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Don’t live up to this simple name? Or am I complicated?

Although my younger sister understands my feelings of crossing the time, she should still say, Handmaiden and Xiao Zhao will serve the young master wholeheartedly.
My hand felt my little shoulder slowly falling and my forehead gently touching the ground. The dark long hair hung from both sides and covered her pink and delicate face.
I can’t see whether her face is happy, sad or faint. I think she sounds calm and there is loneliness and melancholy in her tone.
Don’t want to? My heart suddenly jumped before my interest suddenly sank to a low ebb. It was YY rebirth. I saw too much. Poor young people, like me, not only showed off my ancestors’ family background, but also became famous as a genius. It’s hateful! I hate why I can’t let the tiger body shake and exude arrogance, so that the Central Plains can run around the streets, and all the good ministers will squeeze into Guzangcheng to kneel down and declare their loyalty; I hate why I can’t have everything in my daughter’s hometown.
My wealth, temperament and charm can’t even try to win over a little maid with a little background and knowledge? The first time you hook up with a chick, you make her reluctant? The real MD failed home!
I have a bad taste in my mouth. Take it back and put it on her shoulder. The left hand is repositioned. It’s a little warm to lie down and put a towel on my ass.
Master, you … you haven’t given a name to a slave or handmaiden yet. My little sister knelt down and listened to me and encouraged my sister. At this time, I looked as if I had abandoned myself, and I hesitated and summoned up the courage to speak out.
There are only two names. What else can you call your sister who robbed Xiao Zhao? I suddenly call forth again say with smile
Shuang’er?’ My little girl bent her head and bowed down. After Shuang’er, she will serve the young master as wholeheartedly as her sister!
Don’t kneel on the ground after getting up. It’s not good for your knees. I waved my hand to let the two girls get up.
By the way, how old are you? Are you ten years old? Seeing that I couldn’t conquer the barrier of Xiao Zhao for the time being, I turned to Shuang’er intimately.
Shuang’er may not be used to my cordial greetings, but it is more likely that she is too shy and her white face is covered with a little red gauze, but she still replied softly, My sister is Guanghe. On February 14th of the first year (17th year), Shuang’er was Guange, and she was born on the seventh day of July in the second year. She pouted her lips slightly, as if to express a little dissatisfaction with me, blaming my poor eyes and even asking people if my little girl is ten years old. Isn’t this not because she is turning around and cursing people for her slow development?
Don’t say that this girl is developing slowly … but a pink face with delicate facial features. At the moment, there are quite a few girls who are angry, which really makes my heart itch!
But this chick is too young and tender to call me uncle in a previous life, and I won’t even think about it
Besides, of course, it is impossible for me, a small common people, to be so anxious about this girl in front of me. If I am not too rubbish, I should not be dumped by other people RUSH in a short time. Are these two sisters too late to fall into my mouth?
It’s Shuang’er, and the little girl is too afraid of life. Then I’ll take the initiative. Of course, I can’t be too gradual to achieve longterm stability
So I decided to make it the lowest level to win people’s hearts.
But it is also the most common and most controlled technique.
spa会所  title=lick sb’s shoes
Chapter 26 Daily life
Although flattery is not for you, it is necessary to impress women.
Sweet talk jade jewelry has always been a favorite of women.
Of course, the latter needs to be broken bigger.
I am a thrifty person, so I adopted the former first.
So I smiled slightly. Are you almost ten years old? Hehe, I was really deluding myself, but it’s really touching that Xiao Shuang Er pursed her mouth, which makes people like it very much.
What a plain Chinese language!
Although my words are not as faint as loud, my expression is very sincere and my smile is very natural.
I don’t need fake
Do you like it? Xiao Shuanger was probably not praised by people in such sincere words before she was young. Her face was full of faint blush, and she was obviously very happy. A pair of small hands kept rolling the corner of her little shirt and wriggling.
Shuang’er, why don’t you … thank you for your praise? What is a little experience sister see sister at a loss Xiao Zhao quickly speak wake up way
Ah? Xiao Shuang’ er seems to be a surprised and faltering. I haven’t interrupted her mouth yet.
Don’t’ ah’. Although we have the name of master and servant, don’t be so identified. It’s too hierarchical to make people feel uncomfortable. I said seriously
hierarchical points? Xiao Zhao is very strange about my disorderly words.
Er, that is to say, don’t pay too much attention to the etiquette rules of the master and servant, and even praise each other. You have to salute and thank them. I explained, Xiao Zhao, don’t bring those complicated rules you learned in the Bianfu to my room, master. I’m tired of it. I seriously targeted the struggle reform at Xiao Zhao.
Xiao Zhao show is some fear handmaiden damn handmaiden don’t know master … His legs looked at is a soft.
I quickly reached into her elbow and held her gently. Yes, that’s it.
Xiao Zhao steadied himself and gently freed himself from my arms. He looked at me doubtfully. So?
You always kneel down and say,’ Damn handmaiden, I know wrong handmaiden is guilty’. Are you really so heinous? I smiled slightly
Handmaiden … Xiao Zhao face a slight red.
You don’t always say’ handmaiden’ to me, and so does Shuang’er. How cute a little girl is scared by your sister. I stretched out my hand and touched Shuang’er’s hair. The little girl’s face was still reddish, but it was probably because I had a lot of kung fu. She finally didn’t break free with a slight quiver.
I smiled with satisfaction.
Is it a rule or a necessity for the handmaiden to thank Master Kuan … Xiao Zhao is a welleducated servant girl and she is also serious.
Also call themselves handmaiden handmaiden? Don’t give me a face? !” I slapped the bed and shouted at me.
Xiao Zhao tiny one zheng.
Then I have to continue to criticize you. The struggle is also directed at her. Gong is actually a very kind person who doesn’t like to be too verbose about rules and etiquette. On weekdays, you should put some hands and feet in front of me. Don’t always be timid when you do things. It seems to make me feel as if you have just …
I was just about to say, Just make this your home and do whatever you want, but then I thought, no, if she really makes my home her home, how can my lofty family status be reflected? No, I can’t talk too much, but I want to establish a considerate and good image first. What should I do?
I had to stop thinking when I was thinking ambitiously
Xiao Zhao cried because …
Wang Wang’s eyes are covered with a layer of blurred water mist, and the sky is shining faintly. No, it’s not about to drip. The snowwhite cheeks have slowly shed two lines of clear tears.
Sister, sister? Xiao Shuang Er first panicked and put her arms around her closest and favorite sister, but she didn’t know what caused her to burst into tears.
eh? I can choose to be speechless. Was what I just said touching? Not so great, is it? I told you she didn’t have a day after today …
Shit! I suddenly flashed this big character in my mind. The old ghost has been hanging around for more than a year. Isn’t it just that their sisters are hiding and living in fear all day? ! Why didn’t I speak through my head!

I nodded slightly. Even so, I’m afraid I haven’t made any effort and energy from Sanfu to Yizhou in the short term.

