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Nothing, I waved. Since you said he didn’t join the army, I won’t force him to come to see me alone in the afternoon. After all, it’s one of our own. I think it’s necessary to talk face to face.

Cheng Wu nodded with relief know
品茶I patted his generous shoulder. Bring me a good soldier.
His eyes became unshakable in an instant. Don’t worry, master!
I smiled happily.

Today … will it be quite long? Wenchi looked at my face and asked tentatively.
Well, I picked Xiao Yue up with a smile and replied, I’ve been killing dog thieves all day, and of course I have to study a countermeasure.
Ah? She was surprised and several other sisters leaned in eagerly.
I have been with Lombardi, Cao Caocheng, the three thieves, and there are more than thirty two thousand stone officials in Shandong Prefecture, who jointly announced that they would crusade against us. We have never killed a big fellow soldier from arise to occupy Luoyang, but we are treated like two bastards in Hebei Province. Do you think I am miserable? !” I complained while teasing my daughter.
Xiao He’s pouting and struggling in the middle seems to want to get rid of my hands.
That’s not … a crusade against Dong Zhuo again? The Story Of Diu Sim said gently.
Oh, that’s really a bit like Jia Yu also nodded.
In those days, I called on the rebel army to crusade against Dong Zhuo, but now I am Dong Zhuo! I laughed heartlessly.
Cai Yan crossed me. You are the same!
I suddenly shut up.
Ma Yue waved his little hand and shouted, I want to ride a big horse!
Who gives this child a bad habit! I scolded angrily and lay down.
My daughter is very flexible, and she rides well, three by five, divided by two.
So … I got up on the carpet in sturm und drang.
Er brotherinlaw? Sitting on sentry duty at the door, Jia Mu poked his head in.
I immediately waved to him, Come here!
why? He came in cautiously.
Be a big horse for your son! I threw him to the ground and put my daughter directly on his back.
I just wanted to report to you. Jia Mu did not forget to report to me at the construction site while warming up. That brother in your hometown wants to see you!
Oh, Shuang’er, please go and let Ma Jun come in. I started to evaporate the sweat caused by intense exercise. Little moths, I’ll see him here if you pour some water.
Oh Shuang’er sipped his mouth and walked towards the door.
Can I get up, brotherinlaw? Jia Mu looked up and asked me, I want to protect you.
Where come so much nonsense! I stared at him. Crawl well and you will be my uncle in half a year, and then you will have to learn to crawl like a dog! Isn’t it, Feather?
Jia Yu chuckled and chuckled.
It’s a farewell visit to the master! Ma Jun’s quick approach to the head is a bow.
You and I are both brothers. We don’t need these manners in private. Sit down. I pointed opposite.
Yes, he sat carefully with his robe on.
How have you been in the army these two months?
He scratched his head and replied, Little brother … is not used to it.
Well, I took the tea bowl from Xiao E and handed it to him. I thought about it. Your small body is not suitable for charging and fighting. Why don’t you just do some clerical work?
Ma Jun hurriedly handed over all listen to elder brother’s arrangement
You must have studied in your hometown? I casually asked, What do you see more and specialize in?
He bowed his head and replied, I dare not say that I have dabbled in all the classics and history.
In fact, the answer I want to hear most is I just learned to develop bombs or I learned to build planes in batches by myself, brother!
So, I thought again, Mr. Jia just picked up a captain from Sili, and all kinds of things are complicated and he is short of hands. Why don’t you go to him to do things? Learn first and then do it, okay?
Thank you, Brother Xie! He folded his hands and gave me another one.
17 can’t bear to look at the array
On the afternoon of May 13th.
Wang Lie put the draft on my desk.
The old gentleman’s handwriting is unique, neat and generous, like carving without losing strength. Although it is a draft, the text has not been altered by a word, and three pieces of toilet paper have not seen a drop of ink.
Every time I see these uncles, I can’t help feeling, what do you mean, these people write words that are so much better than me? ! What, after 40 years of writing, I’m still crawling like a dog? !
Although I didn’t fully understand Mr. Yanfang’s article, I feel that the meaning is fully expressed after reading it. Why don’t you two take a look? I’m not qualified to pretend to be a literate person in front of a master who knows everything. There are at least three characters and five allusions. I’ve never heard of them … So I directly handed the toilet paper to Cheng Yu.
Jia Xu, on the other hand, handed a stack of paper, This is the face information of Yuan ICY you want.
You’re not slow either. I took it with a smile.
Yes, Wang Lie added, It’s even more unique for a master to be both a scholar and a martial artist. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to attach a piece of poetry and fu to this article?
Oh, brother Yanfang is really easy to discuss! Cheng Yu, who is reading the text, agrees without looking up.
I obviously feel the muscles on both sides of my face beating involuntarily. This is not good, is it? Mr. Yanfang’s article was written in one go. Wouldn’t it be a bad thing if I gild the lily here?
But the three old gentlemen here gave in, and even Jia Xu did not hesitate to unite the front.
I’ll think about it first. I can choose to compromise and bite my pen and think hard.
Or crusade against rebels … or recruit talents?
I don’t have a large library of poems against traitors, and most of them are under the banner of the emperor’s suppression of traitors. I don’t have the status now.
Recruit talents? I frowned and took a bite from the pen, picking up a large sum of heavily dipped ink.
How much is the life of wine as a song? For example, the morning dew is much more bitter.
Du Kang is the only one who should be worried and unforgettable.
The youth lingers in my heart, but you ponder over the present.
Yo, yo, Luming Literature. I have a guest, blowing sheng.
When the moon is like, you can worry about it and you can’t cut it off.
Talking about the banquet heart and nostalgia for the past.
Can the moon star fly south around the tree for three branches to follow?

I am slightly stunned. Is it necessary?

