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He won’t eat it again. You said, I drank one.

He said, Nanyang is such a big county, and the county chief is 2,000 tons of stone, with a monthly fee of 9,000 meters and 72 tons of food. You know, an ordinary hundred stone petty official can support his family and raise his wife and children even if he can’t reach one tenth of his monthly salary. Why can’t he afford to raise his wife and children if he is a prefect of two thousand stones?
I laughed. You and I think exactly the same! If MD 2,000 senior officials can’t afford a wife and children, how can the bureaucrats live? ! But at the end of the day, officials are living well. I haven’t heard of any official starving their children’s wives to death. That can be said … Either the sheep continues to brag shamelessly or the salary of officials is really too low. His sheep continues to eat and drink for 9 thousand a month, and other officials can support their wives and children by taking bribes and taking fish and people!
It’s like previous provincial and ministerial officials who claimed that they earned more than 200,000 yuan a year, but they didn’t have enough to eat …
Behind those … little people didn’t expect Liang Cong quickly told me that I was still more foresight than him or the master saw it thoroughly
You … Jia Xu words can be said to shake your head repeatedly. Yang Xu is also a rare honest official in the world. What you said really became a thief …
I shrugged. We’re just keeping the most skeptical attitude, that’s all.
Suddenly, the hooves outside seemed to come straight from the gate to the Chamber.
Come quickly! Wei Yan, who has just joined our army, is also somewhat arrogant.
The front line is urgent! The messenger outside the door cried in a panic, That …
品茶论坛Pang Gan immediately interrupted him, Let’s talk about it when we meet the master!
Yes, yes! The messenger rushed into the hall with a bow and handed the letter to Liang Cong, who handed it to me.
I shook the writing paper in the wind, but the font was hard and scrawled, which was obviously a hasty writing.
Cool male close rev.
Bao Xin from Jibei, Ying Shao from Taishan Prefecture, and Zheng Sui from Chengxiang attacked us with more than 20,000 troops. Lu was in urgent need of funds, and Bianxian County was already lost. Now we can only rely on the city guards to look forward to reinforcements! Wu Zi, the minister of Lu, made an urgent nod! The fifth day of the month
The last two words are almost twisted into a ball, but fortunately I can recognize them …
How many troops does Lu have? I handed the letter paper to Jia Xu, clutching the case and asking the messenger.
The messenger replied with fuels, There are 5,000 foot soldiers in Lucheng, and Bai Wuxiang urgently mobilized 10,000 young people to recruit nearly 1,000 horses.
My heart is a little safe. The troops are also strong in many cities?
There has always been little war in Lu … The messenger’s eyes drooped. Former Guo Xiang once repaired the wall a little and could probably resist a burst. What did he say?
I was uneasy again and turned to see Jia Xu. What should I do?
Jia Xu Su replied, Urgently order Seibel, Zhang Liao and Huang Dong to help Lu, and make the counties and countries along the way such as Jiyin, Dongping and Shanyang deploy troops to rescue Wu Zi … at the same time, let a battalion of cavalry prepare for the rescue.
That’s it! I patted the table a few times
There is another horseshoe outside the door.
Zhang Liao battalion commander belongs to! Urgent request to see your master! Listen to the shouting outside and drink Jiangshan Ren Li Xue! (Jiang Xue a hundred mountains and no bird … )
What a mess! Wei Yan, who hasn’t received the secret code education, angrily drank Speak human words!
Pang gan quickly ran out into the hall!
The messenger strode into the hall and handed Liang Cong the copper tube in his belt after a bow.
It’s really Zhang Liao, but it’s very ugly
Master such as hoo.
I heard that the situation around the three counties of Lu was critical, so I didn’t ask for instructions. Gao and Huang Er will all be guilty of sending troops to the east, but please discuss it after Lu Guowei’s liberation! Minister Zhang Liao rode at the beginning of the month.
What a Zhang Wenyuan! When I was angry, I laughed and said, It’s really a good soldier!
Note that the sheep continued to die in history in 19 years, and the satrap lived a few more years here.
Before the war in midFebruary
Chen stayed in Luoyang, 500 miles to Lu, and probably more than 500 miles to Zhang Liao, and made a decision, which could save three days at least.
And more than 500 miles away from the cavalry, that is, two days of kung fu.
Today is the tenth day of the month and Zhang Liao’s letter was written at the beginning, which means … Now Zhang Liao and Seibel may have entered the boundary of Lu.
My mood gradually calmed down and I turned to ask Jia Xu, Huangfusong won’t attack us for the time being, right?
Jia Xu shook his head and said, Liu Xie is halfway through with hundreds of officials and heavy casualties. He should not make a move.
That’s good. I nodded and turned to the map on the wall.
Yuan Shao’s army is ready to go. Although Cao Cao’s military forces are far inferior to him, they should not be underestimated …
Qingzhou Sun Jian Although I call each other friendly for the time being, Yuan Cao’s allies have obviously been eager to show their offensive in our marginal areas …
Write a letter to Sun Jian and ask him to stab Ying Shao in the back! I casually said, it can also relieve the pressure of a Wu capital.
Good Jia Xu’s arm in arm immediately splashed a short message overnight.
Give Liangzhou Pang Rou, Sanfu Liyuan, Hedong Liangshan Xu Huang Chu Yan, He Li Dian, and Dongjun Taishi Ci their respective organizations to harass Bing and Jizhou counties, and seek to kill Cao Cao and Yuan Shao’s troops to the greatest extent.
Jia Xu put pen to paper like flying. I just finished saying that he has written a copy and sent it directly to the beadle.
My eyes fell on Jizhou to prepare Yuan Shao for the final battle
If we can defeat Lombardi as soon as possible, it would be best … Jia Xu frowned slightly. Obviously, he didn’t recognize that Lombardi was so easy to perish
If I can’t destroy him … I gave a wry smile. Then I’m in trouble.
He nodded silently.
Now there are Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in the north, Sun Jian Liu Bei in the east and Huangfusong Liu Biao in the south. With the rapid expansion of power, the territory under my jurisdiction is the widest, and naturally it has become a target of public criticism. If I can’t defeat Yuan Shao, the most powerful enemy, in the first world war and eliminate the scourge in the north, I will fall into the quagmire of being enemies when other forces recover.
send more detail to Hebei, I exhorted, and carry out some destructive activities if possible.
Jia Xu corners of the mouth slightly wide already doing.
Then inform to prepare food and grass. I asked for it soon from the moment I sat down.
Do you want to personally sign? Jia Xu asked, but he was not surprised.
I moved my wrist and asked, I am much more valuable in the battlefield than sitting here, right?
He caressed his beard and smiled
After the meeting of the Military Commission, Xun You suggested that I send some soldiers to Hebei before.
After a brief discussion, I pushed out the 4,000 cavalry of Ganning and asked him to meet Li Dian at the river. If necessary, I could help Li Dian to take a military trip to Bing.
Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye both actively expressed their hope to support the front line, and I directly rejected it.

It’s necessary to meet, and meeting doesn’t change anything. We have to hurt each other again.

Breathing in a gasp, long summer answered him decisively, "Ouyang, I’m sorry I can’t see you, so you should never know me."
Ouyang sneered, "You don’t want to see me, you are afraid, you run away."
Chapter 11 set me free
"Whatever you think, Ouyang, forget me." long summer said in an unusually calm tone and she was going to hang up.
"If you don’t come out to see me, then I will rush in and find you. It’s up to you." Ouyang suddenly threatened her.
"You" are angry and long summer is speechless.
Nai long summer walked out of the theater. Not far from Ouyang Zheng, his figure was long and broad, and his elegant temperament was replaced by his whole body. The eyes of Lan Bing in the Mediterranean seemed to freeze long summer instantly.
"Ouyang Your Face" long summer saw at a glance that Ouyang was red and swollen, and her left face was distressed. She couldn’t help but reach out and want to touch it, but she was thrown off by Ouyang.
Long summer suddenly froze and hung his hand as if it were frozen into ice. It was hard and cold and heavy, and slowly fell down with a bitter smile. She bowed her head and her heart ached.
Cold eyes rise with hatred. Ouyang locks long summer’s eyes. "Su Lixia, pack up your hypocrisy before me."
Long summer smiled indifferently and greeted him with indifference. "Ouyang, just come to me and tell me this. Sorry, sister, I’m too busy to listen to your nonsense. Goodbye."
"Su Lixia you live for me" Angry Ouyang a pull was about to leave long summer.
"You still know that long summer? How did you become like this?" Ouyang clenched long summer’s shoulder and looked at her like a stranger.
Long summer struggled to break free from Ouyang’s bondage. She shouted impatiently at him, "Ouyang Luochen, what are you doing?"
"Why do you want to break up with Enze? Why do you want to marry Uncle Enze? What did you tell me?" Ouyang Renren shook long summer crazily.
"Ouyang, you let me go" long summer cried painfully "You’re hurting me"
Ouyang was furious, regardless of long summer’s feeling that the strength of his hands holding long summer’s shoulder was tighter. "I believe you in vain. Why do you cheat Enze’s feelings? He loves you wholeheartedly. Why do you torture him so cruelly? You cheat."
"Ouyang, are you crazy enough?" In long summer’s unbearable pain, she stepped heavily on Ouyang’s foot and immediately let go of his hand in pain.
Long summer gasped and looked at Ouyang angrily. "I know you hate me. I just don’t love him, so I don’t want to be with him. I love relationships-particularly those founded by men and women.
You come to question me and accuse me, but it still won’t change the fact that I want to be the mayor’s wife. I advise you not to waste your energy and go home quickly. "
Ouyang, I’m sorry, please forgive me and refuse. I’d rather live up to all my sincerity in exchange for your whole life. Even if the world throws dirty water at me, no matter how hypocritical or deceptive it is, I also call it I beg you to be safe and worried.
Eyes flashing with hot and sour crystal long summer tried not to let tears fall. Every time she said something insincere, her heart was cut like a knife.
The narrow corridor echoed with the footsteps of long summer’s hasty departure, and the world became more and more spacious and silent.
"Su Lixia" Ouyang suddenly stopped long summer.
Long summer turned around and the scene in front of her made her suddenly shocked.
See Ouyang slowly straightened up. He was holding a pistol facing long summer’s heart and walked towards her step by step. He was getting closer and closer to her, and the gunman was shaking out of control.
"Su Lixia, I was wrong about you. This is what you forced me to do." Ouyang put the pistol in long summer’s heart, and the painful tears could not help falling. "I will completely forget you if I kill you, and I will get rid of your misery if I let you leave this world."
The calm and beautiful face suddenly burst into an abnormal smile, like a kind of cut off all the world of mortals. Finally, the old things are worried and relieved. long summer stared at Ouyang so firmly. "Ouyang, I am so tired, you can shoot me."
Ouyang was suddenly shocked by long summer’s unexpected behavior, and he began to feel uneasy and confused. He was not afraid of long summer, and she was very much looking forward to his shooting at her and ending her life.
The muzzle blocked long summer’s heart position motionless. Ouyang stared at a face and became hesitant from long summer. He constantly speculated that "long summer is not right. She seems to be hiding something from me. Will she have a last resort?"
"Ouyang, you shoot!" long summer held Ouyang and held the gunman so that the gun was tightly stuck to her heart. She couldn’t wait to urge him to "shoot me right here. I will die. What are you hesitating about? Shoot me quickly and let me out."
"long summer, let go of me quickly."
"Ouyang, if you want to shoot me, you can shoot me. I beg you to shoot me."
"Let go or the gun will really go off."
喝茶约茶"I don’t want to let go. Aren’t you going to shoot me? Come on, Enze, shoot me. Shoot me quickly."
"long summer, are you crazy? Get your hands off me."
The scene suddenly went into chaos. Ouyang and long summer competed for the pistol. He wanted to take it back, but she wanted to pull it back. He didn’t want to shoot, but she forced him to shoot. They were deadlocked.
Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound, and I don’t know who let the gun go. Ouyang’s left palm was unfortunately shot, and the bright red blood suddenly spewed out with a strong fishy and salty smell.
Ouyang turned pale. He still gritted his teeth and held back the pain. His forehead was full of cold sweat and big sweat, one by one.
"Ouyang, your hand is hurt." Seeing that Ouyang’s whole left hand has been covered with blood, long summer rushed over to hold the injured Ouyang. "I’ll take you to the hospital."
When long summer was good, Ouyang was sent to the hospital. The doctor soon took out the bullet that was shot into the palm and carefully bandaged the wound. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t hurt the palm, otherwise his left hand would be really useless.
Long summer sat by the bed and looked at Ouyang wrapped in layers of gauze. Her left hand was thick and swollen. She asked him earnestly, "Does Ouyang’s wound still hurt?"
"My injury doesn’t matter." Ouyang’s mind at the moment is not that he injured his left hand, but long summer. He looked at long summer solemnly. "long summer, are you hiding something from me?"
"Ouyang, I don’t understand what you said." long summer consciously avoided Ouyang’s sharp eyes
Ouyang Qiang held down his desire, and long summer’s blue eyes were full of doubts. "long summer, don’t play dumb with me. Why do you expect me to shoot you so much? What on earth can make you desperate and want to die?"
"Do you have any room to hide?" Although Ouyang is questioning tone, his eyes are unquestionable.

The yellow turban insurrectionary thief party’s remnant of 130,000 captured Qingzhou township and county officials, and the secretariat of Tao Qian was old and old. Although he had sent troops to attack thieves and fight against the enemy, he dared not fight again. Please ask the court to send him to save him!