No, he shook his head. Sanfu is an important place for military strategists. Even if there is no war disaster, we should consider strengthening combat readiness.
I frowned and thought for a moment. Then … let Yang Feng leave the post of battalion commander and go to Sanfu to take charge of the military. Hmm? Li Yuan, who is in charge of politics in Jingzhao, should be absolutely trustworthy, while Yang Feng keeps military forces, and I can just take over for Pound.
Yang Feng’s military talent … Cheng Yu seemed to want to object, but then nodded. It’s more than enough to defend Chang ‘an against Yizhou.
Speaking of which … I tilted my head toward Jia Xu. Does Yizhou have our eyes?
To tell the truth, I haven’t paid enough attention to it. Jia Xu shook his head. I was just a Luoyang commander with too little manpower in my hands. Although I have been supplementing this year, I mainly have few people in Qingzhou in both directions.
I understand that qualified spies can’t be trained in March or February.
Let’s divide the Council into ministries in the past few days, and each department will also adjust personnel and hand over things as soon as possible to sort things out properly. I nodded at several core civil servants in the hall. It’s not time for a leisurely tea.
promise! Everyone agreed with one voice.
You should also work with Mr. Wen He to sort out the basic institutions of various ministries, pay attention to balance each other and prepare personnel for exhibition as soon as possible.
22 Ninerank public servants
After the meeting, they immediately hired an adjustor.
And I immediately threw myself into another reform of the official system that was difficult to complete without my own hands.
Now that the central government has adjusted, I have decided to set up corresponding institutions for local institutions according to the central government.
The six central departments are called six halls in the state, six departments in the county, six departments in the county, and six departments in the county, while the four departments are called literary halls/departments/departments, while the names remain unchanged.
At the same time, one or two deputies can be set up at all levels to assist the chief exhibitor.
Here I have to consider all kinds of official positions.
spa会所It wasn’t difficult. I didn’t have the heart to dictate my meaning to Wei Ji. He soon churned out a ninerank scheme.
After my preliminary revision, it is roughly as follows
A (national) monarch;
II. (Academy and ministerial level)
2. Presidents of courts and DuchaYuan;
Minister of the Sixth Department of the Second Middle School and President of the Military Academy;
2. Dean of Shangling Hospital;
Three (state level)
The third division is a captain, and the state animal husbandry;
Nanyin of Sanzhong River;
(3) deputy governors of each state;
Four (county level)
4. Directors of the departments of the Central Court and DuchaYuan.
Director of the Sixth Department of the Fourth Central Committee and the Department of Military Academy, Chief of Dajun County;
Fourth, the directors of the various departments of Shangtai and the Academy, the deputy heads of the States, the presidents of the courts and Douchayuan, and the county chiefs;
V (departmental level)
5. Directors of state departments;
5. Directors of the departments of culture and education in the middle schools; The deputy court of Dajun County and the president of Douchayuan;
Deputy of five small counties, president of courts and Douchayuan.
Six (county level)
Luoyang Order and Chang ‘an Order, directors of six counties;

Points are beautiful and refined, gentle as water beauty.

