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Their eyes are tiny on the soft couch.

I suddenly feel that my footsteps have become light and my nasal cavity has become unobstructed at this moment.
Uh … But I still don’t know what to say and I’m stupefied by the screen.
Oneinch looked up and his bright eyes looked straight at me.
Chubby face suddenly started to laugh, and her mouth widened.
Grandma qi
I was shivering and almost collapsed to the ground.
Dad! She held out her little hand to me as if calling for a pet.
My hands and feet went limp and I immediately rolled and crawled together. Good girl, let dad hug me? I asked her mother for advice.
Cai Yan reached out and blocked me. Where can a man hold a child?
Jia Yu and The Story Of Diu Sim nodded in agreement.
Small moths, Xiao Zhao dare not say.
I glared at the opposition trio.
Dad! The youngest daughter issued a third call, and she raised her two small hands, and her whole body was already falling at any time.
I immediately put her in my arms.
She finally folded her hands and hugged my neck tightly.
My daughter smiled at each other.
Cai Yan muttered, Even Niang can’t scream …
I can see that she is jealous.
25 Daughter
Come to Xiaoyue Yue … Cai Yan tried to take her daughter away from me.
I am very unhappy to hold her hand. Don’t call our daughter Xiaoyue …
What? She was puzzled.
It’s too unlucky … I kept it a secret.
She asked, What’s that called?
… it can’t be called Xiaoyue Yue anyway! Why didn’t I think of that at that time? It’s so sad that children have nicknames!
Xiao Yue is crawling around my chest, although I don’t understand what fun it is.
Come and give me a hug? The Story Of Diu Sim held out his slender fingers toward Xiao Yue.
Xiao he ignored her and hugged me tightly.
What’s so good about your dad? Cai Yan complained again
夜生活It is said that my daughter is a daddy’s intimate little cottonpadded jacket. The ancients did not deceive me. I happily touched my daughter’s little head and tampered with the saying.
It’s just these two or three days … Cai Yan continued to comfort herself and put the blame on me. It’s all your fault that you haven’t seen Xiao Yue for a whole month …
This crime … I admit it.
By the way, I patted my daughter little ass, and she looked up at me doubtfully. I smiled and said, Does a good daughter call her two dads make your mother jealous?
Ma Yue son wide mouth dad! Hey!
I was so happy in my heart that I didn’t say anything. I’ll give you my father’s property!
Her face was blank, and a pool of shallow saliva dripped from her mouth.
Xiao Zhao quickly picked up the cotton cloth and gently wiped it off for her.
Wenchi couldn’t help low Chen way what … this child will call dad? I groaned a few days ago. How can I talk as soon as I see you today? She probably wants to have a big head …
Good daughter, I turned to her. Why don’t you ask mom to try? See how pathetic your mother’s heartbreak is …
He casually stretched out his hand and put it in his mouth, but he could send out the word sister
Cai Yan’s broken thinking has gone to extremes. This child will call dad to a man, right? It must be like this!
really? The hall door was pushed.
Good niece, call one for uncle? Xiao Dai pulled Jia Mu into the hall.
… I have a question mark in my heart. Should it be true? Once upon a time, when the big sister’s children next door just learned to speak, they did meet men who called them Dad and Grandpa …
Small Adai you tap, tap line not line? !” Cai Yan couldn’t wait to chop off Xiao Dai with a knife and reach out to her daughter’s hands.
Sisterinlaw, what are you nervous about! Xiao Dai couldn’t help muttering, I haven’t touched her at all! Come and call an uncle? He probably knew he had given up, picked up his son and planned to tease her with his forefinger.
Wood also stretched out a finger to join tease him son team call me what? ….. or call dad.
Wood! I haven’t kicked him yet. Jia Yu has reprimanded Naidi instead of me. No big or small!
Ma Yue son ha ha smiled and looked at them and raised their soft hands. Two faces in front of them each received a slap.
After Xiao Dai’s reflective first backhand, Ma Yueer turned her target to another person.
Small sample … dare to hit me! Jia Mu swallowed Yue’s hand.
Be careful, be careful! Cai Yan was in a hurry.
He got up all his strength and broke free from the mouth of the monster in front of him. He was so angry that he burst into tears.
Cai Yan seems to want to unload Jamuba directly. You let go, let go!
Even Jia Yu ran to help break his brother’s mouth.
Jia Mu quickly loosened his teeth.
Ma Yueer slapped him angrily and climbed back to my side contentedly.

The British battlefield is still raging in the cold winter.

In the first round of Premier League, Arsenal beat Stoke City by one goal at home, and Manchester City lost to Everton by 1:2 at home. The focus battle was red and blue.
Blues Chelsea are at home against Red Devils Manchester United.
The recent situation is not good. Chelsea finally showed the blue army’s iron will to stand firm in adversity.
At the end of the 9minute war, a longlost victory cheer came to Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea won at home!
Manchester United’s defender Evans became the target of media criticism, but Ferguson tried his best to defend his brother after the game, saying that Evans was still growing and had the potential to reach worldclass standards.
Liverpool still have a huge advantage in the standings in the first round.
品茶论坛44 points left the doubledigit gap of other competitors.
Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all scored 34 points.
At 9: 00 pm local time on the 1 ST in UAE,
The World Club Cup final kicked off at Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi.
European champion Liverpool African champion Mazembe meets headon
On one side of the stands is the wave of Liverpool cheering.
Liverpool, which did its best, also failed to give face to the African champion
In fact, Liverpool played a normal level in training, controlled the game with great pressure, and then kept attacking the goal of African champion Mazembe!
Because of the fear of injury, few players break through Liverpool and show the world the advanced European team football through the whole team cooperation.
In the 16th minute of the game, after Qin Xiong Gerrard cooperated, he suddenly gave the ball to Alonso, who sent a deadly straight Cellauer offside to form a singlehanded ball, and then privately assisted the other side to keep an eye on Torres’ Red Army baby and hit the door easily!
Mazembe pays more attention to African teams in this game. It is rare to have a chance to play against European champions, and the World Club Cup is a godsend opportunity for them to make a name for themselves.
Mazembe made a big attack when the score was behind.
This gave Liverpool a chance to destroy them easily.
Liverpool scored one goal after another with half an hour left in the halftime.
Qin Xiong performed a hat trick in 3 minutes.
Counterattack, one dozen, one accurate
The game was completely out of suspense after halftime.
Liverpool locked in the World Club Cup.
Koman made a substitution at halftime, while Mazembe gave up completely.
Substitute youngster Ngog scored a goal at halftime.
Liverpool scored 50 to win the championship.
The World Club Cup is handy.
Qin Xiong won the best player award at the championship ceremony, which earned him a considerable extra income.
This short trip allowed Liverpool players to catch their breath during the hell race.
Coleman woke up on the way back to England by plane, and everyone should be mentally prepared. The battle of Christmas Express in Premier League is waiting for them ahead.
At the same time, eo Wilcott of Coman Club also wishes all players a happy New Year on behalf of the club.
Liverpool returned to the top of the world title and returned to England to win praise from all sides
Qin Xiong anxious to return saw the festive atmosphere of machines and tools arranged at home as soon as he entered the house on the 2nd.
Brotherinlaw! We are all waiting for you!
Georgia also came to England from Holland. He has a holiday. Today is a special day. It is Sylvia Qin Ye’s birthday.
Qin Xiong put the luggage and walked over to hold Sylvia in place and turned twice.
happy birthday, dear.
Sylvia smiled happily and held his face and said, I hope you don’t think I’m one year older.
Qin Xiong ha ha a smile said how? We will grow old together.
Freddie came to Qin Xiong with an ultrathin notebook. There was a video in it, and Qin Xiong and Sylvia watched it curiously together.
In the video, there are two horses, one black and one white. Freddy laughs. I’ll give you a gift. I’ll ask my friends to transport it to England when they choose a section in the Middle East. If you are in trouble, please give it to me for help.
Hehe, I accepted this gift. It’s exciting to go riding with her when I have the opportunity.
Qin Xiong does not refuse horses. Horse racing is very common in Britain, and regular activities are held here, especially with the support of the gambling industry. British horse racing is worldfamous