This Tao Qian is really polite. I didn’t see him pay taxes and tributes to the court at ordinary times. When the peasants besieged him, they sent letters of help one by one to the court, as if he was going to have his head on the ground if the court reinforcements arrived late.
I remember that Tao Qian had always been lucky, but Cao Cao was able to save his life after three transgressions and five attacks. Didn’t he pretend to play a threelet Xuzhou with Liu Bei in the end?
finally, Liu Bei also learned this trick, but Liu Bei succeeded in entrusting orphans and Tao Qian failed.
However, the imperial forces were really limited, and the elite 50,000 troops were gone by Zhang Temperate Zone. Although they have been recruiting, the recruits can’t die directly on the battlefield after all. Considering that Tao Qian is not in danger, it is necessary to let the surrounding counties and counties send troops to rescue Xuzhou.
Don’t say that this order is pretentious, but some enthusiastic people really went to the righteous support.
For example, Guangling Prefecture Juck Zhang, Pingyuan Prefecture Chen Ji, Beihai Prefecture Kong Rong, Taishan Prefecture Ying Shao, and Jibei Prefecture Baoxin each sent two or three thousand troops to the Tao Qian base area for public tourism. By the way, say hello to the peasant army who attacked the city. Everyone came out to mix up and don’t do it too well. Thank you.
The general court did not give substantial help to Xuzhou rescue.
Because the court has already taken care of itself.
Chapter 16 Two armies
The court meeting on June 26th.
I feel uneasy recently. Do you know? Liu Xie threw a question in the first sentence.
Are you anxious because there are thieves and soldiers raging in Xu and Yu? Xun Shuang first made a rare statement that thieves can be rampant for a while even if Qiu Zhang Gong has conquered them.
Liu Xie shook his head. This is one of them.
Xun Shuang Zheng hangs his eyes and sits
Liu Xie looked at the ministers in the temple. I walk in the palace hall and often feel Ma A around me, but my heart is even more fearful.
I slapped my thigh! This is going to play with me
Positions refers to the lack of guards in the palace? This is Wei Wei Guang Luxun’s two things, right? Yun3 sharp eyes shot at me.
A fiercely in my heart stood up quickly and answered, I am not well guarded, and I know my sin.
Guang Luxun and Yang Biao also stood shoulder to shoulder with me, Old ministers know their sins.
No, I’m not blaming the two Aiqing. This is not the same as the two. Liu Xie waved us to sit. The number of guards is not only sufficient, but Ma Aiqing specially sent more people to prepare for the extraordinary things, but this few dozens of people can’t eliminate my anxiety.
I stole a look at several old ministers in front of me. They seem to have understood the emperor’s intentions.
Wang Yun took the lead in asking, Do you want to add guards?
Wang Situ knows what I mean. Liu Xie nodded. I hope to choose a good brother with an innocent life to set up a guard to be in charge of my safety. If I travel, will this army be responsible for defending the public?
Baiguan suddenly lost in thought, and the temple was quiet.
Yang Biao’s eyes suddenly turned to me and I responded politely.
The old minister’s policy is very good and feasible. Yang Biao agreed with Liu Xie
Liu Xie smiled and nodded to him.
Although Yang Biao took the lead, Xun Shuang Wang Yun never agreed with the officials and still dared not express his position easily.
It is also feasible for me to have a man on standby day and night like today, and I can’t go around like other troops. Ma Ridi also expressed his position
After Xun Shuang led Shi Sunrui, Jennifer Tian, Xuanbo, Zhou Huan and Lu Zhi, a group of etiquette all agreed.
品茶论坛Yun3 still has no mouth.
Liu Xie could not help but take the initiative to ask Wang Stuart no longer speaks? Do you disagree?
I don’t disagree, but I’m thinking about the interests. Wang Yun bowed his hand. Today, although the imperial court is gradually revived, the Central Plains has not been pacified. Except for the cool, beneficial and sili, other ten States or thieves are traveling in the four fields or in remote areas. It’s even more difficult to raise a hundred thousand soldiers. If you increase the army easily, it’s hard to raise it.
This argument sounds objective and fair, purely from the perspective of court finance, and many ministers agree to nod.
Liu Xie sighed. What Wang Situ said is a righteous cause, but it’s not okay for me to have three or five thousand guards?

"Yi Yi, tell mom that the woman outside is the former lover of LaCrosse?" Lan Qing is not stupid. She used to be a very famous social butterfly in social occasions. She knows how to observe the face and observe the color best when she is mixed up.

"It’s good to know." I bowed my head and kissed my little face, but how can I kiss my son as if I were kissing Jiang Junyue? Two men, one big and one small, look so alike. Xiaozhuangzhuang is really Jiang Junyue’s turn, so how can she like it?
"But it’s not right. Mama Yi still supports you. Think back to yesterday morning. Did LaCrosse take you to any different places?" LanQing again remind of the Jiang Junyue to give her LanJingYi identity card and mouth.
Well, there seems to be something wrong with the place where he started going yesterday morning. "What’s wrong with mom?"
"Just talk to mom."
"Oh, I didn’t go directly to the company early in the morning, but I went to Wenyuan Road and then …"
"Wen yuan road? Yiyi, you open the brain network to check whether Wenyuan Road is quite close to the Civil Affairs Bureau? "
"What’s the matter with Mom?" Lanjingyi felt that Lanqing was a little distracted at this moment.
"Quick check let you check your mom is can’t tube you, isn’t it? You don’t listen to a word I say. "
"Oh, well," Lan Jingyi opened her notebook for thirty-six seconds. Her notebook was super good. She turned on the ultra-fast network. The map of Gaode soon found the city map. Sure enough, there was a civil affairs bureau near Wenyuan Road. She looked at the map and the words Civil Affairs Bureau reminded her suddenly. It seemed that Jiang Junyue’s RV suddenly turned around and headed for the company yesterday when it was about to arrive at the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the reason was what he called "spam messages" and "Ma Civil Affairs Bureau was Wenyuan Road"
"I told you, that’s right. Yiyi, you wronged that girl. Yesterday, LaCrosse was going to take you to get a license, but I don’t know what didn’t work out. Alas, things change."
"Get the license? Mom, tell me what’s going on? " Lan Jingyi is getting more and more confused. Can she not be confused? She didn’t tell her mother that she went to Wenyuan Road early yesterday morning, and her mother guessed it herself.
"Well, I’ll tell you the truth. Was I so happy when you left early yesterday?"
It seems that there is such a thing. At that time, she looked at Lan Qing and thought she was strange. "What?"
"When you went to wash your hands and make up yesterday morning, LaCrosse came into the room with me and took your mouth and ID card."
"really?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up yesterday morning when Jiang Junyue went out together, he seemed to be in a happy mood, but the code has changed since he read the so-called "spam message"
"I still can’t lie to you, but he didn’t say what to do with it, so I thought he might be going to get a license with you. He was going to give you a surprise, but the result was not" Lan Qing was very upset ",but I think your reaction seems that he really almost took you to the Civil Affairs Bureau"
"When will mom’s certificate be returned to you?"
"Just came back with that Miss Yin and gave it to me."
"In front of Miss Yin?"
桑拿会所"No, he called me into the bedroom and told me to put it away. Miss Yin didn’t see it."
"Oh, I know." Lan Jingyi couldn’t guess what Jiang Junyue had. It suddenly occurred to him that not long ago he was going to break up with himself. At that time, she was still trying to seduce him regardless of her face. Finally, the man surrendered and joined her again. Was it because of that incident at that time?
What the hell is it?
Lan Jingyi is puzzled, but she is quite sure that Jiang Junyue is hiding something from her.
"Mom, you go to eat. You’re too embarrassed to eat them both."
"Well, after you mention it, I don’t love that Miss Yin. If you eat at the same table, you will lose your appetite."
"Ha ha, mom, when did you become such a lover?" Lan Jingyi laughed. She felt that her mother was getting younger and younger now, and she knew how to look up maps online more than thinking. But she was stupid. She didn’t just remember that Jiang Junyue was going to break up with her.
"Mom went, I won’t go, and if you don’t go, it’s not very bad for LaCrosse?"
"Well, don’t even think about it when you say you want to demonstrate for her mistress." Lanqing said, and she picked up Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Don’t be hungry when I carried the child out. The table and I gave them two noodles to cook. It’s delicious to cut small pieces of meat."
"Well, I’ll go out, too. I’ll feed two little things." Actually, she was hungry, but she just said that she had eaten everything. Even if she went out, she would never eat again. People say that some facts are that the authorities are obsessed with the beholder. Maybe mom can see more clearly than her. After Lan Qing, she felt it necessary for her to let the man say what happened at the beginning. What would he say?
"Aunt Jingyi, it’s delicious to eat some more cooking." Seeing that she and Lan Qing came out with two children in their arms, Yin Qing smiled softly and greeted Lan Jingyi with an anti-guest.
Lan Jingyi didn’t look at her anyway, but she just didn’t like her hypocrisy. She said that the gas couldn’t be turned on. If she didn’t want to be so high, she would cheat. "This is my own house. If I want to eat, I’ll put it aside for a while. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat it again." Which onion can she calculate? Can she come into her house and she will respect her?
No way.
Pleasure feeds Xiao Qin Qin and Xiao Zhuang Zhuang to eat noodles. It’s really a little hectic for her to deal with two little things alone. Well, the two little things are very good and cooperate with her to feed them. They don’t pick and make trouble when they eat.
"Bang" a small iron bowl was waved to the ground by Xiaozhuangzhuang, and the thread was scattered all over the floor. She didn’t blame it. She returned her hand and pinched Xiaozhuangzhuang’s small nose tip. "Naughty, let your father beat you. Come and press him. little ass hit me hard." Naturally, she said it casually, but she realized that she was wrong. She and he are not what they used to be.
A few adults at the dinner table have an ice break, but Xiaozhuangzhuang is not afraid of small hands patting his own small table. It’s not too painful and exciting. Xiaoqinqiu learns to clap his little brother’s sample at the small table. Now he is waiting for Lanjingyi to feed her a mouthful of noodles. "Eat … Eat …" She still wants to eat. She hasn’t eaten enough.
Just when Lan Jing Yi Jiang LaCrosse won’t give his face suddenly, two people will sit opposite each other and bend over toward the small iron bowl at the same time. "I’ll come and cross." Yin Qing said softly and went to pick up the small iron bowl.

"Thank you, Mr. Jing. Don’t worry, I will definitely send the young master home." Yang Ou smiled and opened the back door and jelly "sou" jumped up, then Gao Xiaobai climbed up and sat down.

Until the car left Jing’ anjiu, he kept waving his little hands there, and his face was full of reluctance at the thought of not meeting for two months.
"People are gone, don’t wave." Jingmuchen said suddenly.
Jing’ anjiu let go and glanced at his father, then walked towards the courtyard without saying a word.
Jingmuchen "…"
This girl is really turning her elbow outward more and more.
A few days later, Gao Xiaobai followed Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu to Beijing with a small suitcase.
When we meet again, it’s already autumn and September, when Gao Xiaobai was promoted to the sixth grade of the primary school, and Jing Anjiu and Jing Saixixi were promoted to the third grade.
On the first day of school, Han Shao and Gao Xiaoxiao both came to Sean Chen and brought Xiao Mo together.
Just coming from the car, I heard a familiar cry, "Little ink, little ink …"
Small ink ink heard his name immediately "wow" shouted a look around.
Han Shu felt that the brow bone jumped and he turned around and saw a familiar little figure coming.
Lu Xiaoqian "pants" ran to the front, first gasping for breath for a while, and then excited to raise his little hand and want to hold a small ink hand.
Han Shu can’t even touch her daughter’s feet in a groan.
Lu xiaoqian frowned and began to shout "uncle, aunt, little white brother!" "
Behind them, four old men from Lujia slowly came along.
It was also at this time that I realized that the little guy’s family begged Mrs. Lu for a long time, so she transferred to the second grade of Sean Chen University. Today is the first day to report.
Looking at Liu Xiao Qian smiling, a face of obscene sample Han Shan deeply suspected that smelly little was deliberately transferred.
"What a coincidence! Do you read here? After that, you can take care of my Xiao Qian, "said the old lady Lu with a smile.
"Ha ha"-"Grandma Lu, I’m sorry, Xiao Bai will take the junior high school exam this year"
My family is busy, even if I take care of it, I can take care of it for half a year.
"Ah?" Mrs. Lu doesn’t understand, "Isn’t Xiaobai just old?"
You should be in the third grade. Why are you in junior high school?
Han Shu continued "Hehe" and "My son has just been promoted to the sixth grade this semester"
Old lady Lu "…"
Section 744
I’ve never seen skipping so hard.
Gao Xiaoxiao pulled Han Han’s arm and smiled and said, "Grandma Lu, don’t worry. Xiaobai will take good care of Xiao Qian."
The old lady Lu immediately beamed, "It’s still raining on you."
Han Dong "…"
"Xiao Bai!"
"Uncle Han!"
There are two familiar sounds coming up. When Han Shan smells the original and has some unpleasant faces, he immediately shows a charming smile "jiujiu".
Gao Xiaobai immediately smiled and waved "jiujiu!"
Jing Anjiu was wearing the same style as Gao Xiaobai, but she was wearing a dark blue knee skirt and long black hair tied into a ponytail and jumped back and forth with running. When she arrived, she happily held Gao Xiaobai’s arm. "Xiaobai, when will you come back?"
"Come back the day before yesterday," said Gao Xiaobai, glancing at Jing ‘an Jiu’s wrist.
When I found that she was wearing that red bracelet, I couldn’t help smiling.
"Little white, you’re turning black," said Jing Anjiu suddenly.
Beijing goes to the army with Yu Jinchuan every day and often participates in various exercises.
Gao Xiaobai smiled. "Then have I grown taller?"
Jing’ an nine cocked his little head and observed it carefully for a while. "It seems a little."
When the two children were chatting, Han Shao had already greeted her daughter in her arms.
Jing Muchen responded with a pair of sharp black eyes, but kept looking at his daughter’s direction. When he found that the two little guys actually started holding hands, he couldn’t help it anymore. He directly said, "jiujiu will report with his father first."
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, there’s a long way to go when you report for duty. We’ll talk later." Han Shu said, looking down at her daughter in her arms and coaxed, "Little Mo Mo and Uncle Jing say hello."
Xiao Mo Mo blinked his eyes in black and white, grabbed grandma in his small hand and shouted, "Rat!" "
Jingmuchen pulled her lips at the little milk baby and held her daughter’s arm and walked to the teaching place, throwing a "Yan Yan heel"
Jing Saixixi waved his hand and followed quickly
Just a few steps later, the sound of Han Shu sounded far away. "My wife is idle anyway. Let’s go and see the excitement with my eldest brother."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Jingmuchen "…"
桑拿会所Lu Xiaoqian immediately parrots and shouts, "Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Grandparents, come on, let’s go and watch the fun!"
Han Dong "…"
So the third grade newspaper was crowded with many people everywhere.
Jing Muchen’s heavy eyebrows and tight knit with a pair of children, while Han Shu, who reported for duty, took Gao Xiaoxiao with her baby daughter and greeted acquaintances from time to time.
"Han, is this your son?" May be watching Xiao Qian Lu has been circling around her leg. Someone asked curiously.
Han Yan looked down at "not a friend’s bear child"
"So that’s it." Before Lu Xiaoqian finished his words, he lifted up his little head and said, "I’m not a bear child, I’m a little Mo Mo boyfriend."
Han Dong "…"

However, He Ling sent people to spread rumors that Mu Jinshan had been seen abroad, so Lan Qing has been living abroad to find Mu Jinshan for so many years. Now, if it weren’t for two little things that need her care, it is estimated that she would leave the market and go abroad to find Mu Jinshan.

