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In order to cope with me, she still leaned in to watch it and then slightly surprised. Hey? If there are some changes?

In order to cope with me, she still leaned in to watch it and then slightly surprised. Hey? If there are some changes?
I am more and more confident when I hear the expert’s affirmation. I hit the paper with a broken pen and slammed it.
Cai Yan keeps pointing at me, but I don’t care if the wind blows in my ear.
This article has been practiced for nearly a hundred times, and the method has also become a great success. I looked at the earliest dog climbing font, and now the bold font is very proud of the method. I am indeed a little talented, but in a month, I will have another honorary title of Legalist
Of course, I also thanked Comrade Yue Zhang Lao Cai a little.
Wenchi shook her head. Husband, are you too carried away? Why don’t you try writing a second poem?
As you wish I immediately dipped in thick ink and left.
Goose, goose, goose is a good poem, which is not only short in words but also simple in structure.
I am very satisfied to show Cai Yan my achievements.
Cai Yan frowned slightly. My husband really has some talent. How about two more songs?
I wrote Chunxiao and at heron lodge without saying anything.
Cai Yan nodded repeatedly.
My heart is full of joy. I have finally mastered a skill …
My body has always wanted to ask … She looked at the fourth poem and said, Where is the scenery written in this poem in Liangzhou?
I wonder where the stork building is again.
Oh, yes, it’s Yongji. I remember that I visited a bronze statue on the roof in my previous life. A scholar wrote this quatrain with a scroll in his hand, but the title was not Wang Huan. It seems to be one of Li Bai, Du Fu and Wang Wei … At that time, I doubted the IQ of the person in charge of the tourist area of Naquelou, but the receptionist said that we were responsible for collecting tickets and customizing a bronze statue, but it was very timeconsuming and expensive.
So this ridiculous statue with historical significance has been standing in the building, and then we can hear the tourists saying, Sure enough, a good poem was written!
Husband? Cai Yan drew a brush from my hand and said angrily, I want to ask you something!
I decided to answer honestly, It’s not Liangzhou, but a small building somewhere in Hedong. I don’t know what the hell Yongji’s name is now.
Hedong? She put the pen carefully. Have you been to Hedong?
品茶论坛In February and March, a flying stone fell to Anyi, and a blacksmith and I went to look for it. I saved the trip to visit Wangyinow that I think about it, there is no benefit in visiting Wangyi. Marten is bent on being a loyal martyr, and I am wooing local officials.
Flying stones from the sky? Cai Yan rolled her eyes. Is there such a thing? It should have been early March?
Not the kui is a seeks to daughter this disturbing things remember so clearly.
I laughed. Why do you ask that?
Cai Yan explained, I am surprised that there are some places you should not have been to, but how are these poems written?
She stretched out her hand and pulled out the fifth Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night from the manuscript, pointing to the last sentence, Spend more money on Jinguan City and asked, Jinguan City? Forgive me for being ignorant, but where is this city?
Jinguan City … refers to Chengdu … I sweat profusely. Although I haven’t been there, after Xiao Dai came back, I talked about the Yizhou scene in detail, so I have this sentence.
She didn’t ask this sentence again and pulled out a piece of paper from the surface. It was the ninth poem Two orioles singing Cui Liu and a line of egrets with green skylights containing Xiling Qianqiu Xuemen berthing Dongwu Wan Li ship
As far as I know, you haven’t been to Dongwu so far? She is aggressive.
My shoulders suddenly felt a little cold. I quickly said, Poetry is a need … Just because romantic imagination has never been there doesn’t mean that I can’t imagine it. If you still stick to the place where poetry appears, it’s not too interesting if you have been there.
She actually nodded in agreement. What my husband said is really a matter of teaching my body.
Educated? I took a short breath in my heart, hoping that you didn’t see the wonderful poems behind me, such as Early Sending Baidi City (paying homage to Baidi Caiyun), Drinking Lake Chu Qing and Rain (trying to compare the West Lake with the West), Eating Litchi (not afraid of Changling Nanren) and tianmu Mountain Ascended in a Dream …
However, this is exposing a big problem in my selection. Although poetry is exquisite and timeless, the serious reality does not match, which will probably greatly affect its effectiveness.
I am even more determined not to let others read first, and I am determined that I will be able to live in ordinary scenes when I sort it out in the future. I will copy the poems into block letters first and leave the rest for the time being.
You … I quickly hold the CAI wenji hand you want to peek again? !”
Cai Yan said angrily, People are married to you and don’t let me see a few broken words!
I just announced to her in words that the first rule of the Ma government is not to turn over Ma Chao’s poems without permission!
Angrily, she let go of her fingers on the page.
Sister Yan is not angry. I will sort out these poems these days, and then there will be at least half of them for you to read. I comforted her.
She really stopped being angry and asked, Really?
Do I have to lie to you? I waved my hand and then showed the finishing work.
Cai Yan got my affirmative reply, and she was looking forward to it, so she obediently continued to take up Chu Ci and read it.
Zhao Chengyin from outside the Young Master room Wei Ji asks for an audience
Wei Ji? Why did he come to my house when he couldn’t work in the middle class of the temple?
Are you here to urge me to work faster again?
I am wary and sink a way, Let him go to the main hall.
Zhao Cheng figure suddenly disappeared outside the door.
I locked the manuscript in the box before I got up and went to receive visitors.
Cai Yan looked at the locked iron box and sighed
I don’t understand why she has such a strong interest in those broken papers, just as she doesn’t understand why I have such a strong desire to protect them.
Wei Ji didn’t come alone. He was accompanied by six or seven young men.
My Lord, he led six people to salute me. These people are all talented people from nearby, hoping to make up for the vacancy. What do you think?
Introduce a name and place of origin? I waved my hand at random to signal him to go through the routine procedure.
It is best to attract two or three hidden heavyweight characters.

Oh, fortythree thousand I nodded and said.