Lome Wei had to open her lips and forced herself into her mouth. She was thinking about how to get through this meal tonight, but she didn’t want Jiang Junyue to hand her another big piece of raw squid.

It’s good to eat the first piece before eating the second piece. She chews hard, but the man across the street looks comfortable eating one piece after another. Jiang Junyue doesn’t particularly like this bite, but he doesn’t hate Lome Wei’s preferences. He knows all the information. He has read it once and remembered it in his mind. Sometimes women are too smart to know that women are wise.
品茶论坛Lome Wei just looked at the other side. The more Jiang Junyue ate something so bloody, the better he ate. But his white and slender bony hands made her really want to hold her own hands. Soon he will be her fiance, and then her husband will gradually know that she doesn’t like it. Then she will gradually change him, but now she should be easy-going and make him happy.
Lome Wei felt that she had lived for more than 20 years to eat fresh food, which didn’t add up to more than this night. But every time Jiang Junyue gave it to her, could she not eat it?
She likes that he is considerate and considerate to her, which makes her feel bad.
So she has never been allergic to fresh seafood before eating a midnight snack, and she has a sharp point.
"The older brother, the more I want to wash my hands." My face is slightly red, and my little hands fall to my lower abdomen, and my stomach hurts like a river. If I don’t go, she feels that she is likely to lose someone in the hall here.
"Go ahead, I’ll wait for you." Jiang Junyue squinted and smiled, but it was pleasant. He put a piece of sashimi in his mouth, dipped it in mustard foam, as if it was delicious, and all he fed her was like her.
Lome Wei didn’t want to run for her life. She washed her hands like a mess, and her stomach was as uncomfortable as it was about to explode. She vowed to marry Jiang Junyue, and she would never eat any Japanese food again in her life. It almost killed her.
Jiang Junyue happily ate the sashimi in his mouth, which was easy. He took out his finger and called up the Qingyang number. He really played a lot of words in Qingyang these two days.
"The more …" Just a connect there came Cheng Qingyang deep male slightly with a hint of surprise.
"Is the little one back?"
"Well, I’m back." Needless to say, both of them know that the person mentioned refers to Yunfei.
"I’ll give you a chance to make amends, so that Xiao Xian can die for me. I live opposite the community now. Well, she’s crazy and dares to hit my woman. How can I repay her?" Light sneer makes the wind green field feel a thrill. He knows Jiang Junyue is going to play hard.
"Well, leave a breath. My mother is still planning an engagement party with her. She will also give me an appearance even in a wheelchair, hehe, you know."
There was silence for a second before Cheng Qingyang spoke again. "Do you want to have a look together? Let’s have a drink together. "
"Ok, that’s a good idea. Haha" Jiang Junyue quickly let go and dared to touch his woman Lome Wei. She really overreached herself. Didn’t she buy Yunfei? Now let Yunfei clean her up and let her know how high the water is and how deep it annoys him. She will regret it.
Lome EU fully washed her hands for more than ten minutes before coming out, which was very good and cooperated with Yunfei to make room.
"The more the elder brother …" She sat weakly opposite Jiang Junyue, and her little face went white, but Jiang Junyue seemed to be gone.
"Well" light should be a Jiang LaCrosse picked up a glass of wine and took a sip of "this wine is good and very mellow"
Chapter 1 Play with her to death
Polyol is too much for her to drink. She has diarrhea and dehydration. "LaCrosse, I … I’m a little uncomfortable …" She feels uncomfortable, but she has to show elegant posture in front of Jiang LaCrosse. She is too tired. Lome Wei has one hand and a lower abdomen. She feels that she is going crazy.
"Ok, then I’ll send you home. Come on, let’s go." After settling the account, Jiang Junyue waited for Lome Wei to get up and walked to the door.
Lome Wei hates biting her teeth as she walks. She must let it shut up. It’s killing her. It’s like she’s dying.
There was a breeze outside the store, which made Lome Wei feel a little better. Jiang Junyue swept in the direction of the community. "I have to get the car. Wait for me here?" Jiang Junyue touched a cigarette and lit the smoke. Soon, Lome Wei couldn’t see him clearly around him.
"No, I’ll just take a taxi." Although she really wants him to see her off, her stomach may hurt again all the way. Let him see how embarrassed she is. She would rather go back by herself.
"Well, then I’ll go back and take care of my son. Good night." Jiang Junyue drew a taxi to take Lome Wei away, turned around and walked towards the community.
Lome Wei breathed a sigh of relief when the car left Jiang Junyue, but only turned a corner. Soon the driver said, "There seems to be a car behind miss who has been following us for a while."
Lome Wei was confused with a pair of eyes, and it was strange to sweep outside the car. She saw a familiar face, just in a car on her right. The car followed Yunfei, who was her, and she was not afraid.
The car stopped slowly. Lome Wei grabbed her belly and got out of the car. "Yunfei, why are you here?"
"I’ll take you away from Mei Wei. Come with me." Take her by the hand and take her to the place where people live. Yunfei advised Lome Wei to say.
"Why should I go with you? Yunfei, what do you mean? " Lome Wei Li shook his hand. "I’m not going with you."
"Mei Wei promised me that you would come with me, okay?" Yunfei took a glance at Cheng Qingyang a few steps away. He liked Lome Wei for many years. That’s the way people are. The more you can’t get it, the better. So at this moment, knowing that Cheng Ge wants this woman to have an accident, he still wants to take risks and take her away so that she can survive.
"No, I’m engaged to LaCrosse. Just a few days later, thank you this time. Thank you for convincing LaCrosse that I gave birth to his child, but Yunfei also asks you to let go. I have nothing to thank you for. You let go." The tighter Yunfei holds, the more severe Lomevi struggles.
Such cruel words can’t stop ringing in Yunfei’s ears. "You didn’t like me at all? Do you like that Jiang? " However, the loss made her feel sad. He would rather offend Jiang Junyue, but the consequence of offending Jiang Junyue was that even his boss Cheng Qingyang was offended together. That was a narrow escape, but Lome Wei was so dismissive of him.
"Yes, I like Yue Yue Brother, but you are just one I hired …" When I scanned Yunfei’s gloomy face, Lome Wei realized that it was wrong and quickly took back the word "dog". His face seemed to be killing people, and his face was full of pitfalls.
"Am I your dog?" She didn’t finish Yunfei, but she finished the word for her, and her face became more and more gloomy
"Yunfei, I didn’t mean that. I thank you for coming. I …" Lome Wei felt panic. It seems that Yunfei saw something different in front of her at this time. He was no longer kind, on the contrary, it seemed frightening.
"Ha ha, I’m a dog, a dog, ha ha, I’m so stupid …" Suddenly Yunfei slammed her mouth and knocked her head with a palm. Lomei fell into his arms and threw her car in the back seat. Yunfei soared to an abandoned factory in the suburbs.
Outside the small apartment, a lavender RV with a white background slowly stopped just in front of Jiang LaCrosse. He looked up into a blue sky and rolled open the window. "Come on."
It seems that Jiang Junyue is in a good mood at the moment, and he can’t wait to appreciate the scene that Cheng Qingyang is about to bring to him. So Jiang Junyue also forgot to let Cheng Qingyang call him his name. A square table in the light jumping car is full of dining tables and wine. Before drinking it, he feels the mellow taste. The food is also a good dish. It’s not long before it’s still hot. On one side of the square table is a small brain. At the moment, Jiang Junyue looks inside and it is what he wants to broadcast live video.
In the picture, driving is Yunfei and lying in the back seat, sleeping in the past, impressively is Lome Wei.
Cheng Qingyang took the bottle and filled it with two goblets, one for Jiang Junyue and the other for Jiang Junyue to touch "cheers".
Jiang Junyue’s line of sight doesn’t even look at the screen. When he took it, he threw it away. "You drink you, I drink me, and if I’m drunk, I want you to be buried with me." With a malicious roar, he simply took the bottle mouth and took a long drink at the bottle mouth.
"Then drink slowly, or it’s none of my business if you drink like this now."
"Aren’t you preparing wine? Who knows what you mixed? " Some of the pictures are just talking about Yunfei’s driving lens. So Jiang Junyue turned his head and turned his eyes to Cheng Qingyang.
"Eat some food so that it won’t hurt your stomach." Cheng Qingyang advised him to pick up the chopsticks, but he didn’t dare to give Jiang Junyue food for three years. He finally ignored himself, or it was a progress and a turning point.
Jiang Junyue was not hungry at all, so he didn’t eat less sashimi. He wanted to drink. "Brother Cheng, why do you think that woman is so cruel? She gave birth to my child and didn’t tell me that she lost one. Does she still think I am a man?"
"Why don’t you try it now?" After a tepid sip of wine, Yang’s eyes swept across Jiang Junyue’s handsome face. This little boy, his mother, looks at this face. He can’t get enough of it. The more he looks at it, the more he looks at it.
"Roll" Jiang Junyue splashed all the wine in the cup into a green face, but he smiled. Instead of being angry, he stretched out his tongue and licked it gently, and the wine flowed to his lips. "Good to drink."
"pervert" punched his chest. "You’ve been a pervert since you were young."
"What about you? Let Yunfei go to the whole woman, but I’m afraid you’ll feel sick when you see that picture for a while." Cheng Qingyang doesn’t wipe his face, and drinks will definitely look at Jiang Junyue.
Sure enough, Jiang Jun nodded coldly. "Don’t say that watching that woman make love really makes people sick. I’m really afraid I’ll have nightmares. Forget it. Let me see what I want to see early."
"Well, I helped you." Cheng Qingyangbi hated that brain screen. He always hated men and women for loving him. Anyway, he felt sick and never looked at it. Although he didn’t object, he absolutely disagreed.
I don’t know if I have drunk too much wine and eaten too much fresh seafood. Jiang Junyue just has a feeling of being on cloud nine. Looking at everything seems to be two people holding glasses and touching them into a blue sky. "Dry …" He said with heroism that he drank this glass of wine and really wanted to get drunk tonight, and he missed that woman a little, but he wanted to give her a surprise, a big surprise.
There are always people who say how much pain there has been, so how many surprises there will be when everything goes back and forth. He wants to give her everything.
Drinking and drinking Jiang Junyue fell asleep and slept in that beautiful and luxurious RV. With a gentle hug of his hands, he was carried to the bed in the RV.
Cheng Qingyang looked at the bed while drinking, but the man was so close, but he was afraid to touch him because he knew what would happen if he touched Jiang Junyue.
He really dare not try the consequences like that.
That’s not just Jiang Junyue’s life, but also his own.
He wanted to stay with him like this until dawn.
It was also this night that he finally knew Jiang Junyue’s bottom line that the untouchable woman would be attacked by Jiang Junyue like a wolf.
He suddenly smiled away. This is the real him. A wolf, a wolf as beautiful as an uber.
Lan Jingyi returned to the Case Hotel. She was probably tired from playing with Xiaoxi during the day and didn’t sleep much. Xiaoqin Qin slept soundly at this time. Her big eyes closed her long eyelashes and stopped peacefully. She told her that she was asleep and she slept soundly.