Is this really the timid girl who turns red with nervousness when she speaks, and anyone can bully the big lady?
按摩  title=I always feel that something is wrong, and I am even more surprised to tunnel "big miss you"
Shui Yun-jin knew Miao Xiang was surprised, and she was also able to look down at Miao Xiang. She was young and pretty, with a panic on her face and a hint of doubt. The blood beads collided on her forehead and floor, and the sunlight dripping down her cheeks was very dazzling.
It’s snowing here today, and it’s been cold for two days. Sitting at noon, the code word will freeze without moving its feet.
Dear friends, keep warm. Oh, put on more clothes. Love you.
Please join us if you like. I look forward to your message:
Chapter 1 panoramic view (a more)
Shuiyunjin stared at the gorgeous blood color for a moment, and the pupil shrank inch by inch for a moment. She raised her head and looked out of the window along the falling sunlight. At this moment, she suddenly felt that something was flowing away and something was hard to live in.
It took a long time for Shuiyunjin to look back. She slowly got up and pulled Miaoxiang up. She couldn’t recognize the emotional tunnel. "I’m not dead. My wife told you that you haven’t finished anything. No matter what their purpose is now, it’s impossible to get what you want. Hou Fu, you can’t go back to the field. You know better than me that you are not stupid and you should know what to do next."
"Handmaiden, handmaiden, listen to Miss Big" Miao Xiang is still in a white brain, but one thing is that she is white. Now she has no retreat and can choose to follow Miss Big.
"There must be a lot in your heart, but I don’t need to tell you that you are my servant girl from now on. If you dare to think about it at all, I will definitely send you to see the real ghost. If you stick to your point and wait for me to handle all these things, I will let you go so that you don’t have to be a servant girl again." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are beautiful and light, staring at Miaoxiang.
"Is a handmaiden will abide by the loyalty of the Lord, please rest assured," Miao Xiang panicked and plopped down on his knees and hung his head immediately.
"Come on, change my clothes. Don’t keep people waiting for a long time." Shuiyun Park lifted her feet and walked to the bronze mirror. She had never seen this face and such a small body.
I haven’t seen the door open for half an hour, and both of them are anxious to wait outside.
"Lady Ruqin Ershao is waiting for the princess after grooming." An old mammy who kept breathing came in hurriedly. It was the old mammy beside Princess Lan at that time.
"Mammy, it’s been half an hour, or the handmaiden will go in and have a look." pretty maid Ruqin is also anxious.
Just then, I heard the door creak, and when I saw the door coming out, everyone was amazed by a long rose-purple veil. How should a woman be shaped? Her beauty is even more dazzling than the sunshine at the moment. Her beauty is not only her perfect face, but also her perfect temperament, and her eyebrows are clear.
"Thank you for waiting for a long time. Let’s go." Shuiyun Park looked up and looked at everyone and walked straight ahead.
Mammy Rui, after all, has seen the scene, and should have turned back to the thoughts in God’s eyes and immediately chased Shuiyun Park behind him.
"Miss Miao Xiang, how did this happen to her?" Another servant girl, Miao Yu, stupefied at the distant figure. Her face was flickering and even more damn than Miao Xiang’s at that time.
"Don’t ask the big lady again. It’s okay. From now on, let’s do the handmaiden’s duty." Miao Xiang carefully and soberly stared at Miao Yu and saw that she was still there, pulling her to trot and chase.
In the front yard hall, Huangfuheng was calm and casually drinking tea, but Princess Lan looked absent-minded and kept looking out.
As Mrs. Yiershao noticed that all eyes turned to the gentle and graceful figure coming slowly.
A rose-purple long gauze skirt reveals a graceful neck and clearly shows that the clavicle gauze leans softly on the arm, and the waist is not full. Holding the skirt pleats like snow, flowing like clouds, and flowing lightly on the ground for more than three feet, makes the gait more harmonious and soft. Three thousand moss only inserted a begonia, a purple hairpin, a wisp of moss hanging down on her chest, and it was as bright as spring flowers, as bright as autumn moon ice muscles. jade bone’s thin makeup was more delicate and beautiful. She moved lightly with her lotus steps, and the whole person seemed to be dancing and flying fairy, and the jade girl was as clear and clear.
Huangfuheng didn’t care about everything here, but Mrs. Yiershao made his heart tense. He held the red gold bound-branch teacup tightly with his big hand, and he knew how hard he could not crush it. The original casual sitting posture was suddenly stiff
When I saw the little face that was bigger than the stranger’s slap, his self-conceited calm and calm moment collapsed into pieces, but his calm face and expression made people unable to see the mood. He looked at Shuiyun Park with dark eyes and didn’t know what to think.
Princess Lan looked at the water clouds and hibiscus coming gradually, and unconsciously evoked a smile at the corner of her mouth. The smile was like the sunlight breaking through the dark clouds. The clear light made people suddenly enlightened and became clear. Just now, I was still worried and worried. The thin but firm figure vanished. Look at her gait. It’s light, full of style and moist eyes. The lake has an extremely pure beauty. What’s wrong with it if Liao’s wife is her?
When heaven and earth are quiet, it seems that this moment is still, and no one knows everything. There is another person in the humble corner who has a panoramic view of everything. His eyebrows are picturesque and profound, and his white clothes are as snow as clouds, and his smile is gentle and indifferent. There is also a hint of innate pride. What a big miss Hou Fu has deceived everyone.
I can’t believe that there are people hidden deeper than him in Yangcheng next year. They are elegant and natural, and their eyes are bright and their lips are light and soft, and their smiles are filled with incomparable wisdom and self-confidence. The dimples on their cheeks make him feel dazed and amazed. This world really makes people intoxicated with her extreme smile at a glance.
He regretted leaving like that last night.
A glance at Shuiyunjin will capture the look of two people in the room, which is as general as she expected. Second, this is the effect she wants.
Princess Lan’s gentle smiling face comforted her, which also made her determined to be stronger. She raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled at those dull and sharp eyes like ice weapons. If she didn’t guess wrong, this person should be Huang Fuheng’s twenty-one and twenty-two years old, showing noble purple silk gown, wide shoulders and narrow waist, and jade belt. The five senses are clear and elegant. He is doomed to be disappointed today. He never thought that he could be in front of him well, right?
"Hou Fu’s eldest daughter, Shuiyun Park, has seen Princess Lan." Shuiyun Park slowly walked into the hall and leaned slightly to salute.
There’s a second watch at 5 o’clock. If you like friends, please put them in the rack.
Pay attention to keep warm and wear more clothes in cold weather:
Chapter 11 Contest (Second Watch)
Princess Lan heard her call her eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and her heart was full of doubts and thoughts. Looking at her, she should have been in a white situation.
Not to mention the difference between the princess of Hengwang Palace and the young lady of Lanwang Palace. It’s just that the sedan chair is lifted by the wrong husband, and people can still be so calm. I’m afraid that she can look at her with special respect from facing the light at such a young age. "You know that you are in Lanwang Palace."
"I learned from the girl’s mouth early this morning," replied Shuiyunjin.
"Hou Fu marries the servant girl, but what happened yesterday? I don’t even know the wrong sedan chair, and yesterday’s hi-media mammy and others are all confused." Princess Lan looked slightly embarrassed
It seems to her that the whole thing is incredible. How can so many mammy maids make such mistakes? Besides, who are those media lovers? They are not only exquisite in appearance, but also extremely cautious in dealing with royal decency. Is there something hidden in this?
"Princess forgive princess for mercy" Miao Xiang and Miao Yu immediately knelt down and kowtowed in fear when they heard Princess Lan’s tone.
But Miao Xiang knows that this matter is involved in a wide range. I really want to investigate the whole wedding procession yesterday. She is a dowry girl. I can’t blame her for it. She thought and said slowly, "The two young ladies don’t pay extra attention for fear that something will go wrong. Just when Mrs. Ji arrived, she ordered Ximei to help the big lady’s car first. There is nothing special about it." Miao Xiang looked up at the next words with great care.
"What is the truth?" Princess Lan immediately asked.
"Princess, you should remember yesterday’s sudden vision. When the wedding procession came to the end of the street, it was dark and dark clouds covered the sun, and the wind kept blowing the whole wedding procession. Even the bearers couldn’t keep their eyes open for a while, and the two ladies were thrown out of the sedan chair. At that time, everyone panicked and rushed forward for fear of hurting the two ladies. After a while, the sun was shining and the handmaiden was holding the sedan chair separately." Miaoxiang’s voice became louder and louder.
"Do you mean that the two young ladies were confused at that time? What was the weather like yesterday?" Princess Lan frowned.
"Aunt can’t pray for the Buddha all day long, so it’s not clear that Wang heard that all the people in Beijing talked about yesterday’s situation, and there were different opinions. However, it was a heated discussion. Since ancient times, natural visions have been regarded as good or bad omen, and the people are even more convinced that they will be afraid of the rise and fall of the national fortune, and there will be a saying that will reassure people." Huangfuheng light way
Shui Yun-jin’s eyes are heavy and not the kui is a manipulative, treacherous and cunning villain. A simple sentence will suppress all doubts of Princess Lan, who will dare to talk about it again?
Princess Lan naturally turned her eyes to look at the truth beside her. Mammy Rui knew that Miao Xiang was right when she nodded, so she would no longer hold her back. Although she didn’t believe in the weather, she believed that God’s will had its own master. Maybe this big lady Hou Fu is a predestined friend. She thought that her eyes had changed a few times, and she felt that she was not a big person and dignified, but she liked it a little bit and waved her hand and said, "Yunxi came here."
Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly became moist with a quiver, and the sour taste in her heart was out of control. So did her mother in her previous life. She was also soft and warm. She almost couldn’t control her excitement, but her feet were still calm and calm. She felt that after walking for a long time, she raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "The princess has orders."
"It’s not a loss that Miss Hou Fu is really dignified and beautiful. You already know the body of Lan Wangfu, but who was married with you yesterday?" Princess Lan smiled and pulled up Shuiyunjin’s hands.
Shuiyunjin didn’t expect Princess Lan to ask so bluntly.
She knows very little about the famous deeds of the second duke of Lan Wangfu in her memory. Before that, Shuiyun Park locked up the backyard. She knew only about outsiders or things. From Shuixinru’s reluctance to marry such a dude, it can be concluded that this man’s name is not so good. It may be that he is blessed by his family, not academic, unruly, superficial and vulgar, and his eyes are higher than those of the second sai-jo.
But last night, she remembered clearly that he left without saying a word, which means that the emperor gave him a marriage, and he didn’t agree with it and rejected it very much, and he wasn’t really Shuiyunjin himself. Naturally, she didn’t want to have a husband so inexplicably, and she didn’t conflict with him just because of this.
She can’t ignore the death of Shuiyun Park, and even if she wants to make peace, she won’t let herself go of these things. Since everything is aimed at herself and Lan Wangfu, she can make mistakes and become Mrs. Lan Wangfu Ershao. He and she have a common enemy who can help each other temporarily. She is alone and can use external forces to help.
And Hou Fu, she can’t go back. Lan Wangfu’s position on the potential is a good platform, which is why she was determined to hide her thoughts in her eyes and whispered, "I don’t know what princess means."
"It’s really a clever child princess. At the sight of you, I feel that I like Liao Er. Although Liao Er is naughty, Princess Fear knows that he is pure-hearted since childhood. If he has never changed his mind about people or things, he will wholeheartedly care for you so smart." Princess Lan smiled softly and with a hint of meaning.
Shuiyunjin hangs her head and frowns slightly. The princess’s sex is bright and frank. It’s easy to guess that she loves her son by playing around. She says that she loves her son very much, and she deliberately speaks wholeheartedly. She wants to tell herself that if she wants to get Huangfu’s meaning and note, she can get more love. In ancient times, men can get more love from their husbands and wives.
She actually used this to seduce herself.
Although I think she is very kind, but there is no emotional marriage, she really can’t accept it. She wants to be a young lady for a while. At the moment, I don’t know how to answer "Would you like to be a wife?" Princess Lan couldn’t wait to ask questions
Shui Yun-jin breathed a sigh of relief when she was about to say something when she heard a deep, cold, emotional injection sound.
"It’s strange to hear that Miss Hou Fu’s sexual cowardice is unfavorable to people and everything is blindly obedient except that people in Hou Fu have never come into contact with outsiders. It seems that this statement is not true."
The first round of the contest begins, hehe
Please collect it if you like. I look forward to your message:
Chapter 12 threat (a more)

He won’t eat it again. You said, I drank one.