He nodded slightly and stepped back.
Wait … I stretched out my hand and stopped him. I … let’s take a look …
He couldn’t help smiling and pulled out a piece of narrow silk from his sleeve. The paper was full of vows in small letters.
The cover room is full of piano music and intimate friends; Huang Lian wind and rain often put their arms around each other …
I frowned at once. We are sworn brothers and sisters. How can the words * * and arm appear? Lao Lu came to guard against me. Isn’t this without being pressed?
But I finished reading it in order to show my respect for Xun You.
Then I thrust the cheat sheet into my beltwhat if I really get it then?
Wait until nearly twenty thousand troops are here, and Lyu3 bu4 has just arrived in a carriage.
I’m really sorry to keep you waiting. Lu Lingqi jumped out of the carriage and handed it to Shili, then helped Lu Bu to slowly get on the bus.
I can’t help but shine before my eyes.
Don’t get me wrong, not because you saw Lu Lingqi, but because you saw Lu Bu.
Although his mouth is very reluctant, I can see the importance he attaches to this matter as soon as he comes out.
Wearing a threepronged hair, purple and gold crown, hanging a Xichuan red brocade and hundred flowers robe, wearing an animal face, swallowing a head, chain armor, waist and exquisite lion belt, which matches his deliberate grooming today. His temples are sharp and angular, and his body is powerful and powerful. There is indeed a strong spirit that threatens heroes and bullies.
Although the girl Lyu3 bu4 is seventeen, Lyu3 bu4 is only thirtyfive years old, which is the golden age for a man!
Today, it’s really heroic to see General Lu. It’s really like two people meeting each other in the second room. Xi Jun laughed.
Ashamed Lyu3 bu4 squeezed out these two words through his teeth.
Lu satrap is injured, please sit down. Xun You motioned for Lu Bu to sit on the only Hu stool.
Thank you is still two words.
Xun You looked at me and Lu Lingqi respectively. There are still important things to do today. Let’s be simple!
After the host guided me, Lu Lingqi walked through the simple procedure of swearing.
Brother Yi is asking his little sister to worship him! Lu Lingqi finally gave me a deep bow.
I reached out and lifted her up. Lingqi, my sister will be in the future, but with her brother in this world, no one can bully you, including your father … I glanced at Lao Lu. He can’t force you to marry someone you don’t like!
LaoLv language crooked a little, but seems to have moved the shoulder wound knifeshaped eyebrows with a twist a light breath.
I smiled and walked towards him. Uncle Lu … Lu will take care of my nephew more in the future.
Lyu3 bu4 a pair of knifeshaped eyebrows suddenly twisted into a twist.
46 bet on Lubbers
Can Lu Mode dare to call himself uncle Liang! Lao Lu’s mood is still awkward.
Ling Qi has sworn with me that her father … is naturally my uncle. I want to say that her father is my father, but when I think about it … it seems to be scolding Lu Bu and Marten …
Lao Lu stared at a pair of tiger eyes and didn’t say anything this time
I turned to face nearly 20,000 soldiers and said, From today on, Lu Lingqi is my adopted sister, but my Ma Chao probably sees her as if she sees me!
promise! 20,000 tigers and leopards flew into the army and drank together.
I pointed to Lu Bu again. General Lu, my elders and brothers in our army respect him more than they respect me!
The army also shouted promise!
Lyu3 bu4 ass seems to be itchy and twisted around for two.
I smiled at him. I’m in a military emergency. I’ll lead the army to Yecheng and worry about the logistics.
After that, I took the lead in jumping off the Tutai without waiting for his answer, jumped on the steed and roared away with twenty thousand cavalry.
Master Lyu3 bu4, this man is often repeated, so we trust him? Pang Gan was very worried that Lyu3 bu4′ s credibility was ranked last in the country.
Actually, I’m just gambling. How can I be sure that Lu Bu will obey me with such a swearingin ceremony like playing house?
He was worried. We didn’t ask Lu Bu to send troops this time. If he broke the back road of our army, wouldn’t we be caught between Scylla and Charybdis?
It’s not that I haven’t thought about this assumption for him, but … Lyu3 bu4, he has to get some face, right? I always beat off Yuan Shao’s attack for him without pay!
品茶论坛But I also know that the cruel interests in reality are enough to make him disown people.
If he can completely wipe me out in Wei County and then take advantage of the situation to cross Henan and capture the area I have not yet firmly controlled, it may not be impossible to fight a wider world.
Of course, he will face fierce attacks from Li Dian, Xu Huang, Taishi Ci and others.
I seem to be a little too fond of gambling
Six years ago, I made a bet in a shabby house in Chang ‘an, and then I won.
Five years ago, I bet that we could attack Luoyang and recover the old Han, and then I won.
Three months ago, I bet that Li Dian was loyal to me, and then I won.
Now, I bet that Lu Bu still has faith, and I may lose.
Brother! The trotters galloped after themselves, but the sound was crisp but tender.
I can’t help but clench my fist. It seems that I can win!
Big Brother! Lu Lingqi changed the title and drove me side by side with the horse.

The beast is 5 meters shorter than James, and the speed may not be much slower than James. At this time, Artest has no doubt that his physical fitness is the best candidate to defend James. The beast has slipped greatly during the Lakers period and cannot be used as a reference.