Chapter 742 Match point

In 12 minutes, Lu seized the opportunity and made a mistake, but in 13 minutes, the Three Kingdoms defeated Xiaolong LK to stop it.
On the return trip, the leopard girl went to the road again. Xiaolong failed to control the situation or was in the hands of the Three Kingdoms.
In 14 minutes, Rexay and Verus crouched outside F4, and Lexay listened smoothly. Verus guided the direction. Q skill+big move tied the leopard girl in Rexay and killed the leopard girl instantly through the wall.
a little interesting
Looking at the wounds of the Three Kingdoms, Chen Yi, such a combination of skills, also has no temper to fight. It is really quite good. There is nothing to spit out. It is strength.
Now that the Three Kingdoms Wounds have been fought, LK can follow the rhythm of the Three Kingdoms Wounds, and it is difficult to be suppressed.
It’s a painful situation, but it’s not a victory for the Three Kingdoms. LK has not yet carried out a wave of team battles, and Victor’s ability has not been brought into play.
Besides, the wounds of the Three Kingdoms will also face the situation that Bud has no fighting capacity, so it’s really hard to say if you play in a group later.
But let’s see how the two teams consider it.
Xiaodou and Hei are paying more and more attention to the development of the situation.
In 15 minutes, the Three Kingdoms wound again invaded the LK wild area, and the blue buff was reversed. The invasion of the wild area is to speed up the pace.
Victor is sad without the blue buff. The only good news is that the buff was taken by Rexay and not given to Verus.
Otherwise, it will really be snow and frost.
Come to the road, the ADC opposite is exchanged for dismantling the tower.
Chen Yi is moving towards the road. The meaning of the Three Kingdoms Wounds has been very obvious. Staring at the road, LK naturally won’t take the lead in dismantling Tabulong by the Three Kingdoms Wounds, while ADC and Ritz are still killing the blood of the road tower.
You can beat me around the river.
Wang Dongdong also rushed to watch the road. It is possible to make a wave after the situation is over
Erhong marked the Lunma plane and also prepared a wave of gank from the river channel.
There are quite a few LK people now. Let’s see if there is any chance.
The plane also came, and the Three Kingdoms retreated.
Bud stunned, and the secondstage Q skill department of Lunma hit it.
It’s also terrible to watch the wheel mother output the explanation because the plane was halfblooded and Q didn’t have it.
Now the Three Kingdoms are seducing LK in the tower. I don’t know if it will be strong.
约茶Sure enough, Bloom made a big move to hammer the wheel mother to fly in the tower, while the plane and Naer were output at the back. The blood volume of the wheel mother dropped quickly without a shield.
The output of the plane is very powerful. When the wheel mother is big, the output of Wang Dongdong’s facetoface wheel mother is quickly killed
And bud followed closely with round mom back to the base.
At the moment, LK’s fourperson department is still in Lu Victor’s way. Lu Ruiz and Rexay arrived late and forcibly replaced Ruiz, and then they were brought to Victor to harvest.
LK hit a wave of 1 for 4 to equalize the situation instantly: the two sides returned to the original starting point.
When Verus arrived, he had no advantage. He had to retreat to guard the second tower of Lu.
After LK equalized the situation, the economy was still ahead by 200 yuan, which was completely reversed.
The defeat of the Three Kingdoms directly led to the inability of the second little dragon to compete.
Now the wounds of the Three Kingdoms can continue to develop to make up for the mistakes they just made on impulse.
LK has suppressed the wave of the Three Kingdoms and reversed the situation.
At 22: 00, the two sides broke out again in the middle of the road, trying to push off the LK middle tower, but they were seized by the opportunity to fight back.
The situation became 1: The Three Kingdoms lost two teammates, but then in the endgame, the plane rushed in and tried to kill the mother alone, but Bud was controlled by the wall and paid her own life.
And the river wanted to support Victor, and Rexay found a set of skills and took them away directly. The two sides fought each other very aggressively, but the situation was not biased to that side. The economic contrast was 30 thousand to 30 thousand
When the two teams are completely balanced, it depends on their respective abilities to play later.
In 26 minutes, Lunal was killed by Ritz, and he was ready to support Victor in the river. Bud was once again seen with a big move to stop Victor and rush to the scene of the Three Kingdoms and take Victor conveniently.
In this case, Dalong is the Three Kingdoms, and the two waves have dealt with some defects and returned the advantages.

"Yi Yi, tell mom that the woman outside is the former lover of LaCrosse?" Lan Qing is not stupid. She used to be a very famous social butterfly in social occasions. She knows how to observe the face and observe the color best when she is mixed up.