I don’t know if there will be any hope. Lan Qing has been insisting.
Hands trembling slightly.
I read the information in my hand one by one, and finally I fell to my desk with a heavy weight. He rubbed his temples or he felt his temples chugging.
"Jiang always here, you see …"
Jiang Junyue waved "Go out". He wanted to be alone. If his mother really killed Lan Jingyi’s father, how could he marry her?
Xiao Wu left Jiang Junyue and sat in a daze on the big chair table. The information was still so dazzling that he didn’t want to see it, but he would rather he didn’t know it for a generation.
He and Lan Jingyi are no longer possible.
He is her father’s enemy. How could she marry him?
Suddenly I was a little annoyed. Why didn’t you take her to get the certificate yesterday?
If you get it, you will be cooked with uncooked rice, and it is impossible to go back on our word.
Even though Lan Jingyi hates him and complains about her, they are still husband and wife.
But now …
Holding my head in my hand, the sea is full of imagination. He Ling pushes Mu Jinshan into the sea. Mu Jinshan is dead and his mother is going to jail.
He finally knows why mom and dad are so bad, but dad has never divorced.
Hehe, maybe his birth was also an accident, an absolute accident.
He finally knew why mom and dad had to oppose his marriage to Lan Shiyi.
"Bang" with a wave of his hand, the pile of materials floated down in the office one after another, and each face was written with cruelty, which appeared when he decided to get Lan Jingyi’s license.
"What’s the matter with tilting? What’s that noise? Hey, why did you drop all your information? I’ll help you pick it up. "Xiao Wu didn’t close the door when he went out. He didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to come to the company class. He did Jiang Junyue’s secret Xiao Wu, who was not Jiang Han. He was in charge of investigating some special cases, and his knowledge was limited. So he left the door unlocked and sent the landing sound to Lan Jingyi’s ear, so Lan Jingyi walked in without trust.
There seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the president’s office. Jiang Junyue is sitting in a big chair, and information is scattered all over the place. Lan Jingyi said as he leaned over to pick it up one by one.
But she just bent over the chair, but the man shot up, and then the arrow came straight to her. "Don’t touch my things." He reached the big hand and pushed her body. Lan Jingyi stumbled and fell down. She hasn’t come to see what the papers around her were written. Jiang Junyue has quickly picked up one after another, which seems to be fast. After he finally picked it up, he panted straight, and Lan Jingyi just sat on the carpet and looked at him all the time. What was he hiding?
Intuition told Lan Jingyi that he didn’t want her to see what had just been scattered.
"What’s that?"
"Go out with you" Jiang Jun is never in a bad mood.
Lan Jingyi struggled to sit up. He just pushed her to hurt her ankle. At this time, the pain became more and more obvious. She really didn’t understand why he suddenly became so violent. Did the man who came in before say something to Jiang Junyue?
Chapter 199 Don’t want you to suffer
She wanted to get up, but it was so hard to try to move.
"Get out. I’ll let you out. Do you hear me?" Jiang Junyue roared like a mad beast, as if she didn’t go out, he would come and tear her up.
After gnashing his teeth, Lan Jingyi finally struggled. "What about after going out?" She smiled slightly. If she doesn’t feel anything for him to treat her like this, then she is not a person or a fairy, but she is an ordinary little woman.
"Go out" he still growled like that. At this time, he didn’t dare to see her at all. Seeing her would make his heart suddenly break into pieces. For the first time, he had broad daylight, but he felt in a dark world. For the first time, he didn’t know how to face her. For the first time, he didn’t know how to deal with him and her. The thought of Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang made him feel that he was going to die.
What should we do?
What should we do?
品茶论坛He is a man, and he is in such pain at the moment. If she knows, she will be more miserable.
But can he send his own mother to prison?
Section 115
But if He Ling doesn’t go to prison, who will pay for Mu Jinshan’s death?
A splitting headache Jiang LaCrosse discovered this day for the first time and he couldn’t solve the problem.
A fast knot is something he can’t untie.
Swing a knife and split it, and everything will be broken.
"Okay, I’ll go out, but Jiang Junyue, one day you have to explain to me what happened today." He is so abnormal, absolutely abnormal, but now she doesn’t want to argue with him.
My ankle hurt when I turned around and went out, but she gritted her teeth and went out without a snort.
Go out and sit in a chair and think about Jiang Junyue’s abnormal performance just now. That’s because she has never seen the other side of Jiang Junyue. He has never yelled at her like this. Even when he was strong, she was gentle with her after she obeyed. Has he ever yelled at her like this?
I really want to ask him something later, but his performance made her afraid.
Just wait until he calms down. If it weren’t for Yin Qing’s softness, she wouldn’t be afraid.
Lan Jingyi gradually calmed down. He let her out. He didn’t say he was going to dismiss her, did he?
Then say that she and he are not over yet, and they still have hope.
Look at her. What are you upset about here?
"Bell … Rinrin …" The desk words rang and Lan Jingyi reached for "Hello, Chiang".
"The president of Blue Secret can’t get through. Go and see if the line is dropped?"
"I …" Can she go into Jiang Junyue’s office?
"What’s the matter? Is it inconvenient? "
"Oh, I’ll try." With that, Lan Jingyi quickly hung up and never dared to say another word.
However, when he took the message to Jiang Junyue, he really couldn’t get through.
Looking back at his office door and thinking of him before yelling at her, she didn’t have the courage to go in and see him again.
I took it out and started to type a text message "Manager An of the dumping finance department said that you couldn’t get through, was it disconnected?"? You check a "
She breathed a sigh of relief after typing the transmission display. Will he check it?
After all, this is the company, he is in the office, no matter what happens, he will maintain the image of the president of his company.
She doesn’t mind if there is no text message coming back. Just think that he is a crazy person. Let’s all be crazy like him. He was a normal man with worldly desires.
Take it easy and pretend that nothing happened. She works hard and waits for him to return to normal.
A minute passed.
Two minutes passed.

"Mr. Jiang said that you should inform him when you wake up. We should inform him soon."

"Well, I’ll wait for him to let him come over." Lan Jingyi knows that these people can’t be overcome. When Jiang Han comes, Jiang Han will tell her everything. No one knows better than her that Jiang Junyue trusted Jiang Han and gave Jiang Han everything to do.
She is quiet. She needs to think now. If something really happens to Jiang Junyue, she must face this moment. She should be calm, except calm or calm. She has two children, and she should be strong.
Chapter 227 How do you know
It’s not worth it to be knocked unconscious again. She won’t make that mistake again.
If I hadn’t resisted the detention center policewoman last night, I wouldn’t have been knocked unconscious.
But she can also recognize the dumb loss. It is her fault to go to the detention center.
Seeing that she was quiet, the nurse and two plainclothes did not say anything about keeping her eyes quietly. From time to time, she scanned her body for fear that she would rush out again in a second.
Good Jiang Han came quickly, and it took about three minutes to push the door open. At the moment, Lan Jingyi felt that his heart seemed to jump out. "What happened to him?" He must still be alive, isn’t he? "
To be or not to be, she wants the front answer.
Jiang Han stepped forward with a heavy face, which made Lan Jingyi panic again. Suddenly, she was afraid to know the answer. She was so afraid.
Lip slightly peristalsis a final Jiang Han warble way "Jiang always he is still alive"
桑拿按摩"alive?" Lan Jingyi questioned, "Why do you look like this when he is alive? Jiang Han, you lied to me, didn’t you?" I didn’t cry more than I did hysterically. Lan Jingyi was surprisingly calm, and his eyes fell straight into Jiang Han’s face as if he were going to see him.
"Madam, you should be prepared …" Jiang Han said this sentence with a low grind.
"He is still in critical condition, isn’t he?"
"Yes" Jiang Han gritted his teeth. He knew that he could not fool Lanjingyi.
"Where is he?" Take a deep breath and then take a deep breath. Lan Jingyi has prepared for the worst.
"operating room"
"Take me to wait for him. I will wait for him to come out."
"Madam, you wait here and no one knows when General Jiang will come out."
"How long have you been in?" Lan Jingyi turned to look out of the window. When she calculated that the accident happened last night, it should be around eleven o’clock. It’s nearly noon now. She really didn’t fall asleep for so long.
"More than ten hours"
"Take me to wait for him. He will come out. He will." She said lightly that people have gone to bed again. This time, instead of barefoot, she bent over and put on her shoes seriously. She must wait for him to come out and be with him. He is still so young and they still have a lot of youth. She firmly believes that everything will be fine.
"Madam …"
"Let’s go" Lan Jingyi walked to the door. "What floor is Jiang Han on?" She is still a stranger to this hospital and knows nothing. Asking Jiang Han about it is the fastest.
"top floor"
Lan Jingyi walked quickly to the front of the ladder, but never pressed the up button too fast and waited there quietly.
He’ll be fine, she kept telling herself.
As soon as I got out of the ladder, the police told Lan Jingyi that something really happened this time.
There are more than a dozen policemen outside the operating room, and it is like a javelin.
Lan Jingyi was stopped as soon as he appeared. "Other people are not allowed to enter."
"She is general manager Jiang’s fiancee."
"Oh," the police just got out of the way.
Lan Jingyi walked to the front of the operating room and quietly there. She wanted to wait for him here and let him see her as soon as he came out, no matter how long he had to wait.
It’s like a statue in her place, and it flashed in my mind that Jiang Junyue used to laugh and laugh.
"Madam, get something to eat. You haven’t eaten for a day and a night." Last night, the food in the detention center didn’t move much. Jiang Han knew everything. He advised Jiang Junyue that this time, I’m afraid it was really run. The shot hit the heart just right, unless there was a miracle …
"LaCrosse ….." In the hall behind her, she suddenly cried out. He Ling came. She rushed to the front of the operating room and slapped the iron gate. "When will my son come out?"
"Madam may … may not be so fast, please don’t be nervous and sit in the chair for a rest." Jiang Han hasn’t persuaded Lan Jingyi to eat yet, and he Ling is going to be advised here.
"What is she doing here?" He Ling pointed a finger at Lan Jingyi and "kicked her out" as if she had seen a ghost.
Lan Jingyi slowly turned around, although her face was a little pale, but she couldn’t hide her tenacity. "Mrs. He LaCrosse is your son, but she is also the father of my daughter. You have no power to drive me away. I want to wait for him here."
"Don’t let me forbid you to stay here. Jiang Han drove her away."
"Mrs. He, you’re being ridiculous. It’s really me who should make trouble, not you." Lan Jingyi said, and she moved closer to He Ling for two steps. She said, "You pushed my father into the sea. I should sue you, shouldn’t I? Then you will be the murderer. "
"You … how do you know?" He Ling stared at Lan Jingyi and his face was already pale.
"Ha ha, I’m not quite sure yet, but now I’m sure it can be determined by your reaction and tone." I received "I’m sorry I recorded the sound"
"Jiang Han she … she …" He Ling language knot.
LanJingYi tone a turn "but now is not to pursue those times if I want to pursue the royal lady, please be quiet and don’t get in the way of me here waiting for the lacrosse. All I have left is just to see the lacrosse. If something happens to him, I will be the first to spare you." She was so angry at this moment that she couldn’t wait to kill all the people who caused trouble to Jiang LaCrosse, including his mother He Ling.
He Ling just faded and sat down in a chair, panting heavily, and Lan Jingyi had turned her back and never looked at her again, as if she would have nightmares if she looked at her again.
Section 134
Waiting is not only waiting but also waiting.
When it is so tormented.
It’s getting dark and it seems to be dawn again.
An operation has been done for more than twenty hours.
But if the operation is still in progress, it proves that the person on the operating table is alive, he is breathing, he is still warm, and he is still fighting a cruel battle in this world. If he wants to live, he must live.
There is hope alive.
It’s dawn
The sky was a fish-belly grey and brought light to the world. There was silence outside the operating room, which was the longest operation in the hospital’s history.
Lanjingyi still returned the door and never moved a step.
Suddenly there was a very low step in my ear, "Come out, pour him out."
Her voice immediately woke the outsiders waiting for the operating room, and He Ling also opened her dim eyes. She jumped up and rushed to Lan Jingyi’s side. "Where is the LaCrosse?"
"He will be fine when he comes out inside." Originally, she hated He Ling, but at this moment, she thought that there could be one more Jiang Junyue blessing person in this world, one more hope when he was born.
The door was pushed open by the nurse and the bed was pushed out of the way. A nurse pushed the bed and walked out.
"How is he?" White covered his body, and his face was calm and peaceful, as if he were asleep. Lan Jingyi quickly stepped aside to push the bed out, but his mouth was asking the doctor on that side.
"The operation was successful, but he was too badly hurt to wake up and be afraid …"
"That is, there is still the possibility of waking up, isn’t it?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up and his hand fell off the bed. The man was tried to catch his hand by her, but his hand was hidden by her and she was afraid to open the floor. She was afraid that he would be cold from such a cold operating table. He must be very cold.
"It’s hard to be mentally prepared." The doctor thought about it and told the truth. Sometimes he gave his family too much hope. If he couldn’t do it, it would hurt more. The doctor always used to make the illness more serious.

