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But I used to think that he was behind the scenes and should be opposed to Ye Jia.

But it happened that Ye Xiangyuan asked him to protect me …
This is too strange.
Did I guess all wrong before? Is Han Qingshan really from Ye Xiangyuan?
I made a wild guess, but I was very calm and said hello to Han Qingshan.
Han Qingshan smiled and ignored me and talked to Li Mulin instead.
Li Mulin is also polite.
They chatted after a few words.
Li Mulin is sitting in front of me, Xiao Jin is sitting beside me, and my parents are sitting on the other side of the aisle with their babies in their arms.
I listened silently to their chat, that is, the business of the imperial city did not involve Ye Jiahe’s struggle with the Li family, and even Han Qingshan, a noble family of the imperial city, rarely started.
Maybe I’m being paranoid.
Gradually I fell asleep.
I woke up halfway, and my sister brought me lunch.
I glanced at the front, and Han Qingshan was still sitting beside Li Mulin. The two seemed to be chatting happily.
I don’t know what, but I still don’t feel at ease, thinking that I will ask Ye Xiangyuan about the situation as soon as the plane lands.
Although I have long decided not to contact Ye Xiangyuan, it seems that I have to keep in touch with him for a long time.
At least I can’t avoid Xiao Jin until he returns to the imperial city.
After more than ten hours of flight, I finally arrived in France.
Han Qingshan took the initiative to say goodbye to us when he got off the plane.
I was relieved, but my doubts didn’t go away.
Two hours later, the bus finally arrived in the town.
I have lived in my parents’ name for the second time. Naturally, we live here.
It’s three o’clock in the local afternoon, and it’s already late in the country. Xiaojin yawns, and my parents look tired and have to get jet lag.
Li Mulin said to me, "Sister-in-law, go to rest. I’ll take care of things here."
I thought about it and didn’t refuse to thank him.
After that, I took Xiaojinlou to rest or his house.
He lay quietly pulling my sleeve and said, "Aunt, I want to call my uncle."
I naturally have no opinion.
Although I guess Li Mulin must have contacted Ye Xiangyuan early, I have no reason to stop Xiao Jin from reporting peace in person.
I don’t know why the mobile phone has no signal.
Xiaojin showed disappointment.
I am busy appeasing, "Go to sleep first, and when you wake up, I promise you will talk to your uncle."
Xiaojin blinks and obediently closes her eyes.
I put him to sleep and went downstairs to find someone to see if there was no signal on their cell phone.
In the hall, Li Mulin is letting his hand place his luggage.
He also took the plane for more than ten hours to arrange these things without even taking a sip of water.
My heart is more grateful. Thank you again.
Then I told him about the cell phone signal.
He said, "Just now a bodyguard accidentally broke the line and has sent someone to repair it. It will be fine early in the morning."
I see
I didn’t think much, and after a few words with him, I planned to go back upstairs to see the baby.
Li Mulin stopped me and said, "I will go back to China in the next day. There are still things I need to do over there, but Sister-in-law can rest assured that Second Brother has already arranged manpower to ensure your safety."
Now, the imperial city family is full of smoke, and Ye Xiangyuan is surrounded by people. I’m not surprised that Li Mulin must have come to see me off this time because he is in a hurry to go back.
So I nodded and didn’t ask much.
The next morning, when I was holding the baby and holding Xiaojinlou, Li Mulin was ready to leave.
I didn’t expect that he didn’t even plan to eat breakfast, which was quite unexpected.
But he said, "I have to go to Vancouver to do something for Chu Wai."
I see
Section 23
Presumably this is also arranged by Ye Xiangyuan, and I didn’t ask for more information.
Although I’m a little curious if something happened to the Chu family.
夜网论坛I didn’t get along with grandpa Chu for long, but grandpa Chu was not bad to me, and I was worried about him.
But I also know that there are some things that I can’t ask
After that, Li Mulin left, followed by his hands, and the bodyguards in the college changed a group of people who were unfamiliar faces.
These people should also acquiesce in Ye Xiangyuan, which is boring for me.
After all, Xiao Jin, it is impossible for Ye Xiangyuan here not to pay attention to his safety.
After breakfast, Xiao Jin asked me, "Is my aunt’s words ready?"
I am busy trying to dial Ye Xiangyuan’s mobile phone.
The video is connected this time.

Hehe, Qiaogong thinks too much. I casually pulled him to sit with two big trees in the courtyard.

Dian Wei was right behind me.
One of these two big trees is a plum tree, and the other seems to be a plum tree.
It’s the end of the month. Although the heavy snow has just stopped, the weather is getting warmer quickly, and the temperature has risen a lot. Two or three branches have sprouted petals.
I have a person who chooses Qiaogong to consider one or two? I patted the clothes and asked
How can he have a second choice to nod? I wonder which young talent?
