Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group enters the fair to sign up to $ 1.05 billion orders

  On November 5th to 6th, at the 4th China International Import Expo, Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group signed six contract orders from the world-renowned food production enterprises, mineral resources suppliers, and the accumulated subscription amount billion dollars, purchasing products from 4 countries and regions such as France, Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong, China, involving dairy products, iron ore, zirconium titanium ore and other categories. At the Chongqing Investment Trade Cooperation Talks at the afternoon of November 5th, Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group is a Chongqing Yugio Cross-border E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (referred to as: 欧 crossing) four degrees join hands with the world’s well-known food company to Nene Newi Asia, signature life early nutrition products and infant food import projects, and the contract amount is 300 million US dollars.

In 2018 to 2021, both parties have always been committed to bringing high-quality innovative infant formula and infant food supplements to the Chinese family, and the four sessions of the Expo will sign a total of billion dollars.

  "In the past 4 years, I’m going to go to the Expo ‘, it is not only the affirmation of the previous cooperation, and it is also a look forward to the future cooperation." Wei Wei, the cross-border chairman of the Ou, said that Yugi has become a cross-border e-commerce in China. Strategic partners, the future will continue to increase the input of digital means, through the online convergence of the model deep tillage channel, introduce high-quality imported maternal and child food in Chongqing and the national consumers, to create a high quality life. On November 6, Chongqing’s Mingde International Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingde Group) with Hong Kong Global Resources Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group, signed a memorandum of 1.1 billion in zirconium and titanium ore, and continued to strengthen the parties in subdivision. The advantage of the market.

At the same time, Mingde Group signs the iron ore import agreement with Pan Ya Mineral Co., Ltd. and Singapore Mitami Co., Ltd., with a total contract of billion US dollars, and will continue to cooperate in the industrial chain extension.

  In addition, Yugio Cross-borders also signed a $ 100 million and $ 200 million dairy cooperation agreement with Nestlé and Wyeth (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. on November 6. "Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group as the main business of foreign trade in Chongqing is a foreign trade, through the Internationalization Platform of Exchange Cooperation, I am looking forward to working with world-class enterprises to develop, and win-win.

"Chongqing’s relevant person in charge said that the Group has continuously accelerating the development of the company’s own open development, but also has to play the leading role of the leading enterprises, accelerate the integration of the two-city economic circle in Chengdu, to actively promote the development of Chongqing open economy. Development contribution power.

(Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group).