He said, Nanyang is such a big county, and the county chief is 2,000 tons of stone, with a monthly fee of 9,000 meters and 72 tons of food. You know, an ordinary hundred stone petty official can support his family and raise his wife and children even if he can’t reach one tenth of his monthly salary. Why can’t he afford to raise his wife and children if he is a prefect of two thousand stones?
I laughed. You and I think exactly the same! If MD 2,000 senior officials can’t afford a wife and children, how can the bureaucrats live? ! But at the end of the day, officials are living well. I haven’t heard of any official starving their children’s wives to death. That can be said … Either the sheep continues to brag shamelessly or the salary of officials is really too low. His sheep continues to eat and drink for 9 thousand a month, and other officials can support their wives and children by taking bribes and taking fish and people!
It’s like previous provincial and ministerial officials who claimed that they earned more than 200,000 yuan a year, but they didn’t have enough to eat …
Behind those … little people didn’t expect Liang Cong quickly told me that I was still more foresight than him or the master saw it thoroughly
You … Jia Xu words can be said to shake your head repeatedly. Yang Xu is also a rare honest official in the world. What you said really became a thief …
I shrugged. We’re just keeping the most skeptical attitude, that’s all.
Suddenly, the hooves outside seemed to come straight from the gate to the Chamber.
Come quickly! Wei Yan, who has just joined our army, is also somewhat arrogant.
The front line is urgent! The messenger outside the door cried in a panic, That …
品茶论坛Pang Gan immediately interrupted him, Let’s talk about it when we meet the master!
Yes, yes! The messenger rushed into the hall with a bow and handed the letter to Liang Cong, who handed it to me.
I shook the writing paper in the wind, but the font was hard and scrawled, which was obviously a hasty writing.
Cool male close rev.
Bao Xin from Jibei, Ying Shao from Taishan Prefecture, and Zheng Sui from Chengxiang attacked us with more than 20,000 troops. Lu was in urgent need of funds, and Bianxian County was already lost. Now we can only rely on the city guards to look forward to reinforcements! Wu Zi, the minister of Lu, made an urgent nod! The fifth day of the month
The last two words are almost twisted into a ball, but fortunately I can recognize them …
How many troops does Lu have? I handed the letter paper to Jia Xu, clutching the case and asking the messenger.
The messenger replied with fuels, There are 5,000 foot soldiers in Lucheng, and Bai Wuxiang urgently mobilized 10,000 young people to recruit nearly 1,000 horses.
My heart is a little safe. The troops are also strong in many cities?
There has always been little war in Lu … The messenger’s eyes drooped. Former Guo Xiang once repaired the wall a little and could probably resist a burst. What did he say?
I was uneasy again and turned to see Jia Xu. What should I do?
Jia Xu Su replied, Urgently order Seibel, Zhang Liao and Huang Dong to help Lu, and make the counties and countries along the way such as Jiyin, Dongping and Shanyang deploy troops to rescue Wu Zi … at the same time, let a battalion of cavalry prepare for the rescue.
That’s it! I patted the table a few times
There is another horseshoe outside the door.
Zhang Liao battalion commander belongs to! Urgent request to see your master! Listen to the shouting outside and drink Jiangshan Ren Li Xue! (Jiang Xue a hundred mountains and no bird … )
What a mess! Wei Yan, who hasn’t received the secret code education, angrily drank Speak human words!
Pang gan quickly ran out into the hall!
The messenger strode into the hall and handed Liang Cong the copper tube in his belt after a bow.
It’s really Zhang Liao, but it’s very ugly
Master such as hoo.
I heard that the situation around the three counties of Lu was critical, so I didn’t ask for instructions. Gao and Huang Er will all be guilty of sending troops to the east, but please discuss it after Lu Guowei’s liberation! Minister Zhang Liao rode at the beginning of the month.
What a Zhang Wenyuan! When I was angry, I laughed and said, It’s really a good soldier!
Note that the sheep continued to die in history in 19 years, and the satrap lived a few more years here.
Before the war in midFebruary
Chen stayed in Luoyang, 500 miles to Lu, and probably more than 500 miles to Zhang Liao, and made a decision, which could save three days at least.
And more than 500 miles away from the cavalry, that is, two days of kung fu.
Today is the tenth day of the month and Zhang Liao’s letter was written at the beginning, which means … Now Zhang Liao and Seibel may have entered the boundary of Lu.
My mood gradually calmed down and I turned to ask Jia Xu, Huangfusong won’t attack us for the time being, right?
Jia Xu shook his head and said, Liu Xie is halfway through with hundreds of officials and heavy casualties. He should not make a move.
That’s good. I nodded and turned to the map on the wall.
Yuan Shao’s army is ready to go. Although Cao Cao’s military forces are far inferior to him, they should not be underestimated …
Qingzhou Sun Jian Although I call each other friendly for the time being, Yuan Cao’s allies have obviously been eager to show their offensive in our marginal areas …
Write a letter to Sun Jian and ask him to stab Ying Shao in the back! I casually said, it can also relieve the pressure of a Wu capital.
Good Jia Xu’s arm in arm immediately splashed a short message overnight.
Give Liangzhou Pang Rou, Sanfu Liyuan, Hedong Liangshan Xu Huang Chu Yan, He Li Dian, and Dongjun Taishi Ci their respective organizations to harass Bing and Jizhou counties, and seek to kill Cao Cao and Yuan Shao’s troops to the greatest extent.
Jia Xu put pen to paper like flying. I just finished saying that he has written a copy and sent it directly to the beadle.
My eyes fell on Jizhou to prepare Yuan Shao for the final battle
If we can defeat Lombardi as soon as possible, it would be best … Jia Xu frowned slightly. Obviously, he didn’t recognize that Lombardi was so easy to perish
If I can’t destroy him … I gave a wry smile. Then I’m in trouble.
He nodded silently.
Now there are Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in the north, Sun Jian Liu Bei in the east and Huangfusong Liu Biao in the south. With the rapid expansion of power, the territory under my jurisdiction is the widest, and naturally it has become a target of public criticism. If I can’t defeat Yuan Shao, the most powerful enemy, in the first world war and eliminate the scourge in the north, I will fall into the quagmire of being enemies when other forces recover.
send more detail to Hebei, I exhorted, and carry out some destructive activities if possible.
Jia Xu corners of the mouth slightly wide already doing.
Then inform to prepare food and grass. I asked for it soon from the moment I sat down.
Do you want to personally sign? Jia Xu asked, but he was not surprised.
I moved my wrist and asked, I am much more valuable in the battlefield than sitting here, right?
He caressed his beard and smiled
After the meeting of the Military Commission, Xun You suggested that I send some soldiers to Hebei before.
After a brief discussion, I pushed out the 4,000 cavalry of Ganning and asked him to meet Li Dian at the river. If necessary, I could help Li Dian to take a military trip to Bing.
Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye both actively expressed their hope to support the front line, and I directly rejected it.

"Mr. Jiang said that you should inform him when you wake up. We should inform him soon."