Of course you know this man, I looked at him and said, It’s Cheng Zhongde’s longrange military.
The muscles of the bridge’s cheeks tightened slightly and then slowly put This … is Wang Murphy here to marry?
Ha ha I smiled. If you two have this meaning, it would be great to form a pair of inlaws naturally; But if Qiaogong or your daughter has another choice, I can’t just refer to marriage, can I?
He hesitated for a moment and didn’t refuse. Cheng Gongchang … is really a beautiful woman. If he can form an old man, he will be very happy.
I nodded with satisfaction. Qiaogong can ask your daughter’s mind. If there is no resentment, I can arrange for two people to meet first …
Meet? What else do you want to ask when the old man has agreed to the marriage?
I can’t help but be dumb and careless … I think too much again?
Although parents and daughters have always been the masters, there is nothing wrong with asking the children what they mean. I put it mildly. If young people can fall in love with each other after marriage, it will also reduce a lot of inconvenience, don’t you think?
Seeing that I’m so considerate of him, I can nod my head, old man, I’ll call my daughter over and ask.
Although I think this kind of thing should be discussed privately between father and daughter, it makes no difference now.
The bridge came so quickly that I have to know whether she has been waiting nearby since I came in, ready to come in and wait on me at any time …
Linger … Qiao Huan spit out a very common name I met Wang first
The bridge gathered a gift to me, Qiaoling has met Wang Wang Wanfu.
Don’t stand on ceremony. I motioned for her to sit aside. Qiaoling … which word is Ling?
Rain order she replied in a low voice.
I hit the bridge at the corner of my mouth … This name … is really unusual.
It rained heavily the day before my son was born, but when she was born, the rain suddenly stopped for a moment. The bridge seems to be explaining that she was named after the old woman.
I thought about it, but I found that I didn’t have this meaning in my font to get rid of the name problem. Miss Daqiao was just talking with your father … Well, I want to introduce you to a husband. The other person is Mr. Cheng Yu, Mr. Chang Wu, and he is a very honest gentleman. I don’t know what the meaning is?
The bridge looks as usual. Obviously, she has just been informed that my father naturally dares not object since he agrees with my daughter.
No, no, no I waved my hand and became a feminist temporarily. I asked you to come over and ask you what you meant. Although your father is an elder, marriage is a major event in your life.
Although she was a little surprised, she quickly gathered up the expression Even if Wang said so … but … I have never had any contact with the ministers in the DPRK … even if I choose, I don’t know if it is so good …
I just realized that this is still the difference between men and women at the end of the Han Dynasty, and it will never disappear immediately because of my equality between men and women
At the thought of this, my shoulders seem to be a little heavier.
But I haven’t solved this problem for too long. If you don’t object, you can get to know Cheng Wu first, even if you make an ordinary friend, it’s not my business.
The bridge didn’t promise at once, but went to see the bridge.
Bridge Huan le le Hu since the king said so, you can do it yourself. This time, the old man won’t intervene.
Thank you very much, Wang. The bridge started to worship me again.
By the way, your little daughter’s marriage … do you want me to introduce her? Yes man, why don’t I just marry off the big and small bridges so that others will miss me? After all, my generals, such as Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci and Tuoba Ye, have no daughterinlaw yet …
Qiao Huan’s face seems a little embarrassed. He’s loose. He’s stroking Hu’s right hand and waving it at me hurriedly. My little girl is not old enough to bother Wang Xin any more!
I smiled. Mr. Qiaogong … probably said in his heart … I care about it again, right?
Old men dare not! He hurriedly lowered his gray head.
You don’t have to deny that I’m not stupid enough to think of it. I took two steps from my chair with my hands on my back and sighed leisurely. The world has long been used to this custom, and it’s really difficult for me to change it.
But … I smiled. What’s the point of being a unified ball emperor if you don’t change something?
Qiao Huan and Qiao gawk at me with eyes that seem to come from feet.
32 Snow Mystery in Yangcheng County
On the third day of February, 2002, there was a sudden snowstorm in Yangcheng County, Yingchuan County, and thousands of people died of freezing and frostbite.
As it was the first natural disaster since the founding of New China, I had to pay corresponding attention to it. Not only did I immediately assign officials from the Security Department of the Ministry of Rites to arrange disaster relief, but I also personally took people to Yangcheng.
Yangcheng is located at the junction of Yingchuan and Henan, and the linear distance from Luoyang is not more than 200 miles. I abandoned my car and drove my horse, but I can reach my destination in one day.
However … Because there is a Songshan Mountain (Songshan Mountain in previous life) in the middle, it took a considerable part of the big army to bypass this mountain.
Seeing the darkness getting deeper, I ordered to camp at the foot of the mountain.
On this trip, I brought out a total of 500 escort entourage, including Xi Jun, Chun Yuzhuang, Fa Zheng, Bai Fa, Dian Wei, Wu Shi and Liang Cong Jia Mu.