The number given by Liyuan in Sanfu area is 12,000.
Well, this is fiftyfive thousand. I pinched my finger.
Hedong Liangshan, Xu Huang, a total of three thousand people
fifty thousand
Four thousand people in Li Dian River do not include Tuoba Ye.
Sixtytwo thousand
Hongnong Wangyi has two thousand people, excluding Chu Yan
Sixtyfour thousand
The original garrison in Henan is 2,000
Sixtysix thousand
fifteen thousand newly formed infantry
One thousand … I was pinching a finger and suddenly shivered.
Finally, he smiled and asked, How many people are there in your cavalry? Shall I tell you?
Full of thirtytwo thousand … I swallowed a mouthful of saliva a total of one hundred and thirteen thousand people …
Then you can calculate has let Du Ji to take over YingChuan and Taishi Ci is about to take over the east county, the two counties are not less have SanWuQian troops …
I took a deep breath. This is almost 120,000!
Yes, Jia Xu raised her eyebrows slightly. This is still because most of the troops in Liangzhou, Sanfu and Henan have been left by Marten, Huangfusong and Zhang Temperate. It is also reasonable that the population of Jizhou is far better than that of Sili and Liangzhou, with a total of 200,000 military forces.
The population of Jizhou is more than that of Sili and Liangzhou combined? I don’t believe that Sili is the capital circle!
Jizhou nearly six million sili more than three hundred Liangzhou … you and I are very clear, right? He smiled.
Six million … I lost my temper and asked, How many people are there in Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Liu Bei?
Bing’s population is only six or seven hundred thousand Cao Cao’s troops, but it is much less, about thirty thousand, and it won’t exceed fifty thousand at most. Jia Xu thought for a while and added, Sun Jian is also thirty or fifty thousand soldiers of Liu Bei, which is three thousand.
No, I frowned. When I repelled Lu Bu before, I remembered that Lu Bu’s army was huge and there were not less than 20 thousand horses!
It must be an army of miscellaneous brands. He shrugged. You won’t forget that Lu Bu had thousands of troops in Wuyuan, will you?
No wonder … fighting capacity and fighting spirit are not very strong … I suddenly realized that I was vaguely lost. I defeated Lu Bu’s troops … the original was not the most powerful.
By the way, Jia Xu said, I talked to Hua Xin about this man yesterday.
I smiled. I talked about it, too, and I’ve got him and Taishi Ci ready to leave.
I don’t know why you have such a big prejudice against him. He muttered two things.
Of course I can’t tell him because of those two little stories …
Speaking, I have come to the main hall. I waved my arm and adjusted my whole body. Then go in.
Are you sure you want to wear this to listen to the imperial edict? Jia Xu looked at me with a simple training.
As soon as it means one thing, I went up the steps. Hurry up and send them away. I will continue to do morning exercises.
Master? At the door, Pang Gan saw my short robe and quickly said, Shall I get a long dress?
No need I waved at him and walked towards the hall.
Zhi Yi pushed the door and pushed in.
There are already many people sitting around in the hall.
I looked at the guest table and saw some familiar faces.
I smiled and opened my arms as if to hold them in my arms. Welcome to Luoyang!
Two countries will make good ministers come out.
Xun You, Jaco, Zhang Ren, and Yang Xiu have one person who is Shi Sunrui …
There are also two strange but familiar faces.
General Ma Xun You took the lead and stood up and gave me a gift. Uncle Wen Ruofa kissed Luoyang and made an apology to the general.
Oh, no, I smiled and returned the gift. Of course, you won’t give me Xun’s Shuang Jie. I’m afraid of heaven!
General fallacy he slightly modest way
This sentence is not an idle nonsense. Although Xun Yu, Xun You and Jia Xu are listed in one article in the annals of the Three Kingdoms and they are all famous for their ingenuity, there are still considerable differences.
In my memory, Xun Yu’s longterm mastery in the center is the consideration and planning of the bureau; Xun You has been engaged in specific strategic analysis and suggestions for a long time with the army; However, in the early stage, Jia Xu hated the military and hated the less, and in the later stage, he saved himself.
To put it simply, Jia Xu and Cheng Yu are getting older and more energetic than Xun You, who is less than 40 years old, and the arrival of young Xun You will certainly give full play to a portable think tank.
Xun You I introduced Zhang Boye, Zhang Zhongye and General Yang Dezu all know this one. He pointed to Shi Sunrui and said Shi Sungong young scholar Sun Fan Zi Ji ‘an; This Wei Wei is a surname in public and a surname in Zhuang Zi Hao; You’ve all met General Ma, right?
Every time he said someone, I folded my hands slightly.
Although I asked Liu Xie for a few people during the recitation, I didn’t expect Zhang Wen, Shi Sunrui, Xun Shuang, Yang Biao, Chun Yujia and Han Rong to send their successors to me in unison.
What does this say?
These famous families have always liked to pay more attention to both sides so as to ensure that their families will not lose power and influence as much as possible, such as Xun Yu, Xun Yu Xunyi, Guo Jia, Guo Tu Zhu Gejin, Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Dan …
After his introduction, the six men bowed to me at the same time and said, Meet General Ma!
By the way, didn’t you say you wanted to declare a letter? I hung my hands and asked, Will Gong Da read it?
No is the messenger of Xuan Zhao Xun You motioned Jaco.
Jaco carefully pulled out a roll of glittering imperial edict from the sleeve and coughed gently.
桑拿会所I patted my belt in a pretentious way
He also ignored me and cleared his throat and recited.
The big fellow day positions imperial edict
Today, Yuan Cao’s disaster is combined with the suffering of Hebei and Hebei provinces, and the people are suffering!
The country will prosper and become a good minister, and most of the western regions will protect Ma Chao from heaven’s will. Fubo bravely drives the tiger and the enemy soldiers to protect the central plains, and Jiaqicheng specially seals the cool public to worship the general to cure the cool, and the officials of the second state have successively played a special role in hoping that the Qing body and I will work together with the Shandong county to fight against the two thieves in Beike, and they have actually achieved this imperial edict!
The big fellow ChuPing six years on May 10th
Emperor Xie Dahan’s pursuit is a gift for me to bow down slightly towards a letter. My hands took it from Jaco and gave it directly to Pang Gan behind me without looking at it.
I sat in the main seat and asked, How is everything in Wancheng? How is everything?
Zhang Bolai has also sat and heard my greetings from Liu Xie, and hastily bowed his hand toward the south. This just replied primly, Everything is fine and Beijing is fine.
I looked at him with a slight smile and then asked earnestly, I heard that a small group of mountain thieves overreached when they were on a southern tour. I don’t know if it was someone?
Ha ha he gave two quick smiles. I’m an envoy who can explain the imperial edict. If Liang Gong wants to ask me anything else, I don’t know anything.
Well, can’t you be honest after the announcement? I’m very unhappy with his attitude, but you dare to set me up after relying on me for food!

When I hear this, I often smile and turn white.