Xiao Jin and I were pushed into a nearby path in the chaos.

Some people walked with us, and each other carefully turned into the garden of the next residential building to hide.
Xiaojin held my neck tightly.
I touched his face and gently told him, "We have met bad people, but don’t be afraid that Uncle Xiaowen will beat them away."
Xiaojin nodded cleverly, not noisy or noisy.
The gun went on, and there were still people screaming in the Woods, and I don’t know if they were shot or kidnapped.
As one call after another went by, I became more and more worried and hoped that Ye Wen would find us soon.
Okay, there are two bodyguards around.
I made a decision after a little hesitation, and instead of jumping into the next garden with everyone, I kept running along the path.
When I was walking with Xiao Jin before, I took him around several times on a whim, and I knew that the four paths here would be able to get home.
The bodyguards dutifully protected us.
I secretly prayed that the shooting would pass quickly.
As long as we were a little far from the Woods, when I was temporarily settled, there was a sudden footsteps coming and getting closer and closer.
Two bodyguards stopped at the same time.
夜生活They quickly decided to keep one in place and the other to explore the situation. If the other party is a gangster, they can kill him, but if they can’t, they can try to distract him.
I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. If something happens to them because of Xiao Jin and me, I will be very sorry.
But ….. Thinking of Xiao Jin in my arms, I secretly persuaded myself that they are Ye Xiangyuan’s hands, and we must ensure that Xiao Jin’s safety is their duty …
I didn’t stop it after all.
The two bodyguards split up immediately.
I held Xiao Jin tightly.
The bodyguard left quietly and soon the gun rang out!
I’m so anxious that I don’t know what happened. Is the bodyguard shot?
What should we do if gangsters come and find us?
I’m more worried that the gangsters are coming for me and Xiaojin.
Xiao Jin is still so small, so small …
After the gunshot, the footsteps sounded again. I heard each other getting closer and I was about to turn into this path.
Leave a bodyguard squatting at my feet and repeatedly told me to hide in the same place with Xiaojin and get up.
I know he’s going to distract the gangsters, and his mood is getting worse.
As soon as he got up, another shot was fired.
The bodyguard quickly pushed Xiao Jin and me into the flowers and then quickly climbed over the fence and rushed at each other.
I held Xiaojin in my arms and kept telling myself to be calm.
If both bodyguards can’t come back, if Ye Wen finds the former gangster and appears first, I will have to find a way to protect Xiao Jin.
I kissed Xiao Jin’s forehead and whispered, "Aunt, I have to fight bad guys later. When you may need some, will you wait here alone for Uncle Xiaowen to pick you up?" If the bad guys come, hide yourself and don’t be caught by him … "
Xiaojin clutched my sleeve and whispered, "Aunt, don’t go."
I looked at him carefully by the lights in the courtyard.
He pursed her lips with tears flashing in her eyes. "I know something happened to my bodyguards and uncles … I don’t want anything to happen to my aunt …"
I hugged him lovingly.
Such a child knows everything …
As far as I’m concerned, there was another shot.
I felt the danger, and I quickly rolled with Xiao Jin in my arms.
Sure enough, this time the other party shot at me and Xiao Jin, and the wall behind me was hit and screamed.
A bullet bounced off the wall and brushed past my shoulder 2.
I bite my lip in pain and the smell of blood instantly diffuses in the air.
But where can I care about this injury?
I will press Xiao Jin’s head on my chest, and I will endure the pain in my arm and quickly roll to the other side fence.
This place is already uneasy. I have to leave quickly with Xiaojin.

"Go and be good, I’ll go back as soon as possible." Jiang Junyue hung up, but Cheng Qingyang lied to him and said that he must let him go home before dawn. As a result, he slept until now and looked at it at ten o’clock in the afternoon.

"Which casino did he go to?" Jiang Junyue’s sharp eyes shot at the maid as if she were going to kill her if she didn’t say anything.
"I … I really don’t know Mr. Jiang. Ask someone else." The maid said with trepidation.
"Good, I’ll ask someone else." Angry turned around for a long time before I met Cheng Qingyang, who picked up his collar and asked, "Where’s Cheng Ge?"
"Brother Cheng went to the Blue Mountain Casino last night."
"When are you going?"
"After two o’clock in the morning."
"Not back yet?"
"This ….. this brother, I don’t know about Cheng Ge. We really can’t control it." The younger brother of the boxing gym said carefully. That’s how to explain it. If Jiang Junyue asks, he will answer it in this way. When did Cheng Ge go and where did he go? They really don’t know.
Jiang Junyue mercilessly loosened his younger brother’s collar and strode out of the boxing hall parking lot. His new Land Rover was quietly parked there. His family name was Cheng, and he had a conscience. He didn’t know how to drive his car, took the car key, opened the door and jumped, so he drove straight to the Blue Mountain Casino. Is Cheng Qingyang still playing there in broad daylight?
As soon as Jiang Junyue got on the bus, he rushed in like a whirlwind. The security guard at the door seemed to know that he was coming, and no one stopped him from going in.
After walking into the hall and scanning for a week, the root didn’t turn into a green shadow.
Jiang Junyue casually grabbed a waiter by the collar. "Where is Cheng Qingyang?"
"Cheng … Cheng Ge Tian Zi Box No.1" The waiter stammered and was frightened by his coldness.
"It’s been hours, but he’s the only one who really won." A man next to him severely played a card. "I can’t believe that people in your position always win."
Push Jiang Jun’s hand, the more cheerful he is, and he won "Hu" after playing a game.
"Ya, I want to change the position of Zhuang." The man picked up the color and sprinkled it on the table, but it was his home that could not reach Jiang Junyue.
I played two more hands of Jiang Junyue, and I didn’t even get three hands of Hu. Honestly, no one won the money, but I got up and gave up my position to Cheng Qingyang, who promised Lan Jingyi to go back. He had to go back.
"The more you play, the better your luck."
Jiang Junyue was still angry when he sat down and said "You’re coming", but he knew that Cheng Qingyang had been playing mahjong here last night, and he even won three times. Jiang Junyue was in a good mood and drove to Jiang’s old house, thinking about Lan Jingyi and listening to warm music. For the first time, he found that it was good to be alive.
From the Blue Mountain Casino back to the Jiang Family Mansion, Lanjingyi rushed out with her son in her arms "tilting …"
It’s good that she’s not annoyed.
I walked over and took the son in one hand, then took the Lanjingyi family in the other and walked towards the villa. The master looked at Jiang Junyue with a crutch in front of the door. "The younger you are, do you know how to go home?" He roared loudly, but the LaCrosse was warm in his heart. If he was not worried about his master, he would not be so angry.
"Grandpa, I went to soak with my friends last night and fell asleep. I didn’t hear it ring." The truth is that Cheng Qingyang took it next door because he wanted him to sleep comfortably for one night.
Section 3
He really slept well, which made his family worry for so long.
"Don’t let this happen again after the line. Blue girl waited for you all night last night. You went too far." The master sounded a little harsh
Jiang Junyue carefully examined Lan Jingyi’s small face, dark eyes and a band-aid on his forehead. "What’s the matter?"
"Oh, I went to the kitchen to help and was burned by the oil flower." Lan Jingyi casually said that she didn’t want him to be pushed because of her conflict with her mother. She just thought that He Ling was in a bad mood. When people were in a bad mood, they were easily irritated and blackmailed. Can they be in a good mood? Forget it. She understood.
Jiang Junyue leaned over and kissed her cheek gently. "It’s okay. Even if it’s ruined, I promise I won’t divorce you."
When she heard his voice, she felt very unhappy. When he didn’t come back without news, she was so angry that she couldn’t wait to give him a good pinch as soon as she saw him. But now she really saw that all the anger and resentment disappeared quickly. She gently pulled his skirt and "leaned over to my building. I have something to tell you."
Seeing the little woman’s serious expression, Jiang Junyue was slightly nervous, but the big man sent him to explain and swallowed it. How could a man not socialize? He didn’t go out to play with women. Although he came back two days late, he really didn’t mean to. Lome Wei was there because of sunny and soft, but last night?
For what?
He can’t say it.
Good LanJingYi didn’t force him to ask.
Into the room Lan Jingyi went into the room and then locked the door cautiously. Only then did he hold Xiao Zhuangzhuang and pull Jiang Junyue to sit on the small sofa in the bedroom. "It seems that your father and your mother are sharing things. You’d better come forward to deal with it or they will suffer."
Jiang Junyue is happy and Lan Jingyi wants to get even with himself. Actually, it’s not that he laughs easily. "What happened to my dad and mom?" How do you know? "
Lan Jingyi repeated what he Ling and the man in black met in the coffee shop yesterday and what Jiang Hanyu and he Ling said last night.
The original Jiang Junyue expression still didn’t take it seriously, but his expression became dignified when he listened. When Lan Jingyi described it, his face was already cold and he patted Lan Jingyi on the shoulder. "I’ll handle this matter, so don’t intervene again. Yiyi don’t be obedient."
"Well, I’m reporting to you, right? Otherwise, I would have followed the alley to follow the man in black yesterday."
Jiang Junyue with a pinch her little nose "so good"
桑拿"Will you tell me if you don’t go home after tilting?" After thinking and thinking, she told him again yesterday, but a day later, he made an old mistake again, which made Lan Jingyi feel really uncomfortable.
"Uh-huh." Jiang Junyue didn’t continue to be a male chauvinist woman. Besides, it was really his fault that he didn’t sleep so hard last night and owed him another time, which made him don’t know how to explain it to Lan Jingyi. He simply didn’t explain it.
Chapter 147 Brother-in-law diligent
"Uh-huh." Jiang Junyue didn’t continue to be a male chauvinist woman. Besides, it was really his fault that he didn’t sleep so hard last night and owed him another time, which made him don’t know how to explain it to Lan Jingyi. He simply didn’t explain it.
After lunch, the master looks much better, but Jiang Hanyu and He Ling still look like Lan Jingyi owes them a lot of money.
But it’s much more comfortable to have Jiang Junyue Lanjingyi. "Grandpa, can you let me take Xiaoxi home and show it to my mother? Just one afternoon, I promise to send it back early in the morning." Thinking about Lanqing’s longing for Xiaozhuang, Lanjingyi asked again.
"Let my mother come and visit us." The master said the answer didn’t say against it or agree, but Jiang Junyue felt that his home was too lonely.
"Boyle, bring Aunt Sunny here."
"No" hasn’t been said. He Ling suddenly spoke.
"Mom? You give me a reason? " Jiang Junyue was gentle and sharp, and watched He Ling not talk. He said, "Mom, did you pay you back the 500 thousand you lent to your friend last month?"
He Ling’s eyes suddenly flashed. "LaCrosse, I … my son, ask my friend."
"Don’t ask now, I’m just waiting to take the money to open a loan agency." Jiang Junyue said slowly, but Lan Jingyi praised him from the bottom of my heart. Asking for money like this will definitely make He Ling expose her extortion.
"LaCrosse has dinner. Let’s talk about it after dinner."
"Pa!" Jiang Hanyu put chopsticks. "I’m finished." He got up and walked away with a cold face. "LaCrosse ate and you came to Room One."
"No" Jiang Junyue expressed his position simply and directly.
I don’t agree with your marriage to Lan Jingyi. After opposing her marriage to Jiang Junyue again, Jiang Hanyu didn’t go to the room, but turned and left the villa without seeing him. He didn’t go to the room and said coldly, "Even if you are really married, I won’t take part in a marriage that will not be blessed." He Ling also echoed this remark while walking.
"Mom pays back the money" Jiang Junyue ignored it and asked He Ling for money.
Lan Jingyi poked Jiang LaCrosse with his elbow. This is too strong for him, isn’t it? It seems that he is so strong with his parents. It seems that he will be generous and careless. He is overbearing on weekdays.

Lan Jingyi crustily skin of head to play with several Jiang Junyue buddies. Because it’s not the first time we met, she won’t be so embarrassed. It’s that she is slow to play cards, but the speed of those three men is too fast. When she was alone, she drew an equal sign with three people. It’s really embarrassing that the three of them didn’t say anything.