"Well, I’ll wait for him to let him come over." Lan Jingyi knows that these people can’t be overcome. When Jiang Han comes, Jiang Han will tell her everything. No one knows better than her that Jiang Junyue trusted Jiang Han and gave Jiang Han everything to do.
She is quiet. She needs to think now. If something really happens to Jiang Junyue, she must face this moment. She should be calm, except calm or calm. She has two children, and she should be strong.
Chapter 227 How do you know
It’s not worth it to be knocked unconscious again. She won’t make that mistake again.
If I hadn’t resisted the detention center policewoman last night, I wouldn’t have been knocked unconscious.
But she can also recognize the dumb loss. It is her fault to go to the detention center.
Seeing that she was quiet, the nurse and two plainclothes did not say anything about keeping her eyes quietly. From time to time, she scanned her body for fear that she would rush out again in a second.
Good Jiang Han came quickly, and it took about three minutes to push the door open. At the moment, Lan Jingyi felt that his heart seemed to jump out. "What happened to him?" He must still be alive, isn’t he? "
To be or not to be, she wants the front answer.
Jiang Han stepped forward with a heavy face, which made Lan Jingyi panic again. Suddenly, she was afraid to know the answer. She was so afraid.
Lip slightly peristalsis a final Jiang Han warble way "Jiang always he is still alive"
桑拿按摩"alive?" Lan Jingyi questioned, "Why do you look like this when he is alive? Jiang Han, you lied to me, didn’t you?" I didn’t cry more than I did hysterically. Lan Jingyi was surprisingly calm, and his eyes fell straight into Jiang Han’s face as if he were going to see him.
"Madam, you should be prepared …" Jiang Han said this sentence with a low grind.
"He is still in critical condition, isn’t he?"
"Yes" Jiang Han gritted his teeth. He knew that he could not fool Lanjingyi.
"Where is he?" Take a deep breath and then take a deep breath. Lan Jingyi has prepared for the worst.
"operating room"
"Take me to wait for him. I will wait for him to come out."
"Madam, you wait here and no one knows when General Jiang will come out."
"How long have you been in?" Lan Jingyi turned to look out of the window. When she calculated that the accident happened last night, it should be around eleven o’clock. It’s nearly noon now. She really didn’t fall asleep for so long.
"More than ten hours"
"Take me to wait for him. He will come out. He will." She said lightly that people have gone to bed again. This time, instead of barefoot, she bent over and put on her shoes seriously. She must wait for him to come out and be with him. He is still so young and they still have a lot of youth. She firmly believes that everything will be fine.
"Madam …"
"Let’s go" Lan Jingyi walked to the door. "What floor is Jiang Han on?" She is still a stranger to this hospital and knows nothing. Asking Jiang Han about it is the fastest.
"top floor"
Lan Jingyi walked quickly to the front of the ladder, but never pressed the up button too fast and waited there quietly.
He’ll be fine, she kept telling herself.
As soon as I got out of the ladder, the police told Lan Jingyi that something really happened this time.
There are more than a dozen policemen outside the operating room, and it is like a javelin.
Lan Jingyi was stopped as soon as he appeared. "Other people are not allowed to enter."
"She is general manager Jiang’s fiancee."
"Oh," the police just got out of the way.
Lan Jingyi walked to the front of the operating room and quietly there. She wanted to wait for him here and let him see her as soon as he came out, no matter how long he had to wait.
It’s like a statue in her place, and it flashed in my mind that Jiang Junyue used to laugh and laugh.
"Madam, get something to eat. You haven’t eaten for a day and a night." Last night, the food in the detention center didn’t move much. Jiang Han knew everything. He advised Jiang Junyue that this time, I’m afraid it was really run. The shot hit the heart just right, unless there was a miracle …
"LaCrosse ….." In the hall behind her, she suddenly cried out. He Ling came. She rushed to the front of the operating room and slapped the iron gate. "When will my son come out?"
"Madam may … may not be so fast, please don’t be nervous and sit in the chair for a rest." Jiang Han hasn’t persuaded Lan Jingyi to eat yet, and he Ling is going to be advised here.
"What is she doing here?" He Ling pointed a finger at Lan Jingyi and "kicked her out" as if she had seen a ghost.
Lan Jingyi slowly turned around, although her face was a little pale, but she couldn’t hide her tenacity. "Mrs. He LaCrosse is your son, but she is also the father of my daughter. You have no power to drive me away. I want to wait for him here."
"Don’t let me forbid you to stay here. Jiang Han drove her away."
"Mrs. He, you’re being ridiculous. It’s really me who should make trouble, not you." Lan Jingyi said, and she moved closer to He Ling for two steps. She said, "You pushed my father into the sea. I should sue you, shouldn’t I? Then you will be the murderer. "
"You … how do you know?" He Ling stared at Lan Jingyi and his face was already pale.
"Ha ha, I’m not quite sure yet, but now I’m sure it can be determined by your reaction and tone." I received "I’m sorry I recorded the sound"
"Jiang Han she … she …" He Ling language knot.
LanJingYi tone a turn "but now is not to pursue those times if I want to pursue the royal lady, please be quiet and don’t get in the way of me here waiting for the lacrosse. All I have left is just to see the lacrosse. If something happens to him, I will be the first to spare you." She was so angry at this moment that she couldn’t wait to kill all the people who caused trouble to Jiang LaCrosse, including his mother He Ling.
He Ling just faded and sat down in a chair, panting heavily, and Lan Jingyi had turned her back and never looked at her again, as if she would have nightmares if she looked at her again.
Section 134
Waiting is not only waiting but also waiting.
When it is so tormented.
It’s getting dark and it seems to be dawn again.
An operation has been done for more than twenty hours.
But if the operation is still in progress, it proves that the person on the operating table is alive, he is breathing, he is still warm, and he is still fighting a cruel battle in this world. If he wants to live, he must live.
There is hope alive.
It’s dawn
The sky was a fish-belly grey and brought light to the world. There was silence outside the operating room, which was the longest operation in the hospital’s history.
Lanjingyi still returned the door and never moved a step.
Suddenly there was a very low step in my ear, "Come out, pour him out."
Her voice immediately woke the outsiders waiting for the operating room, and He Ling also opened her dim eyes. She jumped up and rushed to Lan Jingyi’s side. "Where is the LaCrosse?"