"It’s good to know." I bowed my head and kissed my little face, but how can I kiss my son as if I were kissing Jiang Junyue? Two men, one big and one small, look so alike. Xiaozhuangzhuang is really Jiang Junyue’s turn, so how can she like it?
"But it’s not right. Mama Yi still supports you. Think back to yesterday morning. Did LaCrosse take you to any different places?" LanQing again remind of the Jiang Junyue to give her LanJingYi identity card and mouth.
Well, there seems to be something wrong with the place where he started going yesterday morning. "What’s wrong with mom?"
"Just talk to mom."
"Oh, I didn’t go directly to the company early in the morning, but I went to Wenyuan Road and then …"
"Wen yuan road? Yiyi, you open the brain network to check whether Wenyuan Road is quite close to the Civil Affairs Bureau? "
"What’s the matter with Mom?" Lanjingyi felt that Lanqing was a little distracted at this moment.
"Quick check let you check your mom is can’t tube you, isn’t it? You don’t listen to a word I say. "
"Oh, well," Lan Jingyi opened her notebook for thirty-six seconds. Her notebook was super good. She turned on the ultra-fast network. The map of Gaode soon found the city map. Sure enough, there was a civil affairs bureau near Wenyuan Road. She looked at the map and the words Civil Affairs Bureau reminded her suddenly. It seemed that Jiang Junyue’s RV suddenly turned around and headed for the company yesterday when it was about to arrive at the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the reason was what he called "spam messages" and "Ma Civil Affairs Bureau was Wenyuan Road"
"I told you, that’s right. Yiyi, you wronged that girl. Yesterday, LaCrosse was going to take you to get a license, but I don’t know what didn’t work out. Alas, things change."
"Get the license? Mom, tell me what’s going on? " Lan Jingyi is getting more and more confused. Can she not be confused? She didn’t tell her mother that she went to Wenyuan Road early yesterday morning, and her mother guessed it herself.
"Well, I’ll tell you the truth. Was I so happy when you left early yesterday?"
It seems that there is such a thing. At that time, she looked at Lan Qing and thought she was strange. "What?"
"When you went to wash your hands and make up yesterday morning, LaCrosse came into the room with me and took your mouth and ID card."
"really?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up yesterday morning when Jiang Junyue went out together, he seemed to be in a happy mood, but the code has changed since he read the so-called "spam message"
"I still can’t lie to you, but he didn’t say what to do with it, so I thought he might be going to get a license with you. He was going to give you a surprise, but the result was not" Lan Qing was very upset ",but I think your reaction seems that he really almost took you to the Civil Affairs Bureau"
"When will mom’s certificate be returned to you?"
"Just came back with that Miss Yin and gave it to me."
"In front of Miss Yin?"
桑拿会所"No, he called me into the bedroom and told me to put it away. Miss Yin didn’t see it."
"Oh, I know." Lan Jingyi couldn’t guess what Jiang Junyue had. It suddenly occurred to him that not long ago he was going to break up with himself. At that time, she was still trying to seduce him regardless of her face. Finally, the man surrendered and joined her again. Was it because of that incident at that time?
What the hell is it?
Lan Jingyi is puzzled, but she is quite sure that Jiang Junyue is hiding something from her.
"Mom, you go to eat. You’re too embarrassed to eat them both."
"Well, after you mention it, I don’t love that Miss Yin. If you eat at the same table, you will lose your appetite."
"Ha ha, mom, when did you become such a lover?" Lan Jingyi laughed. She felt that her mother was getting younger and younger now, and she knew how to look up maps online more than thinking. But she was stupid. She didn’t just remember that Jiang Junyue was going to break up with her.
"Mom went, I won’t go, and if you don’t go, it’s not very bad for LaCrosse?"
"Well, don’t even think about it when you say you want to demonstrate for her mistress." Lanqing said, and she picked up Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Don’t be hungry when I carried the child out. The table and I gave them two noodles to cook. It’s delicious to cut small pieces of meat."
"Well, I’ll go out, too. I’ll feed two little things." Actually, she was hungry, but she just said that she had eaten everything. Even if she went out, she would never eat again. People say that some facts are that the authorities are obsessed with the beholder. Maybe mom can see more clearly than her. After Lan Qing, she felt it necessary for her to let the man say what happened at the beginning. What would he say?
"Aunt Jingyi, it’s delicious to eat some more cooking." Seeing that she and Lan Qing came out with two children in their arms, Yin Qing smiled softly and greeted Lan Jingyi with an anti-guest.
Lan Jingyi didn’t look at her anyway, but she just didn’t like her hypocrisy. She said that the gas couldn’t be turned on. If she didn’t want to be so high, she would cheat. "This is my own house. If I want to eat, I’ll put it aside for a while. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat it again." Which onion can she calculate? Can she come into her house and she will respect her?
No way.
Pleasure feeds Xiao Qin Qin and Xiao Zhuang Zhuang to eat noodles. It’s really a little hectic for her to deal with two little things alone. Well, the two little things are very good and cooperate with her to feed them. They don’t pick and make trouble when they eat.
"Bang" a small iron bowl was waved to the ground by Xiaozhuangzhuang, and the thread was scattered all over the floor. She didn’t blame it. She returned her hand and pinched Xiaozhuangzhuang’s small nose tip. "Naughty, let your father beat you. Come and press him. little ass hit me hard." Naturally, she said it casually, but she realized that she was wrong. She and he are not what they used to be.
A few adults at the dinner table have an ice break, but Xiaozhuangzhuang is not afraid of small hands patting his own small table. It’s not too painful and exciting. Xiaoqinqiu learns to clap his little brother’s sample at the small table. Now he is waiting for Lanjingyi to feed her a mouthful of noodles. "Eat … Eat …" She still wants to eat. She hasn’t eaten enough.
Just when Lan Jing Yi Jiang LaCrosse won’t give his face suddenly, two people will sit opposite each other and bend over toward the small iron bowl at the same time. "I’ll come and cross." Yin Qing said softly and went to pick up the small iron bowl.

"Go and be good, I’ll go back as soon as possible." Jiang Junyue hung up, but Cheng Qingyang lied to him and said that he must let him go home before dawn. As a result, he slept until now and looked at it at ten o’clock in the afternoon.