Charles barkley prevaricated before the game and said, lbj official data shows that his weight is still 24 pounds, just like Bryant will always be 25 pounds. Are we blind? These damn bureaucrats are not as efficient as Africans. Yes, I said black Africans.
Kenny Smith doesn’t think it’s right to pick a quarrel with this kind of words. Although he is also black and not afraid of being accused of racial discrimination, this kind of trouble can be avoided without changing the subject, saying, Today, two beasts are fighting. Artest said that being on the team can upgrade the team’s defense. This former best defensive player seems to be able to dye the whole team’s defense concept.
Buckley didn’t go on with the topic just now. His vitality and instability will affect the team, and the team needs him to be more energetic than his instability. Artest is a force to defend almost every position, and he can also score points in attack, get a foul free throw line or an online lowpost storm or a threepointer on the outside. This player is a rare animal and wants him to stay out of trouble.
Artest is still very stable this year. It is one reason that he is old, and even more so, he has to be stable when the contract year comes. Who knows how much he can get if he doesn’t perform a contract well this year?
In the race, the two teams of players are familiar with each other and say hello to each other. Ji Guoqiu has adapted to this link. He simply greets the Cavaliers’ players and makes a polite speech. His elegant accent can make people feel like a spring breeze. Even if Ji Guoqiu has been dying, their personal relationship is not too bad. This is earned by Ji Guoqiu.
Ji Guoqiu finally embraced a little emperor politely with lebron james, the absolute core of the Cavaliers, and praised him, I have seen your game videos and you have great potential.
The game looked friendly before it happened.
Field jump ball Ji Guo Qiu vs Serbia high center big Z.
Big Z has grown up with age after a big injury, and his body has slipped badly. He can’t run fast or jump high, except for his height and physical ability, which is far less than that of Ji Guoqiu.
It’s easy for Ji Guo to win the jump ball. Big Z Ji didn’t jump much. He gave up a fight for the ball. The Cavaliers defended before.
Castle’s old foot injury recurred during training yesterday. The 3yearold veteran’s right foot and wrist injuries have never been completely recovered. After careful consideration, the Clippers coaching team decided to let the veteran rest for a month. This was before the team’s record was good.
Today, the Clippers’ starting point guard is Brevin Knight. He is under a lot of pressure to match daniel gibson, who is 1m tall.
Brevin Knight didn’t worry about the first goal at the top of the arc, waiting for all the Clippers players to settle down completely, so he can play positional warfare safely and steadily.
Ji Guo’s shame suddenly started from the left wing position and went around to the other wing position along the bottom line. Ji Guo’s hatred helped him block Gooden and delayed the best line to play the piano in the league
Lebron james’s defensive attitude is very serious, which is similar to Kobe Bryant’s. They are willing to do dirty work when necessary and are very active on the defensive end.
The Cavaliers’ defense adopts highpressure defense, good at playing smallscale grabbing and forcing to form a number advantage in a certain area, and the defense of the other side is very mobile, and the oppression of players with the ball ranks in the forefront of the league.
Ji Guoshi has just received a basketball ready to shoot. James has made up the defense in place, and the big Z has also assisted him. Ji Guoshi found himself shooting from position to double attack. This has not been seen in previous games, including against the Pistons.
Old Deng Liwei nodded secretly at the scene. Although this Mike Brown is very offensive, he was attacked by the media in the finals last season, but his defense is really unique.
But can this prevent twins?
The coach showed a smile, but the humiliation of the country has not yet fallen. The wrist has been turned over. It is the insertion of the basketball into the line from the big Z hip to catch the ball.
Ji Guoqiu turned around and took off immediately after receiving the ball, and took the lead to two points with a dunk with both hands.
Clippers fans suddenly cheered on Brother Panda.
Gooden’s ball should turn to Ji Guoqiu, but the nba pianist was still two steps away from Ji Guoqiu’s dunk when he was absentminded at the offensive end and absentminded at the defensive end. It seems that he was defensive.
The Cavaliers attacked daniel gibson and pushed forward with the ball. The two brothers have no impression of this guy. Daniel did well in the playoffs last season. Later, due to injuries and his own reasons, the Cavaliers point guard did not play.
Clippers scouts report that he is the most reliable outside shooter for the Cavaliers. Although he plays point guard, the Cavaliers actually perform more scoring. The Cavaliers mainly rely on lebron james instead of point guard. They play ball control small forward tactics.
Daniel delivered the basketball to James without trying to break through.
Artest clung to the little emperor, and the strength of the two men was different this season. Although James had a stronger impact, it was not easy for the little emperor to eat Artest. The key point was that Artest did not intend to defend the gorilla line by himself, and both twins and Percy would help him. The Clippers defended James as a whole.
James played a pickandroll with big Z, but the effect was not good. Artest pushed through the big Z pickandroll with his strong body. Although James still dribbled into the line, Artest still defended him by his side. He didn’t get rid of the beast.
Ji Guoqiu followed him when he was picking and rolling. At this time, he didn’t choose to watch the defense. Z chose to doubleteam James with Artest. His position was at the free throw line and just blocked James’ breakthrough route.
James was close to Artest and didn’t have a chance to speed up the game. James knew that if he rushed in hard, he would never get the ball.
In the big Z, the national humiliation turns into place and the Serbs have no chance to catch the ball again.
桑拿论坛  title=Larry Hughes catches the ball and breaks through the defense. He is the best defensive array player of Posey Cavaliers who is good at breaking through. Posey didn’t get a good chance in the face of the same excellent defense. Age and injury made him break through the power and make him shoot forcibly …
The basketball was uncovered, but it was wide of the mark. The two brothers were in the main position of the basketball card to prepare for the rebound.
Lebron james stayed in the basket after the ball, and the little emperor was also holding the rebound and trying to squeeze the thin twins in front of him by relying on his strong body
Ji Guo was ashamed to feel the power behind him. First, he glanced at the referee and found that the other side didn’t pay attention. He quickly waved an elbow behind him and elbowed James’s handsome face …
Gorillas are smart enough to see that they are in danger of disfigurement, and they quickly dodge the shame of Ji Guo and the iron elbow of Los Angeles, but don’t think about rebounding. Basketball has been received by Ji Guo and Qiu.
Referee, he swung his elbow. James suffered a small loss and immediately complained to the referee.
The referee of the law enforcement competition is dick bavetta, who is almost seventy years old. The old guy said that he didn’t see anything. Let the little emperor stay where he is.
Lebron james just ate an elbow, turned his head and ate a teapot. His face was very ugly, and he remembered that today’s game was in Los Angeles instead of Cleveland.
Clippers fans in Staples Arena dared to complain to the referee when they saw James, and immediately hissed even harder at the gorilla …
Old Deng Liwei saw that his team’s defense was not scattered by James, and he was worried that the two little guys were not strong enough. Can he withstand the physical change, lebron james?
Now it seems that Shao Ji’s humiliation has his own way.
Chapter 59 Gorilla without rest
Four minutes into the game, Mike Brown took the lead in calling a timeout. The Cavaliers were 2 points behind at 6:4.
Bread is called this timeout, not because they are two points behind, lbj is dissatisfied with one point and has not got an assist. No, that’s the problem. Anyone in the Cavaliers can’t play well. If James doesn’t play well, the team will win by law. After all, the Cavaliers are James’ oneman team, and he is the barometer of the team’s victory.
Guys, their defense is very targeted. We need to cover to help LeBron create opportunities. If you receive the ball from the outside, you must throw it in. This is the key.
Although Mike Brown called a timeout and made arrangements, in fact, he didn’t have much defense for the Clippers today. If he had a way, he wouldn’t have been swept by the Spurs in the finals next season.
Lebron james’s four minutes of depressed Clippers defense made him feel like he was back in the finals of last season. It was a terrible memory. Although he trained hard in shooting this summer, the effect was not great, especially the middle and long distance shooting was higher than last season, and his limited back ability was even less. He didn’t want to practice his back, so he had to practice his shooting accuracy first. Now he hasn’t even finished the first stage to talk about his back ability?
Before last season, lebron james believed that he would be able to make the league vertically and horizontally by making his body absolutely strong and adding explosive power and speed, but it was not enough for his opponent Spurs in the finals to make him strong and fast in vain.
Old Deng Liwei in the Clippers’ rest area encouraged the players. The boys did a good job, but this is what I want you to do every game. Restrain the guy who can play football.
Kill the Scarlet King! Ji Guoshi took the lead in shouting, and even the clippers fans nearby shouted with him after hearing it.
After the timeout, the two teams reappeared.
Today, the two brothers are afraid to set a record for the game. Without their online support, the outside line alone can’t prevent James. The Spurs captured the King Kong by team strength. They didn’t have Duncan, but two twins barely managed.
James didn’t dribble directly after the game. He ran tactically and caught the basketball on the left flank with the help of teammates’ cover.
Artest worked his ass off today, never leaving him alone, followed by his strong body and top James.
Turn my back … Turn my back … Buckley saw James turn his back to catch the ball on the live broadcast, and it suddenly became high.
However, James didn’t give his big ass a strong body and arched inward, but transported the basketball outside the flank threepoint line and turned around to face the basket again
Charles barkley was excited to see this scene with his mouth open and immediately got petrified. His mouth was still open and he couldn’t respond.
F, forgive me for swearing. I have F to express my feelings.
Buckley saw that James made another positive breakthrough, but Artest’s strong body resisted him. Percy quickly rushed from one side to break the little emperor’s basketball and even said two F’s to express his dissatisfaction.

Who knows if the follow-up will be happier than now?