"He will be fine when he comes out inside." Originally, she hated He Ling, but at this moment, she thought that there could be one more Jiang Junyue blessing person in this world, one more hope when he was born.
The door was pushed open by the nurse and the bed was pushed out of the way. A nurse pushed the bed and walked out.
"How is he?" White covered his body, and his face was calm and peaceful, as if he were asleep. Lan Jingyi quickly stepped aside to push the bed out, but his mouth was asking the doctor on that side.
"The operation was successful, but he was too badly hurt to wake up and be afraid …"
"That is, there is still the possibility of waking up, isn’t it?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up and his hand fell off the bed. The man was tried to catch his hand by her, but his hand was hidden by her and she was afraid to open the floor. She was afraid that he would be cold from such a cold operating table. He must be very cold.
"It’s hard to be mentally prepared." The doctor thought about it and told the truth. Sometimes he gave his family too much hope. If he couldn’t do it, it would hurt more. The doctor always used to make the illness more serious.

Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda’s eyes and saw that his eyebrows were cold and his mouth was tight. She snuggled into his arms and judo "I’m afraid of the cold now. I dare not let you near me if you go so cold again."

Huangfuda instantly receded and was cold and cold. She stretched out her arm and brought Shuiyunjin up. "Let’s go."
Zi Xia nodded and took his belongings and was ready to leave with Huangfuda.
But then a yellow robe LingXiaoYao slowly came in from the outside, and his face was still white and clear, so he came in and looked at Huangfuda and didn’t feel surprised. "Rong Wang came to Lingguo and planned to leave without saying a word."
"If you want to take your woman away, you should know that you will be an outsider." Huangfuda cold way.
"You woman" LingXiaoYao looked at her eyes leaning on his arms. "She is my toffee. There is no Rong Wang here."
"Ling is so self-deceiving, don’t you feel ashamed?" Huangfuda sneered coldly.
"Yunjin has promised to marry Rong Wang between the two countries, and it’s not self-deception, and this is Ling Guorong Wang who won’t be confused about his situation, right?" Ling Xiao’s voice rose slightly.
"It’s still too early to say whether the two countries are married or meet at war, but the king knows that you can’t stop the king now. If it weren’t for watching you lose your power to take away your wife and revenge, the king vowed to get it back." Huangfuda glanced at LingXiaoyao coolly.
"Rong Wang is sure that he can’t keep you today." Ling Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows.
"If you don’t want to be painstakingly trained by the dark guards, Wang Leyi will accompany you." Huangfuda’s remarks are already very arrogant. After all, this is Ling Guo.
ShuiYunJin listen to the two men you come to me back to attack eyebrows setting for a moment, she looked LingXiaoYao "how are you?"
"Don’t worry, I’m fine, but I can’t solve your body poison." LingXiaoYao Wen said.
Shuiyunjin smiled. "I know this may be providence. Come on, I don’t want to see anything happen to you. It’s good. It’s really good."
Ling Xiaoyao just pulled out a smile at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t want to owe him a little bit. Even if she died, she would want to be with Huangfuda without any impurities. The thought of these made his heart ache. "Do you really want to go with him?"
Huangfuda glanced at him. He Huangfuda woman naturally wants to go with him. What is it to stay in Lingguotai Palace?
Shuiyunjin nodded. "I have no strength to toss about again. I want to accompany him in the last day. Xiaoyao, take care of yourself."
"Yunxi, I know your heart is full of him, but my heart is full of you, too. Have you really never cared a little?" Lingxiaoyaoyao set Shuiyunxi’s face with black eyes.
spa会所"I keep in mind that you are good to me, but I can’t give you anything. Even if I have a little tempted, I will feel sorry for him and you. I am doomed to let you go. Besides, I am like this now. Don’t be bitter with yourself."
Shuiyunjin speaks slowly, no matter what, she is doomed to bear Ling Xiaoyao’s share of kindness and obsession, so it is not a bad thing to let it go.
"I have long said that I am willing to do everything you do, and I will give up on you as much as he does." Ling Xiaoyao was afraid that he would never see you again this time.
"That’s enough. Have you said enough? You should have known this would happen since you calculated all this, and you will be forced to do it."
Huangfuda can’t listen to it anymore. Ling Xiaoyao’s heart for Shuiyunjin made him afraid. Ling Xiaoyao can save her life. If he hadn’t met Shuiyunjin first, I’m afraid he would have been injured alone today.
LingXiaoYao was slightly coagulation and didn’t say anything.
Huangfuda didn’t want to delay to hold ShuiYunXi out of the bedroom, followed by Zi Xia and Lin Han.
Outside the hall, Taigong Dark Health Department appeared and looked at Huangfuda angrily.
Any suspection.i da cold hum a careless embrace ShuiYunXi just slowly walked forward those dark guards but didn’t get LingXiaoYao commanded all dare not kinetic energy to watch any suspection.i da leave.
"The temple really let Rong Wang go?" Taifu steward looked respectfully at LingXiaoyao coming out of the temple.
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t say anything. His eyes were deep and bottomless, and he looked at the two intertwined figures closely. His face turned white inch by inch. Suddenly, his brow wrinkled and his mouth overflowed with a wisp of blood.
The steward of the "Diandian" was shocked that their temple strength was excessively depleted. They have been holding on for several days and have not rested. Today they finally can’t hold on.
There is a carriage parked outside Lingguo City, and Yesen is sitting on the surface.
When he saw Huangfuda coming with Shuiyunjin, his face was finally loose.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and smiled.
Stay a few people in a carriage by YiSen and Lin Han driver quickly left the place.
Because of the concern for Shuiyunjin’s body, the carriage walks very slowly, and it is bound to stop at night.
It’s that Shuiyunjin is getting worse and worse and can’t eat at all. "
How long will it take us to get to Changyong? "Shuiyunjin leaned against Huangfudi in the carriage and asked lazily.
"In two days, we can return to Lanwangfu." Huangfuda Judo
"I now let grandpa and them see this." Shuiyun Park opened her eyes and there was something in her moist eyes.
"Don’t entertain foolish ideas. You are the woman I hold in my heart. I love you and I love you. No matter who you are, you can’t say that you are half wrong." Huangfuda firmly tunnel.
Shuiyunjin smiled. She suddenly left now and went back to others’ eyes like this. But she has nothing to worry about. "Now you treat me as a treasure."
"It’s not a treasure, it’s my life." Huangfuda Judo