"Cut" Song Xiao held his breath and rolled his eyes. "You want a divorce and are worried about others’ injuries. Don’t let me tell his parents that I don’t know what you really think?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
What do you think?
Even she doesn’t know what she thinks.
She knew that now her heart was in a mess and her chest was so stuffy that she couldn’t find an outlet to vent.
Ward 199
Pushing open the door, Yu Yu, a sickbed, immediately looked up to find that it was Yudongchen and Yang Xishi who came back. He had no expression and took his eyes back.
Yang Xi lifted her feet and went straight to the point and asked, "Did you have a problem with Huanyan?"
Yu Yu looked up at his mother but asked, "Where is she?"
"She left with Mr. Song."
"Where did you go?" Yu Yu asked again
"I don’t know what she said with that Mr. Song to divorce you." Yang Xi frowned and said, "Is it true or false? Okay, okay, what’s the divorce? Don’t … "
The day update should be at noon. Today is the weekend. Relax, relax, relax, everyone ~
Like a cow.
"I don’t know what she said with that Mr. Song to divorce you." Yang Xi frowned and said, "Is it true or false? Okay, okay, what’s the divorce? Don’t … "
She glanced at Yu Dongchen and said, "Does she like other men?"
Yu Yu "…"
Yang Xi see son don’t talk more and more decided that the idea of scrambling said "it won’t be … that Mr. Song? I think they are both fine. Mr. Song often comes home to find her. "
YuDongChen mouth suddenly a sobbed frown said, "what are you thinking? Mr. Song … Is that possible? "
Just a man with no sexual orientation!
"How is it impossible?" Yang Xi stare big eyes. "Huanyan has such a boyfriend and looks so fine-boned …"
"Come on, come on," Yu Dongchen pulled her arm with a headache. "Don’t guess that Mr. Song is just friends with her. Do you think it’s possible that Xiao Xiaoer and Ah Shu also know him?"
Yang Xi blinked. "Who could that be?"
"Mom" Yu Yu finally said, "Don’t worry, she is not that kind of woman."
Yang Xi looked at him and couldn’t help sighing. He went over to the bedside and sat earnestly and urged, "If mom didn’t tell you that you are 34 years old this year, now that you are married, you should spend more time at home with your wife. Before she got pregnant, I told you that women don’t feel safe in their hearts during this period from pregnancy to delivery. She is young and has never experienced such a thing … It’s hard to listen to someone your age. It’s your blessing to look at you with a happy face. You should cherish it, you know? Don’t look back. I’m really divorced for a long time, and I have a child with me. Who are you willing to be a stepmother? Then no one can see you … "
Yu Yu listened and couldn’t help turning black again.
In less than half a day, he doesn’t know how many times he has heard the words "old" and "old man"
"All right, don’t say it." Yudongchen also saw that his face didn’t look good
Yang Xi frowned to shut up.
16th floor
Chang Huan Yan first came to the door of ward 161 and stretched out his hand and knocked on the door.
There is no sound.
She opened the door and saw that there was no one there.
Looking back at the corridor, I waved and leaned out a head from the original wall. Song Xiaoshou immediately smiled and ran over. "My parents left, didn’t they?"
When they entered the room, they found that there was an a4 piece of paper on the pillow at the head of the bed, which was left by Song’s mother. "Please come back to see you tomorrow, pay attention to rest and don’t run around."
"Alas, these two people are finally gone!" Song Xiaoshou shouted, sat cross-legged on the bed and opened his mouth. "I want to eat bananas."
Chang Huanyan went to the table and found that all the fruits she had just bought in a hurry had been put here. There was a bag to go upstairs.
She broke off a banana and handed it to Song Xiao to hold another bag and said, "I’ll go first."
"Don’t," Song Xiaoshou quickly reached out and grabbed her. "How can you help me peel the banana peel first?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
After she peeled the skin and handed it to him, Song Xiaoshou took a bite with a banana and said, "Happy face, I suddenly thought that you don’t need a divorce."
Chang Huanyan looked at him.
"You think, although Han Minzhi and her brother-in-law used to be childhood friends, but … now it’s you who are married to her brother-in-law, which means that if they want second time around, they have to ask your opinion first. You are huotang legally!"
Song Xiaoshou ate and said seriously, "If you don’t promise this huotang legally, I think both of them must be hopeless! Yu’s family and Han’s family are both big families. How ugly it is to go out like this, right? So if you don’t divorce, why should you quit being a virgin? "
"…" Chang Huan Yan put the bag slowly and sat in the chair without speaking.
"Huan Yan, if you don’t think about it yourself, you have to think about it. When they grow up, you have to call another woman’ Mom’. Can you accept it? And I tell you that it’s not easy for a woman to find a partner after divorce, unlike a man who is 40 or 50 years old and doesn’t look old, just like your uncle who is almost 50 years old this year. At first glance, he looks handsome and handsome in his thirties, and his figure and muscles wear military uniforms again … "
Section 62
Chang Huan Yan looked up and saw his one eye.
"Ahem, ahem," Song Xiao threw the banana peel back to the topic with embarrassment. "A woman will be a leftover woman after she is twenty-five. You are a leftover woman at the age of twenty-four. Because you have been divorced and given birth, do you think any man is willing to marry you? You can’t see it when you are divorced at forty or fifty?"
When the cell phone bell rings suddenly, Chang Huan-yan lowers her head and takes out her cell phone and looks at it to answer "hello".
"Huanyan, where are you?" Yang Xiyin came from the words.
"My building" often said with a smile.
"Dong Chen and I are going to go back to bring something to the hospital. Can you come to the building to take care of him? Our horse will be back, "said Yang Xi.
Yu family has a car, a driver and a servant. This kind of thing really doesn’t need the two of them to go there in person.
Chang Huan Yan took a sip of her lips and agreed to "good"
桑拿按摩After putting the phone on, I often get up with a smile. "I have to go first."

Of course, I can recognize Han Ji and Han Sheng as undercover in the Han Dynasty and execute them on the spot, but this kind of violent and arbitrary law enforcement is by no means what I hope.

So this emergency meeting ended anticlimactic.
桑拿会所But this matter is not over.
After the meeting, Han Ji submitted a request for transferring from his current position to me as soon as possible.
This surprised me.
He knelt in front of me and explained, Korea and the defense hospital, the heavy hospital, made the master suffer an accident in the suburbs of Beijing. Although the master did not bear heavy responsibility for the vassal, it was difficult to secure himself …
Gong I interrupted him. Do you think … I don’t believe you at the meeting today?
He Zheng looked up to see me dare not
I have to admit that I did doubt you for a moment. I didn’t deny it. Because you were the only one who knew I was going out, and of course your hand. Think about it from my point of view … I don’t doubt who you doubted. Do you doubt my own wife?
He opened his mouth.
But I have no evidence to doubt you. I shrugged my shoulders and said seriously. I don’t want to think about it … is your Korean guild a nail in the coffin buried by the imperial court?
It’s white! He nodded vigorously. I will never live up to your master’s letter!
Although you didn’t follow for too long, you also know my personality. I am a very emotional person.
Genus knows
You know how much I value you in the dynasty I want to build.
Genus knows
If you don’t want me to work one day, I can let you leave safely, but …
I was just about to let out a murderous remark to give him a wakeup call, but he threw it to the ground and blocked it directly. You don’t abandon me, I dare not abandon you!
Han Ji’s serious and earnest expression with his head held high made me have no doubt.

After this incident, Han Ji, the director of the National Defense Institute and the director of the Institute, further strengthened the defense forces around Luoyang City, while Xi Jun, the director of the Intelligence Department of the Military Academy, also arranged the intelligence forces in Luoyang City to monitor the dynamics of Luoyang officials and key targets.
I sometimes think that this is actually the prototype of Royal Guards or East Factory, right?
However, no matter whether it is ancient or modern, the heads of government at home and abroad will never lack this kind of people who walk in the dark, and I don’t have much resistance to this work
However, according to the strength in the hands of the drama king, it is still far from penetrating …