"Sister-in-law’s birthday is coming soon."
"Yeah, soon." Looking back, it’s really fast.
"Sister-in-law, regardless of the birthday, it’s almost the New Year, and I don’t know if we have a chance to get together with our little niece and nephew. I’ve told Vigo several times that he just doesn’t agree for fear that we will take two little things away."
"Ahem … Ahem …" Meng Junfeng coughed as soon as he spoke. Before that, Xiao Zhuang was stolen by Lome Wei. What pot does not open?
"Sister-in-law is going to celebrate the New Year, and my little niece and nephew didn’t give anything to the little thing at the full moon. I’ll send a pair of pendants to the little thing quietly, but don’t tell Vigo or he will say that we are stingy again." Liu An took out a pair of white jade pendants into his arms and left them in his hand. There was no packaging in his heart, but the natural white jade was flawless and it was valuable at first glance.
Lan Jingyi shook his head. "It’s too expensive."
Section 7
"Uh, sister-in-law, is this because it’s not good for me to send something?" Liu An tone sank to hand brand malicious gas down people also get up "sister-in-law, what do you want me to send my little niece? If it weren’t for the moon in the sun, the water and the sky, I would get it for you.
"Sloppy" Lan Jingyi was amused by Liu An’s expression. She stretched out her hand and took the "just these two pendants. Thanks a lot." Although she didn’t know the goods, she could really feel that this pair of pendants was not unusual.
Seeing that Lan Jingyi accepted Meng Junfeng’s lip curl, "The surname Lu seems to be just like you spoil those two baby bumps. Come on, which day will you bring the child out and let you guys have a good hug?"
"This ….." LanJingYi dim the strong master there she said doesn’t count.
"Sister-in-law, how about today?"
Lan Jingyi shook his head. They should ask Jiang Junyue this sentence.
"Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang …" Meng Junfeng hummed a symphony of destiny and then pointed to Lan Jingyi in front of the door with a wave of his hand. As he looked at the past, the fog suddenly floated in his eyes. "Zhuang Zhuang?" Is she right?
夜网论坛"What about my gift?" Meng Junfeng smiled more and more brilliantly.
"Zhuang Zhuang ….." Lan Jingyi rushed over and hugged Xiao Zhuang Zhuang’s soft body from the nanny’s arms and immediately stuck it to her. She hugged her tightly. This is not Jiang Gu. This is a commotion. This is not true, is it?
Lan Jingyi’s biting her lip hurts. She’s strong.
Turn head blunt Meng Junfeng way "thank you … thank you …" This gift she likes so much that she has received the best gift in my life.
"Ha ha, I picked up the cheap sister-in-law. This child is not my gift …"
"What … what?"
"This is Brother Yue. Call me. I didn’t call you, but it’s good to see Sister-in-law happy." He waved his hand and said "Dangdang Dangdang … open sesame"
The door opened again. Lan Jingyi looked at it curiously and she was shocked again. Didn’t she come to play mahjong?
Why is there a kindergarten in this box?
Qinqin is here. "Mom …" Lanjingyi rushed over to embrace her daughter with a small strong one.
The two little things immediately embraced and excited’ giggled’ and enjoyed themselves.
Meng Junfeng’s eyebrows blinked again and again. "Brother Yue is really amazing. He is the one who can really steal children. He actually stole the children from his master."
Lan Jingyi is stupid. Is it Meng Junfeng who sent someone to take it? It was Jiang Junyue.
"Dangdang Dangdang …" Meng Junfeng hummed his minor again and the door opened again.
A Santa Claus’ grandfather’ came in, and two bronzing booklets were given to Xiaoqin Qinyi and Xiaozhuang Zhuangzhuang. "Sister-in-law, I bought a premium insurance for each of the two babies, so you don’t have to worry about eating, dressing and learning to read in this generation."
"Meng Junfeng, my daughter eats and drinks Lazar. Why do you want to get involved?" Jiang Junyue pushed the door and glared at Meng Junfeng. Meng Junfeng drooped his head. "It’s no wonder I’m late."
Two white jade pendants sent by Liu An have been hung up separately. When they were hung up, they were a little cold. The little hands of the two little guys were curious to touch the past. At this time, where is the taste of the bar in the box? Because of the appearance of these two children, it seems that it has become another world.
"Bang" a dagger was slapped, and the sharp edge of the mahjong table flashed brightly. Luo Qijiang got up and neon flashed, and everyone’s eyes fell on the dagger. "Brother Luo, what are you doing?" Liu An panicked and stared at the dagger and rushed to Laluoqi River …
Chapter 153 Don’t go to death
In addition to the two little things in the box, Sahuan was playing with the neck pendant, and every adult could no longer take his eyes off the dagger.
Lan Jingyi nervously hugged her arms, and at the same time, she clung to signal Lan Qing that Lan Qing hurriedly hugged Xiao Qinqin. If not, she quickly left and hurt her adult. It’s okay, but she must not hurt her two children. Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang are her darling.
Luo Qijiang ignored Liu An and pulled out the dagger from the mahjong table. The sharp knife peak became more and more eye-catching. Lan Jingyi hurriedly pulled Lan Qing and retreated to the door. Jiang Junyue was able to move forward. At this moment, he wanted to protect his wife and children from any harm. "What do you want from Luo?"
"Hehe, what do I want?" Luo Qijiang smiled and took a dagger and threw it with a sudden force, but the direction was not the other person in the box, but his other finger. "I paid you back."
"Pa" A mahjong suddenly hit Luo Qijiang’s wrist. Maybe it was painful and the dagger was about to fall on Luo Qijiang’s finger. Suddenly, it turned around and then fell off a row of mahjong in a free fall to disrupt the row of mahjong. "What are you doing?" Jiang Junyue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. He has already found out that Luo Qijiang sent people to Lomevi when he was in France. What did he really do? And this time Lomevi tampered with his car. Luo Qijiang doesn’t know that he has always been a one-two-two, who did it? He never complained about Luo Qijiang’s letting him stir, but he wanted to tell Lomevi that he Jiang Junyue was not easy to provoke and let him educate his sister Lomevi.
As much as he wanted Lomevi dead, he spared Lomevi, didn’t he? He has always felt guilty about his baby.
Just holding the dagger, the hand trembled slightly, and then the original Luo Qijiang wanted to cut off one of his fingers to make amends to Jiang Junyue. After all, my sister really almost killed Jiang Junyue, but she never thought that Jiang Junyue would play mahjong to save her finger. Tears flowed out of her eyes in an instant. He really felt that his sister’s trip made him even embarrassed to see Jiang Junyue. "LaCrosse I …"
"Come on, my daughter is still there. Although the little ones are not afraid at all, I really don’t want the little ones to watch your flying blade performance. Hurry up and get something to eat in mahjong and then play hungry later." Jiang Junyue patted Luo Qijiang’s shoulder for more than 20 years. On weekdays, Xi Xi ha ha is really crazy, but he has never seen Luo Qijiang as serious as he is today.
"Elder brother, you are also a few elder brothers. What do you mean, the elder brother will fight with you seriously? Fool, sit at the table over there and have a meal for a while. "Liu An hurried over to clear Luo Qijiang and sat down at the other table, and the dagger disappeared in a short time and has been put away.
The food will come soon. Lan Jingyi is naturally holding a small strong one. She just doesn’t want to let it go when she is glued to this child. She always wants to return all the maternal love that the child owed for more than a month when he disappeared to him.
Xiao Qin Qin was full before she came, and now she is being played by several big men. The little thing is small, but she is not afraid of being born. Liu An threw her up and down again, and she was not afraid at all, and she was very happy with a Gaga smile.
"Gee, tiger, father, dog, daughter, brother, it seems that I have to work hard quickly and have a baby to marry you. This little girl is really a beautiful little beauty."
"giggle ….." Xiao Qin Qin smiled hard, but at this moment she smiled exceptionally brightly.
A second Liu An bitter face "smelly wenches, you actually … actually peed all over me"
Listening to his voice, all of them were neat and consistent, and their eyes fell on the land. "Gee, it’s really a beautiful map. It seems to be a map of China. Haha." After Meng Junfeng’s "appreciation", he teased and said that it was only toward Xiaoqin that he reached out to "come to Uncle Meng for a hug."
"Give it to me before changing the diaper. If you want to wear it for her again, she won’t wear it. Mr. Lu is really sorry." Lanqing is a little embarrassed, and it is not good-looking after all.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Aunt said that she likes me. It’s a mistake." Liu An shook his pants and calmly sat down in the dining chair so wet. It’s normal for a child to pee. It’s not normal if he doesn’t pee.
The atmosphere at the table is harmonious. Luo Qijiang has been silent all the time, and no matter how Liu An and Meng Junfeng stir up the atmosphere, it seems to be like him.
Lan Jingyi has been holding a little strong to eat, and it’s not honest and naughty at all. Her arms always touch here and there several times, and she almost took the bowl to the dining table. "How about I take him back to the small apartment when it’s late?" She asked Jiang Junyue lightly. This man surprised her again.
"Bad" but I don’t want Jiang Jun to get colder. A response directly gives her hope. It’s cold and cold. I can’t eat any more. I just put chopsticks. "I’m eating well." I’m holding Xiaozhuangzhuang and sitting on the sofa, thinking about how to leave the commotion. At the moment, she wants to stay with her daughter, even for one night. Tonight, she wants to sleep with two little things.
Jiang Junyue also ignored her holding the glass and drinking it with her brothers. Liu An and Meng Junfeng drew their fists. "Two little bees flew into the flowers. Hey, rock, paper, scissors …"
"surnamed Lu, you lost and drank."
Liu Anduan took the glass and drank it up in one breath. "Two more bees fly to the flowers. Hey, rock, paper, scissors …"

"Yes" but never thought Liu Wentao gave her a definite word.