I looked back for a moment and got a panoramic view of everyone’s expression. Everyone was ready to fight without the bridge, but they didn’t come because they couldn’t help. The LV9 level of the current striker player is not a problem, but the equipment, weapons, ornaments and rings, and the strongest weapons and equipment are among us (Wu Bing and Qing Yu haven’t changed jobs yet, so they haven’t been called to fight yet)

First of all, I quickly turned The Hunger’s reincarnation knife three times and threw it at Bart’s wind. The The Hunger ring was sharp. I don’t believe Bart’s wind dared to stop it, but I threw The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. The skill of riding a toucan knight [collision] crossed me and rushed at Bart’s wind. The dark fire disappeared in situ and instantly appeared. Both sides of Bart’s wind were right. This is a unique skill of dark fire [shadow separation] Two places at once have the ability to be 70% true, but it is impossible to underestimate the fact that the soldiers didn’t go to fight, but they read something in the back of their mouths. A large range [field of land attributes] was thrown at the foot of Bart’s wind. Imbat wind is the top BOSS of the animal class with wind attributes. As a result, the ability of Bart’s wind was immediately reduced by 20% as soon as the land attributes were launched.
Of course, Bart’s wind is not easy to bully the main foot. People have danced for a long time [collision] and suddenly fell. In Bart’s wind, the attack range of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife has been seen. He twisted the sickle in his hand with one hand, and the blade of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife had a hard collision. "Peng!" Before Bart’s wind could react, the dark fire appeared sickle attack dead angle. The fist blade’ Mangyuan’ attacked Bart’s wind armpit at a critical moment. Bart’s wind clenched his fist with the other hand and swept the fist blade deeply. In Bart’s fist, the other hand turned the sickle and swept the dark fire. When he saw the dark fire, there was another dark fire behind Bart’s wind, and this dark fire skill [dark instantaneous] and [psychic shock wave] broke into the long range of Bart’s wind hand to stab the fist blade.
Of course, Bart’s wind is no ordinary BOSS. When the sharpest tip of the dark fire fist pierces Bart’s left chest and puts an inch in the heart, Bart’s wind suddenly becomes as hard as iron, and it is difficult for the dark fire fist to score a point, and both of them fall from it at the same time.
I’ve never seen [rocketry] shoot back at Bart’s wind * * * * in the past. The fire from this [rocketry] turned out to be purple. I believe it’s also a variant of the magic of the disease. "Bang, bang, bang …" For eleven consecutive rings, all purple rockets hit the target perfectly. Bart’s wind is black and bloody, which proves that this variant of the disease method [rocketry] does not generally fall to the ground. Bart’s wind and dark fire "swish!
"Hey!" For a while, the Bart wind was crazy! Eyes covered with bloodshot eyes descended on Tianwu with one foot and one footprint. It was another trick to touch Tianwu hard. When the whole person was hit and flew, he spit out a big mouthful of blood. This is a serious injury that will cause a state. Generally, he will not vomit blood from his mouth. If vomiting blood syndrome also causes mental damage to his body in reality, such a state will occur.
"Dance!" I couldn’t believe my eyes were wide open. I looked at Tianwu, which was supposed to be strong, but compared with elephants, a woman was hit by Bart’s wind. I was still a little puzzled why Bart would do this and show mercy, but now it won’t.
"The Hunger reincarnation knife crack day chop!" If you don’t finish it, you can fly back to The Hunger and jump directly into The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. Your feet float on The Hunger’s reincarnation knife for one centimeter. If you finish it, it won’t hinder The Hunger’s reincarnation knife from rotating. The idea controls The Hunger’s reincarnation knife to rush to Bart’s wind and shout behind him, but I didn’t hear what he said and I don’t want to hear anything now. I want to make a clean break with Bart’s wind now.
The Hunger’s reincarnation knife is divided into two, two, four, four and sixteen. Sixteen The Hunger reincarnation knives surround Bart’s wind completely. Except for the one I set up, I cut fifteen vertically to Bart’s wind and dragged fifteen cracks with red corners.
In the crazy state, no matter what comes, the two horns instantly extend twice, and the first twist of the horn comes into close contact with The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. There is no strong impact, and the horn of Bart’s reincarnation knife is cut off, and the rest of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife is actually trapped in Bart’s body, trapped again and deeply. Fifteen The Hunger reincarnation knives cut Bart’s wind into pieces and didn’t even scream.
After facing the soldier, he was about to launch a unique skill, but it ended like this. He just froze and kept saying, "This is really not a small person. It seems that he was underestimated to give him a few months ago!"
After doing this trick, my body collapsed and I fell from The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. Fortunately, I was caught by the dark fire, and then my consciousness gradually disappeared. Before I disappeared, I asked, "How was the dance?"
"She …"
Chapter 11 Sisters, Parents and Brothers (1)
The sky is blue and the ice field is always so clear. On this day in Wan Liyun, the snow is so lonely, but the whole city is very big, but there are less than 100 people living in it. What’s more important is that this situation was formed only a few days ago, and a few days ago, the Snow Queen organized the whole city to make a final counterattack against the invading gods, but it failed. The Snow Queen disappeared, and the inferno slaughtered the city and left. These people were originally far away from the city to guard the’ pylorus’, but at the moment when the pylorus was broken, these people evacuated, so they saved their lives.
After being in a coma for more than an hour, I woke up, and my body was fine, but the dancing situation was not so good. Bart’s wind knocked her unconscious. The only way to save her coma in the game is to let her rest or let her wake up with strong will. Because dancing can’t go back and send her to the battle, I decided to move forward and enter Syracuse, and maybe I can find a place to rest.
After entering the city, I found a rest place, and there are still many places for us to rest. The whole city has almost become a city. From the guardian’s mouth, I know that the Snow Queen is missing and has not died, especially in the last blow of the Snow Queen, the inferno suffered heavy casualties, otherwise it would not have left without thorough search, and I also know another news that pylorus has opened the boundary and gradually approached the coast from the sea. The inferno came in from pylorus, and the fairyland world in the game is in these two boundaries.
In addition, Snow City, the queen of ice and snow, can be said to be the birthplace of the whole fairyland. It is from here that Scorpio began to slowly develop the world and formed the fairyland today, but for the inferno and the guardian of the man of God, I don’t know anything, and I dare not say anything.
Sister, the last group of people haven’t arrived yet, so several of our leaders held a short meeting. At this time, I can carefully observe the intelligence of President’ Intelligence First’. His face is very ordinary, and his equipment is even so ordinary. Even his height and figure are so ordinary. There are hundreds of the same people who are casually put on the street, but it is such a talent that he is really suitable to be an intelligence worker. According to my sister, this person is also a world-class intelligence officer in the real world, and he will be easy to operate. However, the appearance in the game is really true, because these can’t be hidden from the
The intelligence first said, "According to the information obtained, besides what the guardian said just now, there is also a possible place for the Snow Queen." The intelligence pointed to a fairyland map made by himself and saw that the place he was referring to was in an ice forest in the west of Xuexian City, which happened to be not far from the pylorus forest.
"As you can see, once we get close to here, we will definitely be discovered by the inferno. Today, we have no experience in fighting with the inferno. If we rashly go to war with the inferno, the casualties will be very serious. Although our troops can be reborn, they can’t be sent here. According to the actual time, it will take at least half a day to get here from the resurrection, but the inferno can constantly recruit troops from pylorus, regardless of their strength." After the intelligence carefully finished, we looked at all of us and finally added, "So it is not practical to go to war now."
The soldiers also expressed their opinions and said, "I also agree with the intelligence statement. After all, our current snow force is too small to limit the creation of magic objects, and if the strength is still unclear, it is unpredictable to attack the situation rashly. I think it is the best policy to organize a small team to rescue."
桑拿网  title=After the soldiers finished speaking, most people agreed to this method, which is also a more practical method to discuss a round of rescue team composed of seven people, namely, soldiers staying behind, dark fire, disease method, military force, blood repellent, intelligence and ice fox, and dance in heaven is taken care of by Muer and Qingyu.
The forest in the west of Xuexian City is really extraordinary. The whole forest is actually a kind of white tree as snow and ice. From a height, there is something that is not white. It can be said that it is clear. So what does the intelligence say about the Snow Queen here? Will she be invisible? The intelligence saw that everyone was puzzled and said, "The snow queen is white, so hiding in this snow forest is the best way to escape the inferno."
The crowd suddenly turned out to be the way it was. At the beginning, it was given a photo of the Queen of Ice and Snow without her body to search. It was divided into three groups: I and intelligence, a group of dark fire, a group of disease, an ice fox and a group of soldiers. There are reasons for this grouping, but there must be one person in each group who can make [healing] and [accelerating]. This is a life-saving method. If you don’t meet the ultimate BOSS like Butterfield, your life will not be lost soon, and you will have a chance. In these three groups, I, Xuefen and Binghu just have these two kinds of life-saving values and escape skills.
The three groups of people separated from each other in three directions, searched in parallel, and converged on the other side of the forest, while I and the left side of the information search, that is, the direction closest to the pylorus, could directly see that the pylorus portal was as black as the nine-deep abyss and appeared near the whole gate, and the boundary appeared as the boundary, which vaguely made me feel uncomfortable.
"Elegant speaking, it’s the first time we’ve been alone."
"Oh, yeah, I didn’t expect you to be in the family."
The intelligence turned dark and said, "I’m not from the Oriental family, I’m from you."
"What?" After listening to the information, I feel numb. What do you mean, I’m one of those people? No way. I’m a normal person anyway, and I’m not that outstanding. Even men can attract me.
"Haha, it seems that you misunderstood me, saying that I gave birth to you or you appeared."
I asked, "What the hell is this?"
Chapter 12 Sisters, Parents and Brothers (II)
I asked, "What the hell is this?"
"I’ll make a long story short. You should remember that the elder said that there were two people who liked the rock at the same time, and there were three people who really liked the rock, and that person was my ancestor, that is, Chen Haoxiao, the founder of today’s top ten enterprises in the world, and Chen Xingyuan, the president of today, was my great-great-grandfather."
"So you are Qin Yong’s brother?"
"But she doesn’t know that I have such a brother, and I’m here to confirm what my ancestors said, whether the moon mark would have exploded in the first place."
"So what happened in those days?"
"In those days, the moon mark was the last experiment that Nai took to stop the ancestors of two families, Lan and Dong, by means of self-explosion, in order to protect my ancestors and destroy the things that could not be published."
My mind is a mess after listening to it. Why are there so many stories? Who should I trust?
"You don’t need to judge who is right or wrong. This is a thing of the past, and our two families have also talked about it, and both of them are the ultimate goal of the future of the earth. If it weren’t for the ambition of Blue Wolf, we would also find him."
"Then what exactly is that experiment?"
"Gene decomposition!"
"gene? That is not … "
"Yes, you five people made the same thing before they were born. At that time, the manufacturing results were amazing. The’ man’ produced by gene synthesis had most of the abilities of the moon mark, but he didn’t have the consciousness of life and the created’ man’ had a strong sense of destruction. At that time, our three ancestors moved all military forces and could not destroy him. Finally, my ancestors risked their lives to enter the rock that was forbidden at that time, and the’ man’ also came here to save my ancestors. The pure gene of their racial stream blew itself up and wiped out the’ man’, but there were few rock fragments left at the scene and all the experiments were recorded by the computer, which is now the celestial body, and the residual consciousness of the moon mark was divided into several parts, and most of the machines. What you see today can be said to represent the past moon mark. "
When I heard this, I vaguely felt that the five of us were trying to ask, "Are the five of us also part of the moon mark consciousness?"
The intelligence continued, "Yes, you are a new life form of residual consciousness and rock fragments in the blue cloud computer. You should find that you have others who are incapable. Although you are not awake now, you will soon wake up, so you will become a new moon mark."
When I was just about to ask some more questions, the behemoth roared in the forest. As soon as I listened to the information, I found that the sound was wrong. I didn’t say for the time being that I followed the sound and found that the Snow Queen was lying down in a cave covered with snow-capped mountains. At first glance, I really couldn’t see that the behemoth was too big to dig hard with its hands or feet. When we saw this, we were polite to the behemoth and rushed over with The Hunger’s reincarnation knife and information.

Lan Jingyi always wants to be busy after a busy afternoon, but she can’t get rid of her mind. Jane is lonely when she leaves, only to find that she can’t get rid of it.