On the last day of November, Zou took his daughter Ma Yi to Luoyang.
As early as June and July, Zou entrusted Pang Rou to send me a request, and I agreed at that time, but it was not until five months later that they arrived late.
Aunt Zou must be exhausted from running all the way. Why don’t you stay in Luoyang for a few days and I’ll send someone to take you into Yuzhou? I politely asked them to stay in Luoyang for a few days.
But her answer surprised me. Is it appropriate if I want to live in Luoyang for a while?
I didn’t think much about it. If Aunt Zou really thinks so, naturally there is no problem. You see … are you living in Ma’s old house? Or shall I requisition another house for you?
She seems to have planned to answer very simply, If you don’t think my body is in the way … my mother and daughter want to live in the palace …
I frowned. Although Marten and I broke up, Zou is my stepmother anyway. This woman is not shy … Is there any ulterior plot?
Super brother … can’t you? Ma Yi winked at me with big eyes.
I touched her head and suddenly said, Did you cross over too?
She opened her mouth but didn’t speak.
I was wondering … what expression should I have if she really answered yes?
290,000 people stay well.
Zou really chose a small courtyard in the Nangong backyard and took Ma Yiyi to live quietly.
I didn’t give them much care except a small amount of money and two quick attendants.
I knew that Zou never took the initiative to appear in my sight after thanking me.
And busy with politics, I don’t have time to pay my respects to this cheap stepmother every day, and I ordered the Korean Institute to send her some clothes, utensils and money regularly.
Now it’s the end of the year, and the two most important issues unanimously recommended by the ministers are … the year number of concubines.
Since Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the orthodox monarch must have a title, which has long been the consensus of all.
But … I don’t think so.
Before the Qing dynasty, emperors were full and supported, and they liked to change their titles. It was windy, rainy, pregnant, and changing titles in a year often made people feel at a loss.
I don’t like it anyway.
I had to drool a lot.
Wang Lie took Qiao Huan, two old men full of poems, in an attempt to say that I am a mighty king who is not doing my job, but I defeated their allusions in one sentence.
I said, Can you tell me how many years it has been since Dayu’s flood control? Oh, Xia Yu doesn’t have a year number, so tell me … how many years have passed since Qin unified the six countries?
Seeing that they were speechless for a long time, I shook my head with satisfaction. In fact, these messy titles have nothing to do with the national movement, but they will cause confusion. Once they are old, it is difficult for future generations to remember them clearly.
Wang Lie also tried to struggle with a these things … can be calculated by comparing the history …
Needless to say, I waved my hand, the postchronological method is still a little simpler. For example, this year can be called … the first year of China or the first year of the Republic of China … If this country can last for thousands of years, wouldn’t it be nice for our future generations to clearly calculate how many years it appeared in China in 2345?

"Thank you, Mr. Jing. Don’t worry, I will definitely send the young master home." Yang Ou smiled and opened the back door and jelly "sou" jumped up, then Gao Xiaobai climbed up and sat down.

Until the car left Jing’ anjiu, he kept waving his little hands there, and his face was full of reluctance at the thought of not meeting for two months.
"People are gone, don’t wave." Jingmuchen said suddenly.
Jing’ anjiu let go and glanced at his father, then walked towards the courtyard without saying a word.
Jingmuchen "…"
This girl is really turning her elbow outward more and more.
A few days later, Gao Xiaobai followed Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu to Beijing with a small suitcase.
When we meet again, it’s already autumn and September, when Gao Xiaobai was promoted to the sixth grade of the primary school, and Jing Anjiu and Jing Saixixi were promoted to the third grade.
On the first day of school, Han Shao and Gao Xiaoxiao both came to Sean Chen and brought Xiao Mo together.
Just coming from the car, I heard a familiar cry, "Little ink, little ink …"
Small ink ink heard his name immediately "wow" shouted a look around.
Han Shu felt that the brow bone jumped and he turned around and saw a familiar little figure coming.
Lu Xiaoqian "pants" ran to the front, first gasping for breath for a while, and then excited to raise his little hand and want to hold a small ink hand.
Han Shu can’t even touch her daughter’s feet in a groan.
Lu xiaoqian frowned and began to shout "uncle, aunt, little white brother!" "
Behind them, four old men from Lujia slowly came along.
It was also at this time that I realized that the little guy’s family begged Mrs. Lu for a long time, so she transferred to the second grade of Sean Chen University. Today is the first day to report.
Looking at Liu Xiao Qian smiling, a face of obscene sample Han Shan deeply suspected that smelly little was deliberately transferred.
"What a coincidence! Do you read here? After that, you can take care of my Xiao Qian, "said the old lady Lu with a smile.
"Ha ha"-"Grandma Lu, I’m sorry, Xiao Bai will take the junior high school exam this year"
My family is busy, even if I take care of it, I can take care of it for half a year.
"Ah?" Mrs. Lu doesn’t understand, "Isn’t Xiaobai just old?"
You should be in the third grade. Why are you in junior high school?
Han Shu continued "Hehe" and "My son has just been promoted to the sixth grade this semester"
Old lady Lu "…"
Section 744
I’ve never seen skipping so hard.
Gao Xiaoxiao pulled Han Han’s arm and smiled and said, "Grandma Lu, don’t worry. Xiaobai will take good care of Xiao Qian."
The old lady Lu immediately beamed, "It’s still raining on you."
Han Dong "…"
"Xiao Bai!"
"Uncle Han!"
There are two familiar sounds coming up. When Han Shan smells the original and has some unpleasant faces, he immediately shows a charming smile "jiujiu".
Gao Xiaobai immediately smiled and waved "jiujiu!"
Jing Anjiu was wearing the same style as Gao Xiaobai, but she was wearing a dark blue knee skirt and long black hair tied into a ponytail and jumped back and forth with running. When she arrived, she happily held Gao Xiaobai’s arm. "Xiaobai, when will you come back?"
"Come back the day before yesterday," said Gao Xiaobai, glancing at Jing ‘an Jiu’s wrist.
When I found that she was wearing that red bracelet, I couldn’t help smiling.
"Little white, you’re turning black," said Jing Anjiu suddenly.
Beijing goes to the army with Yu Jinchuan every day and often participates in various exercises.
Gao Xiaobai smiled. "Then have I grown taller?"
Jing’ an nine cocked his little head and observed it carefully for a while. "It seems a little."
When the two children were chatting, Han Shao had already greeted her daughter in her arms.
Jing Muchen responded with a pair of sharp black eyes, but kept looking at his daughter’s direction. When he found that the two little guys actually started holding hands, he couldn’t help it anymore. He directly said, "jiujiu will report with his father first."
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, there’s a long way to go when you report for duty. We’ll talk later." Han Shu said, looking down at her daughter in her arms and coaxed, "Little Mo Mo and Uncle Jing say hello."
Xiao Mo Mo blinked his eyes in black and white, grabbed grandma in his small hand and shouted, "Rat!" "
Jingmuchen pulled her lips at the little milk baby and held her daughter’s arm and walked to the teaching place, throwing a "Yan Yan heel"
Jing Saixixi waved his hand and followed quickly
Just a few steps later, the sound of Han Shu sounded far away. "My wife is idle anyway. Let’s go and see the excitement with my eldest brother."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Jingmuchen "…"
桑拿会所Lu Xiaoqian immediately parrots and shouts, "Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Grandparents, come on, let’s go and watch the fun!"
Han Dong "…"
So the third grade newspaper was crowded with many people everywhere.
Jing Muchen’s heavy eyebrows and tight knit with a pair of children, while Han Shu, who reported for duty, took Gao Xiaoxiao with her baby daughter and greeted acquaintances from time to time.
"Han, is this your son?" May be watching Xiao Qian Lu has been circling around her leg. Someone asked curiously.
Han Yan looked down at "not a friend’s bear child"
"So that’s it." Before Lu Xiaoqian finished his words, he lifted up his little head and said, "I’m not a bear child, I’m a little Mo Mo boyfriend."
Han Dong "…"

"Yes" but never thought Liu Wentao gave her a definite word.

