if she wants that answer, she wants Jiang Junyue to tell her herself instead of this annoying Jiang Junliang.
"Sister-in-law, my brother seems to have been shot recently. Everyone has an iceberg face. Tell me about his mood now. Otherwise, I really dare not go in to see him. "
"He’s fine now." Is it really bad for Lan Jingyi to smile? When she went in, he seemed thoughtful. Is it because of her again?
"Ok, then I’ll go in first." Jiang Junliang just flickered into the president’s office and left Lan Jingyi to go back to her desk, but she couldn’t calm down. This moment her heart was like a roller coaster. Did he really put two people on the agenda?
Just sitting there, she’s just like Jiang Junyue. She’s also eager to get to work soon. Will he tell her their wedding date when we have dinner together?
"Bang" a rumbling Jiang Junliang panting out of the president’s office provoked LanJingYi consciousness turned confused looking at a face of metal gray Jiang Junliang she didn’t know what happened.
Jiang Junliang changed his face and walked to Lan Jingyi seriously. "Sister-in-law Jiang Junyue is crazy. Do you want to know anything?"
Lan Jingyi bullet is really not clear Jiang Junliang what this means "you said".
"I tell you you and he even really knot …"
"Jiang Junliang, you shut up for me." Jiang Junyue in front of the president’s office has arrived at the arrow and shot at Jiang Junliang. "Go out." He pulled Jiang Junliang’s collar and carried Jiang Junliang out of the office like a chicken. Then the secret office door closed. Lan Jingyi could see through the door what Jiang Junyue and Jiang Junliang were saying. Both of them seemed very excited, but they deliberately lowered their voices. Did she have it again?
But Jiang Junyue didn’t want her to know.
How many things did he keep from her?
I poured a cup of coffee and drank the tempting fragrance slowly, but I couldn’t feel my heart. She was restless, so she drank nothing.
After about ten minutes, Jiang LaCrosse returned to the office and pushed the door open. The first thing he did was to shout at Lan Jingyi, "Stay away from Jiang Junliang."
She has always kept Jiang Junliang at arm’s length, but that person always keeps close to her. Can you blame her if she can control herself but not Jiang Junliang?
Lanjingyi didn’t say anything and looked down at the desk file, but he didn’t read a word.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.