The Guoan war against R & F is crucial, and it will meet the nemesis in the last round.

The Guoan war against R & F is crucial, and it will meet the “nemesis” in the last round.
Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) Tomorrow evening, Beijing Guoan will challenge Guangzhou R & F on the road.In the face of the team with the most goals conceded in the current season, taking all 3 points is the only goal of the Royal Forest Army.Guoan will strive to win the last two rounds.Figure / Vision China’s last round lost to Wuhan Zall’s R & F’s recent situation is not good, the team coach Stojkovic due to a penalty ticket of the Chinese Football Association can not direct the last three rounds of the game.R & F is a very different team in the Chinese Super League: Zahawi, who has scored 29 goals in the front court this season and set a record for the goals of the Chinese Super League in a single season, has almost no defense in the backcourt. 67 goals have been lost.Forced Liaozu’s record of 74 goals in a single season.What needs to be noted by Guoan is that since returning from the national team game at that time, Zahavi and Saba played only half of the battle with Wuhan.Returning to Yuexiu Mountain this time, including foreign aid will return to the starting list.R & F’s defense should not cause too much damage to Guoan’s offensive end. Whether the national security line can be used by Zahavi is the key.If you can overcome R & F as you wish, the final stage of Guoan is the final match between Shandong and Luneng.Luneng is Guoan’s uncompromising misfortune this season: they gave the second defeat of the Royal Forest League, and the Football Association Cup eliminated Guoan.Although Li Xiaopeng’s team was connected with Shanghai Shenhua in the second round of the FA Cup final on December 6, they would not easily give up this Sunday’s match with Guoan.Yu Dabao and Li Lei are expected to return at that time, and Genesio’s team should appear in the work of the day with a stronger desire to win, even if this game has nothing to do with the championship.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Jun