China released 31,471 major events such as report inserted procuratorate cases in the third quarter

China Net November 18th, the third quarter of the national procuratorial organ recorded a report or intervene, and the investigation and case of 31,471 cases were 31,471, an increase of 60% year-on-year. Among them, the highest inspection is 273, and the provincial procuratorate is filled in 2260, and the municipal procuratorate will be reported 6,610, and the grassroots procuratorate will report 22,328 pieces, accounting for more,%, 21% and% respectively. The vast majority of the record report is a small question of the procuratorial case and other circumstances, and the supervision and supervision of the procuratorial work, intervention, intervening and inspection cases, etc. From the overall situation, reflect the situation, after the understanding, supervise 29,110 faults according to law, accounting for 1,969, which reflects the intervention insert procuratorial handling case, accounting for%; in non-working time, non-office location and case parties, lawyers and other improper contacts Communicate with 1392 pieces, accounting for%. The quantity of the provincial procuratorate record reported increasing trend. With the in-depth development of the second batch of national procuratorate education rectification, the provincial procuratorates conducted in-depth development of "three provisions" to implement the stubborn diseases, pay close attention to questions, and intervene, intervening, intervening the procuratorate cases, etc. The national provincial procuratorate recorded 430 in July, an increase of 76% year-on-year, 688 records reported in August, increased by 273% year-on-year, 1142 reports in September, increased by 405% year-on-year, and most of the incremental part of the education rectification Self-check data. The record report object is mainly from the outside of the prosecution system. From the unit category of the recorded report, 3,465 prosecutors, accounting for 11%; non-procuratorate personnel staff, accounting for 89%, most prosecutors can do their own asking or intervene, intervene Other personnel handle the case, strictly implement the "three provisions" to gradually form ideological consensus and consciousness in the procuratorial organ. In the first three quarters, the national procuratorial organ recorded a report or intervention, and the major events such as the procuratorial handling case were 131264, which increased by a year-on-year.

Among them, the highest inspection is reported 818, and the provincial procuratorate fills in 5008 pieces, and the municipal procuratorate fills 25,750 pieces, and the grassroots procuratorate fills down 99,688 pieces, accounting for%,%,%, and% respectively. Next, the procuratorial organ will strengthen scientific management, improve the system mechanism, deepen the application, and continuously improve the operation supervision and restrict system of the procuratorial rights, and construct a system mechanism that does not dare to rot. Fair justice is felt in the case. (Editor: Peng Yao).