"What is it?" Lan Jingyi turned around angrily. It’s bad enough for her. Can you ask Liu Wentao not to harass her again? She is really tired.
"You owe me a husband and wife" softly but with no doubt.
"Ah …" Lan Jingyi smiled lightly and brushed her cheek to make that little face vivid. "Liu Wentao, please clarify the fact that you owed me before, not me. Now I don’t want it anymore. We have already finished." Then she turned and walked towards the wheelchair Lan Qing. Now she wants to live with her mother and her upcoming baby.
"But I want to" Liu Wentao grabbed her wrist again and lowered her ear with a magnetic voice. This is the man she once gave herself a happy life, but he didn’t.
"There are many women in Mr. Lu’s day, and I think Miss Mo will be unhappy. Goodbye." Li Yi strode to Lanqing’s side and Lanjingyi pushed Lanqing to the gate of the inpatient department.
约茶"Yi yi …" Low Liu Wentao call.
"Yi Yi is a mother sorry for you." Lan Qing said that tears were already in her eyes. Liu Wentao had to marry Lan Jingyi. She would have guessed it.
"Mom doesn’t blame you. You also opposed it. I went my own way, but I don’t regret it." She can face Ji Minru and Jane without remorse. I really don’t regret it. Even if Jiang Junyue happens, she doesn’t regret it.
"Yi Yi …" Hands in a wheelchair, hands in a wheelchair, hands in a blue heart, hands in a warm heart. It’s really a blessing for her to have such a daughter. In all these years, all her thoughts were gone, and where did she really care about her daughter? If it weren’t for this disease, she would have forgotten that it is good to have a daughter.
The daughter is really a mother’s intimate little cotton-padded jacket.
Look at that two drifting figure of mother and daughter, Liu Wentao pulled out a cigarette instead of chasing after her, and he didn’t even understand why he came here to see her again.
But now that I’ve seen it, he still doesn’t want to leave
There was always a chance to see her every once in a while, but now she wakes up and sleeps, and she will never appear in front of him again.
Lan Qing slept this night, but Lan Jingyi couldn’t sleep at all. Two little things in her stomach were a bit of a toss-up, which made her eat badly and sleep badly. Now she is hungry again. She wants to go out and find something to eat.
When she came out of the hospital, she walked slowly. At most, it was time to rest. She could stay in the hospital before her mother could take care of herself. When there were waves, there was a small restaurant opposite the hospital. When she walked there, she felt more and more hungry when she looked at the sign, so her footsteps became faster and faster. Suddenly, she felt that there were a series of footsteps behind her, which seemed to be fast and slow.
My heart can’t help but panic. It’s still twenty days before the loan-sharking day is calculated. It’s said that it’s long or short. When I think about her promise to pay back the money every month, her heart shakes. Can she earn it after twenty days?
I don’t know anything. Now she can take it one step at a time.
The wind is gentle, but it makes her feel confused. How long has it been since that man heard from you?
Chapter 75 I didn’t freeze the card
Jiang Junyue really didn’t even call her.
Lan Jingyi went into the restaurant and ordered a spaghetti. She couldn’t get used to all the western food here, but she could eat this side. Although it’s not as delicious as cooking Zhajiang Noodles herself, it would be nice to have a full stomach.
She is looking for a house, but she doesn’t know where to stay. This foreign country doesn’t feel like home anywhere, but her mother likes her and says she may meet her father here. She insists on staying here.
Forget it. She can’t leave if she wants to. She doesn’t have a passport. She’s with loan sharks. People are not afraid of her running. She can’t run out of their hands.
Eating that bowl of spaghetti slowly is a little hard to swallow but I have to eat it.
"Bang!" There was a low muffled sound, and then a plate of shredded potatoes was put in front of the spaghetti, and then a plate of sweet and sour cabbage was really attractive. She looked at the saliva consciousness and looked across the street before sitting down. Then she was a little confused. "Liu Wentao, why are you here?"
"Come to eat when you are hungry." He unexpectedly changed into a pair of chopsticks with a change, and then ate the popular food in front of him comfortably. Soon, a plate of salt and pepper spareribs and a steamed fish came.
Lan Jingyi looked down at the spaghetti in her bowl to speed up the meal, thinking about eating it quickly and leaving quickly, otherwise she was afraid that she couldn’t stand the temptation of those four dishes. She wanted to eat it so much that she wanted the taste of home cooking. How long has it been since she felt it?
The tableware in Tu’s hand was taken away, and soon a bowl of white rice was put in front of her. "Eat and pay half the money for me after eating." Liu Wentao said indifferently that it was still the same as before, but there was a little warmth in the words.
"I’ve had enough of these in our country. I don’t like them. Give me my noodles back." Lan Jingyi growled angrily.
Section 39
"You just like noodles?" Liu Wentao picked his eyebrows. "But every time you eat a bowl of noodles for twenty minutes, it’s like eating poison. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no poison in this dish. It’s made by the new China chef here."
"Are there China people here?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up. Once upon a time, I could see Chinese people every day, but now I feel very cordial before I met them.
"Well, if you don’t believe me, go and have a look in the back."
Lan Jingyi really curled her lips and went to the back kitchen and glanced over. There really was a China Han, "What’s your name, sir?" It’s very kind of her to warm up and gather together.
"Oh, is your name Miss Zhang here for dinner?"
"Well, my mother is in the hospital here, and I’m with her." She chuckled for the first time in many days.
"So you’re with the guy who just ordered some Chinese food, right? I hear your accents are similar."
"No, I’m me, he’s him." Lan Jingyi quickly clarified that he didn’t want to talk to Liu Wentao again.
"Oh, I’m so happy to see my fellow villagers. I’ll treat you today. Just say what you want, and I’ll cook it for you."
"No, I’m full. I’ll trouble you another day." Lan Jingyi patted her half-full stomach and really wanted to eat Chinese food, but for one thing, she didn’t want to eat Liu Wentao’s food, and for another, she was reluctant to give up money. She had to spend the blade on her cash.
"Ok, you can come to my side at any time." The feeling of seeing fellow villagers really didn’t say that Lan Jingyi was happy and retired. Liu Wentao in the restaurant outside had already disappeared before eating a little food, so he put it there. Lan Jingyi took a glance and was ready to leave and suddenly stopped her. "This lady, please settle the bill."
"What account?" She paid for the spaghetti first. She has nothing to settle, right?
But I never thought that the novice pointed to the leftovers that Liu Wentao had just eaten. "The gentleman said that he would pay half of the money and you would pay for the leftovers."
Depend on him. Liu Wentao is really annoying
Lan Jingyi stood on tiptoe and looked out of the restaurant, but where was the man?
Well, she paid for it. Lan Jingyi paid for it and didn’t want to go out until she felt right. Now that she paid for it, those dishes belong to her. She didn’t eat them for nothing. She paid for them and sat down to eat them. They were still warm and delicious. Lan Jingyi ate quickly or two little things in her stomach helped her eat.
It’s nice for her to order a Chinese meal for her mother, too.
It was Lan Jingyi’s most full meal. Although it was calculated, it was not unpleasant and forgiving. She and Liu Wentao could not be husband and wife and could not be friends. She hoped not to be enemies.
She doesn’t like to hate someone. No matter how unwilling she feels, she shouldn’t live in hatred. How tired it is.
I woke up early in the morning with a push of the door and a tall figure at the end of the corridor was quietly leaving. She felt a little familiar, but she didn’t think it would come back with hot water. Lan Qing also woke up.
"Yi Yi, why don’t you tell mom what happened to you and LaCrosse?" Lan Qing will come to torment her again early in the morning.
Lanjing Yi Zheng thought about how to prevaricate Lanqing suddenly. She rang at this moment. Lanjingyi touched out and took a look at it. She settled there and didn’t respond.
Still continue to shout
"Who is Yi Yi talking about?" Seeing that she didn’t move, Lan Qing grabbed a string of numbers on the screen and didn’t call her "Yi Yi, who is this?"
"Harassment, mom hung up." She reached for the phone number of Jiang Junyue and hung it up directly. She had deleted it, but subconsciously she remembered his phone number exactly.
At 7 o’clock in the morning in France, it’s just after noon in the city. What’s he calling at this time?
But she just hung up and rang again
Lan Jingyi doesn’t want to pick up a bite, and her hand is going to press the button, but it seems that there is a feeling that she wants a phone, and the bell is broken, followed by a short message.
She won’t answer his words, but there is a message from him, but her heart is itching to see what he wants.
No matter she is, he has a new love as soon as he gets back, and it’s him.
Sms open
"answer the phone"
Shit, three words are still so overbearing
She’ll answer it. No, she won’t. Absolutely not.
So when the words rang again, Lan Jingyi didn’t hear it ringing, so she had to grow up and have a little backbone, or even she would look down on herself.
Words automatically hang up and then a short message came up.
She wanted to watch it, but curiosity drove her to open it again involuntarily.
"I didn’t freeze the card until I got back from France. The first call I made was you. Do you dare to fly directly to France to kill you without picking me up?" Those last three words made Lan Jingyi blush, which means literally understanding the meaning. Every time he asked her, she always said in her ear, "I really want to kill you."