Hello Taoist I looked up at the height and asked, What is there to see when it is so dark?
It’s really more mysterious to look at this mountain and river at night. The white hair rises high in the half distance and looks at Song Gaoshan.
I shook my head. This Taoist priest has always been longing for the famous mountains and rivers in China. Last year, he took a special leave of absence and applied for public funds for travel for several months.
Brotherinlaw Jia Mu threw two branches into the bonfire. Why do you think it will snow?
桑拿会所I rolled my eyes. Do you really want to know? I can tell you the scientific principle.
When he saw me, he hurriedly waved his hand. I just said it casually. I don’t think I can understand what you said.
I spit in the bonfire and landed on the burning firewood, which evaporated into a white smoke and left a light water mark.
Master Cong heard that … natural disasters sometimes mean that God is extremely dissatisfied with the court before he blames the ground … I wonder if there is such a thing? Liang Cong looked at me carefully.
I smiled. If God is dissatisfied with me, why don’t you just drop a thunderbolt and nullify us?? But to take it out on the koo people? Can you beat your parents and beat your children?
He quickly explained that Cong also heard that …
You should know that I used to be Wei Wei in the Han Dynasty a few years ago, right? I asked him sideways.
Of course I know that the master is the youngest Jiuqing in the history of the Han Dynasty.
Do you know why I was dropped?
He thought for a moment. It seems that … a courtyard was burned down by skyfire?
Ha ha I nodded. If you have read the history, you will know that the socalled natural disasters and providence were just a reason for the emperor to change his ministers in the Han Dynasty. You are familiar with the classics and the official system of the Han Dynasty. Am I wrong? I asked Chun Yuzhuang, the classic department of the Ministry of Duty and Justice.
The master is right, replied Chunyu Zhuangkou. It’s not a miracle to change three positions a year because of inexplicable reasons. Sometimes it doesn’t rain for a month, but you can stop raining too much … but the three positions are also nominal. You have to give enough money to do it for half a year.
So disorderly … don’t affect the national politics? Wu Shi stared at him.
Chunyuzhuang shook his head and said, On the surface, Sangong did not participate in the specific management for a long time, and replacing them will not affect the political implementation; But … since the three public offices can pay for it, can’t the rest of the officials?
Aside from the drama, Jun also sighed, The line effect is more effective after Dong Zhuo’s chaotic government. The whole Han Dynasty officialdom has been decadent. If Liu Xie wants to turn this wind energy to cure it, but he is young and weak, it is difficult to get the support of all parties. In the end, he will let himself take the lead.

But after she heard Liu Wentao’s words, she wanted to be a naughty boy.

Chapter 16 Stupid woman
Lan Jingyi got it.
Men like to hold on to the left and hold on to the right more than women who are happy, but those prominent men who only want to express their feelings will never feel honored to have such a woman as a wife.
She wants a divorce. Very, very much.
Apart from the lawyer, she has almost no one to discuss such an important life event as divorce. It will take a while for her only good friend to come back when she goes abroad. At this time, it is daytime here, but it is night there.
The time difference makes it rare for two people to have a chance to communicate
Besides, she doesn’t want to tell others that she is miserable.
Divorce. Divorce
These two words are called in my head.
But how can she become such a woman?
Want her to fail to apply?
No, she doesn’t want to commit herself to any man.
Lan Jingyi’s brain turns again, and the whole person relies on the living room sofa to plan how to become such a woman and let Liu Wentao give up her.
For a long time, a flash of light came to her mind.
桑拿论坛Yes, she needs a man to cooperate.
That man had better be a very erosive man, and everything can meet the occasion.
The first person who jumped out of Lan Jingyi’s mind was Xiao Tiao.
Yeah, that’s him
It’s a little troublesome to find him. If I give him Guodaomo again, he won’t hook it.
Lan Jingyi jumped off the sofa and opened her brain. If she has any problems, she can find anything to solve. She must be able to think of a best way for her to succeed.
Jiang Junyue, dressed in a black suit, sat in the president’s office with a Parker brush, and the door rang at this moment, which made him frown. The secret girl let him in directly without notification. One of them was his male assistant Wu Caishan, who "came in".
"The less," Wu Caishan respectfully pushed the Chinese materials to Jiang Junyue. "Is there anything else?"
"No, you go to rest."
WuCaiShan just turned Jiang Junyue picked up the document.
Father unknown
There has been no news from Mother City for five years since she went abroad as a social butterfly.
What’s left is a description of Lan Jingyi’s life track.
It’s very simple. I once had a boyfriend in college, and then I broke up and married Lu Wentao after graduation. Lu Wentao was unhappy in marriage and raised a mistress named Mo Xiaoxue. At present, she is in the hospital to protect her baby.
Two pieces of paper are gone.
Jiang Junyue stared at the word "cheating". It turned out that the woman went to the bar to get back at her husband for cheating.
