Also, he got the land next to him,Those things started to be put together and expanded directly。

Tianguang also bought some land from the company back,Directly into a five-star restaurant。
of course,There is also a small-scale fast food restaurant he made here,He knows that if he doesn’t do a good job here,There must be a big problem behind,Now they all want to make this a world-class attraction。
All resources must keep up。
Many people think that chain restaurants can be found everywhere,That’s really so awesome。
In fact, as long as the money keeps up,Catch everything,There are other things,It can be said that in the case of large passenger flow,All this is a small thing。
Qin Feng also told Jiang Tianguang,I want to show the sky,How should he handle this。
Qin Feng always believed a word,That is, there is a specialization in surgery,If you don’t have the ability,A lot of things can’t get involved。
For so many years, many people who have been coaxing people have fallen in different industries.。
Qin Feng doesn’t want to fall like this。
After Tianguang learned what Qin Feng was going to do,He also asked directly:“I just want to know how sure you are this time,If you want to take risks,I don’t want you to do it。”
You also know,Your situation may spread to others if you are not careful。
Three days when Qin Feng was missing,That caused various sequelae,Even now it didn’t cause major trouble,But it can’t appear again。
“Of course nothing will happen to this,you do not need to worry,You have to believe my situation。”
Qin Feng naturally didn’t want his plan to fail,Even if something is difficult,But he also wants to do this thing。
Qin Feng angered the sky,When is this,Still have to stick to these things?It’s just that some things are not easy to say directly like this,After all, many situations can be understood。
Since this is the case,Jiang Tianguang also knows what he should do here。
There is no way。
Can only be combined with Qin Feng,I’m doing this in Tianguang’s own hotel。