I looked at the screen and marveled at the high fighting talent of Tianwu. I knew from her light stroke [Dark Barrier] that she was very aware of the weakness of [Dark Barrier]. The physical attack blocked eleven times, but the heavy stroke was as light as the weak stroke, and it was very easy to break the [Dark Barrier] with a quick stroke.

Disease method eyes finally saw him panic for the first time since the start of the game, but at this time [thunder blasting] had completed a circle. One meter Fiona Fang’s huge thunder broke his armor and the dance was hit on the spot, but what was even more surprising happened. There was nothing wrong with the dance. Although the eyes were full of horror, the hands and feet were not slow [the Holy Spirit called], the dance was still as normal as nothing happened. She looked at it from a height, but her eyes became more and more confident, and she felt that the woman was bigger.
If he has changed his job, he will certainly not have a skill to meet the enemy, but Ji Facong surrendered to the system and was in danger of demotion.
After watching the Tian Dance and the Disease Law Competition, I sighed in my heart that there are countless strong people in Wonderland. It seems that I have to find several necessary cards in my mind, and the day after tomorrow will be my world.
☆        ☆        ☆
LV9-LV99 duels won the championship in the end, but the disease method entered the top five. But this time, all eyes in the 9-level division were ill. Who believes that a mage who hasn’t changed his job can actually reach the final and has such amazing fighting power and attract the attention of players is me? I make them even more horrified that a beginner can win the LV7-level championship, which makes illegal gambling players in the periphery stunned and lose a large amount of RO coins, and even more doubt whether it is a unified BUG.
Disease and law and I came to the first floor of the waterway in our special place again. It’s really a good place to chat. Most people will go straight to the second floor. No one will stay on the first floor, and there is no figure in our corner except the second one called Oriental Snow Blowing.
"Disease method feel like? Is that day dance strong? "
"It’s so fucking tough. You saw her coming. The speed and strength were not enough. She was broken in two seconds. My dark wall was not enough. She was finished in a few seconds. Fortunately, she didn’t have a chance to let her cut me down or she might be killed in seconds."
"It’s not so serious? You have almost 15 health points. It’s not possible to hit so many health points, is it? "
"That is, if you don’t know that she [provokes], it will reduce my defense by half, and the’ Death Sickle’ has double attack effect. If she has 4 health points with one blow, double is that my roots are not enough for her, and she will be finished with two blows."
After listening to my cold sweat, it’s really tough. Even if the blood cow meets her, she will surrender. However, her cold female posture has impressed her more and more, and I don’t know what, so I have a special feeling for her.
Disease method continued, "She’s the president of the Wonderland Girls’ League. Of course, it’s amazing. You didn’t see her hand. The girls are peak sexually in the game, but they can definitely rank in the top three in terms of dancing strength. I just don’t know how effective the first guild is."
"Lin Bing can be said to be a man who can’t see through. If you look at him, you will know that he must have more powerful means if he doesn’t take part in the competition." I recall that he wore a headdress when he was in the army. Later, I found out that it turned out to be a five-level artifact’ Pharaoh’s Crown’. I didn’t know what it was, but a five-level artifact didn’t want to know the effect. In retrospect, Lin Bing was wearing it to demonstrate to me at that time, but he didn’t know what it was for my first brother. Alas, it made him look
After a rest of half an hour, the leapfrog challenge is about to start again. Of course, the audience watched me play this time. Before the game, I carefully thought about whether it was better to become famous so quickly or temporarily. I have no power of my own except illness. The final consideration is of course to temporarily hide. Anyway, the challenge is held every week, and I am not afraid that he will leave. But once I am famous, it is hard for me to do what I want to do. Although I am already famous enough, I still don’t want to show it to others.
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
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☆        ☆        ☆
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Cong, I resolutely gave up the leapfrog challenge, and the second and third place entered the challenge lounge in high spirits. The final result was of course a tragic slaughter. After all, the level is that everything is about one level different from others. It is very difficult to win unless you have a five-level artifact.
The champion of LV7-LV79 is a bard (a profession and a dancer are both male dancers and female archers when they turn around), whose name is Tianya Fangcao, and the champion of LV7-LV79 is an assassin whose name is also very hot-blooded. It is said that his opponent didn’t even cut him in the final, and he was completely killed by him.
LV7 level leapfrog challenge failed, while LV7-LV79 level group ranked the second player to leapfrog challenge, but still failed in LV-LV9 level group. No one even tried to challenge, and everyone who had seen Tianwu was very conscious of their own strength gap.
I left the capital and came to the White Tower in Ji Fen before the game of disease and law was over. Now, the first thing is to change from disease to law and become a sage.
We came to the first floor of Ji Fen Tower to ask the NPC guild staff of the Wizards’ Guild about the process of changing jobs. It used to take four steps to change jobs into talents.
First, go to the president of the Magic Guild, Gary, on the second floor to accept the application for transfer.
Second, enter the laboratory on the third floor of the Magic Guild to learn the knowledge of sages. If you master Chinese knowledge, you will succeed.
桑拿网Third, look for the great magic teacher Mei Taiwu Si-Shifu in the’ Beast Refined House’ on the fourth floor of the Magic Guild, and take the sage ring from him.
Four, to the fourth floor to transfer jobs and sage quit to complete the transfer.
At first glance, we didn’t feel that it was that simple. It was completed in this tower, so I was temporarily separated from Illness Law. I went to practice for a higher level and Illness Law changed my job.
☆        ☆        ☆
The disease method came to the second floor. Ge Ruifang, the president of the guild, gently knocked on the door and pushed the door in. He saw an old man with a kind face and white hair looking intently and saying "10,000!"
The disease method was stunned by 110,000 at that time?
Gary saw that the person who came in didn’t answer. He said again, "Didn’t you hear 10 thousand?"
"I …"
"Why do you talk so much anyway? I’d better give it to you. Then you can have some punishment."
This is also true when you listen to the disease law. Anyway, the existing 10,000 yuan is unified. If it is easier to change jobs, it will definitely be a good thing. I quickly handed in 10,000 RO coins and then took the application from the president to fill it out, regardless of whether the president went to the third floor by himself.
There is a room disease method on the third floor. Open it and say, "Wow!"
Seeing that this room is so full that I can’t see the walls of the room, I feel like I’m wandering in the forest. According to the application, I’m looking for a random skill, but it’s like a mountain. When will I turn it over? Fortunately, there are categories here, but when you look back, what kind of random skills is this? There’s a classification, which means there’s no classification. Finally, I’ll look for it slowly in my depression.
☆        ☆        ☆
And I tried my best to find a time when I came to a familiar place, the ancient city of Ham, Creste, where I used to dare not move and was about to run. Today, I’m going to come here to test my fighting power as a super beginner.
It’s still so dark and cold. As soon as I entered, I saw a little black demon coming at me with a little devil fork in my hand. First, I put a [dark barrier] on myself, and then I slowed down a little devil’s body immediately, but the ghost fork in my hand was still "swishing", even stabbing level 3.1 [Holy Spirit summons] and attacking it, but I didn’t stop [slamming] and cut off two kinds of attacks to attack the little devil.
When I entered the first floor of the ancient city of Green Mountain Mountain, I saw the ghost archer’s skills and [bully body] from afar. This time, I also learned that the enemy rushed at the ghost archer with a ghost arrow. Even if he was hit by a ghost arrow, he wouldn’t stay for almost the same time. [Slow down] Throw it at close range, and then [furious] bounced the ghost archer against the wall. Then I dragged my sword to the ground and hit the ghost archer in sparks. I was hit back and forth for two times in a row and finally turned into a pile of rotten armor and died. I also picked up something dropped by a ghost archer conveniently this time, but suddenly I found that there was a’ bow’ in it. I immediately picked it up for identification, and I couldn’t identify it. I was surprised. This means that this is a four-level bow. I just don’t know what bow is hitting now and I don’t want to train here. I immediately rushed back to the capital. Although I am a super beginner, I have archer skills, but I don’t have a bow. I can’t come to such a good thing
Back in the capital, there were fewer players, and the competition was held for a day until after 6 pm. These people either went to rest or went to other cities to train.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
I saw another person I didn’t want to see, the soldier. He walked over to me and saw his smile. I felt like tens of thousands of ants crawling, and I had an impulse to go back.