"Which casino did he go to?" Jiang Junyue’s sharp eyes shot at the maid as if she were going to kill her if she didn’t say anything.
"I … I really don’t know Mr. Jiang. Ask someone else." The maid said with trepidation.
"Good, I’ll ask someone else." Angry turned around for a long time before I met Cheng Qingyang, who picked up his collar and asked, "Where’s Cheng Ge?"
"Brother Cheng went to the Blue Mountain Casino last night."
"When are you going?"
"After two o’clock in the morning."
"Not back yet?"
"This ….. this brother, I don’t know about Cheng Ge. We really can’t control it." The younger brother of the boxing gym said carefully. That’s how to explain it. If Jiang Junyue asks, he will answer it in this way. When did Cheng Ge go and where did he go? They really don’t know.
Jiang Junyue mercilessly loosened his younger brother’s collar and strode out of the boxing hall parking lot. His new Land Rover was quietly parked there. His family name was Cheng, and he had a conscience. He didn’t know how to drive his car, took the car key, opened the door and jumped, so he drove straight to the Blue Mountain Casino. Is Cheng Qingyang still playing there in broad daylight?
As soon as Jiang Junyue got on the bus, he rushed in like a whirlwind. The security guard at the door seemed to know that he was coming, and no one stopped him from going in.
After walking into the hall and scanning for a week, the root didn’t turn into a green shadow.
Jiang Junyue casually grabbed a waiter by the collar. "Where is Cheng Qingyang?"
"Cheng … Cheng Ge Tian Zi Box No.1" The waiter stammered and was frightened by his coldness.
"It’s been hours, but he’s the only one who really won." A man next to him severely played a card. "I can’t believe that people in your position always win."
Push Jiang Jun’s hand, the more cheerful he is, and he won "Hu" after playing a game.
"Ya, I want to change the position of Zhuang." The man picked up the color and sprinkled it on the table, but it was his home that could not reach Jiang Junyue.
I played two more hands of Jiang Junyue, and I didn’t even get three hands of Hu. Honestly, no one won the money, but I got up and gave up my position to Cheng Qingyang, who promised Lan Jingyi to go back. He had to go back.
"The more you play, the better your luck."
Jiang Junyue was still angry when he sat down and said "You’re coming", but he knew that Cheng Qingyang had been playing mahjong here last night, and he even won three times. Jiang Junyue was in a good mood and drove to Jiang’s old house, thinking about Lan Jingyi and listening to warm music. For the first time, he found that it was good to be alive.
From the Blue Mountain Casino back to the Jiang Family Mansion, Lanjingyi rushed out with her son in her arms "tilting …"
It’s good that she’s not annoyed.
I walked over and took the son in one hand, then took the Lanjingyi family in the other and walked towards the villa. The master looked at Jiang Junyue with a crutch in front of the door. "The younger you are, do you know how to go home?" He roared loudly, but the LaCrosse was warm in his heart. If he was not worried about his master, he would not be so angry.
"Grandpa, I went to soak with my friends last night and fell asleep. I didn’t hear it ring." The truth is that Cheng Qingyang took it next door because he wanted him to sleep comfortably for one night.
Section 3
He really slept well, which made his family worry for so long.
"Don’t let this happen again after the line. Blue girl waited for you all night last night. You went too far." The master sounded a little harsh
Jiang Junyue carefully examined Lan Jingyi’s small face, dark eyes and a band-aid on his forehead. "What’s the matter?"
"Oh, I went to the kitchen to help and was burned by the oil flower." Lan Jingyi casually said that she didn’t want him to be pushed because of her conflict with her mother. She just thought that He Ling was in a bad mood. When people were in a bad mood, they were easily irritated and blackmailed. Can they be in a good mood? Forget it. She understood.
Jiang Junyue leaned over and kissed her cheek gently. "It’s okay. Even if it’s ruined, I promise I won’t divorce you."
When she heard his voice, she felt very unhappy. When he didn’t come back without news, she was so angry that she couldn’t wait to give him a good pinch as soon as she saw him. But now she really saw that all the anger and resentment disappeared quickly. She gently pulled his skirt and "leaned over to my building. I have something to tell you."
Seeing the little woman’s serious expression, Jiang Junyue was slightly nervous, but the big man sent him to explain and swallowed it. How could a man not socialize? He didn’t go out to play with women. Although he came back two days late, he really didn’t mean to. Lome Wei was there because of sunny and soft, but last night?
For what?
He can’t say it.
Good LanJingYi didn’t force him to ask.
Into the room Lan Jingyi went into the room and then locked the door cautiously. Only then did he hold Xiao Zhuangzhuang and pull Jiang Junyue to sit on the small sofa in the bedroom. "It seems that your father and your mother are sharing things. You’d better come forward to deal with it or they will suffer."
Jiang Junyue is happy and Lan Jingyi wants to get even with himself. Actually, it’s not that he laughs easily. "What happened to my dad and mom?" How do you know? "
Lan Jingyi repeated what he Ling and the man in black met in the coffee shop yesterday and what Jiang Hanyu and he Ling said last night.
The original Jiang Junyue expression still didn’t take it seriously, but his expression became dignified when he listened. When Lan Jingyi described it, his face was already cold and he patted Lan Jingyi on the shoulder. "I’ll handle this matter, so don’t intervene again. Yiyi don’t be obedient."
"Well, I’m reporting to you, right? Otherwise, I would have followed the alley to follow the man in black yesterday."
Jiang Junyue with a pinch her little nose "so good"
桑拿"Will you tell me if you don’t go home after tilting?" After thinking and thinking, she told him again yesterday, but a day later, he made an old mistake again, which made Lan Jingyi feel really uncomfortable.
"Uh-huh." Jiang Junyue didn’t continue to be a male chauvinist woman. Besides, it was really his fault that he didn’t sleep so hard last night and owed him another time, which made him don’t know how to explain it to Lan Jingyi. He simply didn’t explain it.
Chapter 147 Brother-in-law diligent
"Uh-huh." Jiang Junyue didn’t continue to be a male chauvinist woman. Besides, it was really his fault that he didn’t sleep so hard last night and owed him another time, which made him don’t know how to explain it to Lan Jingyi. He simply didn’t explain it.
After lunch, the master looks much better, but Jiang Hanyu and He Ling still look like Lan Jingyi owes them a lot of money.
But it’s much more comfortable to have Jiang Junyue Lanjingyi. "Grandpa, can you let me take Xiaoxi home and show it to my mother? Just one afternoon, I promise to send it back early in the morning." Thinking about Lanqing’s longing for Xiaozhuang, Lanjingyi asked again.
"Let my mother come and visit us." The master said the answer didn’t say against it or agree, but Jiang Junyue felt that his home was too lonely.
"Boyle, bring Aunt Sunny here."
"No" hasn’t been said. He Ling suddenly spoke.
"Mom? You give me a reason? " Jiang Junyue was gentle and sharp, and watched He Ling not talk. He said, "Mom, did you pay you back the 500 thousand you lent to your friend last month?"
He Ling’s eyes suddenly flashed. "LaCrosse, I … my son, ask my friend."
"Don’t ask now, I’m just waiting to take the money to open a loan agency." Jiang Junyue said slowly, but Lan Jingyi praised him from the bottom of my heart. Asking for money like this will definitely make He Ling expose her extortion.
"LaCrosse has dinner. Let’s talk about it after dinner."
"Pa!" Jiang Hanyu put chopsticks. "I’m finished." He got up and walked away with a cold face. "LaCrosse ate and you came to Room One."
"No" Jiang Junyue expressed his position simply and directly.
I don’t agree with your marriage to Lan Jingyi. After opposing her marriage to Jiang Junyue again, Jiang Hanyu didn’t go to the room, but turned and left the villa without seeing him. He didn’t go to the room and said coldly, "Even if you are really married, I won’t take part in a marriage that will not be blessed." He Ling also echoed this remark while walking.
"Mom pays back the money" Jiang Junyue ignored it and asked He Ling for money.
Lan Jingyi poked Jiang LaCrosse with his elbow. This is too strong for him, isn’t it? It seems that he is so strong with his parents. It seems that he will be generous and careless. He is overbearing on weekdays.

There is a single photo and two children lying together. One exception is that both of them have matching clothes, and they look beautiful. It looks soft and cute, but it is cute.