"What is it?" Lan Jingyi turned around angrily. It’s bad enough for her. Can you ask Liu Wentao not to harass her again? She is really tired.
"You owe me a husband and wife" softly but with no doubt.
"Ah …" Lan Jingyi smiled lightly and brushed her cheek to make that little face vivid. "Liu Wentao, please clarify the fact that you owed me before, not me. Now I don’t want it anymore. We have already finished." Then she turned and walked towards the wheelchair Lan Qing. Now she wants to live with her mother and her upcoming baby.
"But I want to" Liu Wentao grabbed her wrist again and lowered her ear with a magnetic voice. This is the man she once gave herself a happy life, but he didn’t.
"There are many women in Mr. Lu’s day, and I think Miss Mo will be unhappy. Goodbye." Li Yi strode to Lanqing’s side and Lanjingyi pushed Lanqing to the gate of the inpatient department.
约茶"Yi yi …" Low Liu Wentao call.
"Yi Yi is a mother sorry for you." Lan Qing said that tears were already in her eyes. Liu Wentao had to marry Lan Jingyi. She would have guessed it.
"Mom doesn’t blame you. You also opposed it. I went my own way, but I don’t regret it." She can face Ji Minru and Jane without remorse. I really don’t regret it. Even if Jiang Junyue happens, she doesn’t regret it.
"Yi Yi …" Hands in a wheelchair, hands in a wheelchair, hands in a blue heart, hands in a warm heart. It’s really a blessing for her to have such a daughter. In all these years, all her thoughts were gone, and where did she really care about her daughter? If it weren’t for this disease, she would have forgotten that it is good to have a daughter.
The daughter is really a mother’s intimate little cotton-padded jacket.
Look at that two drifting figure of mother and daughter, Liu Wentao pulled out a cigarette instead of chasing after her, and he didn’t even understand why he came here to see her again.
But now that I’ve seen it, he still doesn’t want to leave
There was always a chance to see her every once in a while, but now she wakes up and sleeps, and she will never appear in front of him again.
Lan Qing slept this night, but Lan Jingyi couldn’t sleep at all. Two little things in her stomach were a bit of a toss-up, which made her eat badly and sleep badly. Now she is hungry again. She wants to go out and find something to eat.
When she came out of the hospital, she walked slowly. At most, it was time to rest. She could stay in the hospital before her mother could take care of herself. When there were waves, there was a small restaurant opposite the hospital. When she walked there, she felt more and more hungry when she looked at the sign, so her footsteps became faster and faster. Suddenly, she felt that there were a series of footsteps behind her, which seemed to be fast and slow.
My heart can’t help but panic. It’s still twenty days before the loan-sharking day is calculated. It’s said that it’s long or short. When I think about her promise to pay back the money every month, her heart shakes. Can she earn it after twenty days?
I don’t know anything. Now she can take it one step at a time.
The wind is gentle, but it makes her feel confused. How long has it been since that man heard from you?
Chapter 75 I didn’t freeze the card
Jiang Junyue really didn’t even call her.
Lan Jingyi went into the restaurant and ordered a spaghetti. She couldn’t get used to all the western food here, but she could eat this side. Although it’s not as delicious as cooking Zhajiang Noodles herself, it would be nice to have a full stomach.
She is looking for a house, but she doesn’t know where to stay. This foreign country doesn’t feel like home anywhere, but her mother likes her and says she may meet her father here. She insists on staying here.
Forget it. She can’t leave if she wants to. She doesn’t have a passport. She’s with loan sharks. People are not afraid of her running. She can’t run out of their hands.
Eating that bowl of spaghetti slowly is a little hard to swallow but I have to eat it.
"Bang!" There was a low muffled sound, and then a plate of shredded potatoes was put in front of the spaghetti, and then a plate of sweet and sour cabbage was really attractive. She looked at the saliva consciousness and looked across the street before sitting down. Then she was a little confused. "Liu Wentao, why are you here?"
"Come to eat when you are hungry." He unexpectedly changed into a pair of chopsticks with a change, and then ate the popular food in front of him comfortably. Soon, a plate of salt and pepper spareribs and a steamed fish came.
Lan Jingyi looked down at the spaghetti in her bowl to speed up the meal, thinking about eating it quickly and leaving quickly, otherwise she was afraid that she couldn’t stand the temptation of those four dishes. She wanted to eat it so much that she wanted the taste of home cooking. How long has it been since she felt it?
The tableware in Tu’s hand was taken away, and soon a bowl of white rice was put in front of her. "Eat and pay half the money for me after eating." Liu Wentao said indifferently that it was still the same as before, but there was a little warmth in the words.
"I’ve had enough of these in our country. I don’t like them. Give me my noodles back." Lan Jingyi growled angrily.
Section 39
"You just like noodles?" Liu Wentao picked his eyebrows. "But every time you eat a bowl of noodles for twenty minutes, it’s like eating poison. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no poison in this dish. It’s made by the new China chef here."
"Are there China people here?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up. Once upon a time, I could see Chinese people every day, but now I feel very cordial before I met them.
"Well, if you don’t believe me, go and have a look in the back."
Lan Jingyi really curled her lips and went to the back kitchen and glanced over. There really was a China Han, "What’s your name, sir?" It’s very kind of her to warm up and gather together.
"Oh, is your name Miss Zhang here for dinner?"
"Well, my mother is in the hospital here, and I’m with her." She chuckled for the first time in many days.
"So you’re with the guy who just ordered some Chinese food, right? I hear your accents are similar."
"No, I’m me, he’s him." Lan Jingyi quickly clarified that he didn’t want to talk to Liu Wentao again.
"Oh, I’m so happy to see my fellow villagers. I’ll treat you today. Just say what you want, and I’ll cook it for you."
"No, I’m full. I’ll trouble you another day." Lan Jingyi patted her half-full stomach and really wanted to eat Chinese food, but for one thing, she didn’t want to eat Liu Wentao’s food, and for another, she was reluctant to give up money. She had to spend the blade on her cash.
"Ok, you can come to my side at any time." The feeling of seeing fellow villagers really didn’t say that Lan Jingyi was happy and retired. Liu Wentao in the restaurant outside had already disappeared before eating a little food, so he put it there. Lan Jingyi took a glance and was ready to leave and suddenly stopped her. "This lady, please settle the bill."
"What account?" She paid for the spaghetti first. She has nothing to settle, right?
But I never thought that the novice pointed to the leftovers that Liu Wentao had just eaten. "The gentleman said that he would pay half of the money and you would pay for the leftovers."
Depend on him. Liu Wentao is really annoying
Lan Jingyi stood on tiptoe and looked out of the restaurant, but where was the man?
Well, she paid for it. Lan Jingyi paid for it and didn’t want to go out until she felt right. Now that she paid for it, those dishes belong to her. She didn’t eat them for nothing. She paid for them and sat down to eat them. They were still warm and delicious. Lan Jingyi ate quickly or two little things in her stomach helped her eat.
It’s nice for her to order a Chinese meal for her mother, too.
It was Lan Jingyi’s most full meal. Although it was calculated, it was not unpleasant and forgiving. She and Liu Wentao could not be husband and wife and could not be friends. She hoped not to be enemies.
She doesn’t like to hate someone. No matter how unwilling she feels, she shouldn’t live in hatred. How tired it is.
I woke up early in the morning with a push of the door and a tall figure at the end of the corridor was quietly leaving. She felt a little familiar, but she didn’t think it would come back with hot water. Lan Qing also woke up.
"Yi Yi, why don’t you tell mom what happened to you and LaCrosse?" Lan Qing will come to torment her again early in the morning.
Lanjing Yi Zheng thought about how to prevaricate Lanqing suddenly. She rang at this moment. Lanjingyi touched out and took a look at it. She settled there and didn’t respond.
Still continue to shout
"Who is Yi Yi talking about?" Seeing that she didn’t move, Lan Qing grabbed a string of numbers on the screen and didn’t call her "Yi Yi, who is this?"
"Harassment, mom hung up." She reached for the phone number of Jiang Junyue and hung it up directly. She had deleted it, but subconsciously she remembered his phone number exactly.
At 7 o’clock in the morning in France, it’s just after noon in the city. What’s he calling at this time?
But she just hung up and rang again
Lan Jingyi doesn’t want to pick up a bite, and her hand is going to press the button, but it seems that there is a feeling that she wants a phone, and the bell is broken, followed by a short message.
She won’t answer his words, but there is a message from him, but her heart is itching to see what he wants.
No matter she is, he has a new love as soon as he gets back, and it’s him.
Sms open
"answer the phone"
Shit, three words are still so overbearing
She’ll answer it. No, she won’t. Absolutely not.
So when the words rang again, Lan Jingyi didn’t hear it ringing, so she had to grow up and have a little backbone, or even she would look down on herself.
Words automatically hang up and then a short message came up.
She wanted to watch it, but curiosity drove her to open it again involuntarily.
"I didn’t freeze the card until I got back from France. The first call I made was you. Do you dare to fly directly to France to kill you without picking me up?" Those last three words made Lan Jingyi blush, which means literally understanding the meaning. Every time he asked her, she always said in her ear, "I really want to kill you."

Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda’s eyes and saw that his eyebrows were cold and his mouth was tight. She snuggled into his arms and judo "I’m afraid of the cold now. I dare not let you near me if you go so cold again."

Huangfuda instantly receded and was cold and cold. She stretched out her arm and brought Shuiyunjin up. "Let’s go."
Zi Xia nodded and took his belongings and was ready to leave with Huangfuda.
But then a yellow robe LingXiaoYao slowly came in from the outside, and his face was still white and clear, so he came in and looked at Huangfuda and didn’t feel surprised. "Rong Wang came to Lingguo and planned to leave without saying a word."
"If you want to take your woman away, you should know that you will be an outsider." Huangfuda cold way.
"You woman" LingXiaoYao looked at her eyes leaning on his arms. "She is my toffee. There is no Rong Wang here."
"Ling is so self-deceiving, don’t you feel ashamed?" Huangfuda sneered coldly.
"Yunjin has promised to marry Rong Wang between the two countries, and it’s not self-deception, and this is Ling Guorong Wang who won’t be confused about his situation, right?" Ling Xiao’s voice rose slightly.
"It’s still too early to say whether the two countries are married or meet at war, but the king knows that you can’t stop the king now. If it weren’t for watching you lose your power to take away your wife and revenge, the king vowed to get it back." Huangfuda glanced at LingXiaoyao coolly.
"Rong Wang is sure that he can’t keep you today." Ling Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows.
"If you don’t want to be painstakingly trained by the dark guards, Wang Leyi will accompany you." Huangfuda’s remarks are already very arrogant. After all, this is Ling Guo.
ShuiYunJin listen to the two men you come to me back to attack eyebrows setting for a moment, she looked LingXiaoYao "how are you?"
"Don’t worry, I’m fine, but I can’t solve your body poison." LingXiaoYao Wen said.
Shuiyunjin smiled. "I know this may be providence. Come on, I don’t want to see anything happen to you. It’s good. It’s really good."
Ling Xiaoyao just pulled out a smile at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t want to owe him a little bit. Even if she died, she would want to be with Huangfuda without any impurities. The thought of these made his heart ache. "Do you really want to go with him?"
Huangfuda glanced at him. He Huangfuda woman naturally wants to go with him. What is it to stay in Lingguotai Palace?
Shuiyunjin nodded. "I have no strength to toss about again. I want to accompany him in the last day. Xiaoyao, take care of yourself."
"Yunxi, I know your heart is full of him, but my heart is full of you, too. Have you really never cared a little?" Lingxiaoyaoyao set Shuiyunxi’s face with black eyes.
spa会所"I keep in mind that you are good to me, but I can’t give you anything. Even if I have a little tempted, I will feel sorry for him and you. I am doomed to let you go. Besides, I am like this now. Don’t be bitter with yourself."
Shuiyunjin speaks slowly, no matter what, she is doomed to bear Ling Xiaoyao’s share of kindness and obsession, so it is not a bad thing to let it go.
"I have long said that I am willing to do everything you do, and I will give up on you as much as he does." Ling Xiaoyao was afraid that he would never see you again this time.
"That’s enough. Have you said enough? You should have known this would happen since you calculated all this, and you will be forced to do it."
Huangfuda can’t listen to it anymore. Ling Xiaoyao’s heart for Shuiyunjin made him afraid. Ling Xiaoyao can save her life. If he hadn’t met Shuiyunjin first, I’m afraid he would have been injured alone today.
LingXiaoYao was slightly coagulation and didn’t say anything.
Huangfuda didn’t want to delay to hold ShuiYunXi out of the bedroom, followed by Zi Xia and Lin Han.
Outside the hall, Taigong Dark Health Department appeared and looked at Huangfuda angrily.
Any suspection.i da cold hum a careless embrace ShuiYunXi just slowly walked forward those dark guards but didn’t get LingXiaoYao commanded all dare not kinetic energy to watch any suspection.i da leave.
"The temple really let Rong Wang go?" Taifu steward looked respectfully at LingXiaoyao coming out of the temple.
Ling Xiaoyao didn’t say anything. His eyes were deep and bottomless, and he looked at the two intertwined figures closely. His face turned white inch by inch. Suddenly, his brow wrinkled and his mouth overflowed with a wisp of blood.
The steward of the "Diandian" was shocked that their temple strength was excessively depleted. They have been holding on for several days and have not rested. Today they finally can’t hold on.
There is a carriage parked outside Lingguo City, and Yesen is sitting on the surface.
When he saw Huangfuda coming with Shuiyunjin, his face was finally loose.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and smiled.
Stay a few people in a carriage by YiSen and Lin Han driver quickly left the place.
Because of the concern for Shuiyunjin’s body, the carriage walks very slowly, and it is bound to stop at night.
It’s that Shuiyunjin is getting worse and worse and can’t eat at all. "
How long will it take us to get to Changyong? "Shuiyunjin leaned against Huangfudi in the carriage and asked lazily.
"In two days, we can return to Lanwangfu." Huangfuda Judo
"I now let grandpa and them see this." Shuiyun Park opened her eyes and there was something in her moist eyes.
"Don’t entertain foolish ideas. You are the woman I hold in my heart. I love you and I love you. No matter who you are, you can’t say that you are half wrong." Huangfuda firmly tunnel.
Shuiyunjin smiled. She suddenly left now and went back to others’ eyes like this. But she has nothing to worry about. "Now you treat me as a treasure."
"It’s not a treasure, it’s my life." Huangfuda Judo

Lan Jingyi checked the doors and windows to make sure that they were sealed, so she didn’t worry about taking it. She bought a bucket of instant noodles outside and soaked it in hot water. Then she ate it slowly. Maybe she was really hungry, so she felt that the instant noodles were particularly fragrant. She hadn’t eaten anything all day. She was really hungry.