"He dare not let you go back for the New Year? Give me back. If he dares to say no, I’ll break his leg. It’s so worrying. Come on, pack your things. "Master growled that he was afraid of scaring Xiao Qinqin, but he couldn’t help being angry with Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi.

Lan Jingyi looked at the master and suddenly felt that Jiang Junyue’s overbearing energy was exactly the same as that of the master.
Go ahead. She suddenly wants to go to Jiang’s house, so she goes to see the man and asks him why he wants to leave himself.
There must be a secret, a secret that no one knows.
She wants to know, especially.
Jiang Junyue, he dumped himself, but at this moment she still misses him. That’s how she is. At this moment, she really wants or can take this opportunity to take the man back to her. When the idea flashed in her mind, she almost sprayed blood. She really fell in love with the man, but she just didn’t believe that he would be so affectionate to herself.
Yeah, I went to Jiang’s house, and she found out everything, so she didn’t believe that her charm couldn’t handle the man
After thinking and thinking, Lan Jingyi decided, "Mom, come with me." A mother can take care of her children from time to time so that she can have a chance to take a surprise, right?
"Yi Yi …" Lan Qing obviously hesitated. She was afraid that if she went, she would not be able to bring out Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, which would be the result that she could not bear.
"Mom, let’s go." Lan Jingyi remembered what Jiang Junyue said outside the boxing hall. He said that he would give her the children. Since he said that, he would not break his word. She believed that he was determined to give the children to himself because he said that the object was not himself, but Cheng Qingyang. Then what does she have to worry about? The worst result is that she can’t hook up with Jiang Junyue and then return to this small apartment. Then she admits it.
Seeing her daughter say so, let’s go together if she agrees. This will also help her daughter to see which of the two little things will not be left behind when she comes back. She is also reluctant to see which one she likes.
Master suddenly got in good health, holding Xiao Qin Qin Lou Lan Jingyi all the way, holding Xiao Zhuang Zhuang followed by Lan Qing, and then the master brought a few handsome men. It is strange that when those handsome men approached Xiao Zhuang Zhuang, their eyes were full of tears. "Whoa, whoa" told the master that no one should get close to Xiao Zhuang Zhuang, even if they took the ladder, those handsome men would take one.
After going upstairs and sitting in a spacious RV, the master still refused to let Xiao Qin Qin be born with blood. Xiao Qin Qin was very close to the master. From time to time, he touched his gray hair with his little hand and giggled. The little figure was so cute that he became more and more fond of him. He found that he could not let go of either of the two little things.
The car drove slowly through the city road, and the car drove very slowly. It was necessary to be old and small, and it was necessary to be strong and strong. Lan Jingyi was in the car and thoughtfully looked out of the window, thinking that she might not see Jiang Junyue for a few days tonight. She actually felt blushing and her heart beat. She missed him.
Out of the window, I couldn’t help but pour past stores. Suddenly, a fashion clothing store came into Lan Jingyi’s eyes and "stopped". Lan Jingyi quickly called one.
The driver glanced at the rearview mirror, and the master didn’t know whether to stop.
"What for?" The master did ask, but he was still wary of asking, for fear that Lan Jingyi would take the child away from him at the same time. These two little things will not work without anyone during the Chinese New Year.
"Sir, I’m going to buy something. Can you wait for me?" Going to Jiang’s house in an old car is the scenery. It’s the master who forced her to drive. It will give her enough face. If she goes by herself, it’s a shame.
"Yes, but you can drive alone. Go back quickly." Master glanced at Lanqing and left three, so Lanjingyi will definitely come back.
Chapter 16 When I didn’t see it
"Yes, but you can drive alone. Go back quickly." Master glanced at Lanqing and left three, so Lanjingyi will definitely come back.
Lan Jingyi pushed open the car door and jumped in. As soon as the driver delayed her, the RV had already missed the store. It was hard for her to run because she didn’t want the old people and children to wait for her for too long.
When she rushed in panting, a little face turned red.
Most of many sexy clothes and pajamas at the counter are semi-transparent than transparent. She has never chosen such clothes, but when I think of Jiang Junyue’s indifference to herself in Leng Qing, Lan Jingyi decides to take the initiative to attack. Anyway, it’s okay for her to take the initiative once. I think Jiang Junyue didn’t take the initiative at the beginning. He used both hard and soft tricks. She thought that he was stronger and her face became more red.
"Miss this one? Already very conservative. "When the salesman saw Lan Jingyi blushing, he knew that she was embarrassed for fear that she would be embarrassed to run away and not buy it, so she hurried to introduce it.
"This one is also good. The latest arrival arrived yesterday, but you see that two sets have been sold out today. What size is it, Miss?" The salesgirl stared at Lan Jingyi with round breasts and a pretty ass.
Lan Jingyi felt uncomfortable. Where did he dare to choose carefully and hurriedly reported the size? "Help me find a pajamas of the same color again."
"Okay, I’ll pick it out for you."
The salesman quickly picked out a pajamas. "How about this one?"
"Well, how much is this one altogether?" She is in a hurry. The master and the children are waiting outside in the RV. If the master knows that her car is coming to buy these, it is estimated that her moral integrity will be finished.
But she doesn’t care about anything. Anyway, she just doesn’t want to
If she doesn’t try Jiang Junyue this time, she will regret it.
"three hundred"
It’s really expensive. This is Lan Jingyi’s first reaction. "It’s too expensive."
"Miss, it’s really not expensive. It’s much more expensive for you to see other houses than ours. We all make a few dollars with a firm offer, but if you look at our store, it costs thousands of dollars to add rent every month, and there is artificial water …" The salesman started to talk endlessly, and his bargaining skills were absolutely professional and dedicated. If Lan Jingyi was really not afraid to talk for half an hour at ordinary times, the price was all the same, but not today. A car was waiting for her outside. It is estimated that the car would be chopped directly by the master’s eyes for a while. I opened my backpack and pulled out four bills. "Hurry up, I’m in a hurry." The salesman hurried to find the money, and then put the clothes and pajamas in a small bag. Lan Jingyi stuffed them into her backpack and said nothing to others, otherwise she would be embarrassed.