That figure seems to be more and more clear as if she had taken root in her mind.
"Blue always goes to Haitian Entertainment"
"Ok, I know." Lan Jingyi turned the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal to go straight to Haitian Entertainment, a famous club in the city.
Today, she must go to have a meeting with Mr. Meng. If the packing matters are not solved, once she goes out, she will lose a lot of customers.
I was focusing on driving. Bluetooth rang and saw that it was Li Xuefeng’s number. Lan Jingyi quickly picked up "Hey, find me?"
"Of course I’m looking for you. Otherwise, why should I hit you? What are you doing, my dear blue president? Did you have dinner? Do you want to invite me to dinner? "
As soon as I heard Li Xuefeng’s complacent voice, Lan Jingyi knew that there was good news. "I can’t do it today. I have something to do late tonight, but you have to report to me now."
"Hey hey, if I don’t get a horse, Li Xuefeng will succeed if I get a horse. Then someone caught me and offered me two points of interest. He bargained and said to consider one."
"Well, then hang his appetite again. When he can’t help calling you, we’ll discuss a price of not less than one point and five interests." Lanjingyi said with a calm eyes.
"Are you really going to lend the president of Blue University over 100 million yuan to that bad guy?" Li Xuefeng’s tone changed and it was obvious that she hated Jiang Junliang very much.
"What do you say?"
"I don’t think you will, but if you promise, how will you get the money back?"
"Ha ha, the mountain man has his own sleeve. Let’s talk about it. I’m busy." She’s hungry. The thought of meeting that Meng man will make her angry. Jiang Junliang will let him play dirty tricks and she can return the favor.
Some people have to answer blows with blows
The car quickly arrived at Haitian Entertainment, parked the car and walked to the gate. The red carpet extended from the underground parking lot to the front of the lobby. It was magnificent.
"Miss, please show me your membership card." The door greeted the guests respectfully.
Lan Jingyi suddenly wondered, "Can you handle it by horse?" She didn’t have that thing
"But I’m sorry it will take days to get the card."
"What if I want to go in now?" She frowned. Isn’t this bullying her? It seems that this place can’t get in even if it is rich. People here seem to be very cautious and surnamed Meng, but they are not afraid that someone will poke this place out.
"Miss, please apply for a membership card first, and the day will come." The welcome turned and told her that she would never get in today.
"Call your manager, I must go in today." She can’t believe that those boxes of goods can’t be delayed any longer, and she can’t do anything with money.
"Miss, I’m really sorry. We have a rule that no one can enter without a membership card, even if the manager comes. Look, it says here."
spa会所Lan Jingyi turned her head, and sure enough, she saw a card with those messy rules written on it, frowning, and that person may not have come here the next day. Isn’t it a wave that she didn’t come to do it today?
Besides, she doesn’t like this place, so she has to turn around and walk towards the parking lot. It seems that she can wait until the man comes out, and then try to get rid of him and get things done.
"How is Jingyi you?" But she didn’t expect to turn around and see the oncoming Jane.
"I … I … I want to do something here but …"
Probably from a distance, I saw her negotiate with the hostess. Jane smiled at the hostess. "This lady is my friend Jingyi. Come in with me."
The hostess took his vip card and glanced at it respectfully. "Please come in, sir and madam."
Haitian Entertainment Ordinary Card requires 20,000 yuan for membership. I can’t believe that this gentleman is still a vip card hostess. Where can he dare to neglect the release and squint at Jane Fei? It’s a woman’s nature to see a handsome and elegant man. Besides, Jane Fei retired in a suit and tie tonight, which makes him particularly elegant and confusing.
Lan Jingyi looked at the hostess and couldn’t help laughing. When she left together, things didn’t happen less. She was not surprised, but she still couldn’t help running to Jane’s elbow and hitting his arm. "Look at you."
"Click" not far away, a flash of flash just caught her elbow hitting Jane. But when Lan Jingyi turned around, there was a flashing neon in the distance. Maybe she was dazzled.
"Including you?" When she flashed, the man in front of her suddenly came to this sentence.
"ah? What? " Lan Jingyi plays the fool. If she hadn’t met Jiang Junyue and given birth to Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, she would have been infatuated with him. But there is no "if" in this world. Everything has happened.
"Nothing to go." A smile led her into Haitian Entertainment Hall, where everything was resplendent and high-end atmosphere.
No wonder ordinary people can’t get into Lanjingyi if they want to. This will finally be white.
On the other side of the ocean, Jiang Junyue was closing his eyes and taking a nap. Suddenly, he frowned for a long time before he brought it here. He opened the screen and squinted at a photo quietly for a long time. He rang the bell and Jiang Han quickly came in. "Manager Jiang wants to see me?" Jiang Junyue can’t sleep so late. Don’t let him sleep?
"Go and book a plane ticket"
"Manager Jiang, are you going back?" Jiang Han was happy. I didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to return to China during the day.
"No, where will she go when you go back? I don’t want her to provoke irrelevant people, okay?"
"I don’t understand, I won’t go back." Jiang Junyue didn’t go back. He went back to Jiang Han alone and refused to leave Jiang Junyue in a strange place. Although he also had his own people to follow him, he didn’t trust Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue. His first choice was always Jiang Junyue.

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang Lin, deng xiaoping ding hou and town frenzy mind active again. After a pause, Yang Qian coldly shouted, Mrs. Huayang, look at your good son. When we get back, it’s hard to let mother go to court and accuse you of poor discipline!
Yes, when I get back, I will let my mother enter the palace and join you in front of the empress! Li ping also echoed, and suddenly recovered his air. Both of them were born in Houfu, and they are most familiar with the things of observing the color and catching people’s feet. This moment of kung fu, two people will see that Mrs Huayang is Fang Lin, Fang Yun two brothers’ pain and weakness.
Little beast, you two are looking for death! Fang Lin listen to mother, had some let go. Smell speech at the moment, can’t help flying into a rage. Although he seems a little reckless and acts on impulse, his mother is extremely filial. At this time, I heard that the two men insulted their mother, Mrs. Huayang, for three transgressions of four times, and simply put their hearts on the line. If they don’t stop, they will kill the two men in Houfu.
Fang Lin oscillated all over, and raising my hand was a punch. This punch swung out, and immediately there was a landslide and tsunami in the wing, and the air in the whole wing rolled up, forming a black vortex, full of shrill voices. At the same time, Fang Lin’s body, a circle of glittering and translucent get rid of brilliance bursting out, condensed into a head of about a foot on his fist, like a front arrow blue uh guano.
Vigorous environment! See a circle of glittering and translucent light, Yang Qian, li ping with pale.
The two were born in a family of marquis Wu, with a long history and a deep knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts is divided into six realms, which are called six realms.
The first level of vitality. That is, the invisible vitality between heaven and earth will be absorbed into the body and merged with the flesh to enhance the strength of the body. In the army, those who have this level of cultivation can be captains.
The second layer of true qi. Extract the vitality from all parts of the body and condense it, so that it can flow and circulate in the body, thus actively absorbing the weather between heaven and earth and growing. A strong man at this level can be a centurion in the army.
The third layer of vigorous atmosphere. The true qi is further refined, diffused out of the body, coagulated but not dispersed, and it is a vigorous atmosphere. Fighters in the vigorous atmosphere have further increased their power. Fighters in this realm can be captains of thousands, with one thousand Zhou soldiers at their command. The commander is an important non-commissioned officer in the Zhou army.
The fourth level of gas field. This level of the strong, Gang gas further condensation, into the aura, can distort each other’s attacks. To reach this level, every fighter is a valuable asset of the Zhou Dynasty, called an elite soldier. After these soldiers were selected, they became an independent army, which was directly commanded by the princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
The fifth level of array law. To reach this level, we need to understand some special methods and rules. The strong at the law level have a remarkable ability, which is refining. For example, refining a mountain and extracting its aura.
In the Zhou Dynasty, in the army, the strong men at the rank of law were often transferred to the capital to form an imperial army to help defend the capital. This is an honor, but also a great opportunity. Because all the strong at this level can get a chance to get a lost secret copy of the achievement method from the secret library of the royal family in Zhou Dynasty. Some of these secret books were lost in ancient times, and some were lost in ancient times, but they were preserved in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty.
Fang Yun and Fang Lin’s father got an ancient secret book from the royal family at the beginning when he was doing imperial work, which gradually stood out from the army.
The sixth floor lives in the fetal environment. To reach this state, I actually began to understand the secrets of the human body and possessed some powers that ordinary people simply could not imagine.
Living above the six realms of the fetus, it is said that there is also a realm of birth. That realm is even more mysterious. Yang Qian and Li Ping also heard it mentioned by their elders, but most of them were only half-paws, and they didn’t quite understand it after listening to it several times. Just remember the words born out of the world.
The path of martial arts is extremely difficult to cultivate. Children in Beijing, it is good to be able to cultivate the true qi. But Fang Lin has actually become a gang gas, and it depends. It is also the peak of gang gas, and it is fast to break through to the fourth level of aura. With his training, he will be a commander in the army as usual in the future.
In order to achieve the vigorous atmosphere, between raising the palm and splitting the fist, the whole body naturally swells with vigorous atmosphere. Gang gas condenses like crystals, and when it is injected into the sword, it will immediately generate a sword gang, and when it is injected into the knife, it will form a knife gang, and it will be easy to cut gold and iron.
Fang Lin this one punch out, gave birth to a fist Gang, flatly, just the avalanche of power, can put in front of li ping, Yang Qian into dust.

Chapter 3 Gambling Fight
Deng Xiaoping Ding Hou, a small town, suddenly turned pale with horror. They didn’t expect Fang Lin to be so bold and so lawless. When they broke into Xuegong, so many people watched, and everyone knew that they were brought into Houfu by the eldest son of Hou from all directions. And he, the Fang Lin, incredibly dare to kill them in Hou Fu.