Section 676
"Wow, Sister Yan, you were born with twins!" Someone asked
"Yeah, identical twins."
"It’s so beautiful. These two children look exactly alike. Can’t you tell which one is a boy or a girl?"
"You don’t understand this, do you? Wearing red and pink clothes must be a girl, wearing blue and green clothes must be a boy?" Xiaozhou, also a mother, immediately said.
"Oh, I see, but I think boys are long and tender."
"Because the boy looks like his mother."
Chang Huanyan couldn’t help laughing. Now she can finally understand the feelings of those "sunbathing maniacs" in her circle of friends.
My child was praised and really felt beautiful.
The door suddenly opened at this moment Bai Jinlan and Wei Ran came in, followed by Shi Yang.
Xiaozhou immediately returned the mobile phone to Chang Huanyan, and they got up and greeted each other.
Bai Jinlan said with a smile, "Now it’s not the company. Let’s sit down. By the way, since people are here and it’s the last day of the holiday, we can start now without delaying everyone’s going home."
A hot pot buffet is actually a small pot in front of everyone with ingredients to eat, which is hot but clean and convenient.
After ordering the bottom of the pot, everyone got up and went outside to serve spices and ingredients.
When Chang Huanyan and Qiao Jinyu came back with spices, they found that … the position next to her suddenly changed.
Wei ran took off his coat and suit, dressed in a white shirt and sat there waiting for others to serve him.
Chang Huan Yan’s eyes jumped violently, so he crustily skin of head went over.
When a faint smell of cologne men’s perfume floated into her nose, she felt a little uneasy unconsciously. Why did she sit next to her when she died young? If this is seen by Bai Jinlan …
"Xiao Chang, you are back so soon."
speak of the devil
Bai Jinlan came up with two condiments, put one of them in front of Wei Ran and said, "Xiao Chang, I don’t think anyone can sit around you."
"Of course" often sits with a quick smile.
Students will soon come to Caicai, and the mobile dining table is filled with all kinds of ingredients in an instant.
"Miss, do you want some red wine?" Born holding a red wine bottle to ask
"No thanks"
Just say that finish, I heard Bai Jinlan’s voice say, "It’s rare for manager Wei to treat us today. Everyone can drink more wine and take a taxi back later."
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Sorry, manager Wei, I am allergic to drinking." Xiaozhou has already spoken.
Chang Huanyan also said, "Who always embarrassed me now …"
"If you can’t drink, don’t be forced," Wei Ran said. "Today is a thank-you banquet. Everyone is free to be so restrained."
Bai Jinlan also said with a smile, "Yes, I can drink more, but I can’t."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Finally started
The most active dining table should be Bai Jinlan and Shi Yang, both of whom are responsible for adjusting the atmosphere. Qiao Jinyu occasionally gagged.
Even if Wei Ran is very quiet, the whole game will be regarded as the guests’ joy.
After drinking three rounds, the guard raised himself and went over to the sofa and took a bag.
At the sight of him taking out a red envelope, the atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly reached the most * *
Chang Huanyan also immediately picked up the phone and sent a message to Yu Yu, "Husband’s dinner is almost over."
Soon Yu Yu will reply "good"
Wei Yang, who has turned red and wrapped his head, said, "This is the Spring Festival red envelope year-end bonus, which will be distributed together with the 15th salary."
When they heard this, they were naturally more excited, although the red envelope money was just a couple of thousand dollars …
Chang Huan-yan stayed there until Wei Yang shouted the words "Chang Huan-yan".
"Huanyan go!" Busy Qiao Jinyu stretched out his hand and poked her
夜生活Chang Huan Yan got up and took the red envelope with her hands in the past. "Thank you, Manager Wei."
Wei Yang slightly hooked his lips and said four words "continue to work hard"
When Yang, the red envelope guard, looked at it, he said, "That’s all for today. I wish you all a happy New Year and a good year at home."
"Thank you, Mr. Wei", and everyone thanked him.
After Wei Yang left, Qiao Jinyu asked in a low voice, "Huanyan, let’s take a taxi together. It seems to have snowed outside."
"My husband will come to pick you up and ride with us. I’ll drop you off," Chang Huanyan said directly.
"Wow, you are so happy. My brother-in-law is not only handsome, but also so kind to you …" Qiao Jinyu immediately said sweetly.
Chang Huanyan got up with a smile. "What is there to envy that Zhou Wei is also handsome?"
"That’s different. Zhou Wei himself said that his most admired person is your husband. He also told me a lot about your husband’s great achievements."
"…" Chang Huanyan immediately looked at her in surprise. "True or false, please tell me about it later."
"Come on, I have to tell you about my husband."
Chang Huanyan "Hehe" gave two quick smiles. "Yes, he is too shy to say his heroic deeds."
Qiao Jinyu wanted to joke a few more words about Bai Jinlan, but suddenly he came over. "How are you two going to get there, Xiao Changyu?"
"…" This question immediately stumped two people.
Bai Jinlan see two people don’t talk then smiled and said, "it’s snowing outside or … I just have a car to send you."
On hearing this, Chang Huan Yan immediately said, "We won’t stop by without the editor."
"No, I have nothing to do tonight anyway. I don’t need to go home for the New Year this year to see you off." Bai Jinlan is very enthusiastic. "It’s especially difficult to take a taxi when it snows outside. They are all waiting outside."

"Go, go, go, put the baby here, and you can rest assured that I will lose no one."

It’s good to have a mother. It’s good to have a mother in the world
She didn’t have to cross the bus to go to class, so there were so many people on the bus that the crowd was sweating, but she was happy and looking forward to thinking that she would soon arrive at Chiang’s.
I don’t know how the man will react when he sees himself again. She doesn’t believe that he will coax her out of the door when she is in front of him.
On the day when the building security guard knew her, Jiang Junyue brought her to class, and the company knew that she had been unimpeded all the way to the top floor.
When Jiang Junliang saw her, he smiled, "Sister-in-law, you can come to work. If you don’t come again, no one dares to go to my brother’s office."