It’s her own stupidity not to get a man’s heart.
Is meditation rang is mother He Ling "mom better?"
"Smelly little did you find out about the medicine woman? Tell me that she killed me, and her appearance is still soft. After LaCrosse, don’t associate with those no three no four women again. Once again, directly kill your mother." He Ling was angry and growled and wanted to strangle the fruit island woman, who almost lost water in her toilet.
Chapter 17 Chewed the root of the tongue
Section 5
Jiang Junyue’s dark eyes swept across the table while listening. Lan Jingyi’s little face felt so pure. If he didn’t know how he connected her with the girl who was a bad girl, he believed that his hands were not useless.
The little face and lips seemed to feel the softness of her lips. He kissed her that night. Well, her lips didn’t seem annoying. "Mom hasn’t found out yet. I’ll tell you for sure."
"LaCrosse, are your hands all useless? But it’s just a woman who has been checking for so long. "He Ling is annoyed. When was she so stupid? She was angry. If she had eaten such a big boring loss, it would be known that her wife Jiang was not mixed up.
"Well, mom, can’t I check it myself? Why don’t you calm down and have a nice evening, call your friends home and I’ll go back to play mahjong with you early? "
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
Jiang Junyue just hung up, and his eyes wandered on. Lan Jingyi remembered that when she was swinging on the dance floor with a slender waist, she smelled like a natural woman, and there was absolutely no smell of perfume the day after tomorrow.
At the same time, I had finished taking a bath and was taking a bath for my little girl. Lan Jingyi hit a sneeze. "Who chewed my tongue behind my back in broad daylight?" When I was a child, my mother said that someone had spoken ill of me behind my back. At this time, Lan Jingyi was also conscious of this.
Did the little girl hear her talk or talk to it? She was lonely for a long time. The little thing immediately jumped up and down in the water and splashed a string of water droplets, spraying Lan Jingyi all over her face.
"Smelly guy, if you don’t be honest, I’ll send you to the door, and I don’t want you." Lan Jingyi gnashed her teeth. She was busy. She was going to go to that bar again tonight. I don’t know if I could meet that smelly man and collect some secret weapons online. It would take a genius to get there, even if I had to start work, it would take days, but she didn’t know if I could meet that man.
After cleaning up the little fur and water droplets, Lan Jingyi leaned against the sofa with the little thing in her arms and picked it up. It was agreed with the lawyer that he would arrange everything. When she thought of money, she thought that she had lost her face and bag. She had to look for her and make sure that her wallet was lost in the bar.
Chapter 1 Small Three Attacks
Although the rain is very light in rainy days, the cold breath is so strong. Lan Jingyi cooked the egg noodles, steaming and eating the little girl, lying on her slippers and looking up at her like that.
She put the noodles in the bowl and slipped into the kitchen. She took out only two hams from the refrigerator and threw them in the oven. When she finished eating the noodles, the hams were especially fragrant. When she threw them to Xiao Guai, she felt that she was really insane. She ate the egg noodles herself and gave them to Xiao Guai, but Xiao Guai was more pitiful than her. She could even eat Xiao Guai herself. She ate nothing without two hams. She ate them all in a few bites, and looked at her with big eyes and shook her tail as if she were going to be married.
It’s a good deal to buy this little thing by cutting two hams.
Squatting down and touching the little girl’s clean fur is very smooth, which makes Lan Jingyi feel particularly fulfilled. "Good girl, stay at home by herself first. Sister, I’m going out for a walk. I don’t know when I’ll be back. You should just go to bed early." She gently said that she went into the bedroom to change clothes, and the little thing would fart and fart behind her. She and it are all dependent on the forgotten creatures in this world at all times.
Changed clothes, picked up the little girl, put her face in her arms and put her face on it. "Good girl, I’m leaving." Then let it go.
But when Lan Jingyi opened the door and was about to take a step, two figures in front of the door blocked her. "Where is Lan Jingyi going?" When the cold man’s cold eyes swept her, she was shocked all over.
Landing outside the door, Wentao is holding his favorite in his arms. Unfortunately, his face is very pale. His favorite is to lean against his arms. "Wentao has something to say. Why is his tone so blunt?" Mo Xiaoxue gently advised Liu Wentao.
Lan Jingyi has a feeling of being struck by lightning. Xiaoxue came here by herself, but this time she was brought back by Lu Wentao. But if she hasn’t divorced him, she will have a share in this family. "What is she doing here?" She can’t learn to be devoted to Xiaoxue innocent girl. She doesn’t like her hypocrisy, and she doesn’t want to see it. But now Liu Wentao has brought it back.
"As you wish, Xiaoxue miscarried, and her body is very weak. She needs to nourish Lan Jingyi. Go in and put the bath water first, and then go to the soup pot." Liu Wentao raised his hand and bought back the big bone.