"I came here to let you get to know me slowly, and then everything will come naturally."
When boys express their feelings, it seems a little more interesting to speak now.
She didn’t dare to take the initiative, and he didn’t dare to look for her in confusion and regret.
If you don’t know what will happen in the future, you will be afraid of many things. No matter how free and easy people are, no matter how many high-sounding words they have, they will gradually become dumb and lose their ability to speak.
So people will become stubborn and remote when they are silent.
That’s how she came over.
But she didn’t expect Ye Qingting to come over like this.
Even secretly inquired about her news.
I still find it incredible what I think.
I really want to call him now and listen to his voice without asking anything.
Think like this and just start to stay.
Her eyes are erratic and obviously distracted. Xie Xiaoyue can’t help but raise her eyebrows. "What do you think?"
"I miss you," said Ling Xiquan, transfixed. "xiao yue, I believe what you’re going to say should not be about Ye Qingting and me. So put this aside first. What exactly did you call Ying Zhuo Dan to school that day?"
Xie Xiaoyue Gherardini lift lift lip "I said it was an accident to hurt you"
She pursed her lips and asked, "What else?"
"Oh, I didn’t know that Ying Yong Dan liked Ye Qingting." Xie Xiaoyue looked at her and smiled gently. "I heard that her brother’s engagement party had a fight with someone, and she liked my brother."
"So?" She was silent for a few seconds. "So what if she likes being your brother?"
"I know that Qin Zuo often goes to NUS, and my brother often picks her up." Xie Xiaoyue didn’t answer her, but said it in an airy way. "I sent a message to Ying Dan when I followed Qin Zuo to NUS that day."
A few short sentences are still very informative.
"Are you telling me that you mistakenly called Dan to thank you for going to school?" Lingxiquan was not stupid, but she opened her eyes in disbelief. "Xie Xiaoyue is your brother. What do you think?"
"Because I hate my brother." xiao xie Moon blinked and blinked her mouth, and that kind of profound smile came out. "I just told you that you shouldn’t be kidding me."
Lingxiquan wanted to ask her a question.
But the girl’s eyes are bright and smiling at the moment, but the most real disgust is engraved in vain. "I really hate him. My brother has always been so tall since he was a child.":
Chapter 26 Chaper 93
She seems to know something terrible.
Lingxiquan stared at his strange friend and turned up an uproar in his heart, far from being so calm.
Sister hates brother.
They should not be half-brothers or half-brothers, right?
Ling Xiquan knows that it’s really inappropriate to think about this at this time, but she can’t help thinking about how much a person has to dislike another person in order to make great efforts to find trouble for him with great malice, and spare no effort to record such a video and then say "this is a memorable moment" in the sweetest tone.
She can’t figure it out.
Is able to sit up straight.
It’s kind of creepy to have a cool back
Even looking at Xie Xiaoyue’s eyes took a few minutes. I never looked at aphasia and didn’t know what to say
Should she be accused of saying that about her brother?
It seems that I don’t have the qualification to tell others what to do.
桑拿网Lingxiquan pushed the cup in his hand aside slightly and sipped his lips and asked, "Is that why you hate your brother?"
"It’s his fault that I will go abroad." Xie Xiaoyue suddenly clenched his hand and said, "Didn’t you always care about what happened when Shen Fangqiao and Ye Qingting were children? Speaking of it, I was the last victim at that time."
What happened to these people when they were children? Why did they go back to their childhood?
Ling Xiquan frowned slightly, but I never thought that at first I wanted to ask xiao yue what would lead Ying Dan to NUS, but finally I led the topic to another direction.
Or stop here.
Anyway, she wants to know. She seems to know everything.
It seems that I am not too big with myself.
But at this point, it is impossible to say that you are not curious about something with Ye Qingting.
So I struggled for a long time and always asked, "Did you say that Ye Qingting wanted to marry Shen Fangqiao when he was a child?" Even now Lingxiquan still doesn’t have some diaphragmatic feelings, but she hesitated for a while but thought of Xie Xiaoyue in hindsight. How could she know that she cared about Ye Qingting and Shen Fangqiao when she was a child?
Another terrible thought came to my mind, and my fingers crossed and my fingers were cold. "xiao yue, you followed me."
"I’m not stalking you"
Xie Xiaoyue didn’t deny it, but said, "I happened to see you running out of the store that day, and Ye Qingting followed you for fear."
just right
"What’s the difference?" Lingxiquan said seriously, "xiao yue, you are either following me or Xie You. Don’t you think this is a bit distorted?"
Even at this time, Xie Xiaoyue, who is completely unfamiliar, still dare not say anything too heavy for fear of hurting her and feeling more afraid of stimulating her to pose any threat to herself.
People always have the greatest doubts about unknown and unfamiliar things.
One second, I still don’t talk about it, and the next second, my close friend becomes a dangerous person who can’t see through and guess. Although she says in every way that her partner won’t hurt her, she still can’t help but feel uneasy and panic, and she is slowly vigilant and wary.
This is a way to protect one’s sense of security from grief.
"Are you trying to say that you are a pervert?" Xie Xiaoyue smiled at her thoughts and concerns at this time. "I also thought that I would stay in the United States in my life. I have lived there for more than ten years, and I feel that life is not bad."
"You have a good idea. Why don’t you do that?"
"Yes, that’s a good idea." Xie Xiaoyue echoed with a smile, but suddenly the conversation turned. "When I was a child, Shen Fangqiao and I were also very good, but Ke Yuechen never liked her because of her life."
Smell speech Lingxiquan eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Xie Xiaoyue, on the other hand, said, "Ke Yuechen always treats Shen Fangqiao very well in front of people, and gives her a little bit of everything delicious, but behind my back, he keeps complaining with me about this civilian outbreak, but he always suspects that people are interested in my brother and their boys."
After a pause, she went on to say, "Our parents always prepare surprises for us at our birthday party every year. At that time, Qing Ye Ting liked football very much. Almost every time I saw him, he always had a football in his arms, and my brother made fun of him for it."
"I remember very clearly that when I was seven years old, my dad’s friend sent me a red and white jersey with a lot of signatures on it. I heard that it was an English football club with a high position, but my brother liked football and sent it as a gift."
"Of course, my dad knew that my brother didn’t like football, and just a few days later it was Ye Qingting’s birthday, so he wanted to give it to him as a birthday present. It was a piece of cake, but my brother was stubborn and secretly hid the jersey. I didn’t expect him to tell Ye Qingting about it and ask him to do something that made him feel earth-shattering, before he would return it to him."
Lingxiquan listened with ecstasy and consciously asked, "Your brother said that the earth-shattering thing should not be to let him say that he wants to marry Shenfangqiao."
Then he shook his head. "No way, this is ridiculous."
Xie Xiaoyue smiled evenly. "I don’t like football clubs. At that time, I was puzzled by my brother’s practice. I felt that it was just an ordinary uniform with so many ghost symbols painted on it. Who would want it? I didn’t expect Ye Qingting to come to my house and rummage for you after knowing this. I also knew that children were much more stubborn than adults. I was one-track-minded when I saw him so eager to find that jersey. It was the first time that I felt that this usually cold and faint boy still had such a hot side."

It’s necessary to meet, and meeting doesn’t change anything. We have to hurt each other again.