Lan Jingyi crossed him and still didn’t like Jiang Junliang. He hurried to the office to see Jiang Junyue. His heart became stronger and stronger and he pushed open the secret office door. Then she tapped and heard Jiang Junyue say "come in"
Pushing through the door and pushing in the ivory dress, she was particularly tall and natural and graceful. She was a little embarrassed. After all, she misunderstood him this time. Although he didn’t explain it, he was wrong, but the most wrong thing was that she bit her teeth. She whispered, "Tilt …"
The big chair is dressed in a black suit, cool and borderless. The man’s figure is slightly sluggish but he doesn’t even lift his head. "This is the company’s president and Lan Jingyi. You have been fired by the company. You can go."
"Jiang Junyue what?" Lan Jingyi is angry. She has a low profile, okay? What else does he want from her? He didn’t pick her up, she came back by herself.
"The company stipulates that if you are absent from work for more than a week, you will be automatically dismissed. Besides, you are not a formal employee of Jiang’s." Jiang Junyue explained to her slowly.
He said that both of them were right. In a flash, Lan Jingyi said it, but she really couldn’t give up. "Jiang Junyue can’t blame me for everything. You told me that your red mark was punched, didn’t you? I wouldn’t be angry if you said it, would I?"
Jiang Junyue’s cold eyes slightly raised his eyes and pointed directly at Lan Jingyi. At that moment, Lan Jingyi felt that the whole body seemed to be frozen. He had never seen her "leaning …" with such cold eyes.
Jiang Junyue picked up the words and dialed them directly to Jiang Han. "Send what I want to the office immediately." He hung up with his hands crossed. "You sit down for a while and wait for Jiang Han to come, and we’ll end it. Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang do you want it?"
"Want" is not only to have children, but also to be adults.
"The children in that line belong to you, and I will subsidize you one million yuan, and then each child will spend 10 thousand yuan on the place to live. Just a few days ago, a villa was newly renovated. You take the children and your mother to live in it. I have already returned to your name." Without emotion, I said that Jiang Junyue’s eyes still fell straight into Lan Jingyi’s face and she refused to look.
"No, I don’t want to be separated. Are you angry to be separated from me on such a trivial matter? I don’t believe it’s something else? " Moment sixth sense told LanJingYi directly, and she rushed to him to hold her chest and trembled with anger.
Jiang Junyue can feel the towering snow peaks in her place through the clothes. He feels angry for a few days without her, and he misses her, too.
夜生活But Jiang Han’s call made him really not sure that he and she could continue walking.
If she knew, it would be her, not him, who really wanted to part.
Chapter 163 Leave back
Sooner or later, we have to part, so it’s better to have a long pain than a short pain. The word "I don’t love you" is light, but only he knows that there is a surge in his heart. Doesn’t he love her?
If you don’t love her, how can you suffer without her every day?
If you don’t love her, how can you keep thinking about her every day
Or is he and she have no fate?
"You lied to me." Lan Jingyi was furious. "If you didn’t love me, why did you bother me at the beginning? If you didn’t force me, I wouldn’t have given birth to your child Jiang Junyue. You can’t be irresponsible to me."
"I have not responsible for? Children and you are more than your mother’s life and residence. I have arranged it. If you think that giving children 10,000 a month is less, then I can add up. I don’t want you to appear in front of me again. We will have our own happiness. "
A lump in my throat made me feel uncomfortable. Lan Jingyi couldn’t breathe well. She blushed for a long time before she gasped. "Do you think I’m an eyesore?"
Take a deep breath and then take a deep breath.
Lan Jingyi keeps angry with herself. She doesn’t argue with him. She must not argue with him. At least the happiness of the two children can’t be destroyed. A single-parent family with a mother, a father, a father and a mother is not suitable for children to grow up. "I was wrong. I shouldn’t suspect that you have a woman outside." She gently apologized to him. "I don’t want to leave you. I want to give the children a complete home. Is it because your parents object to your marrying me that you want to leave me? If that’s what I don’t care about, I want my children to be happy every day. "My heart has said every word, which is really the limit of a woman. If he still wants her to break up, she really doesn’t know what to do. Her heart has been broken into pieces at this moment, and she doesn’t know how to piece it together and know that it hurts.
Jiang Junyue’s fingers moved slightly and his eyes were stained with gloom. At this moment, his heart was also painful, but he didn’t choose "Lan Jingyi, do I have a woman? You don’t. We’re not married yet, are we? Do you care about me? Children to you, I will go to see them regularly. Go out and wait for Jiang Han to give you the check and the property certificate I promised you. "
Lan Jingyi felt weak in her legs. Even when France was threatened by Lomevi, she had never been so afraid. At this moment, the man was as deep as the sea. That was the bottom. She didn’t know what he was thinking, and what he wanted to give up. He said it must be wrong, but what was the hidden feeling?
She didn’t know, and she never knew.
"Lan Jingyi, don’t let me look down on you to go out." Seeing that she has been motionless, Jiang Jun became colder and colder, and decided to never change things again.
For a moment, Lan Jingyi really wanted to turn around and leave, but soon her mind came up with all kinds of experiences he had met. She also thought that somehow he lost to Cheng Qingyang last night and deliberately reached out and took out the bank card from his bag. "Jiang Junyue, I bet Cheng Ge to win last night and made more than three million dollars in this card. You can’t afford it, but I don’t want you to give me any compensation, and I don’t want any villa. Even if the property certificate is my name, I won’t live in a small apartment every month. She fought tooth and nail, and she wanted to earn it. From then on, she supported herself, her mother and the children, and she couldn’t bear to part with the small apartment, which was the place where she witnessed their love from the beginning when she first met him.