"I want to go out, I didn’t." Lan Jingyi said that she would go out over Liu Wentao and ask her to put bath water for Xiaosan and then make soup. She was not insane. She didn’t wait on Xiaosan. It was kind that she didn’t drive away Mo Xiaoxue.
But I never thought that Liu Wentao really had the brute force to hold the strange light snow, and the eyes in front of her were so cold that they seemed to freeze people instantly. "You can do whatever Lan Jingyi tells you to do. If you dare to leave this room tonight, I will make you regret it for a generation."
Chapter 19 Love is bullshit
In front of the two men confronted the stranger light snow and went to Liu Wentao’s arms to shrink. "Wentao, I said you wouldn’t look back at me …"
"Shut up" Leng Qing man yelled out, devoted to Xiaoxue, and immediately pear flower took rain and earned "You let me go, I have hands and feet, I want to go back"
It’s so noisy that Lan Jingyi’s head hurts as much as she wants. The man just stopped her from leaving.

The yellow turban insurrectionary thief party’s remnant of 130,000 captured Qingzhou township and county officials, and the secretariat of Tao Qian was old and old. Although he had sent troops to attack thieves and fight against the enemy, he dared not fight again. Please ask the court to send him to save him!

This Tao Qian is really polite. I didn’t see him pay taxes and tributes to the court at ordinary times. When the peasants besieged him, they sent letters of help one by one to the court, as if he was going to have his head on the ground if the court reinforcements arrived late.
I remember that Tao Qian had always been lucky, but Cao Cao was able to save his life after three transgressions and five attacks. Didn’t he pretend to play a threelet Xuzhou with Liu Bei in the end?
finally, Liu Bei also learned this trick, but Liu Bei succeeded in entrusting orphans and Tao Qian failed.
However, the imperial forces were really limited, and the elite 50,000 troops were gone by Zhang Temperate Zone. Although they have been recruiting, the recruits can’t die directly on the battlefield after all. Considering that Tao Qian is not in danger, it is necessary to let the surrounding counties and counties send troops to rescue Xuzhou.
Don’t say that this order is pretentious, but some enthusiastic people really went to the righteous support.
For example, Guangling Prefecture Juck Zhang, Pingyuan Prefecture Chen Ji, Beihai Prefecture Kong Rong, Taishan Prefecture Ying Shao, and Jibei Prefecture Baoxin each sent two or three thousand troops to the Tao Qian base area for public tourism. By the way, say hello to the peasant army who attacked the city. Everyone came out to mix up and don’t do it too well. Thank you.
The general court did not give substantial help to Xuzhou rescue.
Because the court has already taken care of itself.
Chapter 16 Two armies
The court meeting on June 26th.
I feel uneasy recently. Do you know? Liu Xie threw a question in the first sentence.
Are you anxious because there are thieves and soldiers raging in Xu and Yu? Xun Shuang first made a rare statement that thieves can be rampant for a while even if Qiu Zhang Gong has conquered them.
Liu Xie shook his head. This is one of them.
Xun Shuang Zheng hangs his eyes and sits
Liu Xie looked at the ministers in the temple. I walk in the palace hall and often feel Ma A around me, but my heart is even more fearful.
I slapped my thigh! This is going to play with me
Positions refers to the lack of guards in the palace? This is Wei Wei Guang Luxun’s two things, right? Yun3 sharp eyes shot at me.
A fiercely in my heart stood up quickly and answered, I am not well guarded, and I know my sin.
Guang Luxun and Yang Biao also stood shoulder to shoulder with me, Old ministers know their sins.
No, I’m not blaming the two Aiqing. This is not the same as the two. Liu Xie waved us to sit. The number of guards is not only sufficient, but Ma Aiqing specially sent more people to prepare for the extraordinary things, but this few dozens of people can’t eliminate my anxiety.
I stole a look at several old ministers in front of me. They seem to have understood the emperor’s intentions.
Wang Yun took the lead in asking, Do you want to add guards?
Wang Situ knows what I mean. Liu Xie nodded. I hope to choose a good brother with an innocent life to set up a guard to be in charge of my safety. If I travel, will this army be responsible for defending the public?
Baiguan suddenly lost in thought, and the temple was quiet.
Yang Biao’s eyes suddenly turned to me and I responded politely.
The old minister’s policy is very good and feasible. Yang Biao agreed with Liu Xie
Liu Xie smiled and nodded to him.
Although Yang Biao took the lead, Xun Shuang Wang Yun never agreed with the officials and still dared not express his position easily.
It is also feasible for me to have a man on standby day and night like today, and I can’t go around like other troops. Ma Ridi also expressed his position
After Xun Shuang led Shi Sunrui, Jennifer Tian, Xuanbo, Zhou Huan and Lu Zhi, a group of etiquette all agreed.
品茶论坛Yun3 still has no mouth.