Breathing in a gasp, long summer answered him decisively, "Ouyang, I’m sorry I can’t see you, so you should never know me."
Ouyang sneered, "You don’t want to see me, you are afraid, you run away."
Chapter 11 set me free
"Whatever you think, Ouyang, forget me." long summer said in an unusually calm tone and she was going to hang up.
"If you don’t come out to see me, then I will rush in and find you. It’s up to you." Ouyang suddenly threatened her.
"You" are angry and long summer is speechless.
Nai long summer walked out of the theater. Not far from Ouyang Zheng, his figure was long and broad, and his elegant temperament was replaced by his whole body. The eyes of Lan Bing in the Mediterranean seemed to freeze long summer instantly.
"Ouyang Your Face" long summer saw at a glance that Ouyang was red and swollen, and her left face was distressed. She couldn’t help but reach out and want to touch it, but she was thrown off by Ouyang.
Long summer suddenly froze and hung his hand as if it were frozen into ice. It was hard and cold and heavy, and slowly fell down with a bitter smile. She bowed her head and her heart ached.
Cold eyes rise with hatred. Ouyang locks long summer’s eyes. "Su Lixia, pack up your hypocrisy before me."
Long summer smiled indifferently and greeted him with indifference. "Ouyang, just come to me and tell me this. Sorry, sister, I’m too busy to listen to your nonsense. Goodbye."
"Su Lixia you live for me" Angry Ouyang a pull was about to leave long summer.
"You still know that long summer? How did you become like this?" Ouyang clenched long summer’s shoulder and looked at her like a stranger.
Long summer struggled to break free from Ouyang’s bondage. She shouted impatiently at him, "Ouyang Luochen, what are you doing?"
"Why do you want to break up with Enze? Why do you want to marry Uncle Enze? What did you tell me?" Ouyang Renren shook long summer crazily.
"Ouyang, you let me go" long summer cried painfully "You’re hurting me"
Ouyang was furious, regardless of long summer’s feeling that the strength of his hands holding long summer’s shoulder was tighter. "I believe you in vain. Why do you cheat Enze’s feelings? He loves you wholeheartedly. Why do you torture him so cruelly? You cheat."
"Ouyang, are you crazy enough?" In long summer’s unbearable pain, she stepped heavily on Ouyang’s foot and immediately let go of his hand in pain.
Long summer gasped and looked at Ouyang angrily. "I know you hate me. I just don’t love him, so I don’t want to be with him. I love relationships-particularly those founded by men and women.
You come to question me and accuse me, but it still won’t change the fact that I want to be the mayor’s wife. I advise you not to waste your energy and go home quickly. "
Ouyang, I’m sorry, please forgive me and refuse. I’d rather live up to all my sincerity in exchange for your whole life. Even if the world throws dirty water at me, no matter how hypocritical or deceptive it is, I also call it I beg you to be safe and worried.
Eyes flashing with hot and sour crystal long summer tried not to let tears fall. Every time she said something insincere, her heart was cut like a knife.
The narrow corridor echoed with the footsteps of long summer’s hasty departure, and the world became more and more spacious and silent.
"Su Lixia" Ouyang suddenly stopped long summer.
Long summer turned around and the scene in front of her made her suddenly shocked.
See Ouyang slowly straightened up. He was holding a pistol facing long summer’s heart and walked towards her step by step. He was getting closer and closer to her, and the gunman was shaking out of control.
"Su Lixia, I was wrong about you. This is what you forced me to do." Ouyang put the pistol in long summer’s heart, and the painful tears could not help falling. "I will completely forget you if I kill you, and I will get rid of your misery if I let you leave this world."
The calm and beautiful face suddenly burst into an abnormal smile, like a kind of cut off all the world of mortals. Finally, the old things are worried and relieved. long summer stared at Ouyang so firmly. "Ouyang, I am so tired, you can shoot me."
Ouyang was suddenly shocked by long summer’s unexpected behavior, and he began to feel uneasy and confused. He was not afraid of long summer, and she was very much looking forward to his shooting at her and ending her life.
The muzzle blocked long summer’s heart position motionless. Ouyang stared at a face and became hesitant from long summer. He constantly speculated that "long summer is not right. She seems to be hiding something from me. Will she have a last resort?"
"Ouyang, you shoot!" long summer held Ouyang and held the gunman so that the gun was tightly stuck to her heart. She couldn’t wait to urge him to "shoot me right here. I will die. What are you hesitating about? Shoot me quickly and let me out."
"long summer, let go of me quickly."
"Ouyang, if you want to shoot me, you can shoot me. I beg you to shoot me."
"Let go or the gun will really go off."
喝茶约茶"I don’t want to let go. Aren’t you going to shoot me? Come on, Enze, shoot me. Shoot me quickly."
"long summer, are you crazy? Get your hands off me."
The scene suddenly went into chaos. Ouyang and long summer competed for the pistol. He wanted to take it back, but she wanted to pull it back. He didn’t want to shoot, but she forced him to shoot. They were deadlocked.
Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound, and I don’t know who let the gun go. Ouyang’s left palm was unfortunately shot, and the bright red blood suddenly spewed out with a strong fishy and salty smell.
Ouyang turned pale. He still gritted his teeth and held back the pain. His forehead was full of cold sweat and big sweat, one by one.
"Ouyang, your hand is hurt." Seeing that Ouyang’s whole left hand has been covered with blood, long summer rushed over to hold the injured Ouyang. "I’ll take you to the hospital."
When long summer was good, Ouyang was sent to the hospital. The doctor soon took out the bullet that was shot into the palm and carefully bandaged the wound. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t hurt the palm, otherwise his left hand would be really useless.
Long summer sat by the bed and looked at Ouyang wrapped in layers of gauze. Her left hand was thick and swollen. She asked him earnestly, "Does Ouyang’s wound still hurt?"
"My injury doesn’t matter." Ouyang’s mind at the moment is not that he injured his left hand, but long summer. He looked at long summer solemnly. "long summer, are you hiding something from me?"
"Ouyang, I don’t understand what you said." long summer consciously avoided Ouyang’s sharp eyes
Ouyang Qiang held down his desire, and long summer’s blue eyes were full of doubts. "long summer, don’t play dumb with me. Why do you expect me to shoot you so much? What on earth can make you desperate and want to die?"
"Do you have any room to hide?" Although Ouyang is questioning tone, his eyes are unquestionable.

Lan Jingyi checked the doors and windows to make sure that they were sealed, so she didn’t worry about taking it. She bought a bucket of instant noodles outside and soaked it in hot water. Then she ate it slowly. Maybe she was really hungry, so she felt that the instant noodles were particularly fragrant. She hadn’t eaten anything all day. She was really hungry.