When I walk out of the clothing store, I really think that the clothes here are cheap. Compared with the high-end stores that Jiang Junyue likes to visit, it is really much cheaper here.
Lan Jingyi quickly ran to the RV parked not far away. At this moment, she was in a happy mood. It was getting dark. Jiang Junyue had already rushed back to Jiangjia Road. After all, today is the 29th lunar calendar. He is the grandfather and grandson. He is going back for the New Year.
I’m really happy to think that I’m going to see Jiang Junyue soon, rather than suddenly thanking my master. Is this disguised as myself and Jiang Junyue?
I started the car before I could catch my breath. The master has changed hands with Lan Qing. At the moment, the child is looking at her with a small and strong head. "What did you buy?"
It’s very common at first glance, but Lan Jingyi blushed instantly as if she had just done something bad. She muttered, "I didn’t see a set of children’s clothes that I wanted to buy for Qinqin, but I didn’t buy them … I didn’t have that much money with me." Fortunately, her pajamas and clothes were small and didn’t take up much space. Otherwise, she would be found by her master. I didn’t expect him to ask her.
"Children’s clothes are enough. You don’t buy a lot at home anymore. Yesterday, I asked the nanny to buy enough clothes for the children to wear for two or three months." It’s rare that the master was very kind and told Lan Jingyi that these also eased her original chug crazy heart. "Well, I won’t buy it."
Maybe I feel that the atmosphere is fine. When the master sees two little things, he starts to worry about what to do after the year. If Sun takes the two children away from Lan Jingyi at that time, he really can’t stand it. So the master looks at Lan Jingyi with a cold face. "What mistake did Lan Jingyi LaCrosse make that deserves a cold war with him?" There are two children here. Can’t you stop thinking about two children? " His lordship almost made it easy to roll with the punches, but he was afraid that he had wronged his great-grandchildren. It is also important that great-grandchildren are important. He still knows the truth that great-grandchildren are not available without grandchildren.
Lan Jingyi instantly blew up and opened the box. She was going to take this opportunity to tell the master that "Grandpa didn’t want to have a cold war with him, but he ignored me. I went to the company to find him and even coaxed him to stay in the company to be his secret. But he actually asked the security guard to kick me out of the company and even announced that I would never be allowed to enter Master Chiang again. Those security guards all knew that you didn’t believe me and you had to do research."
"Is there such a thing?" Master some don’t believe him, but his grandson was bent on marrying Lan Jingyi. How could he go back on his word later? It should be very unhappy to see Sun look gloomy in recent days. If he really goes back on his word, he should be happy rather than sad to drive Lan Jingyi away.
"Sir, please check it. If I lie to you, I will be a puppy." Lan Jingyi said in a coquetry that she would give herself a clean breast and fight Jiang Junyue to the end.
"Line back home, I’ll make a phone call to let people check if there is such a thing, then don’t worry, grandpa, I’ll make decision for you. If he doesn’t let you into the company, grandpa will send you in, I can’t believe those security guards still dare to stop my old bones? I send you in every day. "The master is obviously beginning to be dissatisfied with Sun with a face of awe. Sun, this change is too fast. If you want to marry someone, he doesn’t want them. It is also his master’s opinion.
Lan Jingyi’s heart suddenly never jumped for joy. She didn’t expect the master to support her so much, so her chances of winning were bigger.
If she tries again tonight, maybe the man will lose his body and face, and the cold war and trouble will stop.
She’s enough. That’s enough
It’s hard to be alone. She should stop living like that.
Is that secret really that important? Is it important enough for her to break up with him?
It’s getting dark
The RV also arrived at Jiang’s old house, and Lan Jingyi was familiar with the villa. Recalling the days when she lived here, she didn’t like it at all, but she came back after the man married two children and grew up happily in the future.
喝茶约茶Hand tight tight shoulder bag LanJingYi holding small strong master holding small ooze ooze a car.
The nanny was greeted by Xiao Zhuangzhuang, who would deceive people and know who was better than him. She waved a little face at the nanny with a small hand and smiled extraordinarily brightly. Lan Jingyi was a little embarrassed when she saw the nanny. She handed Xiao Zhuangzhuang to the nanny without saying anything, even saying sorry. After all, she drove the nanny away.
"Ma ‘am, it’s good to have you back. Let’s go quickly." The nanny was very enthusiastic, but Lan Jingyi was uneasy. She turned her head and swept the garage. She didn’t see the man’s car. Has he not come back yet?
When I entered the villa, few people actually saw that Lan Jingyi was suspicious. This was the only way. "It is said that I am busy today, but LaCrosse will come tonight."
That lacrosse will come over tonight to make Lan Jingyi’s heart beat faster and think of her pajamas in her backpack. She felt a sense of impatience all over her body.
Nanny and Lan Qing went to the toy Lan Jingyi with Xiao Zhuangzhuang and Xiao Qinqin. Suddenly, I didn’t know where I was going, but at this moment, there was a parking sound in the yard, which attracted her to look at a tall figure outside the glass door. It was like this that Lan Jingyi, who was as handsome as a Uber, couldn’t help but get nervous.
Jiang Junyue, he’s back
"Dad … Dad …"
"Dad … dad …"
Xu had heard the sound of the car, and the nanny and Lan Qing came out of the toy with two little things in their arms. They were so excited to see Jiang Junyue for a few days, waving their little hands and jumping around with joy.
Jiang Junyue walked steadily towards the two little things, but turned a blind eye to Lan Jingyi. He held Xiaoqin in his left hand and Xiaozhuang in his right hand. "Did you miss Dad?"
"Giggle … Giggle …"
In response, he was two little guys laughing, then two small mouths kissed him on the left and right, and then kissed him on the cheek. Jiang Junyue smiled smugly. It was his child who kissed two babies back. Only then did he return the children to the nanny and Lan Qing, and then strode back to the room to change clothes. From head to tail, he didn’t look at Lan Jingyi.
Section 97

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!