After eating a bucket, I was not full, so I bought a bucket. It’s hard to continue to be hungry this night. I hope that man won’t pack the restaurant again, or she will go out to eat again. She is so tired now. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. She just wants to be alone with Xiaoqinqin.
约茶I wish the plane had left.
It’s that day. How many days later
It turns out that the waiting process is so tormented.
Chapter 19 Field Special Offer
I took my pajamas and went to wash my hands. Lan Jingyi sat in the bathtub. She wanted to take a good bath and soak herself in the tired water. There was a little red mark on her neck. Did he leave it?
When I think of Jiang Junyue, I think of the feeling when he kissed himself. It was so magical. She thought it was the thought of her body, and her blood began to boil involuntarily, as if to rush out of her body, which made her particularly uncomfortable.
"I really want to love your generation …" The bell suddenly rang and she frowned and immediately picked up "Hello?" I didn’t want to pick up anything. It was a conditioned reflex.
"Is Jingyi asleep?" The gentle man is Lu Wentao.
"Not yet." She smiled lazily and said to Liu Wentao that she really didn’t feel anything. She still owes him a lot of money. Just think of him as her creditor.
"Where is Qinqin?"
"Qinqin is asleep"
"Oh, I do have something to discuss with you-"seems to be a little cautious, which is really a bit unlike Liu Wentao’s previous style.
"hmm? You say it. "
"A business friend in the company is going to hold an engagement ceremony and invited me to join you. Look …"
"This … is not appropriate …" She has no wife with him, leaving the two titles of ex-wife and ex-husband
"But I was asked to be there with you."
"Oh which day? Maybe I have returned to France. I have booked a plane ticket for six days.
"That’s just right. The engagement day is five days later. I’ll see you off when you’re finished."
"Well," Lan Jingyi didn’t want to promise, but the thought that she owed Liu Wentao was just accompanying him to an engagement party. It really didn’t matter if she and he were him, she was clean.
Liu Wentao looked down at the red invitation in his hand. The invitation was written by Jiang Junyue himself. He knew him and didn’t know what Jiang Junyue was going to do. But it was an engagement party that could make Lan Jingyi completely give up. So she will give up on Jiang Junyue from now on. Will he have hope again?
Recently, somehow, he has become more and more reluctant to let go.
Lan Jingyi stopped talking and leaned back slightly against the edge of the bathtub. She was really tired. Should I take it with Xiao Qinqin?
At this time, she really wanted to call Liu Wentao back and say that she didn’t want to go, but she just somehow agreed.
Section 61
Come on, let’s go with Xiao Qinqin when the time comes. After this night, she got back to Xiao Qinqin and told herself where to go. She would never leave the child half a step.
At dawn, I wake up from my sleep, and the city is as usual. People are still so busy, and they are still so easy to walk by.
Lomevie curled up in a blanket, and she wanted to shout, but the cloth in her mouth made her unable to make any sound.
She wanted to move, but after trying for a long time, she couldn’t move, and her joints were broken. Yunfei killed him that day and tortured her for a night. I don’t know how many times she wanted her. She remembered the bad smell in the old factory and Yunfei asked for it again and again, and her body fell apart. It was not until dawn that he drove the handlebar and lost himself in the grass outside Luo’s gate.
Damn it, she hates him.
"What’s over there? Why is there a blanket at our gate? What does this sound like? " A cold girl came to Lome Wei, but it was her mother. If her mother found herself, she would be saved, otherwise she would really die.
It’s not cold in the blanket, but it’s cold because her heart is still scared. If outsiders find her naked in the blanket and see her like this, how can she marry Jiang Junyue after rendering her? He will definitely think she’s dirty and never marry her again.
Lome Wei struggled desperately to attract her mother’s attention. She was not only naked and naked, but also covered in bruises and hickeys. Those were all left by Yunfei. She hated it and believed in a wolf.
There is a servant coming in her direction, and she listens to the footsteps. The heart rate is getting faster and faster, so if she is seen by the servant, she will be ashamed to see the servant again. She is so embarrassing.
Footsteps stopped beside her and grabbed her hair with her first turn. "Ah …" The maid screamed and rushed back to the front of Love. "Mrs. Fu … seems to be … Miss."
"Young lady? Mei Wei? Are you kidding? "Mrs. Love growled, but her eyes were skeptical. Last night, her daughter didn’t return for a night. She played all night. Her words were all machine. Is it really a daughter wrapped in that carpet?
"Lady really looks like a young lady." The maid looked at Lome Wei slightly in awe. When the woman turned her head, she saw her face and bare shoulders, which seemed to be traces. She was a n experienced person and knew it at first sight.
Mrs. Love strode to the grass and looked down. It was indeed Lome Wei. "Mei Wei …" She stretched out her hand and pulled the rag from Lome Wei’s mouth. "What happened?"
"Mom, I …" Lome EU completely fainted and thought of being forced by Yunfei last night …
After eating breakfast early in the morning, Lan Jingyi took out an album and sat on the bed with Xiao Qinqin. She watched and pointed at the fruits and vegetables in the album. She taught the little things to identify what they were, and the little things followed her, babbling and reading, regardless of whether others could understand them. Anyway, she was not idle and had a good time.
Lan Jingyi’s words rang at this moment to see if it was Lan Qing who came to the city from her. This is the second time that her mother called her. "Did Yiyi hear from the child?" Real haven’t ask LanQing already know the result, if really found the child LanJingYi would have informed her for the first time, how can wait for her to ask?
Lan Jingyi took a sip of her lips and felt very uncomfortable. For a moment, she felt that it was difficult to breathe.
"Yi Yi didn’t find her, so she didn’t find her mother. Just ask her casually, and I’ll help you take care of the children when you come back. Let’s find it together."
"Mom …" The world has a mother, a mother and a child like a treasure. She is happy. She has a mother, and she is happy. But she is small and strong. Will he be hungry and warm now?
"Yi Yi’s good mother is waiting for you to come back." Lan Qingyin also choked up. She and her daughter have lost their husbands and children. What misfortune is it that all misfortunes are coming to her and her daughter?
"Well, I’ll go back in a few days, mom. You should take good care of yourself."
"I know it’s mom who wants to tell you to take good care of yourself. You must eat on time, or you will be hungry. Qinqin’s child will grow small when he was born. If you don’t eat well for her, she will be malnourished."
"Mm-hmm, I know." Suddenly I feel that listening to my mother’s nagging is also a kind of happiness, a different kind of happiness.
Hang up, Lan Jingyi can’t calm down. For a moment, she really wants to tell Jiang Junyue that she gave birth to her son. Tell him that their son is lost. Will one more child be found soon?
But when the thought of Lome Wei and the slap that Lome Wei gave herself made Lan Jingyi tremble, she didn’t call Jiang Junyue after all, and she couldn’t tell him that she now wanted to know that he was happy.
Mom’s words suddenly reminded her that it’s not too expensive to buy some small gifts for her mother. It’s good to have them. It’s a little token of my daughter’s concern. She also wants to buy some clothes and pants for Qinqin. The night market is wholesale, which is very cheap. She wants to go shopping, and secondly, it’s fun. The room is stuffy with her. But will the little thing want to see the blue sky and see the dazzling night? Just go shopping before leaving the city, and it’s not worthwhile to come back to the city. Although she didn’t find a son, she still has a daughter
After lunch at noon, the mother and daughter went out, carrying a big backpack full of small things, and couldn’t take the children out. That’s it, but she didn’t have anyone else to help her.
She didn’t take the bus. She wanted to wander around and get tired before taking the bus. Anyway, she has a lot of time left, so she can’t find a job. Besides, even if someone is willing, she won’t want a woman with a child.
I haven’t been back to the market for too long, and the next day is New Year’s Day. Shops all over the street are posted with discount slogans, and there are 30% discount and 56% discount, which makes people look particularly tempted.
Lan Jingyi strolled around a brand baby shop and attracted her attention. The quality of clothes in this brand shop can ensure that children usually wear cotton clothes. She thought about it, but she couldn’t wronged Xiao Qinqin, so she went in to see if it was cheap, and then she went to another house to see it.
Lan Jingyi went into the supermarket with Xiao Qinqin in her arms, and it turned out that all the babies had everything from clothes to shoes and hats to toys and cribs. The price was really a special offer, with a discount of 30% on the fifth anniversary of its opening.
It’s cheap. Looking at everything, I like Lan Jingyi’s little clothes. Pick and pick. She wants to pick beautiful, cheap and suitable for small things. Her skin looks like she’s white, and everything she wears looks good.
"What can I do for you, Sir? Can I help you? " Blue View Yi Zheng rummaged behind a row of hangers for Xiao Qin Qin to dress and suddenly a woman rang on the other side.
Chapter 11 Acidity
"What can I do for you, Sir? Can I help you? " Blue View Yi Zheng rummaged behind a row of hangers for Xiao Qin Qin to dress and suddenly a woman rang on the other side.
"Oh, I want some little girls, beds, clothes, shoes and hats, and toys. Well, help me choose some beautiful dolls and cartoon dolls. Always bring me all kinds of money if you have something to say."
"How old is the child?"
"Oh, I bought it in about six or seven months, and then I got a set for a bigger size." Jiang Junyue thought a little. She is petite and exquisite, so she can wear a smaller size. If she is small, she can wear a bigger size. Anyway, the child can’t do this. He probably bought one just today. Sometimes he came in person. Now he is going to flood his father’s love and buy her more things. Well, this purchase is a bit like that little thing.
"Good sir, just sit in the VIP area over there and wait. We will bring it to Mr. Wang and ask Mr. Wang to choose it soon." The salesman said at a glance that Jiang Junyue was a big guest that it would cost a lot of money to buy so many things. Selling him today should be enough for her salary for several months. She met a gold owner

I looked at the screen and marveled at the high fighting talent of Tianwu. I knew from her light stroke [Dark Barrier] that she was very aware of the weakness of [Dark Barrier]. The physical attack blocked eleven times, but the heavy stroke was as light as the weak stroke, and it was very easy to break the [Dark Barrier] with a quick stroke.

Disease method eyes finally saw him panic for the first time since the start of the game, but at this time [thunder blasting] had completed a circle. One meter Fiona Fang’s huge thunder broke his armor and the dance was hit on the spot, but what was even more surprising happened. There was nothing wrong with the dance. Although the eyes were full of horror, the hands and feet were not slow [the Holy Spirit called], the dance was still as normal as nothing happened. She looked at it from a height, but her eyes became more and more confident, and she felt that the woman was bigger.
If he has changed his job, he will certainly not have a skill to meet the enemy, but Ji Facong surrendered to the system and was in danger of demotion.
After watching the Tian Dance and the Disease Law Competition, I sighed in my heart that there are countless strong people in Wonderland. It seems that I have to find several necessary cards in my mind, and the day after tomorrow will be my world.
☆        ☆        ☆
LV9-LV99 duels won the championship in the end, but the disease method entered the top five. But this time, all eyes in the 9-level division were ill. Who believes that a mage who hasn’t changed his job can actually reach the final and has such amazing fighting power and attract the attention of players is me? I make them even more horrified that a beginner can win the LV7-level championship, which makes illegal gambling players in the periphery stunned and lose a large amount of RO coins, and even more doubt whether it is a unified BUG.
Disease and law and I came to the first floor of the waterway in our special place again. It’s really a good place to chat. Most people will go straight to the second floor. No one will stay on the first floor, and there is no figure in our corner except the second one called Oriental Snow Blowing.
"Disease method feel like? Is that day dance strong? "
"It’s so fucking tough. You saw her coming. The speed and strength were not enough. She was broken in two seconds. My dark wall was not enough. She was finished in a few seconds. Fortunately, she didn’t have a chance to let her cut me down or she might be killed in seconds."
"It’s not so serious? You have almost 15 health points. It’s not possible to hit so many health points, is it? "
"That is, if you don’t know that she [provokes], it will reduce my defense by half, and the’ Death Sickle’ has double attack effect. If she has 4 health points with one blow, double is that my roots are not enough for her, and she will be finished with two blows."
After listening to my cold sweat, it’s really tough. Even if the blood cow meets her, she will surrender. However, her cold female posture has impressed her more and more, and I don’t know what, so I have a special feeling for her.
Disease method continued, "She’s the president of the Wonderland Girls’ League. Of course, it’s amazing. You didn’t see her hand. The girls are peak sexually in the game, but they can definitely rank in the top three in terms of dancing strength. I just don’t know how effective the first guild is."
"Lin Bing can be said to be a man who can’t see through. If you look at him, you will know that he must have more powerful means if he doesn’t take part in the competition." I recall that he wore a headdress when he was in the army. Later, I found out that it turned out to be a five-level artifact’ Pharaoh’s Crown’. I didn’t know what it was, but a five-level artifact didn’t want to know the effect. In retrospect, Lin Bing was wearing it to demonstrate to me at that time, but he didn’t know what it was for my first brother. Alas, it made him look
After a rest of half an hour, the leapfrog challenge is about to start again. Of course, the audience watched me play this time. Before the game, I carefully thought about whether it was better to become famous so quickly or temporarily. I have no power of my own except illness. The final consideration is of course to temporarily hide. Anyway, the challenge is held every week, and I am not afraid that he will leave. But once I am famous, it is hard for me to do what I want to do. Although I am already famous enough, I still don’t want to show it to others.
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
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☆        ☆        ☆
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Cong, I resolutely gave up the leapfrog challenge, and the second and third place entered the challenge lounge in high spirits. The final result was of course a tragic slaughter. After all, the level is that everything is about one level different from others. It is very difficult to win unless you have a five-level artifact.
The champion of LV7-LV79 is a bard (a profession and a dancer are both male dancers and female archers when they turn around), whose name is Tianya Fangcao, and the champion of LV7-LV79 is an assassin whose name is also very hot-blooded. It is said that his opponent didn’t even cut him in the final, and he was completely killed by him.
LV7 level leapfrog challenge failed, while LV7-LV79 level group ranked the second player to leapfrog challenge, but still failed in LV-LV9 level group. No one even tried to challenge, and everyone who had seen Tianwu was very conscious of their own strength gap.
I left the capital and came to the White Tower in Ji Fen before the game of disease and law was over. Now, the first thing is to change from disease to law and become a sage.
We came to the first floor of Ji Fen Tower to ask the NPC guild staff of the Wizards’ Guild about the process of changing jobs. It used to take four steps to change jobs into talents.
First, go to the president of the Magic Guild, Gary, on the second floor to accept the application for transfer.
Second, enter the laboratory on the third floor of the Magic Guild to learn the knowledge of sages. If you master Chinese knowledge, you will succeed.
桑拿网Third, look for the great magic teacher Mei Taiwu Si-Shifu in the’ Beast Refined House’ on the fourth floor of the Magic Guild, and take the sage ring from him.
Four, to the fourth floor to transfer jobs and sage quit to complete the transfer.
At first glance, we didn’t feel that it was that simple. It was completed in this tower, so I was temporarily separated from Illness Law. I went to practice for a higher level and Illness Law changed my job.
☆        ☆        ☆
The disease method came to the second floor. Ge Ruifang, the president of the guild, gently knocked on the door and pushed the door in. He saw an old man with a kind face and white hair looking intently and saying "10,000!"
The disease method was stunned by 110,000 at that time?
Gary saw that the person who came in didn’t answer. He said again, "Didn’t you hear 10 thousand?"
"I …"
"Why do you talk so much anyway? I’d better give it to you. Then you can have some punishment."
This is also true when you listen to the disease law. Anyway, the existing 10,000 yuan is unified. If it is easier to change jobs, it will definitely be a good thing. I quickly handed in 10,000 RO coins and then took the application from the president to fill it out, regardless of whether the president went to the third floor by himself.
There is a room disease method on the third floor. Open it and say, "Wow!"
Seeing that this room is so full that I can’t see the walls of the room, I feel like I’m wandering in the forest. According to the application, I’m looking for a random skill, but it’s like a mountain. When will I turn it over? Fortunately, there are categories here, but when you look back, what kind of random skills is this? There’s a classification, which means there’s no classification. Finally, I’ll look for it slowly in my depression.
☆        ☆        ☆
And I tried my best to find a time when I came to a familiar place, the ancient city of Ham, Creste, where I used to dare not move and was about to run. Today, I’m going to come here to test my fighting power as a super beginner.
It’s still so dark and cold. As soon as I entered, I saw a little black demon coming at me with a little devil fork in my hand. First, I put a [dark barrier] on myself, and then I slowed down a little devil’s body immediately, but the ghost fork in my hand was still "swishing", even stabbing level 3.1 [Holy Spirit summons] and attacking it, but I didn’t stop [slamming] and cut off two kinds of attacks to attack the little devil.
When I entered the first floor of the ancient city of Green Mountain Mountain, I saw the ghost archer’s skills and [bully body] from afar. This time, I also learned that the enemy rushed at the ghost archer with a ghost arrow. Even if he was hit by a ghost arrow, he wouldn’t stay for almost the same time. [Slow down] Throw it at close range, and then [furious] bounced the ghost archer against the wall. Then I dragged my sword to the ground and hit the ghost archer in sparks. I was hit back and forth for two times in a row and finally turned into a pile of rotten armor and died. I also picked up something dropped by a ghost archer conveniently this time, but suddenly I found that there was a’ bow’ in it. I immediately picked it up for identification, and I couldn’t identify it. I was surprised. This means that this is a four-level bow. I just don’t know what bow is hitting now and I don’t want to train here. I immediately rushed back to the capital. Although I am a super beginner, I have archer skills, but I don’t have a bow. I can’t come to such a good thing
Back in the capital, there were fewer players, and the competition was held for a day until after 6 pm. These people either went to rest or went to other cities to train.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
I saw another person I didn’t want to see, the soldier. He walked over to me and saw his smile. I felt like tens of thousands of ants crawling, and I had an impulse to go back.

