Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei builds multi-channel stereo traffic network

Yansubai West Export Reconstruction Project is completed, and the three-dimensional transportation hub is operational. The plane path is changed to the multi-dimensional hub; in the basis of signing the contract, the Sanhe City Shenwei North Street, Xianghe County Anshi Road has signed Tongbao Road Wiring Agreement … Recently, the elimination of blockage between Langfang North County and Beijing-Tianjin, the road docking action accelerated, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei traffic integration continued to achieve new breakthroughs.

Transportation hub eliminates the chalk ripple of travel plugging, and there are many trees in both sides of the strait.

Beside the tidal white river, Yanzubi export three-dimensional transportation hub, like intertwined jade belt generally joins the Beijing-Tongjian, hub, and the traffic is quickly shuttle, and there is no residence.

Yan Zhouxi exports and only one river in Tongzhou District, Beijing, is the throat of Hebei Province into Tongzhou District.

Located in the 102 National Road and Tongyan Expressway, there is a 102 National Highway, Tongyan Expressway, Jing Yao Road, Xi Bodao West Road, Yan Shun Road, has formed a special traffic situation of "five-way convergence".

Previously, every morning and evening, the large-scale traffic flow in a short period of time to this single-dimensional level, and severe congestion became a normal state. It is therefore also become the most headache of the office workers across the province (city), and some people will be late even at 5 o’clock every morning.

In people’s hopes, on October 12, Yanubo West exported three-dimensional transportation hub project was completed. "Change plane traffic is three-dimensional traffic, the hub realizes Tongyan Expressway, the Buddhist Wuxi Road and Yan Shun Road, the round island South and South Road has become one-way driving by the original two-way mixing, greatly improves the vehicle pass environment .

"Sanhe City Transportation Bureau Party Secretary, Director Liu Hongyu].

It is understood that Yanzubo export three-dimensional transportation hub works at the end of 2019.

The main line of the project is 1035 meters long, there are 8 ramps and auxiliary road, and the total length of Round island is 5596 meters. The Beijing Old Radio Reconstruction Section is 140 meters long, there are 4 ramp cross-line bridges, and there is a new separation overpass, and one separation overpass is widened. Liu Hongyu said that the opening operation of the hub is significant. It effectively solves the problem of traffic congestion caused by "five-way gathering", and it is reduced from the original half an hour to 10 minutes.

When Beijing, the vehicle can be used to arrive at Tongyan Expressway Beijing Baimiao Toll Station in 5 minutes.

This provides a solid help to achieve high quality development in the Beijing-Shenzhen region.

For the hub, the passenger personnel feel deeply. "In the past, I started working every morning. The car was always in the past two hours. I often have to go almost two hours. I often arrive late because traffic jams." She lived in Yanjiao said that she drove every day to Chaoyang District, Beijing Work in work, Yanzo West Export three-dimensional transportation hub will save her for at least an hour every day, she now has more time to accompany her family.

"Yanubo West Export Reconstruction Project is the key project of the city’s implementation of national strategies to develop national strategies, and is also an important people’s livelihood project, the masses hope, social concern, and the influence is far.

"The relevant person in charge of the Sanhe City government introduced that with the work of the project, the pass hours of Sanhe Tong to Beijing City Deputy Center is only 10 minutes, which is conducive to speeding up the smooth docking of Sanhe and Beijing urban center. Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Transport said After the establishment of the export of Yanzubo West, the transportation department will fully implement the operational service guarantee, do a good job in the work of traffic organizations, facilities and maintenance, security, and strive to create "smooth, clean, green, beautiful, and security". Communication environment, build traffic integrated service guarantee boutique engineering. The construction of cross-border backbone roads accelerates the transportation integration process in Langfang North County and Tongzhou District also contains more content. "In accordance with Jingbei’s October, the wiring agreement, Tongbao Road Including Beijing Duan and Hebei Section, the road to Tongzhou District, Tongzhou District, wearing a highway to the east, and connect with Xiangli County, Langfang City. The road is two-way four lanes, planning grades of one level.

After completion, there will be a fast channel between Langfang North County and Tongzhou District.

"Refers to the new dedication line between Beijing and Hei, introduced the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Transportation Department.

In October This year, the Hebei Provincial Department of Transportation and the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee signed Tongbao Road Wiring Agreement and decided to build a cross-regional road in Xianghe County, Hebei Province, and further enhance the interconnection level of the provincial (city). The public provides convenience across provincial (city).

It is understood that Tongbao Road will link Tongli line, Tongbao Road, Beijing, Tongbao Road, to Tongwu line section is about 7 kilometers. At the Xiaobian River, the Tongbaihe, the Beijing-Power, Tongbao Road will also build a cross-tidal white river bridge, the bridge is less than 3 kilometers, will be planned to be planned by the two sides of Beijing. After completing, Tongbao Road will become an important channel to connect to the new city of Tongzhou District and the northern industrial new city in Xianghe County. In order to promote the integrated high-quality development in Tongzhou District and Langfang North, three counties, and construct the capital The core of the Beijing-World Circle provides strong support. The signing of the agreement also means that the four cross-border road terminals in Tongzhou District and Langfang North San County Road Internet Interoperability has been signed, marking the four cross-border backbone paths in Tongzhou District, Hebei, and Hebei Province. Sexual implementation phase.

In addition to Tongbao Road, the remaining three were the large factory Hui Autonomous County Plant, Sanhe City Shenwei North Street, Xianghe County Anshi Road.

These four cross-border roads have always been kilometers, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, including a total of kilometers, investing billions of dollars.

4 Construction of cross-border backbone roads, to improve the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei traffic integrated road network system, open the "Baoji Road" "Baoji Road" in the junction area, alleviate cross-border traffic congestion is very important; will have a strong discovery Function, with the development of Langfang North and Three County, providing a more solid integration development of Tongzhou District and Langfang North, Tongzhou District and Langfang North County.

Next, Beijing-Tong will accelerate the construction of four cross-border planning roads in accordance with the principles of "mature one, implementation one". Among them, the factory path will start construction at the end of this year, and the remaining three roads will start the previous period during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and strive to achieve interconnection.

Beijing-Tianjin Jindong Development, the traffic first. Dai Yi people said that the transportation department of Hebei Province will be based on serving the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association for Development, strengthen communication and docking in Beijing, forming a synergy, further accelerating the construction of traffic integration in Beizhou and Tongzhou District. Providing strong support.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee, Beijing will continue to promote the exchange sharing of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei transportation data resource exchange sharing, improve information internet exchange mechanism, promote information resource sharing between three places, different transportation methods. Organize research optimization to enhance the programs of Tongzhou District and Langfang North Third County bus lines, and continuously improve the integration of regional transportation services.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Beijing Urban Deputy Center, executive deputy director of the management committee, said Zhao Lei, secretary of Tongzhou District Party Committee, said that the deputy center will promote green integration with the three counties in Langfang North County.

Accelerate the promotion of regional traffic integration, line 22 (Pinggu Line), Jingtang Intercity and other a group of rail lines realize the traffic operation, focusing on the construction of a group of cross-border road construction, etc. Convenient, green intelligent integrated transportation system.

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