“Ager,You are extraordinary,The heart and character have also proved,Parallel, don’t,More generations of demon volts,It is a good thing to break the world.。”

Yan Bixia slowly said:“I teach you because you,Not because of these congenital copper,You still have to pick it up.!”
“I understand。”
Liao Jie is serious,From the sleeve, two rows of copper coins,I respectfully pushed to Yan Biai.。
Yan Chixia:“”
You know a fart!
“Don’t accept it without receiving,If you don’t understand,I will throw it out of the window with copper money.。”
“Yan Hexia,This copper is not the money in the world.,For practitioners in practice,It is also a magic weapon that barely enters the eye.。”
Liao Jiezhen:“I know you have a lot of magic weapons.,Can’t see these belongings,But is it enough to pick up two people??”
Yan Biai Wen Yan Silence,This sentence poked his pain,I am not smashed.。
This chick thinks more and more,Wings are getting harder and harder,Thanks to this time, Cui Hong gradually returned to the door.,Why do you have some anti-psychology?。
Pick up and think,The teacher is so late.,Changed to the relationship between two,Use family to describe more appropriate。
“Ager,This kind of copper,how much do you have?”
“Many more,Have a little less,Give you a armor,It should be more than enough。”
“Snapped,This is true?”
“it is good!Great!”
Yan Chi, haha laughed,Heart sword in Liao Jie neck,Black face:“Hand over the money,Otherwise, you will be slaughtered.。”
Chapter 183 Ci parents,Wanderer
“Yan Hexia,Which is this??”
Liao Jie is speechless to see Yan Biansia,The old man is not sulking every day.,It is the taste of the taste,I don’t know if it is true.,Still a trim to invap the brain。
Suddenly play black face,What exactly?
“Less nonsense,Hand over money!”
After a long time, I was silent.,Liao Jie sees a good cough,Waving hundreds of copper money:“All the olders are here,Also thinking about me a life around me。”
“what happened,Yan Hexia,Not so saying??”
“no,Just try your courage,See if you are enough。”
Yan Chi Qiao Jian,Eye view,Nose,A pair you look through the test,Calt, knee。
As long as I am not awkward,That kind of person is someone else。
“Look like,It is the late generation to pass the test.。”
Yan Chixia scratches the head,I can’t get it.,Frown:“Jianghu sinister,Human heart,You and I meet each other,I didn’t say two words.,I dare to keep the old bottom.,I am really not afraid that I will kill.?”
“Yan Daxia said,When I first saw last night,I said.,Yan Chi San Sukuan,For people just don’t,I am a gas name,My heart is going,Unbeaten。”
Liao Jiegu:“No name,How can I question your character?!”
“You said this”
Yan Chi is not moving,Continuously shook his head:“to be honest,I can’t guess you are really interested.,Still a big evil。”
“Just when a rape is bad,This world,Be good,But not too good。”