After eating a bucket, I was not full, so I bought a bucket. It’s hard to continue to be hungry this night. I hope that man won’t pack the restaurant again, or she will go out to eat again. She is so tired now. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. She just wants to be alone with Xiaoqinqin.
约茶I wish the plane had left.
It’s that day. How many days later
It turns out that the waiting process is so tormented.
Chapter 19 Field Special Offer
I took my pajamas and went to wash my hands. Lan Jingyi sat in the bathtub. She wanted to take a good bath and soak herself in the tired water. There was a little red mark on her neck. Did he leave it?
When I think of Jiang Junyue, I think of the feeling when he kissed himself. It was so magical. She thought it was the thought of her body, and her blood began to boil involuntarily, as if to rush out of her body, which made her particularly uncomfortable.
"I really want to love your generation …" The bell suddenly rang and she frowned and immediately picked up "Hello?" I didn’t want to pick up anything. It was a conditioned reflex.
"Is Jingyi asleep?" The gentle man is Lu Wentao.
"Not yet." She smiled lazily and said to Liu Wentao that she really didn’t feel anything. She still owes him a lot of money. Just think of him as her creditor.
"Where is Qinqin?"
"Qinqin is asleep"
"Oh, I do have something to discuss with you-"seems to be a little cautious, which is really a bit unlike Liu Wentao’s previous style.
"hmm? You say it. "
"A business friend in the company is going to hold an engagement ceremony and invited me to join you. Look …"
"This … is not appropriate …" She has no wife with him, leaving the two titles of ex-wife and ex-husband
"But I was asked to be there with you."
"Oh which day? Maybe I have returned to France. I have booked a plane ticket for six days.
"That’s just right. The engagement day is five days later. I’ll see you off when you’re finished."
"Well," Lan Jingyi didn’t want to promise, but the thought that she owed Liu Wentao was just accompanying him to an engagement party. It really didn’t matter if she and he were him, she was clean.
Liu Wentao looked down at the red invitation in his hand. The invitation was written by Jiang Junyue himself. He knew him and didn’t know what Jiang Junyue was going to do. But it was an engagement party that could make Lan Jingyi completely give up. So she will give up on Jiang Junyue from now on. Will he have hope again?
Recently, somehow, he has become more and more reluctant to let go.
Lan Jingyi stopped talking and leaned back slightly against the edge of the bathtub. She was really tired. Should I take it with Xiao Qinqin?
At this time, she really wanted to call Liu Wentao back and say that she didn’t want to go, but she just somehow agreed.
Section 61
Come on, let’s go with Xiao Qinqin when the time comes. After this night, she got back to Xiao Qinqin and told herself where to go. She would never leave the child half a step.
At dawn, I wake up from my sleep, and the city is as usual. People are still so busy, and they are still so easy to walk by.
Lomevie curled up in a blanket, and she wanted to shout, but the cloth in her mouth made her unable to make any sound.
She wanted to move, but after trying for a long time, she couldn’t move, and her joints were broken. Yunfei killed him that day and tortured her for a night. I don’t know how many times she wanted her. She remembered the bad smell in the old factory and Yunfei asked for it again and again, and her body fell apart. It was not until dawn that he drove the handlebar and lost himself in the grass outside Luo’s gate.
Damn it, she hates him.
"What’s over there? Why is there a blanket at our gate? What does this sound like? " A cold girl came to Lome Wei, but it was her mother. If her mother found herself, she would be saved, otherwise she would really die.
It’s not cold in the blanket, but it’s cold because her heart is still scared. If outsiders find her naked in the blanket and see her like this, how can she marry Jiang Junyue after rendering her? He will definitely think she’s dirty and never marry her again.
Lome Wei struggled desperately to attract her mother’s attention. She was not only naked and naked, but also covered in bruises and hickeys. Those were all left by Yunfei. She hated it and believed in a wolf.
There is a servant coming in her direction, and she listens to the footsteps. The heart rate is getting faster and faster, so if she is seen by the servant, she will be ashamed to see the servant again. She is so embarrassing.
Footsteps stopped beside her and grabbed her hair with her first turn. "Ah …" The maid screamed and rushed back to the front of Love. "Mrs. Fu … seems to be … Miss."
"Young lady? Mei Wei? Are you kidding? "Mrs. Love growled, but her eyes were skeptical. Last night, her daughter didn’t return for a night. She played all night. Her words were all machine. Is it really a daughter wrapped in that carpet?
"Lady really looks like a young lady." The maid looked at Lome Wei slightly in awe. When the woman turned her head, she saw her face and bare shoulders, which seemed to be traces. She was a n experienced person and knew it at first sight.
Mrs. Love strode to the grass and looked down. It was indeed Lome Wei. "Mei Wei …" She stretched out her hand and pulled the rag from Lome Wei’s mouth. "What happened?"
"Mom, I …" Lome EU completely fainted and thought of being forced by Yunfei last night …
After eating breakfast early in the morning, Lan Jingyi took out an album and sat on the bed with Xiao Qinqin. She watched and pointed at the fruits and vegetables in the album. She taught the little things to identify what they were, and the little things followed her, babbling and reading, regardless of whether others could understand them. Anyway, she was not idle and had a good time.
Lan Jingyi’s words rang at this moment to see if it was Lan Qing who came to the city from her. This is the second time that her mother called her. "Did Yiyi hear from the child?" Real haven’t ask LanQing already know the result, if really found the child LanJingYi would have informed her for the first time, how can wait for her to ask?
Lan Jingyi took a sip of her lips and felt very uncomfortable. For a moment, she felt that it was difficult to breathe.
"Yi Yi didn’t find her, so she didn’t find her mother. Just ask her casually, and I’ll help you take care of the children when you come back. Let’s find it together."
"Mom …" The world has a mother, a mother and a child like a treasure. She is happy. She has a mother, and she is happy. But she is small and strong. Will he be hungry and warm now?
"Yi Yi’s good mother is waiting for you to come back." Lan Qingyin also choked up. She and her daughter have lost their husbands and children. What misfortune is it that all misfortunes are coming to her and her daughter?
"Well, I’ll go back in a few days, mom. You should take good care of yourself."
"I know it’s mom who wants to tell you to take good care of yourself. You must eat on time, or you will be hungry. Qinqin’s child will grow small when he was born. If you don’t eat well for her, she will be malnourished."
"Mm-hmm, I know." Suddenly I feel that listening to my mother’s nagging is also a kind of happiness, a different kind of happiness.
Hang up, Lan Jingyi can’t calm down. For a moment, she really wants to tell Jiang Junyue that she gave birth to her son. Tell him that their son is lost. Will one more child be found soon?
But when the thought of Lome Wei and the slap that Lome Wei gave herself made Lan Jingyi tremble, she didn’t call Jiang Junyue after all, and she couldn’t tell him that she now wanted to know that he was happy.
Mom’s words suddenly reminded her that it’s not too expensive to buy some small gifts for her mother. It’s good to have them. It’s a little token of my daughter’s concern. She also wants to buy some clothes and pants for Qinqin. The night market is wholesale, which is very cheap. She wants to go shopping, and secondly, it’s fun. The room is stuffy with her. But will the little thing want to see the blue sky and see the dazzling night? Just go shopping before leaving the city, and it’s not worthwhile to come back to the city. Although she didn’t find a son, she still has a daughter
After lunch at noon, the mother and daughter went out, carrying a big backpack full of small things, and couldn’t take the children out. That’s it, but she didn’t have anyone else to help her.
She didn’t take the bus. She wanted to wander around and get tired before taking the bus. Anyway, she has a lot of time left, so she can’t find a job. Besides, even if someone is willing, she won’t want a woman with a child.
I haven’t been back to the market for too long, and the next day is New Year’s Day. Shops all over the street are posted with discount slogans, and there are 30% discount and 56% discount, which makes people look particularly tempted.
Lan Jingyi strolled around a brand baby shop and attracted her attention. The quality of clothes in this brand shop can ensure that children usually wear cotton clothes. She thought about it, but she couldn’t wronged Xiao Qinqin, so she went in to see if it was cheap, and then she went to another house to see it.
Lan Jingyi went into the supermarket with Xiao Qinqin in her arms, and it turned out that all the babies had everything from clothes to shoes and hats to toys and cribs. The price was really a special offer, with a discount of 30% on the fifth anniversary of its opening.
It’s cheap. Looking at everything, I like Lan Jingyi’s little clothes. Pick and pick. She wants to pick beautiful, cheap and suitable for small things. Her skin looks like she’s white, and everything she wears looks good.
"What can I do for you, Sir? Can I help you? " Blue View Yi Zheng rummaged behind a row of hangers for Xiao Qin Qin to dress and suddenly a woman rang on the other side.
Chapter 11 Acidity
"What can I do for you, Sir? Can I help you? " Blue View Yi Zheng rummaged behind a row of hangers for Xiao Qin Qin to dress and suddenly a woman rang on the other side.
"Oh, I want some little girls, beds, clothes, shoes and hats, and toys. Well, help me choose some beautiful dolls and cartoon dolls. Always bring me all kinds of money if you have something to say."
"How old is the child?"
"Oh, I bought it in about six or seven months, and then I got a set for a bigger size." Jiang Junyue thought a little. She is petite and exquisite, so she can wear a smaller size. If she is small, she can wear a bigger size. Anyway, the child can’t do this. He probably bought one just today. Sometimes he came in person. Now he is going to flood his father’s love and buy her more things. Well, this purchase is a bit like that little thing.
"Good sir, just sit in the VIP area over there and wait. We will bring it to Mr. Wang and ask Mr. Wang to choose it soon." The salesman said at a glance that Jiang Junyue was a big guest that it would cost a lot of money to buy so many things. Selling him today should be enough for her salary for several months. She met a gold owner