I looked back for a moment and got a panoramic view of everyone’s expression. Everyone was ready to fight without the bridge, but they didn’t come because they couldn’t help. The LV9 level of the current striker player is not a problem, but the equipment, weapons, ornaments and rings, and the strongest weapons and equipment are among us (Wu Bing and Qing Yu haven’t changed jobs yet, so they haven’t been called to fight yet)

First of all, I quickly turned The Hunger’s reincarnation knife three times and threw it at Bart’s wind. The The Hunger ring was sharp. I don’t believe Bart’s wind dared to stop it, but I threw The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. The skill of riding a toucan knight [collision] crossed me and rushed at Bart’s wind. The dark fire disappeared in situ and instantly appeared. Both sides of Bart’s wind were right. This is a unique skill of dark fire [shadow separation] Two places at once have the ability to be 70% true, but it is impossible to underestimate the fact that the soldiers didn’t go to fight, but they read something in the back of their mouths. A large range [field of land attributes] was thrown at the foot of Bart’s wind. Imbat wind is the top BOSS of the animal class with wind attributes. As a result, the ability of Bart’s wind was immediately reduced by 20% as soon as the land attributes were launched.
Of course, Bart’s wind is not easy to bully the main foot. People have danced for a long time [collision] and suddenly fell. In Bart’s wind, the attack range of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife has been seen. He twisted the sickle in his hand with one hand, and the blade of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife had a hard collision. "Peng!" Before Bart’s wind could react, the dark fire appeared sickle attack dead angle. The fist blade’ Mangyuan’ attacked Bart’s wind armpit at a critical moment. Bart’s wind clenched his fist with the other hand and swept the fist blade deeply. In Bart’s fist, the other hand turned the sickle and swept the dark fire. When he saw the dark fire, there was another dark fire behind Bart’s wind, and this dark fire skill [dark instantaneous] and [psychic shock wave] broke into the long range of Bart’s wind hand to stab the fist blade.
Of course, Bart’s wind is no ordinary BOSS. When the sharpest tip of the dark fire fist pierces Bart’s left chest and puts an inch in the heart, Bart’s wind suddenly becomes as hard as iron, and it is difficult for the dark fire fist to score a point, and both of them fall from it at the same time.
I’ve never seen [rocketry] shoot back at Bart’s wind * * * * in the past. The fire from this [rocketry] turned out to be purple. I believe it’s also a variant of the magic of the disease. "Bang, bang, bang …" For eleven consecutive rings, all purple rockets hit the target perfectly. Bart’s wind is black and bloody, which proves that this variant of the disease method [rocketry] does not generally fall to the ground. Bart’s wind and dark fire "swish!
"Hey!" For a while, the Bart wind was crazy! Eyes covered with bloodshot eyes descended on Tianwu with one foot and one footprint. It was another trick to touch Tianwu hard. When the whole person was hit and flew, he spit out a big mouthful of blood. This is a serious injury that will cause a state. Generally, he will not vomit blood from his mouth. If vomiting blood syndrome also causes mental damage to his body in reality, such a state will occur.
"Dance!" I couldn’t believe my eyes were wide open. I looked at Tianwu, which was supposed to be strong, but compared with elephants, a woman was hit by Bart’s wind. I was still a little puzzled why Bart would do this and show mercy, but now it won’t.
"The Hunger reincarnation knife crack day chop!" If you don’t finish it, you can fly back to The Hunger and jump directly into The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. Your feet float on The Hunger’s reincarnation knife for one centimeter. If you finish it, it won’t hinder The Hunger’s reincarnation knife from rotating. The idea controls The Hunger’s reincarnation knife to rush to Bart’s wind and shout behind him, but I didn’t hear what he said and I don’t want to hear anything now. I want to make a clean break with Bart’s wind now.
The Hunger’s reincarnation knife is divided into two, two, four, four and sixteen. Sixteen The Hunger reincarnation knives surround Bart’s wind completely. Except for the one I set up, I cut fifteen vertically to Bart’s wind and dragged fifteen cracks with red corners.
In the crazy state, no matter what comes, the two horns instantly extend twice, and the first twist of the horn comes into close contact with The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. There is no strong impact, and the horn of Bart’s reincarnation knife is cut off, and the rest of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife is actually trapped in Bart’s body, trapped again and deeply. Fifteen The Hunger reincarnation knives cut Bart’s wind into pieces and didn’t even scream.
After facing the soldier, he was about to launch a unique skill, but it ended like this. He just froze and kept saying, "This is really not a small person. It seems that he was underestimated to give him a few months ago!"
After doing this trick, my body collapsed and I fell from The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. Fortunately, I was caught by the dark fire, and then my consciousness gradually disappeared. Before I disappeared, I asked, "How was the dance?"
"She …"
Chapter 11 Sisters, Parents and Brothers (1)
The sky is blue and the ice field is always so clear. On this day in Wan Liyun, the snow is so lonely, but the whole city is very big, but there are less than 100 people living in it. What’s more important is that this situation was formed only a few days ago, and a few days ago, the Snow Queen organized the whole city to make a final counterattack against the invading gods, but it failed. The Snow Queen disappeared, and the inferno slaughtered the city and left. These people were originally far away from the city to guard the’ pylorus’, but at the moment when the pylorus was broken, these people evacuated, so they saved their lives.
After being in a coma for more than an hour, I woke up, and my body was fine, but the dancing situation was not so good. Bart’s wind knocked her unconscious. The only way to save her coma in the game is to let her rest or let her wake up with strong will. Because dancing can’t go back and send her to the battle, I decided to move forward and enter Syracuse, and maybe I can find a place to rest.
After entering the city, I found a rest place, and there are still many places for us to rest. The whole city has almost become a city. From the guardian’s mouth, I know that the Snow Queen is missing and has not died, especially in the last blow of the Snow Queen, the inferno suffered heavy casualties, otherwise it would not have left without thorough search, and I also know another news that pylorus has opened the boundary and gradually approached the coast from the sea. The inferno came in from pylorus, and the fairyland world in the game is in these two boundaries.
In addition, Snow City, the queen of ice and snow, can be said to be the birthplace of the whole fairyland. It is from here that Scorpio began to slowly develop the world and formed the fairyland today, but for the inferno and the guardian of the man of God, I don’t know anything, and I dare not say anything.
Sister, the last group of people haven’t arrived yet, so several of our leaders held a short meeting. At this time, I can carefully observe the intelligence of President’ Intelligence First’. His face is very ordinary, and his equipment is even so ordinary. Even his height and figure are so ordinary. There are hundreds of the same people who are casually put on the street, but it is such a talent that he is really suitable to be an intelligence worker. According to my sister, this person is also a world-class intelligence officer in the real world, and he will be easy to operate. However, the appearance in the game is really true, because these can’t be hidden from the
The intelligence first said, "According to the information obtained, besides what the guardian said just now, there is also a possible place for the Snow Queen." The intelligence pointed to a fairyland map made by himself and saw that the place he was referring to was in an ice forest in the west of Xuexian City, which happened to be not far from the pylorus forest.
"As you can see, once we get close to here, we will definitely be discovered by the inferno. Today, we have no experience in fighting with the inferno. If we rashly go to war with the inferno, the casualties will be very serious. Although our troops can be reborn, they can’t be sent here. According to the actual time, it will take at least half a day to get here from the resurrection, but the inferno can constantly recruit troops from pylorus, regardless of their strength." After the intelligence carefully finished, we looked at all of us and finally added, "So it is not practical to go to war now."
The soldiers also expressed their opinions and said, "I also agree with the intelligence statement. After all, our current snow force is too small to limit the creation of magic objects, and if the strength is still unclear, it is unpredictable to attack the situation rashly. I think it is the best policy to organize a small team to rescue."
桑拿网  title=After the soldiers finished speaking, most people agreed to this method, which is also a more practical method to discuss a round of rescue team composed of seven people, namely, soldiers staying behind, dark fire, disease method, military force, blood repellent, intelligence and ice fox, and dance in heaven is taken care of by Muer and Qingyu.
The forest in the west of Xuexian City is really extraordinary. The whole forest is actually a kind of white tree as snow and ice. From a height, there is something that is not white. It can be said that it is clear. So what does the intelligence say about the Snow Queen here? Will she be invisible? The intelligence saw that everyone was puzzled and said, "The snow queen is white, so hiding in this snow forest is the best way to escape the inferno."
The crowd suddenly turned out to be the way it was. At the beginning, it was given a photo of the Queen of Ice and Snow without her body to search. It was divided into three groups: I and intelligence, a group of dark fire, a group of disease, an ice fox and a group of soldiers. There are reasons for this grouping, but there must be one person in each group who can make [healing] and [accelerating]. This is a life-saving method. If you don’t meet the ultimate BOSS like Butterfield, your life will not be lost soon, and you will have a chance. In these three groups, I, Xuefen and Binghu just have these two kinds of life-saving values and escape skills.
The three groups of people separated from each other in three directions, searched in parallel, and converged on the other side of the forest, while I and the left side of the information search, that is, the direction closest to the pylorus, could directly see that the pylorus portal was as black as the nine-deep abyss and appeared near the whole gate, and the boundary appeared as the boundary, which vaguely made me feel uncomfortable.
"Elegant speaking, it’s the first time we’ve been alone."
"Oh, yeah, I didn’t expect you to be in the family."
The intelligence turned dark and said, "I’m not from the Oriental family, I’m from you."
"What?" After listening to the information, I feel numb. What do you mean, I’m one of those people? No way. I’m a normal person anyway, and I’m not that outstanding. Even men can attract me.
"Haha, it seems that you misunderstood me, saying that I gave birth to you or you appeared."
I asked, "What the hell is this?"
Chapter 12 Sisters, Parents and Brothers (II)
I asked, "What the hell is this?"
"I’ll make a long story short. You should remember that the elder said that there were two people who liked the rock at the same time, and there were three people who really liked the rock, and that person was my ancestor, that is, Chen Haoxiao, the founder of today’s top ten enterprises in the world, and Chen Xingyuan, the president of today, was my great-great-grandfather."
"So you are Qin Yong’s brother?"
"But she doesn’t know that I have such a brother, and I’m here to confirm what my ancestors said, whether the moon mark would have exploded in the first place."
"So what happened in those days?"
"In those days, the moon mark was the last experiment that Nai took to stop the ancestors of two families, Lan and Dong, by means of self-explosion, in order to protect my ancestors and destroy the things that could not be published."
My mind is a mess after listening to it. Why are there so many stories? Who should I trust?
"You don’t need to judge who is right or wrong. This is a thing of the past, and our two families have also talked about it, and both of them are the ultimate goal of the future of the earth. If it weren’t for the ambition of Blue Wolf, we would also find him."
"Then what exactly is that experiment?"
"Gene decomposition!"
"gene? That is not … "
"Yes, you five people made the same thing before they were born. At that time, the manufacturing results were amazing. The’ man’ produced by gene synthesis had most of the abilities of the moon mark, but he didn’t have the consciousness of life and the created’ man’ had a strong sense of destruction. At that time, our three ancestors moved all military forces and could not destroy him. Finally, my ancestors risked their lives to enter the rock that was forbidden at that time, and the’ man’ also came here to save my ancestors. The pure gene of their racial stream blew itself up and wiped out the’ man’, but there were few rock fragments left at the scene and all the experiments were recorded by the computer, which is now the celestial body, and the residual consciousness of the moon mark was divided into several parts, and most of the machines. What you see today can be said to represent the past moon mark. "
When I heard this, I vaguely felt that the five of us were trying to ask, "Are the five of us also part of the moon mark consciousness?"
The intelligence continued, "Yes, you are a new life form of residual consciousness and rock fragments in the blue cloud computer. You should find that you have others who are incapable. Although you are not awake now, you will soon wake up, so you will become a new moon mark."
When I was just about to ask some more questions, the behemoth roared in the forest. As soon as I listened to the information, I found that the sound was wrong. I didn’t say for the time being that I followed the sound and found that the Snow Queen was lying down in a cave covered with snow-capped mountains. At first glance, I really couldn’t see that the behemoth was too big to dig hard with its hands or feet. When we saw this, we were polite to the behemoth and rushed over with The Hunger’s reincarnation knife and information.