A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue.
That’s …
A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously, Fang Yun has appeared in another strange place. And within the scope of his telepathy, impressively there is a spirit can’t penetrate into the box. Moreover, the restricted area is still very large.
wow! Water waves, Fang Yun shape a longitudinal, heavy water waves, toward the induction of flyby.
In the middle of the vast ocean, there is a dome-shaped space with a huge area.
In the dome-shaped space, it was dark. Through the darkness, you can see a stretch of primitive ridge. This huge ridge is very strange. Because the upper, lower and left sides of the ridge are all seawater. In other words, this dark ridge is actually suspended in the sea out of thin air.
In the middle of the dark ridge, a huge god, with eyes like lanterns, stubble beard and awkward muscles, lies quietly in the dark ridge. Its eyes are closed and motionless. And four bronze chains as thick as rivers locked its hands and feet respectively, and the ends of the chains were connected to the dome-shaped optical film and disappeared.
This is what Fang Yun saw when he arrive. Even though he was prepared and knew that it was extraordinary here, Fang Yun still felt an unparalleled shock when he really saw it.
Devil! Ancient fiend living real ancient fiend! !
Now that it has become a legend in ancient times, here is a living ancient fiend!
Fang Yun finally understood the meaning of eternal repression in the altar murals. San huang imperial edict, personally suppressed, is this ancient fiend!
Combined with the frescoes he saw before and the records in Modern Times, Fang Yun has almost understood the ins and outs of this place.
In the early days of ancient times, there was chaos. It was a time when many fiends ruled. These fiends can easily smash the stars three hundred thousand miles away, and can also easily pull up a mountain as a weapon.
Because of their bodies, they are very huge and strong.
Strong power, accompanied by strong self-esteem and desire. For fiends, the way to show their self-esteem and comfort their desires is to overthrow other fiends. So the ancient land, a war. The fiends’ terror destroyed the earth in ruins.
San huang was born, but it was after the fiends ruled the earth and chaos for a long time.
What is described in the murals is exactly what happened in the ancient mainland when san huang was born, fought in the north and south, and calmed down. At that time, many fiends were knocked down by san huang. And some powerful, refused to surrender, and hard to destroy the fiend strong, was sealed by san huang.
And this huge fiend sealed in the ridge, there is no doubt. It is such a fiend!
bang! Fang Yun took a long breath of cold, stupefied looking at the ancient fiend deep in the dark ridge ahead. This fiend’s body is covered with horrible scars, some of which are weapons and some are thunderous. There is no doubt that before the seal was here, this fiend also experienced war and was extremely strong.
In the small world of ancient times, there was such a living ancient fiend with a seal. Fang Yun didn’t know what it meant to the recent ancient times, whether it was Zongmen or the mainland.
Never suppress … no wonder to suppress forever! Such an ancient fiend was born, and I don’t know how big the waves will be!
Fang Yun look dignified.
The pattern of tigers eating dragons in the world is chaotic enough. If there is another ancient fiend, it is really finished. It is not a good thing for the cadres and the world.
Go in and have a look.
Fang Yun thoughtfully for a moment and immediately decided to enter this huge ridge comparable to De Huang.
The Universal Clock of Heaven and Earth can break all seals, but this one is banned by san huang’s seal fiend. Fang Yun also dare not careless, offering the universal clock of heaven and earth, and stepping into it. Then carefully into the black, huge dome ban.
Boo! Black covered the dome of the whole ridge, and a concave point was trapped, and then the universal clock of heaven and earth squeezed in little by little.
Master, this place, there are strange. I feel a lot of resistance!
Just go in, the voice of the universal clock of heaven and earth immediately sounded. Unlike imagined, this optical film is not just a thin layer, but extremely thick, at least tens of feet thick.