Liu Xie could not help but take the initiative to ask Wang Stuart no longer speaks? Do you disagree?
I don’t disagree, but I’m thinking about the interests. Wang Yun bowed his hand. Today, although the imperial court is gradually revived, the Central Plains has not been pacified. Except for the cool, beneficial and sili, other ten States or thieves are traveling in the four fields or in remote areas. It’s even more difficult to raise a hundred thousand soldiers. If you increase the army easily, it’s hard to raise it.
This argument sounds objective and fair, purely from the perspective of court finance, and many ministers agree to nod.
Liu Xie sighed. What Wang Situ said is a righteous cause, but it’s not okay for me to have three or five thousand guards?

Xiao Jin and I were pushed into a nearby path in the chaos.

Some people walked with us, and each other carefully turned into the garden of the next residential building to hide.
Xiaojin held my neck tightly.
I touched his face and gently told him, "We have met bad people, but don’t be afraid that Uncle Xiaowen will beat them away."
Xiaojin nodded cleverly, not noisy or noisy.
The gun went on, and there were still people screaming in the Woods, and I don’t know if they were shot or kidnapped.
As one call after another went by, I became more and more worried and hoped that Ye Wen would find us soon.
Okay, there are two bodyguards around.
I made a decision after a little hesitation, and instead of jumping into the next garden with everyone, I kept running along the path.
When I was walking with Xiao Jin before, I took him around several times on a whim, and I knew that the four paths here would be able to get home.
The bodyguards dutifully protected us.
I secretly prayed that the shooting would pass quickly.
As long as we were a little far from the Woods, when I was temporarily settled, there was a sudden footsteps coming and getting closer and closer.
Two bodyguards stopped at the same time.
夜生活They quickly decided to keep one in place and the other to explore the situation. If the other party is a gangster, they can kill him, but if they can’t, they can try to distract him.
I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. If something happens to them because of Xiao Jin and me, I will be very sorry.
But ….. Thinking of Xiao Jin in my arms, I secretly persuaded myself that they are Ye Xiangyuan’s hands, and we must ensure that Xiao Jin’s safety is their duty …
I didn’t stop it after all.
The two bodyguards split up immediately.
I held Xiao Jin tightly.
The bodyguard left quietly and soon the gun rang out!
I’m so anxious that I don’t know what happened. Is the bodyguard shot?
What should we do if gangsters come and find us?
I’m more worried that the gangsters are coming for me and Xiaojin.
Xiao Jin is still so small, so small …
After the gunshot, the footsteps sounded again. I heard each other getting closer and I was about to turn into this path.
Leave a bodyguard squatting at my feet and repeatedly told me to hide in the same place with Xiaojin and get up.
I know he’s going to distract the gangsters, and his mood is getting worse.
As soon as he got up, another shot was fired.
The bodyguard quickly pushed Xiao Jin and me into the flowers and then quickly climbed over the fence and rushed at each other.
I held Xiaojin in my arms and kept telling myself to be calm.
If both bodyguards can’t come back, if Ye Wen finds the former gangster and appears first, I will have to find a way to protect Xiao Jin.
I kissed Xiao Jin’s forehead and whispered, "Aunt, I have to fight bad guys later. When you may need some, will you wait here alone for Uncle Xiaowen to pick you up?" If the bad guys come, hide yourself and don’t be caught by him … "
Xiaojin clutched my sleeve and whispered, "Aunt, don’t go."
I looked at him carefully by the lights in the courtyard.
He pursed her lips with tears flashing in her eyes. "I know something happened to my bodyguards and uncles … I don’t want anything to happen to my aunt …"
I hugged him lovingly.
Such a child knows everything …
As far as I’m concerned, there was another shot.
I felt the danger, and I quickly rolled with Xiao Jin in my arms.
Sure enough, this time the other party shot at me and Xiao Jin, and the wall behind me was hit and screamed.
A bullet bounced off the wall and brushed past my shoulder 2.
I bite my lip in pain and the smell of blood instantly diffuses in the air.
But where can I care about this injury?
I will press Xiao Jin’s head on my chest, and I will endure the pain in my arm and quickly roll to the other side fence.
This place is already uneasy. I have to leave quickly with Xiaojin.

He is pale and asleep, and he doesn’t know what’s going on.

I hesitated to look at Ye Xiangyuan and the baby in his arms and decided to go and see Jishu first.
Chapter 323 Did you forget?
When I passed Ye Xiangyuan, I found that his expression seemed a little dark.
Is it unhappy?
But he didn’t stop me
Section 297
I thought about it and stopped to say, "The baby may be hungry when he wakes up. Do you have any milk powder here?"
He doesn’t talk to me. I can use the baby as a breakthrough
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a casual look and said "Yes".
I saw that his tone was very cold and thought that maybe he was still angry and silent, so I didn’t say much and walked over him to the building.