Zhou Yi is a doctor who can just make an excuse for the review of eldest sister-in-law, and Gu Changning’s fighting capacity is amazing. Once he makes trouble later, he will definitely not lose money before Teng Jun or Ye Sanye.

I worship tunnel "Ye Sanye just entered the eldest sister-in-law room and he brought a lot of people to take me outside … I don’t know what’s going on inside …"
Ye Li’s eyes sank. "Kick the door open!"
The guards immediately acted on orders.
Ye Li strode in as soon as the door opened.
Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes are dim and he doesn’t hold me behind him.
The eye is the big bed. Ye Sanye has been stripped naked and is lying on a naked woman with the same light.
I started out as my sister-in-law and my heart was shaking.
桑拿网I never thought my sister-in-law would do this …
A closer look is Li Yuyan!
On both sides of the bed, Teng Jun took the guards and his sister-in-law with bodyguards. The two sides were at loggerheads.
I was very surprised.
Actually, I’m not sure about Ye Xiangyuan and Sister-in-law’s plan.
Section 122
I wanted to teach Ye Sanye a lesson, but I didn’t expect even Li Yuyan to be pitted.
What’s even more incredible is that eldest sister-in-law drank tea or was awake?
And how can bed people become Li Yuyan?
Go to see Teng Jun again. She frowned and looked complicated, but she didn’t make noise as usual.
Ye Li asked angrily, "What’s going on!"
Teng jun saw him as if he had just recovered and immediately found him crying, "The old man is all Lv Nian cheating! This bitch wants to frame three sons … "
I interrupted her with a sneer. "Sister-in-law has been resting in her room. How can she frame her uncle? I’m curious about why her uncle will hug Miss Li naked or in her room!"
Teng jun screamed and ran to catch my face "bitch! Shut up! It’s either Lu Nian or you. We asked you to give Lu Nian medicine. What, Lu Nian is fine? Are you colluding with her to frame my son! "
Ye Xiangyuan stopped me behind him and hooked his mouth. "What did you ask my wife to do again?"
Teng jun thinks that his gaffes immediately scream and divert the target and directly fire at Ye Xiangyuan. "Are you sure you have a share?" You can’t wait for my son to give way to you! It must be you, you baiwenhang! "
She threw her fist at Ye Xiangyuan regardless of her body.
But it’s certainly impossible for her to get it with a bodyguard
Ye Xiangyuan had her detained and turned to Ye Li. "Grandpa, I’m curious what she meant by asking my wife to give medicine to my sister-in-law."
Ye Li is sure to guess that there is something fishy in it.
But he didn’t go out at once, but frowned and looked at Teng Jun as if he had scruples.
He should be trying to make peace.
I can’t help but pout. At this point, he has to protect Teng Jun.
Chapter 129 Uncle and niece roll in piles
Gu Changning also clearly saw Ye Li’s intention to hook the corner of his eye and sneered, "Grandpa Ayuan, are you trying to cover up your wife?"
Ye Li turned to Teng Jun to "make things clear"
Teng Jun sobbed and saw the eyes of Gu Changning and Zhou Yi just don’t talk.
I’m afraid she’s too ashamed to say it.
What you see now is how humiliating it is for Ye Sanye to roll with his wife and niece.
But they were going to give the eldest sister-in-law medicine to frame her.
It is not a glorious thing to talk about the truth.
Mr. Teng Teng was crying so deeply that he was wronged and sad.
Ye Li looked at me when she got better. "You say it!"
I faltered for a while. "She and Miss Li gave me a pack of medicine and threatened me to go to Sister-in-law’s tea … Sister-in-law is my savior. Of course I can’t do anything wrong to her … I don’t know about other things …"
Teng Jun stared at me in disbelief.
I smiled at her when no one was looking.
She swore, "Bitch!"
I timidly hid behind Ye Xiangyuan.
Teng Jun turned to Ye Li and sobbed in a low voice. "Old man, you have to believe me. I don’t know the situation at all …"
See her crying pear flower take rain Ye Li must be distressed that she could not bear to persecute her.
He sighed and said to the guards, "Wake up that evil obstacle for me."
Ye Sanye and Li Yuyan are both in a coma, and the quarrel just didn’t wake them up.
Gu Changning suddenly came out and said, "I’ll do it."

But I still don’t want to let go. As Luo Qijiang said, a man is absolutely inseparable from a woman. He just wants to use her as a tool to fulfill his physiological needs. He can treat her like this, which is one in a million, okay? I cann’t believe she tried to climb on his head and yell at him

"Pa" chopsticks in his hand slammed the table. Lan Jingyi turned and walked towards the door. "I owe you money, but I will pay you back. Please don’t harass me and my mother again." Forget it. She’ll think of some way to damn Liu Wentao. If it weren’t for him, she would have found a good job.
"Lanjingyi your mother rice …" Jiang Junyue sat down again after a while. He looked at Lanjingyi’s back and decided that she would turn back because Lanqing is the patient and the most important thing in her world now.
Lan Jingyi paused for a moment, but then strode away with her legs lifted. She won’t come here again, and she won’t be bullied by him again. She won’t make the same mistake again.
The big deal is that she will sell blood again.
"Lan Jingyi … Lan Jingyi …" Even the ambiguous woman who went out didn’t respond at all. "Bang" Jiang Junyue dropped all the food on the table with a wave of his hand.
Well, he will be interesting to see how she can make up Lan Qing to get medicine. Even if she sells blood, she can’t sell it every day. But I don’t know how her heart hurts when she sells blood.
It was already dark out of the community, and Lan Jingyi touched it, only to find that Jiang Junyue had already opened the machine one after another. There were Li Xuefeng and Liu Wentao, but there was no blue shine.
But Lan Qing is the one she remembers most. She dialed Lan Qing Lan Qing and quickly picked it up. "Did Yi Yi set off?"
"What … what?"
"LaCrosse said that you and he arrived at around seven o’clock. I looked at it. Why haven’t you gone out at six o’clock?"
"Mom’s out. I’ll be in the car soon. I hang up."
Lan Jingyi lied. Jiang Junyue wasn’t with her now, and she didn’t take the food out of him. She quickly turned aside, ordered two dishes to pack in a small restaurant, and then hurried to the hospital.
"Mom, I’m back." After a day’s walk, I don’t know what Jiang Junyue told Lan Qing. At this time, Lan Jingyi was not practical at all.
Section 24
"What about LaCrosse?" Sure enough, Lan Qing’s eyes fell behind her, and the man didn’t know what she had given Lan Qing. She was her daughter, but Lan Qing recognized him.
"Mom, he didn’t come."
"What’s the matter? Did the young couple quarrel? " Lanqing eyes worried and asked
Lan Jingyi really wants to say, "Mom, Jiang Junyue and I are ordinary friends." I just want to get things straight and get into trouble later.
"Ordinary friends?" Lan Qing raised her eyebrows slightly and her eyes were cold. "Yi Yi, are you really ordinary friends?"
"Well, just ordinary friends" said Lan Jingyi with a grind.
Lan Qing didn’t say anything, but quietly watched Lan Jingyi for five seconds, and then she moved her body out of bed and began to sort things out.
That look made Lan Jingyi panic. "Mom, what are you doing?"
"Mom doesn’t like hospitals. Mom has to leave the hospital."
"Mom, but you … you …" But you’re still sick, but the second half of this sentence can’t be said by Lan Jingyi. She’s afraid that Lan Qing will be upset because of her own illness, but she really panicked when she saw Lan Qing leaving the hospital. "Mom, I won’t let you leave the hospital." Lan Jingyi rushed over and hugged Lan Qing’s waist and face on her shoulder. "Mom, don’t leave the hospital, okay?"
Lan Qingdong paused briefly and then began to fold and tidy up her own clothes. "Yi Yi, the mother in this hospital is really tired of living. Isn’t it good to let her go out and get some air?"
"No, mom, your illness can’t be delayed any longer. I won’t let you leave the hospital." Lanjingyi grabbed Lanqing’s clothes while grabbing Lanqing’s hands. I just didn’t want Lanqing to leave the hospital
"Yi Yi Ma has been …" She said, but she paused and caught Lan Jingyi’s troublemaker. She gently put her hand on her cheek and added, "Yi Yi Ma is fine. It’s not like she knows that she’s been sick for a day or two. Isn’t everyone living well? Let her leave the hospital?"
Lan Qing slowly turned around and ran her fingers through Lan Jing Yi Shun’s slippery hair and whispered, "Yi Yi, tell mom the truth. Where did mom get the hospitalization money?" She’s not stupid, she’s in the hospital for a day, and she’s thousands less, which is hard for ordinary people to afford.
"Mom …" Lan Jingyi can’t tell Lan Qing that she went to gamble to win. So Lan Qing won’t believe her. Can she win by gambling? That is, people like Jiang Junyue will try to cheat to help her win, right?
"Mom has always been a lacrosse, thinking about waiting for mom to get out of the hospital, and when you get married, the family is so-called dead, but never thinking about the original … so you are ordinary friends, hehe, mom is wrong, mom is dragging you down, and Yima wants to leave the hospital and find your parents, so she wants to find your dad."
"Mom …" Lanjingyi sobbed and couldn’t speak anymore. She was conscious of holding Lanqing’s thigh and said nothing to let her leave the hospital.
"Sister Lan, it’s so sweet of you to be a girl. Look at how pitiful she is crying. Don’t let her lie down in bed." The girl next door whispered to anyone who saw such a scene would be sad.
"Yi yi, don’t you just want to register? Well, I promise you, "at the door, a word suddenly appeared that made Lan Jingyi’s scalp numb. With that word, Lan Jingyi turned his head to the ward lintel, and Jiang Junyue was lazy and reclining." And if you still want to abort me, Jiang Junyue must be ruined with you. "
"You … what did you say?" Lan Jingyi is a little confused. What registration? What child? She has no children in her stomach.
"Yi Yi, are you pregnant?" Lan Qing’s face lit up in an instant, perhaps because of the long illness. She was suddenly looking forward to her daughter having a child, and she could see the child in her lifetime.
桑拿会所"Mom didn’t … I didn’t …"
"Lan Jingyi, I have promised you to register. What else do you want?" Jiang Junyue kicked a door angrily and then strode towards her and grabbed her arm. "It doesn’t matter if you don’t cool my baby."
"Yes … yes, you can’t get up quickly. You can’t get cold. You can’t have a baby …"
"Mom, I didn’t …"
"LaCrosse said that you didn’t get angry with LaCrosse until you didn’t want this child. Yi Ma begged you to be born if you are pregnant, so that Mom can see her grandson in her lifetime, okay?" Lanqing came to strength, and the whole person’s spirit suddenly looked much better.
Lan Jingyi really wants to talk. She is really not pregnant with any children, but at the thought of her mother leaving the hospital or Jiang Junyue appearing, her mother will not be discharged for the time being. Let’s coax her into the hospital first, and then say, "Mom, I will get up if you promise not to leave the hospital."
"Don’t leave the hospital if you and LaCrosse are good mothers."
After that, Lan Jingyi still knelt there. If so, wouldn’t she have to continue acting with Jiang Junyue again?
"Don’t be so melodramatic. So many good mothers are getting better and better. What about you? You will soon give me a big fat baby. Get up and be good." A strong arm picked up Lan Jingyi like a chicken when he was talking, then pressed her aside and sighed. "You and your aunt both have a share."
When the two lunch boxes were handed to her and Lan Qing touched her hand, the warmth made her heart tremble and looked up quietly. She looked at Jiang Junyue’s eyes and said, "Are you serious about registering?"
"If you promise not to abort the child, I will promise to register." Jiang Junyue straightened up and hung over Lan Jingyi’s tall figure. His eyes seemed to be serious, but the root was to tell a cold joke without punchline because she was not pregnant at all.
Lan Jingyi didn’t say anything, opened the box and silently ate the food inside. It was her apartment table that was definitely self-fried, not the restaurant. She smiled with a little excitement and asked, "How long has Yi Yi been pregnant?" Why can’t you see it now? It won’t be more than a month, will it? " It seems that Lan Qing prefers that the child is very old.
Chapter 53 You let go
Lan Qing smiled with some excitement and asked, "How long has Yi Yi been pregnant? Why can’t you see it now? It won’t be more than a month, will it? " It seems that Lan Qing prefers that the child is very old.
Lan Jingyi got a lump in her throat and just wanted to say something, but when she saw Lan Qing’s face smiling, she suddenly realized that if there was a child, it would be Lan Qing’s motivation to live. "Mom didn’t know until a few days ago that I hadn’t decided whether to …"
"I don’t care, anyway, if you don’t want this child, I want my mother to bring him to you. The little thing must be very fun …"
Listen to Lan Qing, pour out while eating, and Lan Jingyi doesn’t want to dispel Lan Qing’s vitality. Forget it, take it one step at a time. Many things are often involuntary.