Ji Shu is not injured. Of course, I think Ji Shu can rest assured first.
Go upstairs just in time for the doctor to examine Ji Shu.
I didn’t bother. I went to the window and looked around.
Outside, there is a dense forest in the backyard. The environment is very good and quiet, suitable for rehabilitation.
Farther away, the outer wall of the castle is like an iron wall
I noticed that the tall trees were monitored, and if anyone wanted to enter the backyard, they would be found at the first time.
This room is very safe.
It’s thoughtful to put Jishu here.
But I don’t think we can stay here for long, and maybe the day will leave. It’s a pity to think so.
The main reason is that Ji Shu’s injury can’t come with us. I wish he could stay.
But if we lose him, he may be upset …
It seems that I have to discuss it with Ye Xiangyuan later.
Take back my thoughts. I looked back at my eyes and gave Jishu a check. The medical staff looked straight at the door again. Pan Dong.
He rescued me and the baby before, and we also took a car, but we didn’t say much.
I hesitated and went over to thank him sincerely.
Thank you not only for his help today, but also for taking care of me in other countries.
按摩Especially video authentication. I never thought he would help me.
Pan Dong, as solemn as ever, said that those things were what he should do, and his attitude was quite alienated.
I will be silent.
But he suddenly said, "I didn’t get the appraisal until the chief agreed."
I was immediately stuck.
It took me a long time to understand what he meant.
Ye Xiangyuan actually knew that I was looking for Pan Dong to identify things. Does this mean that he told me that the video is true through Pan Dongkou?
What is the purpose of his doing this?
Yes, let me give up?
It was that video that made me premature, so I was completely disappointed with him and determined to leave.
But if so, why does he keep saying that he won’t let me go?

Wu Bing and Qing Yu, of course, are not enough. When Lin Bing Cong heard that, he simply did what Lin Bing said, but they didn’t care, but someone bumped into him.

"God, what is this?" As soon as Qin Yong arrived at the physical battlefield, he saw a building made of more than ten layers of steel. How long did it take? Was it built so soon?
"Who are you?" A group of soldiers with military rifles chanted at Qin with guns.
"Oh, my God, I’ve been kidnapped," Qin Yong said, but the bodyguards behind him are all first-class skills. Of course, they are also armed. When a bodyguard behind Qin Yong picked up Qin Yong and retreated, the remaining bodyguards shot, so the first gun battle in fairyland began. The harsh "dadada" sound frightened the soldiers. They were about to leave when they heard guns shooting at each other from a distance, but they were suspicious but didn’t know it.
"They seem to protect a person." Sharp-eyed Wu Bing soon found that a group of people were surrounded by a person, almost physically, to protect that person.
The soldier’s eyes were unconscious, but the man was too far away to see clearly, and he felt that the man had a familiar feeling. At this moment, an exclamation shocked the soldier’s heart. This is the piano chanting. It is the girl who likes to stick to herself all day long. The soldier rushed to the side, regardless of her injured body. Wu Bing wanted to wake up. Why can’t this cold weapon and modern gun fight in Wonderland come well? He rushed out with the soldier.
"Soldiers in the bucket are fierce before the array! The dragon is embedded in the sky! " A sudden darkness came when the seven serpents came down, and the huge roar shook the sky. Two groups of people were so frightened by this sudden monster that they were at a loss. The seven heads of the serpent kept spraying huge hot fireballs, and the plain turned into a hot land forest, and the blue clouds turned into a molten pool. Locke didn’t know what had happened, but suddenly changed and melted many assembled machines from the real world and turned them into ashes.
Qin Yong was shot in a coma, and later generations fell down after the soldiers read the spell. Wu Bing grabbed the soldiers and greeted Qin Yong people to leave the rain and rain without stopping [acceleration] to help everyone. Strange to say, it is effective for people in the real world [acceleration]
On the other hand, when Lan Fengyun and Locke escaped their lives, they found that the Iron Man had disappeared and hurried to find Keren. Was it attacked?
In a corner of the world, there is a middle-aged man with a boxing table. "Where did the bastard monster fall short?"
"What did the adoptive father fall short of?"
"Er Haoer, when will you come back?"
Mu Haoer said with a sneer at the corner of his eye, "Me? I happened to come back to your fairyland when you came back, and I happened to be in fairyland when you came back. "
Middle-aged people don’t hear all those things they shouldn’t hear when they hear this body chills, do they?
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Chapter 14 Making God (5)
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Chapter 14 Making God (5)
"Adoptive father wasted my heart on you. You turned out to be good for me, but I won’t forget the kindness you gave me when I became the world’s master. What do you do? Ha ha ha! "
"HaoEr what are you talking about? Is the adoptive father bad for you? " Middle-aged people embarrassed barely laughed
Mu Haoer stopped talking. With a wave of his hand, the table in front of the middle-aged man was like sediment and generalized into a pile of fly ash, and then a gust of wind disappeared.
"adoptive father, this is the last time I called you. You are you, I am my strength. I got it, but no one can take it away from me. By the way, there are still some things to be done in fairyland, so no one will ever get in my way."
Middle-aged people haven’t reacted to admire Haoer and disappeared in situ. Middle-aged people lost their seats. "After many years of planning, that damn monster damn Haoer’s father is so good to you that you should …"
I’m at a loss when I come to the present world. Oh, my God, are we from the game world to the real world? How is it possible that there are two bodies in one world? If two bodies meet, will it be like seeing a corpse?
Everyone didn’t know that their good eyes suddenly saw a familiar figure "Tianwu!"
The called person suddenly stopped and turned to the sound direction to see the person detain and froze.
I was so happy that I rushed over to "Tianwu is really you."
Water silk bud callous and looked at me "are you elegant? Why are you wearing this dress and the people behind you? Oh, my God, what happened? How do people in the game run into the real world? "
I said, "I don’t know, but the question now is how do we get into the game again? Now that the power has been won by a man named Mu Haoer, I don’t know what she wants to do after she gets the power. In case she is not the power, the result should be good."
Shuisilei said strangely, "Didn’t you say that power can only be made by your brothers?"
"I don’t know. Maybe there are too many variables. For example, now that we suddenly come to the real world, there are many things that should not have appeared in the game. Maybe it is a test."
Next to the dark fire chimed in, "Are you dancing in heaven? What a beautiful girl. "
桑拿论坛Water silk bud took a white look at the dark fire and thought for a moment and said, "You come with me. Fortunately, you have come to my home site. If you are in a big city, it is really troublesome for hundreds of people."
Shuisilei made a word, and soon a large group of people came and took us to Shuisilei’s house. It may not be appropriate to say that it is home, because the family is too big and hundreds of thousands of people still feel unimaginable in the garden.
Water is light and harsh, followed by water silk bud, looked at her daughter’s worried face and said, "Are you elegant? Are you leaning against the snow in the East? You did this to my daughter? How dare you come to me? "
I don’t know why Shuisilei’s father suddenly said that I offended him. There seems to be no right. What’s the matter with Tianwu? I took Shuisilei’s hand and hurriedly asked, "Tianwu, are you injured somewhere?"
At that time, Shuisi Lei didn’t know how to explain it. She said to Shuidan, "Dad, you should send them back or you will look good."
The water is light and harsh, and I just want to train young people in front of me, but my daughter swallowed the water in her stomach and swallowed the girls out at a word.
"Stop being stupefied and start that thing. I really don’t want to."
I took a deep look at the same instrument in front of my instrument and said to the water, "Uncle" just said two words. I turned around and punched Shuisiye’s neck and Shuisiye didn’t even respond, so she passed out.
"Who are you?" I was shocked by the lack of water, but look, I didn’t overreact without moving a step.
"I don’t want Tianwu to enter the game again. Let Tianwu have a good sleep before it’s over." After that, I didn’t look back and went back to the game with the dark fire and others
The water is light and harsh, and it is meaningful to look at the water silk bud in a coma as if thinking about something.
When the Seven Serpents are raging, people in the real battlefield will be miserable. Almost the whole real battlefield is a flame. It doesn’t matter where you retreat. Wu Bing and others can also retreat to the temple. Lan Fengyun and Locke will be miserable. When you run to the top of the mountain or jump, the huge seven Serpents in the water will burn the heavens and the earth to ashes without flame. The sea water will be burned like a fire. The mud on the surface of a songkhla mountain will become molten slurry and flow along the mountain.
Lan Fengyun and Locke are almost dead, and they can still live with their hands, but they know that they are from the real world and come in and die, which is really dead. But can anyone save them at this time?
Of course, there was a sudden appearance of Mu Haoer. Two blue whiplike lights in front of the seven serpents made the seven serpents hit a circle. The serpent was angry. Seven heads all sprayed continuous fireballs at Mu Haoer. Hundreds of fireballs almost instantly hit Mu Haoer from all directions. A circle of blue round through the shield made it easy for Mu Haoer to keep the fireballs out. However, with the increase of fireballs, the shield was somewhat untenable. Mu Haoer never gained strength. This kind of situation was somewhat flustered, but it was soon found that the number of fireballs began to decrease. Finally, the fireballs disappeared in front of the shield.
With the shield dispersed longed for my son heart suddenly rise to accept this beast idea think about having such a beast world even * * * * * is not your opponent?
Serpent, Dark Fire and I just stepped into the game, and the hot air made us breathe and take a closer look. Oh, my God, where is this? (I can’t recognize the original position)
"Elegant?" When the sound of disease and law came, I looked back. What a coincidence that disease and law, temporary soldiers, armed soldiers, sunny rain and others all came to me? Look up again. Oh, my God, what is it?